Full Match Listing for WWE Best of Raw & Smackdown 2011 DVD & Blu-ray

January 5, 2012 by Mark D

Just unveiled by Silver Vision here’s what will be included on the upcoming WWE: The Best of Raw and Smackdown 2011 DVD and Blu-ray compilation.

It’s released on January 31st in the USA (pre-order your 4 Disc DVD or 3 Disc Blu-ray) and follows to the UK in March via Silvervision.co.uk!


Falls Count Anywhere Match for the WWE Championship
The Miz vs. John Morrison
Raw – 3rd January, 2011

Intercontinental Championship Match
Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston
SmackDown – 7th January, 2011

2-out-of-3 Falls Match
Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio
SmackDown – 7th January, 2011

Divas Championship Match
Natalya vs. Melina
Raw – 24th January, 2011

The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan
Raw – 14th February, 2011

The Rock Returns to Raw
Raw – 14th February, 2011

John Cena Responds to The Rock
Raw – 21st February, 2011

The Championship Coronation of Dolph Ziggler
SmackDown – 18th February, 2011

A Stone Cold Referee
Raw – 7th March, 2011

“The Rock” Attacks John Cena?
Raw – 14th March, 2011

Steel Cage Match
Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio
SmackDown – 18th March, 2011

Intercontinental Championship Match
Kofi Kingston vs. Wade Barrett
SmackDown – 25th March, 2011

Streak in Jeopardy?
Raw – 28th March, 2011


Edge Says Goodbye
SmackDown – 15th April, 2011

A New Side of R-Truth
Raw – 25th April, 2011

WWE Championship Match
John Cena vs. The Miz
Raw – 2nd May, 2011

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Christian vs. Randy Orton
SmackDown – 6th May, 2011

Riley’s Revenge
Raw – 23rd May, 2011

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Randy Orton vs. Sheamus with Christian as Special Guest Referee
SmackDown – 3rd June, 2011

6-Man Tag Team Elimination Match
John Cena, Randy Orton & Alex Riley vs. Christian, R-Truth & The Miz
Raw – 20th June, 2011

Daniel Bryan vs. Cody Rhodes
SmackDown – 24th June, 2011

CM Punk Speaks His Mind
Raw – 27th June, 2011

Christian vs. Sin Cara
SmackDown – 1st July, 2011

Mr. McMahon is Relieved of His Duties
Raw – 18th July, 2011


WWE Championship Match
Rey Mysterio vs. John Cena
Raw – 25th July, 2011

Intercontinental Championship Match
Ezekiel Jackson vs. Cody Rhodes
SmackDown – 12th August, 2011

Falls Count Anywhere Match
John Morrison vs. R-Truth
Raw – 15th August, 2011

Alberto Del Rio vs. Daniel Bryan
SmackDown – 19th August, 2011

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty vs. Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne
Raw – 22nd August, 2011

Steel Cage Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Randy Orton vs. Christian
SmackDown – 30th August, 2011

Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes
SmackDown – 9th September, 2011

The Cutting Edge with Randy Orton & Mark Henry
SmackDown – 16th September, 2011

Mark Henry is Unleashed
Raw – 19th September, 2011

Special Challenge Match
Dolph Ziggler with Vickie Guerrero vs. Zack Ryder with Hugh Jackman
Raw – 19th September, 2011

Lumberjack Match
Mark Henry vs. Christian
SmackDown – 23rd September, 2011

CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio
Raw – 26th September, 2011


John Cena, CM Punk, Sheamus, Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne & Mason Ryan vs.
Alberto Del Rio, Christian, Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger & David Otunga
Raw – 3rd October, 2011

Vote of No Confidence
Raw – 3rd October, 2011

John Cena vs. Sheamus with Referee Triple H & Commentator CM Punk
Raw – 10th October, 2011

Mask vs. Mask
Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara
SmackDown from Mexico – 21st October, 2011

Street Fight
Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes
SmackDown – 4th November, 2011

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Mark Henry vs. Daniel Bryan
SmackDown – 4th November, 2011

Champion vs. Champion Match
CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler
Raw – 21st November, 2011


Last Man Standing Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Edge vs. Kane
SmackDown – 7th January, 2011

Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler
Raw – 17th January, 2011

John Cena vs. CM Punk
Raw – 17th January, 2011

Undertaker & Triple H Stare Down
Raw – 21st February, 2011

John Cena Adjusts The Rock’s Attitude
Raw – 28th March, 2011

Save the Date: The Rock vs. John Cena
Raw – 4th April, 2011

Kane vs. Christian
SmackDown – 24th June, 2011

No Count Out Match
Evan Bourne vs. Sin Cara
Raw – 27th June, 2011

Tornado Tag Team Match
Rey Mysterio & Alex Riley vs. The Miz & Jack Swagger
Raw – 27th June, 2011

CM Punk’s Public Contract Negotiation
Raw – 11th July, 2011

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  1. Jay Karia says:

    Sorry I meant to say ‘match list’.

  2. Jay Karia says:

    I bought this DVD a few months ago and I’m very happy with it. The match Lia selection is awesome.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You don’t really have to upgrade to Blu-Ray. Every Blu-Ray and DVD is available to download if you know where to look.

    Seriously, I’m surprised anybody still buys DVDs or Blu-Rays or music CDs for that matter. There’s no way I could ever go back to paying $20 per DVD for a few days worth of content (probably a high estimate). There’s no way I could go back to paying $20 to see a PPV months after it aired (and only seeing a few PPVs) when I can download every PPV the day after it happened for free. If SOPA or PIPA passes, I can and will find ways around them (the only “good” they will do is shutting down basically all user-generated content web sites).

    This release actually sounds pretty good. Raw and Smackdown were unwatchably bad for most of 2011, but it looks like most of the crap got left off these discs. If you were trying to make a list of the “best” that wasn’t included, you’d have a hard time because it seems like even WWE realizes that most of what they air on TV these days sucks worse than WCW in 1999. WWE is trying to fix things (bringing back Rock and Jericho, pushing the Internet favorites, keeping Cena out of the title picture), but they aren’t addressing the real problems (being overly scripted, the incompetent “creative” team, and PG).

  4. Jamie says:

    I’m reatarded I admited

  5. Jamie says:


  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Jamie says:

    LMFAO at blu ray being overrhyped and annoying just like internet fans

  8. Steve V says:

    LMFAO at you for not being able to afford a blu-ray player

  9. Jamie says:

    LMFAO Blu Ray superiorly OVERRATD

  10. Steve V says:

    LMFAO whatever Jamie, Blu-Ray is superior to DVD which is why Blu-Ray gets more footage than DVD.

  11. Jamie says:

    LMFAO watever Dave its a fact

  12. Dave says:

    @ TheJoker’sApprentic

    Sorry to say but in the last 3 years DVD sales have been dropped 50% and Blu-ray sales keep going up…google it.

    @ Jaime

    Says the person that doesn’t own it…if you don’t care, good for you…if you own an HDTV and blu-ray player, you will see why it is “overhyped” like you said.

    Funny, people use to say the same with VHS and DVD…people were crying about extras on DVD compared to VHS.

  13. captain planet says:

    Are people just like, upset that they have to upgrade? BR is HD. It’s noticeably a higher jump than DVD in both picture and sound; it’s not a gimmick, and you’re in denial you think that’s all it is. BR makes albums sound alive, movies look crisper, and yes, it does indeed help make the all the bright lights and action of WWE look better. BR can also store more data than DVD. So that explains why it tends to get more content (despite it being admittedly a selling point). And hey, as far as packaging goes, DVD has BR beat. DVD has all the cool fold out pictures and all that. So it’s give and take – you still get the main content on DVD, plus extras. You just get more extras with BR because it can store more and the discs are more expensive to manufacture, so they want you to be enticed to buy BR over DVD. It’s not like it isn’t worth it…

  14. oooo and wheres kane vs randy street fight??? they tottaly forgot about that!!!

  15. @Dave you wish blu-ray was the future, there are so much more dvd owners than blu-ray!!!

