Full Match Listing for WWE Falls Count Anywhere DVD & Blu-ray

June 8, 2012 by Daniel Bee

At long last the WWE Falls Count Anywhere DVD and Blu-ray match listing has arrived! The full content comes to us courtesy of Shock Entertainment. [Get yours now]

WWE Falls Count Anywhere DVD

Disc 1

The Names May Vary

Alley Fight
Pat Patterson vs. Sgt. Slaughter
Madison Square Garden 1981

Atlanta Street Fight
Jimmy Valiant & Ms. Atlanta Lively vs. Midnight Express
Starrcade 1985

WWE Falls Count Anywhere DVD Cover

Street Fight for the NWA Tag Team Championship
Doom vs. Barry Windham & Arn Anderson
Starrcade 1990

A Fresh Face

Falls Count Anywhere Match
Sting vs. Cactus Jack
Beach Blast 1992

Falls Count Anywhere Match
Randy “Macho Man” Savage vs. Crush
WrestleMania X 1994

Windy City Mayhem

Chicago Street Fight
Booker T & Sting Vs. The Road Warriors
Uncensored 1996

Chicago Street Fight
Ahmed Johnson & The Legion Of Doom vs. Faarooq, Savio Vega, & Crush
WrestleMania 13 1997

Street Fight
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Bret “Hit Man” Hart
Raw 1997

Disc 2

Multiple Personalities

Falls Count Anywhere Match
Cactus Jack vs. Triple H
Raw 1997

Falls Count Anywhere Death Match
Tazz Vs. Bam Bam Bigelow
Heat Wave – August 2, 1998

A Brand New Title

Hardcore Championship Match
Al Snow vs. Hardcore Holly
St. Valentine’s Day Massacre – February 14, 1999

Fully Loaded Strap Match
The Rock vs. Triple H
Fully Loaded – July 25, 1999

Love Her Or Leave Her Greenwich Street Fight
Test vs. Shane McMahon
SummerSlam – August 22, 1999

Dictators On A Power Trip

WWE Championship Match
Big Show vs. Kane – Raw
December 20, 1999

Hardcore Championship Match
Crash Holly vs. The Headbangers
SmackDown – March 16, 2000

Street Fight
Mr. McMahon Vs. Shane McMahon
Raw – October 29, 2001

Street Fight
Mr. McMahon vs. Ric Flair
Royal Rumble – January 20, 2002

Disc 3

Greatest Comeback Story

Unsanctioned Street Fight
Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H
SummerSlam – August 25, 2002

Street Fight For The World Heavyweight Championship
Triple H vs. Kevin Nash
Insurrextion – June 7, 2003

Inside The Divas’ Locker Room

Falls Count Anywhere Match for the WWE Women’s Championship
Melina vs. Mickie James
Raw – March 5, 2007

Street Fight
Triple H vs. Umaga
Cyber Sunday – October 28, 2007

Street Fight
John Cena vs. Umaga
Raw – June 16, 2008

New Stars On The Rise

Submissions Count Anywhere Match
D-Generation X vs. Legacy
Breaking Point – September 13, 2009

Street Fight
Rey Mysterio vs. Batista
SmackDown – December 11, 2009

Street Fight
Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes
SmackDown – November 4, 2011

A Little Tidying Up

WWE Falls Count Anywhere Blu-ray Cover

Blu-ray Exclusives

Boiler Room Brawl
Mankind vs Santa Claus
Raw – December 20, 1999

Street Fight
Triple H vs Sheamus
Extreme Rules – April 25, 2010

Falls Count Anywhere Match
Rey Mysterio vs Cody Rhodes
Extreme Rules – May 1, 2011

Street Fight
Randy Orton vs Kane
SmackDown – July 22, 2011


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  1. Hiddyman says:

    They forgot two essential matches. The Chicago Street Fight between Roddy Piper and Goldust, and the Hardcore Championship between Mick Foley and Big Boss Man, which if I remember correctly was the first match the title ever had. Correct me if Im wrong.

  2. Cristian says:

    Stone cold and bret hart do not fight stone cold just beats him up and then he ends up in a ambulance and then stone cold is the driver and keeps beating hart up

  3. @imdjluis says:

    Where is the DX vs. The Nation Street Fight from Raw 98???

