Ltd Edition Taker/Cena Sets, Orton DVD Title, HBK Extra & Jericho DVD?

May 25, 2010 by Daniel Bee

The WWE Extreme Rules 2010 DVD will feature the Shawn Michael’s Farewell speech from RAW, as a DVD extra.

The rumored title for WWE’s planned Randy Orton DVD for later this year is “Randy Orton: The Viper Uncoiled” (Source:

A new WWE Chris Jericho DVD is now being speculated after Jericho himself left this message on Twitter recently: “..Tues-new WWE project finalized n its about time..“. This is purely a guess by fans right now but we’ll keep you posted should this “project” end up being a DVD set in the works.

Two Limited Edition WWE DVD Boxsets are to be released exclusively to Australia in early June. These are “Undertaker: The Collection” & “John Cena: The Collection”, featuring the superstar’s past DVD releases in a special box set.

Undertaker: The Collection (5 Disc Coffin)

Special Limited Edition! Only 5000 units available! Own all the current Undertaker profile DVDs in one special package! A 5 DVD set dedicated to the Dead Man from Death Valley – in a special limited coffin-shaped tin! Featuring the following titles – Undertaker: 15-0, Undertaker: He Buries Them Alive and Tombstone: History of the Undertaker.

John Cena: The Collection (5 Disc Tin)

Own all the current John Cena profile DVDs in one special package! A 5DVD set dedicated to the purveyor of Hustle, Loyalty & Respect – in a special limited tin! Featuring the following titles – John Cena: Word Life, John Cena: My Life and a special pay-per-view DVD featuring a main event match with Mr U-Can’t-See-Me.

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