  16. Jamie says:

    I could care less about Blu ray dvd’s I think their overhyped/overrated

  17. Dave says:

    @ Zach

    Go cry a river…Blu-ray has more content to get people to buy it. You want to stick to DVD, that is your choice…if people are going to be paying more for the blu-ray version, WWE has to add exclusive content to entice consumers. Movie studios have been doing this for 4-5 years now, they load up the blu-ray compared to the dvds.

    Starting to get annoyed with these whiners “wahhh why is it not on DVD?, why do blu-rays get more?”, etc. The simple answer is Blu-ray is the future, deal with it.

    • Beerad says:

      I agree Blu ray is the future until digital completely takes over, however our US Distributor is obviously clueless because why are certain blu ray PPVs only available in the UK, it’s asinine, I think they should package a DVD/Blu Ray combo like they did for the 2011 Elimination Chamber or 2011 Royal Rumble, it really annoys me that I can’t buy certain blu ray PPVs in the US, (especially when the damn PPV was taped in the US) whoever made that decision to strictly to DVD as oppose to a combo of both obviously has no clue, it’s not fair to a blu ray collector me and many others who want to see a product in HD with loaded extras

  18. Anonymous says:

    I think every title change should be on blu ray just for the historical aspect

  19. WWEBluFan says:

    As a huge Rock fan, I feel the pain of “anonymous” below. All the Rock segments on this release were previously included as extras on USA PPV blu releases (EC, Mania, & Extreme Rules). While the UK got Survivor Series (complete with “RAW gets Rocked” as an extra in glorious HD), the U.S. got the shaft. No Survivor Series blu for us, then the SSeries main event got omitted from the “Best PPV Matches of 2011” blu, and now “RAW Gets Rocked” is left off this one. Two great Rock moments that U.S. fans won’t be able to own in HD!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Missing US Title match Sheamus/Bryan

  21. Zach says:

    Such BS that they load the Blu Ray with so much more…the Punk contract signing, Cena vs Punk, HHH/Taker staredown, and the Rock/Cena stuff should be on the DVD! BS!

  22. Brad Attitude says:

    i can pick this up in 5 years in a walmart dust bin 😛

  23. Adam says:

    No Rhodes vs Bryan vs Ziggler vs Ryder? probably one of the best TV Match of the year.

  24. John McClaine says:

    Whoever produced this should be tarred, feathered, and FIRED!!! Epic fail

  25. anonymous says:

    *grown ass wrestlers

  26. anonymous says:

    @chrissmith lol. i hated the whole walkout angle, but creative made 40 ass wrestlers look like complete p***** but the set looks like a great release def gonna get it hope C.M. Punk scene isnt edited at all

  27. Dave says:

    @ TheJoker’sApprentic

    No point trying to reason with you…you just don’t understand how these things work.

  28. @Dave ok then wheres daniel bryan vs mark henry steel cage match??? dont tell me they dint have time 2 added

  29. William says:

    oh and BTW I dont know if it was wwedvdnews.com that made an error but I just looked it up and the Mark Henry vs. Daniel Bryan
    SmackDown – 4th November, 2011 was not 4 the world tittle!

  30. lhdang2000 says:

    THIS IS COOL SET.One of the best way to kickin the first 2012 release,I have to get it.AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Chris Smith says:

    Funny how there’s no sign of the Corre or New Nexus:)
    BTW no Muppets? I got excited for nothing!

  32. Dave says:

    @ TheJoker’sApprentic

    DVDs don’t magically produce overnight. It’s probably already in post production. That match happened last week. Review copies were probably even sent out.

  33. Jamie says:

    Very good list

  34. Larry says:

    I wish they would put Sheamus winning the us title from Daniel Bryan in March 2011.

  35. where is randy orton vs wade barret falls coun anywhere?

  36. Jesse Lanning says:

    Thank god there are no Lawler/Cole in ring segments. Those were brutal esp the ones with JR. I don’t need his humiliation in those segments for a collectible keepsake. JR is better than that

  37. Anonymous says:

    I always thought it would be a 2 disc Raw and a 2 disc Samckdown set.

  38. Wow, that lineup is quite impressive! Looks to be a buy from me!

  39. Harry Faversham says:

    I would have liked to have seen the match where CM Punk wreslted in Macho Man attire. CM Punk & R-Truth vs. John Cena and Rey Mysterio with Bret Hart as referee. Would have been a nice one to include but it looks stronger than the previous end of year raw and smackdown sets in my opinion.