  4. RabidHeat says:

    Trish and Victoria’s Street fight from Survivor Series 2002 should be on here. That was pretty darn revolutionary for Women’s wrestling at the time!

  5. john peterson says:

    I want this for the Austin/Bret Match and Seeing Hbk/HHH for the first time on blu ray

  6. EL says:

    Maybe WWE should have put Triple H on the cover since there’s like 6 matches featuring him. Match listing for disc 2 and 3 are awful. Won’t be purchasing this set.

    • SlayJ says:

      I agree, El. WAY too much HHH and The McMahon family on disks 2 and 3. Hell, they are in 8 of the 17 matches on those two slabs of plastic. Ego much? I do think the first disk looks like a fun watch though. But yeah, this could be so much better than it is.

  7. mike buzzard says:

    Anyone else find it odd the Austin is on the cover, yet there are no Steve Austin matches listed?

  8. Dang says:

    When I saw a Divas Match,i see Mickie James,i was like WTF!This was the first time Mickie James include in WWE Documents DVD and i was a big fan of her.But then i see in this match,Mickie James loss and has a small injury :(,too bad.I’d rather not see her than her first Documents DVD Debut it’s lost 🙁

  9. Brad Attitude says:

    The first disc looks promising especially with the inclusion of Macho Man vs. Crush. That match really should’ve been on the Randy Savage dvd set.

    I’m disappointed WWE fails to include more matches between 2001-2005 because those years were way better than 2007 – onwards.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Don’t Forget Undertaker vs Rob Van Dam From Vengeance For The Hardcore Title. Classic Match.

  11. SlayJ says:

    Although it seems that the majority of you are pretty happy with the match selections here, I personally think they’re WAY below average. WWE underachieved big-time on this set and I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. But I will admit I had high expectations. I realize that WWE doesn’t produce their DVDs for a guy like me that likes seeing a variety of promotions and enjoys a bit of old school thrown in the mix. But to only have ONE ECW match on a 3-disk set of “out-of-control” matches is laughable. There’s five HHH matches and only two Mick Foley ones? Completely ridiculous.

    The fact that WWE has the video libraries of Smokey Mountain, World Class, the AWA & Florida and completely passed up the opportunity to add ANYTHING from those promotions is really a shame because there were some awesome brawls that should have made the cut. And it’s frankly pathetic to do a set such as this and include ZERO matches featuring Bruiser Brody, Abdullah the Butcher, Kevin Sullivan, Raven, Tommy Dreamer, Terry Funk, Sandman, Sabu, Public Enemy, etc. I mean Vince McMahon is actually featured in TWO matches while Terry Funk is nowhere to be seen. Dumb.

    So again, congrats to you if this collection lives up to your expectations. I just expected a lot better.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just my guess, they probably put only 1 ECW match on this set because they just released a set of only old school ECW matches. In case you didn’t know, released this week, called ECW Unreleased Vol 1.

      • SlayJ says:

        I picked up the new ECW release a few days back (actually was just watching it this morning). And sure, there’s some fun brawls on there naturally. But I still don’t think that’s a very good excuse to almost completely ignore Extreme Championship Wrestling on a DVD set that, in many ways, exists because of their huge influence in the 90’s. I’m not saying load the set with 80% ECW footage. But 3 or 4 matches wouldn’t be too much to ask.

    • mommy says:

      agree some fans expectations are so low there happy if they include just a few non released matches

      its not a bad listing but expected better, there are only a few matches i really want on this set, they could of replaced atleast 5 or 6 matches with just as good matches

      wwe seems to just release the bar bones, just enough to get hardcore fans to buy them but not enough to really go into there vault, and sadly all the nerds will buy everything and wwe will continue with this, dont buy and force wwe to release better listings

  12. KirbbDogg says:

    There are other matches that could have been in there. Like Randy Savage’s street fight with Bad News Brown in 88 Savage’s matches with DDP in 97 from WCW. Bret’s Street fight with Sting from Nitro. The Boot Camp match’s Sgt Slatter had with Triple H Sting’s chain match with Nikita Koloff from 92. Flair’s Street fight with DDP at Hollween Havic in 99, Of course the last man standing match’s Triple H had with Y2J and McMannon. Sadly we will never seen these 2 matchs Chris Benoit vs Kevin Sollvan’s street fights and Benoit’s last man standing match with Triple H back in 2000.

