EXCLUSIVE: Match Listing of WWE For All Mankind: Life & Career of Mick Foley DVD & Blu-Ray

January 28, 2013 by Daniel Bee

For All Mankind: The Life & Career of Mick Foley is on the way for April, and it’s time now to exclusively reveal the complete content! The DVD will have a runtime of approximately 6 hours and 18 minutes; the Blu-ray 8 hours and 36 minutes.

WWE Mick Foley Photo
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WWE Mankind

A Happy Story
Idyllic Childhood
Huge Fan
Training School
Working the Road
ECW & Japan
Dude Love
Hell in a Cell
Mr. Socko
The Rock
Triple H
Going Away
Randy Orton
Making a Difference
Stand Up Comic
A Complete One-Off


WWE Cactus Jack

Jack Foley / Les Thornton vs. The British Bulldogs
Superstars September 1986
Alternate Commentary: Mick Foley & Joey Styles

Cactus Jack / Gary Young vs. Scott Steiner / Billy Travis
AWA All Star Wrestling October 1988

Cactus Jack Manson vs. Brickhouse Brown
Wild West Wrestling April 1989

Cactus Jack vs. Keith Hart
Power Hour March 1990

Submit or Surrender Match
Cactus Jack vs. Sting
Power Hour November 1991

Falls Count Anywhere Match
Cactus Jack vs. Van Hammer
Clash of the Champions XVIII 21st January, 1992

Barbed Wire Match
Cactus Jack vs. Sandman
Ft. Lauderdale, FL May 1995

Cactus Jack vs. Shane Douglas
CyberSlam February 1996
Alternate Commentary: Mick Foley & Joey Styles

Mankind vs. Rocky Maivia
IYH: Cold Day in Hell 11th May, 1997

Mankind vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley
IYH: Canadian Stampede 6th July, 1997


WWE Cactus Jack

Dude Love vs. Rocky Maivia
RAW 17th November, 1997

Hell in a Cell
Mankind vs. Undertaker
King of the Ring 28th June, 1998
Alternate Commentary: Mick Foley & Joey Styles

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Mankind / Kane vs. New Age Outlaws
RAW 13th July, 1998

WWE Championship Match
Mankind vs. The Rock
IYH: Rock Bottom 13th December, 1998

WWE Tag Team Championship
Mankind / The Rock vs. Triple H / Shane McMahon
SmackDown 2nd September, 1999

Mankind vs. Al Snow
SmackDown 16th December, 1999

Hell In A Cell – Retirement Match
Cactus Jack vs. Triple H
No Way Out 27th February, 2000



Sting’s Birthday Cake
WCW World Championship Wrestling 5th October, 1991

No Ear Surgery
WCW Saturday Night 10th September, 1994

RAW 5th April, 2004

Cutting Edge
SmackDown 1st August, 2008

Relevancy with CM Punk
RAW 24th September, 2012

Frank Foley

Snowed In

DeNucci Training School

Arrested in Italy?

Cactus Jack – The Name


Birth of Bang Bang

Losing Teeth

On the Spot

Wanted T-Shirt

Smoking Flight?

Anti-Hardcore ECW

Farewell in ECW

Vicious Suplex

Kevin Sullivan – Mentor

Rock ‘n Sock Jacket


WWE Al Snow

Loogie Heard ‘Round the World


Mr. Socko vs. The Cobra

Comedy Show

Favourite Mick Foley Persona

Sheamus Meets Mick

Christmas Cheer


Thrifty Mick

Great Dad

For All Mankind: The Life & Career of Mick Foley is released first on April 16th to the United States, available to pre-order from $20.95 by clicking here.

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  1. Simon says:

    I like the matches on disc 3, but why in the blue hell there’s no extra match on the blu ray extras, kinda sad!!!

  2. Mongoose Wizard says:

    I love everything about this set! Even though I wish there could be one match with Vader! But oh well can’t wait BANG BANG!

  3. Shane C. Montgomery says:

    No matches in the Blu Ray extras? That stinks!