  40. Dave says:

    @ Anonymous

    I’m guessing they will just recap December like they did with Best of RAW 2009 and 2010 DVDs.

    Totally agree with the WWE Title Tournament finals…Miz/Mysterio had a great match.

    But no set is perfect, they’re bound to miss something, but they did a great job with balancing RAW and SD on this.

  41. Dave says:

    @ John Peterson

    I totally forgot about that segment! i agree that was hilarious.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Nothing in December no Kanes return or Bryan Henry Cage Match Orton Otunga Street Fight No Mick Foley no Raw gets Rocked

  43. Anonymous says:

    What happened to the 12 man tag on smackdown before elimination chamber and WWE Title Tournament Finals and Any Divas Title change matches

  44. John peterson says:

    Where’s the segment with r-truth,miz,and christian?that segment was funny as hell.set looks fantastic

  45. Steve says:

    shame the steel cage match between henry and dragon from the holiday smackdown at the end of november isnt on here

  46. Vincenzzzzzo says:


    Since when should the WWE put wrestlers on the cover of DVD’s just because they win matches? really? You have to have a certain number of matches just to be included on covers now? LOLLLL! Now THATS amusing!

  47. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    Its funny how everyone mentions the moments of 2011 that aren’t included on the set as their favorite moments…LOL. Give me a break.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Wait a minute i forgot a moment that should have been on here!!! Seems though Sin Cara is on the cover how come his debut is no where to be found!!

  49. Anonymous says:

    Got slowly worse as the discs went on to be honest.
    Why is Wade Barrett only in one match? Really? Also no Justin Gabriel vs Edge or The Corre scenes etc..
    Disc 1 and 2 are pretty amazing though (blu-ray).

  50. William says:

    oh and BTW I dont know if it was wwedvdnews.com that made an error but I just looked it up and the Mark Henry vs. Daniel Bryan
    SmackDown – 4th November, 2011 was not 4 the world tittle.

  51. William says:

    disc 3 is by far the best disc!!!

  52. Supersonic says:

    Only thing really missing is Miz vs. Rey, Orton vs. Ziggler 8/29, and the mid-card fourway last month.

  53. Marty says:

    Also amusing how Sin Cara is noticeably featured on the cover, and he’s only part of the set 3 times, twice only on the DVD, with one of them a losing effort to put over the then-number one contender.

  54. Anonymous says:

    @Safguy we don’t have PPV blu rays anymore 🙁

  55. Marty says:

    Good listing overall. A lot of the Blu-ray extras (aside from obvious ones like Taker-HHH staredown and Punk contract negs) feel kinda random though. Disappointed over the lack of Cena-Punk from August, but overall, it’s hard to complain. Looking forward to reliving Mark Henry’s rise during the year.

  56. Mac says:

    Very good listing. One or two things I wouldn’t of included. I’m sad that the blu ray content isn’t on the 4 disc normal edition. Coz I want all them blu ray extra’s the most but I like box sets :s should have included Kane’s return. Cant wait to get it though. 2011 was a good year for matches.

  57. MrB says:

    Looks good. The only match I would’ve added was the Orton/Kane street fight from just before Henry took out Kane. And just for the hell of it I would’ve added Orton’s crazy dance after he gave Henry an RKO.

  58. Dave says:

    Nice! Liking the blu-ray exclusives.

  59. SafGuy* says:

    @Anonymous the rock rocks raw is exlusive to the UK/Europe Blu-ray of Survivor Series 2011, Also Kane Return is on the blu-ray Extra on the TLC 2011 Blu-ray,
    Punk vs HHH Segement when they said their real names, phil brooks etc is on the blu-ray on the Night of champions 2011,
    Most of the stuff that you have included is on the PPV’s Blu-rays so thats why they aint included it on here to avoid repeats.