  13. tick317 says:

    Don’t understand why you put the content listings on this site when people can just go to shock entertainment for them, cuz that’s where youve copied and pasted it from? Or silvervision for that matter when they go back to listing like usual. I say jus report all the other news besides the listing. Jus my opinion.

    • Vincenzzzzzo says:

      Because I don’t go to Shock entertainment website. I come here for my DVD updates. Thanks for your concern, anyway.

      Thats why they put it up on here. For people like me who dont go to the other sites. SMH

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Pal, this is WWE DVD News, so you’re gonna find news like this.

      By all means go read it at the source. So tell me, which was the easier to read? Can people comment on it there? Can the readers of this site comment on it there?

      Fact is the content listings come out on regional retail sites that not everybody will be going to. Would you get many US based people visiting that Australian retail site or UK’s Silver Vision? Probably not, because they don’t buy there. Only the most dedicated of fans will look everywhere for them. Oftentimes (rightly or wrongly) the content listings are viewed here more than the original source. At least I specify the source and give credit, unlike some other sites.

      We’ve been lucky enough to release a lot of exclusive news through this site over the years but if some pops up on another, it’s still relevant.

      I’ve responded to many of your comments over time and helped you out various times, so what’s with all your complaining lately?

      • tick317 says:

        Like I said it was jus my opinion. And secondly i was not complained before or complaining now? Point out where I’ve complained? I think Everytime you get a email from wwedvdnews which is everyday almost, it feels like its nothing new besides listings lately. Like I said it was jus my opinion. But if you wana argue about it. I won’t even visit this site anymore. No news here has been exclusive lately it’s been available elsewhere before and then you complain when other sites steel a little bit made up news from here. When you steel every other article from elsewhere.

        • Daniel Bee says:

          Really? Really? If you believe that you’re very deluded. This very week the Over the Limit cover was an exclusive. It may feature the PPV poster but it’s slightly different. Same for Extreme Rules this time last month. Did you read about the Rock/Cena DVD this week on another site before this? If you did, it’s because you didn’t check here first.

          Also ask yourself if you ran a website called WWE DVD News whether or not you’d put up the content of new WWE DVDs! No brainer, I’d say. And by the way the last article about content before FCA was in April. That would mean your daily emails haven’t been about content listings for two months.

          I mentioned complaining because you seem to have a personal vendetta. I read most comments left on the site. Last month one you left was “Slow news from this site lately”. We don’t dictate how often news is there to report on since it’s ultimately down to WWE.

          One last thing – yes it is only your opinion because everybody else has a clue, and I haven’t ‘made up’ or stole news since I started this gig.

          • Harry Faversham says:

            Well usually the first place I see the match listing is silvervision. But as this particular listing isnt on there yet I’m personally very grateful that wwedvdnews put it up here as I check this site every day too. I don’t see how what’s on a dvd wouldn’t count as news. To me its the most important part I want to know, followed by when its coming out. You can’t report news if there isn’t any! Not without compromising your credibility. And I’ve never thought this site was just about excited fans creating hype and rumours. Its a valuable (free) daily news service that I kind of wish I’d done myself. News on these dvds comes out slowly from a variety of sources and its nice to have someone else doing all the work and put it all in one place so I dont have to waste too much time researching for myself. I’ve been buying wwe vhs/dvds since about 1991 and I wouldnt have known where to find this listing because its not on silvervision and I don’t worry about the US market. So that’s my opinion. But remember opinions are like __________, everybody has one.

          • Harry Faversham says:

            The Hitman vs. Stone Cold match is so long overdue for release. But other than that I think this is another quantity over quality release. It would have made sense to have a bit more ECW on it I think. I don’t think its a very strong DVD concept and it feels a bit thrown togther again for me. Never liked those kind of releases. I prefer the Superstar profiles because they usuaully have a more focussed subject and that makes it more meaningful to me. But I’m sure lots of you will love this for the match variety. Hitman vs. Sting from Nitro 98 was a personal favourite that didnt make it.

