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  1. Neil D'souza says:

    What are the DVD Extras of Wrestlemania 15 ? Silver vision.

  2. Jeremy says:

    Once I saw all the Wrestlemanias from 1-15 on DVD I marked out and said “I must have these” but once I saw the prices at Walmart they are $9.96 plus tax which would be more then if you got the anthology on ebay or amazon. Now, I’ve always wanted the Wrestlemania Anthology full set released in 2005, but could not afford it but I see the prices are going down for the volume sets. Currently I have Wrestlemanias 19-28 on dvd/blu-ray but I always wanted to complete my entire set so should I get the anthology set instead or the 2013 re-releases?

  3. Deon says:

    Is the Big Boss Man’s entrance shown on the new Wrestlemania 15 dvd?

  4. Acemon says:

    But the question remains, “Are they worth to purchase??”

  5. robert says:

    i am glad i have the orginal wm 15 dvd master of it. it was there first dvd

  6. Kaleb says:

    I’m waiting for them to release another anthology hopefully soon. WWE should really shell out the big bucks to replace the original Wrestlemania anthology uncut and uncensored. Like seriously.

  7. Lee says:

    Anthology is much better value for money. It actually works out cheaper if you add the cost of all 15 of these DVDs plus the Anthology goes up to WM 21!

  8. Shank Hill says:

    I’ll just stick with the PPV versions, thanks.

  9. Captain Hindsight says:

    What’s the difference with the WM III anthology release and the stand alone WM III DVD they released a couple years ago?

    • David says:

      The standalone WM III is two disc – first disc is identical to the Anthology release and the second disc is the same event but with VH1 style trivia popups with facts during the matches. It also has tons of bonus stuff with various interviews from Superstars, Contract signing with Hogan/Andre and 20 man battle royal from SNME.

  10. KANE says:

    “2013 removes the Undertaker video package in its entirety, though it does tack on a 3 second shot of the M&M blimp in its place.”

    Thank God they left the blimp!!!

  11. NoNoYesYes!! says:

    I have Wrestlemania 9 and 10 on tagged classic and they are not edited in any way and actually include the enjoyable pre show countdowns which is a plus and more worth your money, 2 great mania’s that i enjoyed,
    I had Wrestlemania 3 and 4 tagged classic before i sold it which i regret now and i when i watched wrestlemania 4 there dint seem to be any edits it was 3hrs and 30 mins long which i think the anthology version runs for aswell, Wrestlemania 3 was edited quite a bit, No Entrances were shown and macho man interview is cut but is shown in the anthology version
    Wrestlemania 1 & 2 & 5 & 6 & 7 tagged classic versions are edited here and there, Wrestlemania’s 8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18 are the full versions that originally aired on ppv, Wrestlemania 2000 Tagged classic picture quality is quite bad but acceptable up until the 1hr 30min mark where the picture goes back to the quality it should,
    Wrestlemania 1-8 i would get the anthology versions despite the edited entrance themes and would pick up Wrestlemania 9-18 on tagged classic or 15-18 on original dvd.

  12. Dave says:

    So the long and short of it is that if I have the 4 volumes of the Wrestlemania Anthology I’m better off with what I have in terms of full content?

  13. I'm ATagged Classics Guy says:

    Just to clear up that the Tagged Classic releases are the original VHS versions transfered to DVD from the mastertapes up to 1999 as from there they are direct copies of the DVD releases which were available at that time. So even on Tagged Classics you also get the original extras which were available on the original DVD release aswell.

  14. I'm ATagged Classics Guy says:

    If you want to own the full uncut versions of WM 14 and 15 then Tagged Classics is the only way. The Bossman hanging is intact as is everything else. Infact WrestleMania’s 8-18 are uncut and unedited on Tagged Classics nothing has been removed they are the full untouched ppv’s apart from the sponsor adverts of course.