  4. Scsa says:

    Where’s the WWF Championship match from RAW where Mankind defeats The Rock for the title for the 1st time with the help of DX & Stone Cold?!?!

    • David says:

      They could have included it but then you would have people here whine about it being released on Greatest Hits and Misses.

      Instead of classics like Mankind vs. HBK people here want classics like Mankind/Dude Love vs. Rocky Maivia. No matter how crappy the matches are people just want something not released on other DVD sets. 5* classics and career significant matches that were released previously don’t belong on this set because 10% of the hardcore fans that buy every WWE DVD produced have them already.

    • DJ Addison says:

      my seniments exactly no title wins

  5. markfos says:

    I am not excited about this set and will not be buying it.Hey wwe ,there are still a lot of old school wrestling fans who buy dvds.Why keep doing sets on the same guys.Bob backland who held the wwe title for 5 years,andre the giant who wrestled who had battles against ernie ladd,blackjack mulligan,kamala,bamm bigalow,king kong bundy,jhon studd.I also would like to see a vader orgoldberg set.

  6. Bill says:

    Joey Styles doing alternate commentary for that Hell in a Cell match? I’m so there

  7. Tony Kegger says:

    I’m surprised there isn’t the WWF Championship triple threat from SS ’99.

  8. Colin.V says:

    In my opinion the blu-ray version is not worth it unless it has some extra matches.

    • Devin McDickington says:

      it’d be nice to see some extra matches on the blu ray

      • David says:

        Extra matches would have been nice, they could have included some of his return matches from 2004-2006 or even couple of classic ECW/WCW matches. Would have loved to have his match with Vader from Halloween Havoc 93.

        But it seems like this compliments the Greatest Hits and Misses Hardcore Edition nicely.

  9. Marty says:

    This could be one of the best docs they’ve done. Lots of people available for interviews (Foley himself, Austin, Rock, HHH, Vince, Show, Vader, Funk, Orton, Edge, JR, among many others). Some nice gems for matches too. I remember digging the Canadian Stampede match a lot; happy it’s on DVD now. Also like a lot of the rarities. Good set.

  10. SRB says:

    Very good listing, tons of gems and rare stuff. A match with the Bulldogs? Great! And so glad this made the cut:
    Submit or Surrender Match
    Cactus Jack vs. Sting
    Power Hour November 1991

    • Brad Attitude says:

      the british bulldogs match is a repeat from his previous Hits and Misses dvd except it has alternate commentary this time around.

  11. John says:

    I am disappointed that there is no blu-ray exclusives matches but the match listing is very good so I will not complain too much, I am excited to get it but I am more excited to see what is on Best of In Your House set! 🙂

  12. Brad Attitude says:

    i’m picking this up for the van hammer match

  13. Tony Schivaone says:

    Undertaker/Mankind has now been on SIX different sets which as far as I can tell is a record They are:

    Mick Foley Greatest Hits and Misses
    Tombstone The History of The Undertaker
    Hell in a Cell
    Best of King of the Ring
    OMG! The Top 50 Incidents in WWE History
    For All Mankind The Life and Career of Mick Foley

    • David says:

      But the first one being released un-blurred and with additional commentary with Foley/Styles.

      Like others said, the HIAC match with Taker was what made Foley, and this set would be incomplete without it.

      • SRB says:

        Ok but… this is probably the one match in history that has repeated to death on sets. If no one has seen it on the other sets then your logic is that their now getting a fresh, 7th opportunity???

  14. Tony Schivaone says:

    I like this listing but its almost too obscure. I wouldn’t have minded some of the major PPV matches since I don’t have the money for all of the anthologies. The blu-ray exclusives are worthless, too. I guess it is nice to have some IYH matches since we are getting the IYH set soon so thats more IYH matches out there.

  15. nightmare says:


  16. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    This looks really good. I’m looking forward to the documentary the most though.

  17. NickP says:

    Looks good. I like the rare matches. I would’ve added the Funk/Foley Death match from Japan, but damn PG.. and the promo between Funk/Foley from Raw before One Night Stand in 2006, where Funk and Foley really lay into one another.