          • tick317 says:

            I have a personal vendetta against the site because I’ve said “slow news” if you think that then you must be delusional. I guess you want people not to express their opinions on this site. Whatever you says goes? Ok well in that case your right! You may think you have the biggest collection but let me tell u this you ain’t got shit on my collection. You been running a site for this many years and you have not STILL mentioned all the DVDs that have been released by the WWE in the UK. that’s how clever your are btw. And if you don’t believe I have 6 wwe DVDs that have never been mentioned on this site before. If you don’t believe me, if you do a little googling you might find out as I have them along with another person in Denmark. You ain’t got shit on me. If you’ve seen my collection. You’ll prolly never mention it on here cuz it would make you look like a idiot. LoL and this is the last time I visit your slow news site. Retard.

            • Simon says:

              LOL! What a total loser!

            • Daniel Bee says:

              Tick317: Now it’s about who has the better collection? What? See, this is what mean. I remember some of your first comments to me on this site were also saying I don’t have some particular DVDs you have, so you thinking that makes you better.

              I’m content with my collection, thanks. It wouldn’t bother me one bit to admit another is better. Just ask that guy in Denmark 🙂 I could run this site even if I had none. Being a collector is just what drove the passion to start the site.

              Clear personal vendetta, and since when was WWEDVDNews here to profile every past title released? Take a look around, nobody agrees with you.

              This site is about news, not about me, nor about who’s ‘the best’. You’ll be back.

              • NickP says:

                Typical wrestling mark who thinks he has more dvds than everyone, and knows more than anyone and has sniffed more wrestling trunks than anyone.. Lets all just enjoy professional wrestling. It does not matter if you have 5 or 250 dvds, we who visit this site come because we love wrestling and our wrestling dvds.. WWEDVDNEWS.COM is AWWWWESOME!!!

            • Harry Faversham says:

              Poor Tickles. This is going beyond a handicap battle royal dvd collection on a pole match. This is turning into a loser leaves town match. My collection is deliberately limited because I want quality over quantity. You can’t take it with you can you. But each to their own. But if slow news and not being a good enough collector means that DB doesnt cut the mustard for you then, if I may say so Tickles, you have incredibly thick, dense mustard. Actually Tickles you kind of remind me of a young Bert Mix…………..And now as I look up to the heavens I know only that Tickles317 is TOTALLY OUT OF CONTRRROOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

        • LP1 says:

          Tick, your logic is dumbfounding. This is a website about all things WWE DVD related. If another site breaks news first then that means this site isn’t supposed to cover it? That’s ridiculous. That’s like if a major story breaks on the channel 4 evening news and then the channel 2 evening news says “Damn, channel 4 had the bank robbery story first. Well I guess we can’t cover it now.”

          • SRB says:

            This is turning into a handicap match

            • Harry Faversham says:

              Not trying to gang up on Tick. Its every man for himself. I disagree with what he’s said there but its not like he ran over Austin or anything that would make him a ‘son of a bitch’ in a JR voice.

            • Daniel Bee says:

              It can be concluded by answering just one question. Should I have posted the Falls Count Anywhere content to this site? Simples, and no drama necessary. 🙂

  14. yoshi says:

    9 matches that i already own on dvd. plus the bluray extras suck.

  15. mommy says:

    why not include a ddp/macho match from 97, or replace the cactus/hhh one with the canadian stampede, i hate how they have so many repeats when they can replace them with same matches they had

  16. nightmare says:

    I buy the dvd for this one the blu ray matches I really don’t care about .Finally a Taz match on here also

  17. KarlKayfabian says:

    With the Clash, ECW, and now this set, this summer is shaping up to be one of the better ones in quite awhile in terms of WWE’s DVD sets. Solid B/B+ release. One thing that I change about the listing as it is right now would be the Cactus/HHH match would be from Canadian Stampede not the RAW from MSG.

    That said, they really need to release a new Mick Foley 3 disc stuff of his “unreleased archives”. No doc necessary…4 autobiographies is enough info.

    • Dave says:

      Foley hasn’t had an extensive documentary like Austin. They were only kayfabe like 3 faces of foley and hard knocks cheap pops.

      A doc focusing on his life up until now would be pretty awesome.

      • KarlKayfabian says:

        It would be pointless…he’s written FOUR autobiographies. The only new information about his life that we would learn from a doc would be what he ate for breakfast that morning.

  18. Derick says:

    Awesome match listing. I am actually surprised that The Headbangers are on this thing. This is a must buy for me now that I see all of the matches.

  19. Anonymous says:

    i wish the randy orton vs wade barrett falls count anywhere match was on the set. but awesome dvd anyways. can’t wait to get this.