    • Lee says:

      Actually Tagged Classics are direct transfers of previous releases so Big Bossman’s entrance is cut out of WM 15 and Saliva’s “Superstar” is dubbed with Drowning Pool’s “Tear Away” in WM 18 (on the actual broadcast “Superstar” played during the pyro not “Tear Away” like on the DVD)

      • I'm A Tagged Classics Guy says:

        The Bossman hanging is uncut and in full on Tagged Classics!

        • Lee says:

          It’s on Anthology too. What’s your point? My point is Tagged Classics aren’t unedited PPV airings. they are simply transfers of old releases and maintain whatever edits were made on the originals. A lot of the originals were edited especially from about 2001 onwards due to music licensing and stuff. An example of this is the 6 pack Challenge championship promo on Unforgiven 1999 which originally contained music from Fear Factory and System of a Down but is dubbed with generic music on the VHS and thus is dubbed on Tagged Classics too.

    • Shank Hill says:

      Or you can get the PPVs on any tape trading forum for much cheaper.

    • robert says:

      they have the american dvd of it on amazon

  15. Disco says:

    The reason for the edit with Test and D-Lo was because when it aired live they showed the M&M’s logo as it was the sponsor for Wrestlemania 15.

  16. captain planet says:

    If WWE wants this Network to take off as well as it needs to to survive, they better keep their edits to the bare minimum copyright issues, and none of this gratuitous overprotecting of their company image.

  17. Cassette says:

    I wouldn’t be Shocked if Wwe edited out Vince Hugging his own Daughter . I can see it now “Coming Soon to DVD and Blu ray Wwe Home Video presents Wwe greatest Edits “

  18. Spman says:

    I would be willing to bet that the Wrestlemania XV disc was edited for content specifically for Wal-Mart which will be the primary distribution channel for these discs. It’s really no different than music studios providing Wal-Mart with the edited versions of albums.

  19. waz says:

    Any truth to the rumor that George Lucas got his hands on the Mania 15 re-release? This is up there with Greedo shooting first.

  20. David says:

    WWE have been airing WM17 on Classics on Demand this month and if you want to talk about edits, they really butchered it…just makes me glad i own the original prints of WM15-18 on DVD.

    Obviously they removed the Benoit vs. Angle match, but they also removed all backstage segments involving Steph/Trish/Vince/Linda and the lead-up match promo with Vince/Shane was completely removed. Not sure why.

    On one hand its great to have the scratch logo back, but on the other hand editing out footage from past events like choking, promos, segments, and basically rewriting history is not cool. Those things should be left untouched.

    Going forward thats fine given the current product, but i hate how they’re actually going back it deleting and altering these things.

    I guess one reason I assume is WM15 is PG on the back of the case instead of TV-14. WWE was still rated PG up to end of 1998 which included the PPVs and they probably just wanted to make WM15 as PG as possible for the DVD release.

  21. Paul says:

    Just Terrible. I’m happy I cancelled them all for now. Glad i own all the actual WWF dvds and the Anthology version now. Would have loved though to have mania 14 uncensored though. Would like more info on if the earlier manias (1-12) are muted at all when WWF is mentioned. I assume they are.

  22. Jesse Banks says:

    are the new re-releases single sided or double sided like the set from 05 and which is a better value the vol 1-4 or the re-releases?

  23. Zach says:

    Editing out choking? Ridiculous…have they done the same on the pre-WM XV DVDs?

  24. KM says:
    This one here. The older gentleman next to the dudley kid giving the middle finger for those who don’t know… That’s the infamous Sunglasses Guy from ECW. He always sat right next to Hat Guy in the old ECW Arena.
    Just a lil tidbit for ya tit!

  25. richie says:

    Could you also find outfor me if 4,5,6 and 7 are a single disc or a two disc?

  26. Captain Hindsight says:

    Sadly, I’m guessing these WMXV edits (choking, etc) will be the go-forward norm. I’m glad I have the original ’99 DVD (and got it maybe 3-4 years ago, prices have gone up). Great, informative article. I too was hoping the WMXIV was unblurred; as an Anthology owner, no need to get the stand alone disc.