  60. William says:

    oh and BTW I dont know if it was wwedvdnews.com that made an error but I just looked it up and the Mark Henry vs. Daniel Bryan
    SmackDown – 4th November, 2011 was not 4 the world tittle

  61. SafGuy* says:

    Same here i was hoping they included the CM Punk vs John Cena Match from Raw in August 2011 that was a really good back and fourth match, maybe they will included it on the upcoming CM Punk DVD that should be released later this year, that’s only reason i can think to why they did not included it on the DVD/blu-ray and they could have put it was a blu-ray extra but they didn’t so.
    I hope in the Mysterio vs Cena Match for the WWE Championship they included the aftermath when CM Punk came back and came back to that New awesome theme song cult of personality.
    Also i like the fact they did not include much of the stuff from raw and smackdown that was included in the blu-ray extras when they released their PPV’s like extreme rules 2011 on blu-ray for e.g they did not include the Rock birthday celebration or the Cena Draft pick etc which is good as they are exclusive to those PPV Blu-rays.
    I kinda wished they included the triple threat cage match from Jan 03 2011 between Orton Sheamus and Barrett cause that was awesome, but other than that its spot it they got everything i wanted them to include which is awesome, Already looking like the best set of the year but obviously, The CM Punk, Triple H and the Rock dvd set are going to out do this but in terms of match quality and segments u cant go wrong with this set,
    Blu-Ray is a Must have 10/10 for me already 🙂

  62. Anonymous says:

    Good set but way to many matches that dont mean anything they should have put that triple threat cage match from RAW January 7th great match that meant something also the Punk/Cena match should have been on and then the segments are lacking where is

    .Rock reply to Cena via satellite i remember that was better than John Cena’s 2nd response but that got included

    .Edge retirement speech from RAW the original one that started it all.

    .Some of Punk New Nexus stuff from very early 2011 like when he joined, Mason Ryan joining and his promo from the top of the tron!! With John Cena’s response via satellite.

    .Rocks Birthday from May

    .R-Truths heel turn according to the set it just has his first heel promo not the actual turn.

    .Cena/Vince from July 4th

    .Punk’s promo at the start of the July 14th show (Blu Ray has the contract renegotiation)

    .Cena/Punk contract signing for Summerslam

    .Punk/HHH contract signing for Night of champions

    .Punk/HHH last Raw before NOC “This is Phil Brooks talking to Paul Levesque” one

    .Rock “Rocks” Raw in November

    .Kane’s return in December

    LOTS IS MISSING!!! But still an awesome set.

  63. William says:

    Why in the HELL was the Last Man Standing Match for the World Heavyweight Championship Edge vs. Kane from SmackDown not on DVD??? And where the heck is CM Punk vs John Cena #1 contenders match from Raw at??? And why the HELL put the Christian vs. Randy Orton
    SmackDown – 6th May when that match is already on the Randy Oroton DVD??? Besides all that I loved the listing and definately getting this one. Cant wait!!!

  64. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    By the way, I like how they did this set better than the other RAW and SmackDown sets. A few RAW matches then a few SmackDown matches. I like how they mixed it up.

  65. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    I was waiting for this. Great set with great blu-ray extras too. All in all, 2011 was a good year for action.

  66. SRB says:

    I really like the set. I cant think of too much that I would have added or taken away. I also like the mix of Smackdown/Raw matches one after the other. I thought it would be a Smackdown 2 disc/Raw 2 disc. I actually like how it jumps from show to show. The content looks pretty good. A lot of the stuff listed are matches/segments I completely forgot about. Seems like a good purchase.

  67. Mark D says:

    Don’t you just hate December 😉

  68. BrianH1970 says:

    There are some pretty great blu ray exclusives (Edge/Kane, Punk’s contract negotiation). This set looks terrific.

  69. Marco says:

    Great set! Lots of Christian and D-Bryan is a huge plus for me. I only miss Punk, Bryan and Ryder vs. Miz, Truth and Del Rio from RAW after TLC.

  70. ktulu37 says:

    In my opinion, they left out the best Raw match of the year. CM Punk vs. John Cena III from the Aug. 22 edition. I was there live, it was easily one of the better matches of 2011.

  71. Joe says:

    No Punk vs. Cena from after SummerSlam is a massive fail. I wish the trending fatal four way was included too. All in all, great set.

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