  20. Anonymous says:


  21. Anonymous says:

    Stop bitching about the dvd content people MY GOD

  22. indyfan says:

    Its not as bad i thought it would be. A lot of repeats!!! But still enough rare stuff to get it.

  23. NickP says:

    I like the list, but some matches I was hoping for didn’t make it like the WCW hardcore invitational
    Bret Hart vs Terry Funk from WCW Thunder
    DDP vs Raven

    Hopefully there will be a volume 2

  24. Scsa says:

    Not bad… Though its not what i was hoping for and expecting 🙁 I like the Randy Savage Vs Crush match – that was a great fued! Though the rest don’t seem as awesome 🙁 Austin Vs Bret / Cactus Vs HHH / Rock Vs HHH / HBK Vs HHH & Nash Vs HHH all sound good, though matches like those which have/include Umaga/Santa Clause/Test/Shane may all b good, though I’m sure that orher better matches could have been added on instead!

  25. John Anderson says:

    Interesting listing, w/ quite a bit of footage from JCP/WCW, ECW & WWE(F) which is unusual for sets over the last year or so, w/ the last one being Highest Flyers, I think. Despite a few repeats, I think this is a good set. Only thing missing is the Iron Shiek v. Sgt. Slaughter – Boot Camp Match, was REALLY hoping to get that one on this set.

  26. matthew says:

    There are only 4 matches on this set that I own, sounds like a great video

  27. Supersonic says:

    Still waiting for the following:
    2005 Latino street fight
    Beach Blast 1992 with unaltered commentary
    2005 Edge vs. HBK with Angle post-match
    1999 Hak vs. Bigelow

  28. Loose Cannon says:

    No DDP vs Macho Man match from Halloween Havoc smh also would have love to seen Bret Hart vs Goldberg from Nitro

  29. SRB says:

    I dont see a single problem with this listing. you have a classic mix of ECW, WWE and WCW, which really hasnt been done in the past. The matches are great also, including some gems and stuff I personally havent seen. One of the best listings I’ve seen in a while. When I first heard about this I had my doubts and saw it comparable to a “The Best of Skinner – The Man from Down Unda'” DVD set, but I will admit I am surprised and WWE has done a great job. 29 matches = no complaints from me, nice job.

  30. RabidHeat says:

    It’s so funny, if you go back to the first ever thread about this set and the idea for it, virtually every single poster crapped on it, and the whole concept. Now everybody loves it. Just shows you should always wait for he match listing!

    • SRB says:

      I have no problem admitting it, I was surely one of those people. The set had potential, but I was sure WWE was going to mess it up. I was incorrect. Nice job to say the least.

  31. K-mac says:

    Looks pretty solid to me, love the inclusion of the Starrcade 90 match.

    Not to spoil anything but wasn’t Ronnie Garvin Miss Atlanta Lively in that match from Starrcade 85???

  32. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    Nice match listing. Definitely gonna get the bluray of course. I hope they don’t edit the Randy Orton vs Cody Rhodes SmackDown match.

  33. Joe Israel says:

    Looks better than I was expecting. The first two discs have some matches that look like a lot of fun (although I do not understand why the Rock/HHH Strap Match is on SO many sets). The third disc doesn’t look like its doing anything for me outside of the HHH/HBK match which I already on From the Vault: Shawn Michaels.

  34. straightedge47 says:

    That’s actually alot better than i was expecting…

  35. StevenJackson says:

    Interesting set, I’ll probably wait until its a bit cheaper but I’ll definitely check it out

  36. rohfan81 says:

    alot of repeats but the new additions are really cool im excited to see tha bunkhouse match from starrcade 90 i remember seeing that when i was a kid,and the chicago street fight from wrestlemania 13 was a sight to see it was damn near a prison riot with the entire nation vs the road warriors and ahmed johnson which was like 7 vs 3 it really was a fun match,i think its a good set

  37. Daniel says:

    Very interesting line up. I will add this to my collection due to the Blu Ray matches

  38. Marty says:

    “Inside The Divas’ Locker Room

    Falls Count Anywhere Match for the WWE Women’s Championship
    Melina vs. Mickie James
    Raw – March 5, 2007”

    I’m very curious how they’ll edit this match, regardless of the rating for the DVD/Blu-ray. This is the match where Melina rips off Candice Michelle’s towel. Yes, she was topless.