  27. ALK says:

    Just the 2 sides of the coin really. On one side, you get these events unburred once again, but on the other side they are still edited. Knew there’s was no way they’d be unedited, but if you’re not concerned about Bossman being hung and hate blurrs, then I guess these releases might be up your alley…

    • kidglov3s says:

      They’re not still edited, they’re newly edited. I disagree with you that we “knew there’s was no way they’d be unedited”, because this show has never been edited in this manner before in its prior releases (1999 VHS, 1999 DVD, 2005 DVD). As far as I’m aware this is the first time that WWE has edited a PPV DVD for violence, using B-reel footage and such. Take the choking in the Rock/Austin match, for example. That match was unedited as recently as the 2011 Austin DVD.

      • ALK says:

        That’s what I meant, they’re still edited, period.

        And true, but Bossman’s hanging has been cut plenty of times on compilation sets, and given the PG Era, I’m sure they want to market the history of WM to all audiances young and old.

  28. Devin Clark says:

    I was just wondering if these WrestleMania DVD’s will be available at Canadian Walmart’s??

  29. Giovanni says:

    If i was a bettin’ man, i’d bet this WrestleMania XV version would be perfect for a Saturday Morning Slam special. lol

  30. Matt says:

    Lucky thing i already have WM 14 on vhs and the ORIGINAL dvd version on WM 15 cuz these other volumes don’t have a single wwf edit so…i agree i’m better off getting the vhs releases either way

  31. Geolink says:

    Wow what a crock of shit.

    I might as well convert the WM 14 tape I have than buy this.

  32. Simon says:

    Aahah very nice to know I wa sgoing to pick the WM XIV but now I know instead be picking the 9 and 10.. Also wanted to know since I got a region free dvd player, is the Wrestlemania 14 Tagged Classics have the DX band performance at the start of the PPV or it’s exactly the same as the WM 14 on the Anthology set? Thanks guys!!

  33. Anonymous says:

    These releases are great. Now, once and for all, there’ll be proof that including Chris Benoit in a positive light (those promos are really designed to prove how passionate, tough and determined the respective performers) will have no mainstream impact whatsoever.

    Sure, maybe this won’t mean that WWE will automatically reinstate his footage, but at least the very few fans on the Internet who serve as fear-mongering puppets will have to drop that argument once and for all.

  34. Paul says:

    I have the original WM XV DVD release. I found it at a game stop back in 2003 in near mint condition for like $7 and pounced on it. Exactly how rare is the DVD though?

  35. Mark says:

    I was not planning to sell the original Wrestlemania anthology and seeing this confirms that I should not sell it

  36. zach says:

    definitely will be pick up the original wrestlemania 15 DVD now instead of this.

  37. Paul says:

    I hope people find out about this and sales of these discs tank. Totally lazy of WWE.

  38. King Shabazz says:

    Someone please get me up to speed: Why is “Superstars of Wrestling” blurred out on the old banners in the areas. I noticed this on the the new Bret Hart dvd. Thanks.

    • Paul says:

      Perhaps because the word “wrestling” is there? That would be so lame if it’s true hahaha

    • Thomas Goodearl says:

      Basically WWE no longer own the copyright to the name “SuperStars Of Wrestling” some other wrestling organisation now owns the rights to that name. (Can’t remember which one though.)

      • Paul says:

        That’s dumb. Why should WWE have to blur it out if it’s from the past and a time in which they owned it? This country’s patent and copyright laws are completely stupid.

  39. Pee-Wee says:

    very true lp1 don’t think wwe will want any fans to have an unedited version as others here have pointed out they seem very content at re writing their own history to suit their needs at any given time

  40. Pee-Wee says:

    looks like tagged classics are still the ones to beat still part of me thinks wwe will release another anthology on blu ray for WrestleMania 30 but if these edits stay intact it will be just for completion of a collection much like the current anthology such a shame i know it’s only a few seconds here and there and aside from the blurs many fans would love to own an unedited version of all manias not just us lucky ones who have tagged classics which of course are now limited

    • LP1 says:

      The Tagged Classics aren’t perfect either. Sure they are unblurred and the WWF is allowed to be spoken, but the early Manias (1-7) are heavily butchered with missing match intros and missing backstage interviews. Unless you have copies of the original live pay-per-view versions of every WrestleMania then there really is no perfect solution. Anthology, Tagged classics, pick your poison.