    • David says:

      PG has nothing to do with the DVD, for one they included a barb-wire match with Sandman and the HIAC with HHH was violent and bloody.

      WWE have released many TV-14 DVDs since switching to PG in 2008.

      • NickP says:

        Have you ever seen the death match from Japan? It is a lot more violent than hell in a cell and the match with Sandman. But the ECW Unreleased had a lot of violence. Anyways, it would’ve been a nice addition.

        • David says:

          Yea, i have the Legendary Japanese Tournament DVD that was released few years back from Big Vision Entertainment that was labeled “Best of Deathmatch Wrestling Vol. 3”. Very good DVD, and the Funk vs. Foley match was just brutal. Way too gory for even the original ECW.

    • Anonymous says:

      WWE not owning the death match footage probably has to do more with its lack of inclusion than anything else.

  18. Luke says:

    I could be wrong, but the date for the Wild West Wrestling match vs. Brickhouse Brown doesn’t look right to me. April 89? I thought the short lived Wild West (brainchild of Ken Mantell) bit the dust long before that. Any insight from anyone on that?

    • Ryan says:

      Yeah I saw that too. I thought Wild West went belly up in 87. Definitely wasn’t around in 89. Unless they made a mistake and it’s a World Class match. They should of put a match vs Eric Embry.

  19. Scsa says:

    The Doc looks okay, though the match listing can really do better!

  20. TNAJason says:

    Really glad Mick & Joey are doing bonus commentaries,its a pretty awesome way to sneak the HITC with Taker in yet again,with 2 added bonus’ really for it,no WWF Blurring/Censoring,and a bonus commentary for it. The 3rd Disc on the “Hardcore Edition” of Hits & Misses is probably one of my most rewatched discs in my wrestling collection due to all the matches having the bonus commentaries from Mick & Joey. This was already the (Confirmed) WWE Release I was looking forward to the most,now I can hardly wait. And really awesome to see the Barbie Promo from his feud with Orton,and this past year’s Relevancy Promo with CM Punk included as well.

  21. Dan Twin says:

    Not Royal Rumble ’99 I Quit or ’00 Street Fight?? The two i wanted most on here.

  22. wrestlingfan says:

    This is a definite buy, well done match listing…

  23. pmdmf says:

    With this match listing coming today, maybe the In Your House match listing will come out tomorrow. (fingers crossed)

  24. Steven Jackson says:

    Looks a great set. I’ll wait and see what the reviews say first before I buy it straight away but I’m really impressed. I’m disappointed there is no Vader matches but that was to be expected. But overall a great set which Mick Foley rightly deserves…BANG! BANG!

  25. Ryan says:

    Looks kind of week. The doc will be the only good part. Looks like they put a lot of doc content on the Blu-Ray as an extra. That stinks for DVD buyers.

    No Vader matches and only two ECW matches makes this probably a non purchase for me. Pretty disappointed. I’ll just watch the doc on Netflix I guess.

  26. Colin.V says:

    Wow, didn’t think we’d get this match listing this quick! Looks pretty good, plan on getting it. Glad we got some Sandman!

  27. j says:

    Looks awesome

  28. Daniel Bee says:

    From Mick Foley’s Twitter:

    Take a look at the content of my upcoming @WWE DVD “For All Mankind”. Looks pretty cool to me. Pretty, pretty cool!

    The new DVD will be MUCH different than Hits & Misses . This one has a bio, hours of extras, rare matches

    Yeah – that’s the idea with the match-list; dig down deep for the lost classics, instead of just skimming the PPV’s.

    Even a well-known match like HIAC will take on a different feel with the commentary @JoeyStyles and I laid down. Try it, you’ll like it.

    • neverAcquiesce says:

      I wish they’d bring back the joke commentary like Mick and Kevin Kelly did for the Kennel From Hell match on Hard Knocks & Cheap Pops.

  29. Lemo says:

    How in the Hell Cactus vs Vader Halloween Havoc 1993 & Cactus & Pyne vs Nasty Boys Matches missed this !!!!