  39. Michael says:

    Why can’t the WWE released the famous boot camp match featuring Sgt Slaughter and the Iron Sheik.

    • Nate says:

      I didn’t know what to think of the concept at first, but I gotta say there are some interesting match selections on this compilation. I love some of the NWA/WCW stuff on disc 1. Even the repeats come from compilations I don’t have, so this looks to be a buy from me.

  40. Matches are great and most I believe haven’t been released on DVD yet. But the whole concept of the DVD is stupid and this just proves the WWE DVD department is out of ideas for DVDs so they just threw this out there to give something. I’ll still buy it. I curse the fact that I’m a DVD collector.

  41. jgreeds says:

    I don’t think that matches released on an individual PPVs dvd should be considered repeats (specially since every PPV of this dvd era is released on dvd). I understand matches being considered repeats if they have been seen on other compilation or documentary dvds, but not just because they were on a ppv that has been released. With that logic, no matches from wrestlemania, royal rumble, summerslam, best of raw/smackdown, or any PPV of the last 10 years should be on any dvds. That’s just dumb. Besides if you already own all every wrestlemania, royal rumble, and ppv of the last 10 years, then you are a fucking loser and have more to worry about than a match content listing.

    • Steve says:

      Not a loser just a real fan who likes buying things I don’t already have. Since the first match you probably saw involved John Cena I wouldn’t expect you to understand Jgreed.

      • jgreeds says:

        Riiiiiight, because I grew up in the 80s watching the old NWA, AWA, and WWF. Let’s not get back to this “real” fan thing. Check my post on the streak dvd article for that argument.

        • Anonymous says:

          And just to start the “real fan” argument again, I am copying and pasting my previous rant on that:

          I’m sick of people seeing that all the “real” wrestling fans already own every wrestlemania. I’m as big fan as all you, if not bigger, and I don’t own every wrestlemania. I own ONE wrestlemania, the one I went to. I have over 60 dvds and blurays on wrestling and that’s the only wrestlemania. I own books on wrestling. I go to random indie shows in high school gyms. I could school you all in my wrestling knowledge. And you’re saying I’m not a “real” wrestling fan?? You folks who own every wrestlemania are such a small, small protion of wrestling fans worldwide. Saying 5% would be awfully generous. We are not the people who they target these dvds. This is a great release and will be a high seller. I can’t believe some of the complaining I’m hearing. And go to hell if you really don’t think I’m a real wrestling fan

  42. Simon says:

    Terrible set IMO. Won’t be buying.

  43. Steve says:

    Stop putting Wrestlemania, Royal Rumble & Summerslam matches on these sets! They are repeats! No Jericho-Triple H Fully Loaded or Macho Man & DDP! They will never get want fans want!

    • Dave says:

      Idiots like you have to understand not everyone buys every DVD WWE produces…some people probably don’t own the Wrestlemania, Summerslam and Royal Rumble anthologies.

      This has been said MANY MANY MANY times that they have to cater to a mass audience…its not WWE’s fault losers like you go out and purchase every DVD they produced.

      Yes, there are hardcore collectors, but that segment is pretty small…not everyone have the individual DVDs from 5-6 years ago. Some rather have a compilation for easy access for these matches.

      No matter what listing is out, all people do is whine, bitch and moan for everything…No one is forcing you to buy this set.

      • LP1 says:

        ^This guy is my hero

      • Anonymous says:

        Amen, brother. Obviously none of these people have worked in sales, marketing, advertising, promotions, or any other line of work where you have to appeal to a large number of people.

  44. Mark D says:

    Looks quite good; B+ WWE.

    Are there matches which someone would have included – yes, but frankly that’s going to be the case for EVERY set which is released.

    At least we can go back to sleeping at night 😉

  45. Anonymous says:

    Jesus i hate how disc 3 just puts out all these damn ppv matches. Im pretty sure theres suitable matches that took place on TV. Kane vs. Edge’s FCA omission is rediculous.

    • Anonymous says:

      You complain just to hear yourself complain. Are you serious? Disc 3 is half not PPV matches, one PPV is Insurrextion, which is a rarity. What on earth are you complaining about?

  46. Jerichoholic1138 says:

    Lots of good matches, can’t wait for this! Wish the DDP vs Macho Man match from Halloween Havoc 1997 was on though.

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