The Lowdown on Booker T’s Documentary, Change to Jerry Lawler’s WWE DVD?

March 3, 2015 by Daniel Bee

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WWE Network aired the “Booker T: Sentenced to Greatness” special last night, a mini-documentary on Booker’s life and career, shown as part of the new WWE 24 series.

The 30 minute piece looks to have been well received by fans, delicately telling Booker’s story of redemption – from being in prison in his early life, to being “saved” by wrestling while making it in the sport as a black man, to breaking through as WCW World Heavyweight Champion, to being reunited with his brother as a WWE Hall of Famer and true family man.

Stevie Ray - WWE Booker T: Sentenced to Greatness Documentary

We hear more on Booker’s 5 year estranged relationship with his brother (with a look back on their tag team career) and what it meant to his whole family to see them back together, as several family members are interviewed including wife Sharmell and Lash Huffman (Stevie Ray) himself. Oh, and there’s also some talk on the origins of the Spinaroonie, of course!

We think it will leave you wanting a fuller, more in-depth career documentary.

Despite that, and the obvious interest from our readers (see the results from a recent poll), there are sadly no plans for WWE to release a Booker T DVD/Blu-ray this year.


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You can watch a short preview of the “Booker T: Sentenced to Greatness” special below:

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Still no word at present on the WWE Fastlane 2015 DVD extras or updated cover artwork.

The pre-order price has however been dropped to just $9.99, here on

WWE Fastlane 2015 DVD Cover Artwork

Another PPV deal worth a look is the Night of Champions 2014 DVD released late last year, right now priced just $7.99 in Best Buy stores. Thanks to Rick Velazquez for the heads up.

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A few sources are now showing “Jerry Lawler: It’s Good To Be The King” as the new title for the upcoming Home Video this year. That shortens WWE’s original planned name of “It’s Good To Be The King – The Jerry Lawler Story” referenced over the past few months.

As of last word the DVD/Blu-ray will still feature a documentary as its main feature.

For those wondering, Memphis Wrestling footage is likely to feature in the Lawler set, as reported by this week. It actually wouldn’t be for the first time since the recent Paul Heyman and Randy Savage DVDs showed Memphis clips briefly in their content.

WWE Superstar Jerry Lawler in ECW

Also according to, “Daniel Bryan: Just Say Yes! Yes! Yes!” will feature content from Ring of Honor after WWE recently licensed that footage from them.

In reality, WWE may have simply re-licensed the ROH footage shown in the original WWE Network documentary, now for the non-Network setting that is physical Home Video.

The Daniel Bryan DVD/Blu-ray set is expected to be released in June and as of now will feature an extended version of the “Journey to WrestleMania: Daniel Bryan” special.

WWE Footage of Daniel Bryan in Ring of Honor

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  1. Mike Johnson says:


  2. Anan says:

    With the extended docs of The Shield, Warrior and Daniel Bryan,all originally released on The Network last year, I feel Booker T will get the same extended doc treatment and if so, my guess is it’ll be released next year. The doc is great and rightfully well received by fans. How could WWE not capitalize on that by extending it?

  3. Aditya says:

    Does anyone know the name of the song that comes when they show Booker talking on Triple H at Wrestlemania.. It goes something like ” In the dark i feel at home, use to dream might have it all and now its mine and i wont let go” Cant seem to find the song anywhere..

  4. McG says:

    It’s a shame that Booker T. still doesn’t have a DVD release, while other wrestlers have several already.

  5. m.woods says:

    Say what you want about wwe. But they always make good documentaries. I Wish it would’ve been longer but, I enjoyed it none the less

  6. SRB says:

    I didn’t realize how hard it is to make it in wrestling and be black until I watched this last night.