      • @imdjluis says:

        True, but unless you recorded every PPV and still actually own a VCR, the Tagged Classics are the same VHS releases by Coliseum Video, which also had extra content that was not shown on PPV. So you have your pros and cons of either option.

        • Thomas Goodearl says:

          I have all the WrestleMania tagged classics 1-15 & Antholgy vol 1 so I could get all the stuff missed out on Mania 1-3 Tagged Classics, but I still want vol 2 to get a better picture quality for mania 9 & 10. Shame that WWE dropped the ball with this one for you US fans.

  41. Jamie says:

    What a dissapointment. I’m not totally surprised though. I just can’t get over the HBK/Bret shot on the spine of XV dvd. How did that make it to press?!

    • LP1 says:

      Yup. There’s no excuse for that. I don’t care how “rushed” these releases are. That’s just plain laziness to not catch that.

  42. LP1 says:

    The way the prices have dropped for the original WrestleMania Anthology sets, it’s still cheaper to buy the 1-5, 6-10 and 11-15 sets than it is to buy these individually. You’re getting the same exact material. As for Mania 15, the best bet is still to find the original DVD release from 1999.

  43. X-23 says:

    lots of PG edits. Well I understand. Why remove the Undertaker video though! I wonder if there is a reason WWE doesn’t release them as TV-14… other DVDs have been TV-14 recently

  44. @imdjluis says:

    Wow. They went out of their way to mess up WrestleMania 15 the way they did. I’m glad I have the original WWF release. This was a very informative article. Now I will not be wasting $100+ on WM 1-14. Now, IF they ever truly re-release 1-14 without edits, probably won’t be until possibly some time after WrestleMania 30, but even then, I’d be concerned about what else they’ll want to edit out to match whatever morals they may have attained since their original production.

  45. Chad says:

    glad I have the UK Tagged classics

    • @imdjluis says:

      Yeah, I have them too. And it’s cool to have the videos we actually owned transferred to DVD. But I’m in the U.S., and my European Sony DVD player won’t play on my newer Sony HDTV.

      • David says:

        Tagged Classics are also edited too…especially the earlier WM events specifically 4-7 since they are just direct transfers from the VHS release that cut 4 hrs down to 3…the Anthology versions are the full ppv versions.

        Thats the only upside on getting the Anthology versions.

  46. David says:

    I guess we can assume WM4-7 are on double-sided DVDs, since all events are on plain silver discs.

    Was hoping for a new copy of WM XIV.

  47. NoNoYesYes!! says:

    Dont Mind Wrestlemania’s 1-13 being the anthology versions back from 2005, But really wanted Wrestlemania 14 to not have the blurring, dont care about the other edits but just did not want no blurring and now we know it has its a shame and its getting harder to pick up on tagged classic here in the UK, Its good that Wrestlemania 15 has no blurring and WWF Logo is shown and the other edits are bit pointless to be honest and its like they are re writing their own history, If these get released here in the UK im 100% picking up Wrestlemania 15,
    Have Wrestlemania 2000, 17 and 18 on tagged classic, so it will go nice along that.
    On a side note for Wrestlemania 14 to still include the Christ benoit dont try this at home is bit stupid as they dont want anything related to benoit and would be the first thing they would edit out but shows that they were lazy enough not to even remove that let alone release it without the blurring, Kids going to find out who is benoit now shame WWE Haha…
    The others being the anthology version is was kinda expected since they are budget releases.

  48. Bad Booking says:

    My wallet is safe, and my original XV DVD is safe. Disappointing to say the very least, we need to petition the WWE to make new transfers for ALL!

  49. Shaun Blackford says:

    what a shame

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