  30. ALK says:

    While this is the millionth time they’ve included the Taker Vs Mankind HIAC match, I’m glad it at least has Alternative Commentary.

    I hope they at least do that for repeat matches in future. It does give us collectors something new at least.

  31. WWEFAN2013 says:

    WOW! No comments about them adding the cutting edge segment with Foley? If you haven’t seen this promo then get ready to be impressed.

  32. Tom says:

    This set looks great. One I was hoping for was Summer Slam 2006 I Quit match against Ric Flair.

  33. Source says:

    Doc is like 2.5 hrs.

  34. KarlKayfabian says:

    Great listing, bummer no Vader matches.

  35. Mr Z says:

    By my quick count I think there’s 13 out of 17 matches on here that have never been on DVD before. That’s pretty good. Between the doc portion and the number of matches I’ve never seen on that list I’ll be buying this one.

  36. neverAcquiesce says:

    No BR bonus matches is a bummer, but I’m buying this for the doc. It’s cool that, pending the IYH match listing, they’re not double-dipping on releases like this or Bret’s set that are coming out around the same time. Gotta imagine that the Mind Games match makes that set. I’m really only disappointed in not getting the Royal Rumble 2000 match on BR (or ’99 unblurred, but that was just on Rocky’s set) but that’s minor.

    • David says:

      I’m sure the Street Fight from Royal Rumble 2000 will be on the upcoming HHH DVD in the fall of this year.

      It was only released un-blurred on HHH That Damn Good and HHH The Game (with alternate commentary).

  37. afcchamp88 says:

    Now that we have no blurring, I’d love to see a bit more repeats that we would have for the first time in Hi-Def unblurred. I like unreleased matches, and obviously it’s important to have more than a few on the sets, but releasing his first title win unblurred on Blu Ray would not be a repeat to me.

    • NoNoNo says:

      If u want his match with the rock when he won his first wwe championship you are better off getting the raw 100 moments blu-ray as the match is in full unblurred on the legends raw round table blu ray exclusive, you can get the best of raw volume 1 and 2 orginal wwf dvd or tagged classic to get that match unblurred.. other than that cant think of a release of that match unblurred..
      On best of raw 15th anniversary dvd the match is blurred and is also on mick foley greatest hits and misses blurred!!

  38. Anonymous says:

    Will buy. There’s some repeated I expected, but a lot of cool stuff I’ve never seen before.

  39. pmdmf says:

    HIAC vs. Undertaker with alternate commentary makes alone makes this a must purchase with me. Disappointed with no exclusive blu ray matches but that’s alright.

  40. SteelEdge says:

    Taker HIAC again was predictable but alternate commentary will at least be something a bit different. Doesn’t look like too many repeats either. Not sure if I’ll pick this up straight away, may wait for a price drop, but it looks a decent set. Surprised there’s no blu-ray exclusive matches though, just interview segments and promos.

  41. David says:

    Looks like the documentary will be pretty long since its given the first disc.

    Nice collection of matches, but does seem underwhelming since no matches from WWF in 1996, they could have added his big win at KOTR 96 against Taker and/or the No Holds Barred match with Taker from RAW in December 1996.

    Looks like vs. HBK from Mind Games from 1996 will be on Best of IYH.

  42. Esome1980 says:

    Was hoping that they could get the rights to a couple of his death matches he had in japan against terry funk..also suprised none of his series with vader made it..

  43. It looks alright, remember the other DVD sets Foley has out cover a fair bit of his Attitude Era matches.

  44. Kyle Willard says:

    At least the HIAC match has alternate commentary, wish the one with HHH had alternate too. But looks great. First day pick up for sure

  45. MJP says:

    Do we really need to see the two hell in a cell matches again? One Vader match? Would love to have seen some more Terry Funk matches. This looks a bit naff match wise but the documentary looks good. A true legend.

  46. AJ says:

    Surprised nothing with Austin from the Attitude Era, but some very cool unreleased stuff. People will be happy the Mind Games match wasn’t released, but the HIAC was inevitable.

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