Complete Match Listing for WWE: Wrestling’s Greatest Factions DVD

March 2, 2014 by Mark D

Today here at we can reveal the complete match list for Wrestling’s Greatest Factions, the upcoming WWE DVD and Blu-ray set!

nWo - Wrestling's Greatest Factions DVD

The 3 disc DVD and 2 disc Blu-ray is scheduled for release on May 27th and will feature more than 20 matches from WWE, WCW, ECW and World Class Championship Wrestling.

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Australian fans will see the new Wrestling’s Greatest Factions DVD and Blu-ray released on June 4th via, while it’s currently scheduled to hit the UK and Europe before anywhere else on May 26th, through

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WWE Wrestling's Greatest Factions DVD Match ListingD-Generation X

Corporate Rumble for #30 Spot in Royal Rumble Match
D-Generation X vs. The Corporation
Raw • January 11, 1999

The Heenan Family

Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd vs. Big Machine, Super Machine & Captain Lou Albano
The Big Event • August 28, 1986

Right to Censor

Right to Censor vs. Too Cool & Rikishi
SummerSlam • August 27, 2000

The Fabulous Freebirds

8-Man Tag Team Elimination Match
The Fabulous Freebirds & Jimmy Garvin vs. The Von Erichs (David, Kerry & Kevin Von Erich) & Iceman King Parsons
World Class Championship Wrestling • June 11, 1983

The Nexus

10-Man Tag Team Elimination Match
The Nexus vs. John Cena Randy Orton Sheamus Chris Jericho & Edge
RAW • August 30, 2010

The Dangerous Alliance

‘Stunning Steve Austin & ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Eaton vs. Sting & Marcus Bagwell
World Championship Wrestling • January 18, 1992

The Hart Foundation

Flag Match
Bret Hart, Owen Hart & The British Bulldog vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin, Dude Love & The Undertaker
RAW • July 21, 1997



WWE Wrestling's Greatest Factions DVD Match ListingnWo

War Games Match
Team WCW (Diamond Dallas Page, Roddy Piper & The Warrior) vs. Team Hollywood (“Hollywood” Hulk Hogan, Stevie Ray & Bret Hart) vs. Team Wolfpac (Kevin Nash, Sting & Lex Luger)
Fall Brawl • September 13, 1998

The Brood

The Brood vs. J.O.B. Squad (Al Snow, Bob Holly & Scorpio)
Rock Bottom • December 13, 1998

Million Dollar Corporation

Survivor Series Elimination Match
Million Dollar Team (Tatanka, Bam Bam Bigelow, King Kong Bundy & The Heavenly Bodies) vs. Guts and Glory (Lex Luger, Adam Bomb, Mable & The Smoking Gunns)
Survivor Series • November 23, 1994

Nation of Domination

Owen Hart, Kama Mustafa & D-Lo Brown vs. Triple H & New Age Outlaws
Over the Edge • May 31, 1998

Blue World Order

Big Stevie Cool vs. Axl Rotten
Hardcore TV • January 7, 1997

The Corporation

Corporate Gauntlet Match
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Corporation
RAW • February 13, 1999



WWE Wrestling's Greatest Factions DVD Match ListingEvolution

6-Man Tag Team Elimination Match
Evolution (Triple H, Randy Orton & Ric Flair) vs. The Dudley Boyz (D-Von, Bubba Ray & Spike Dudley)
RAW • July 14, 2003


Kurrgan & Golga vs. Too Much
Shotgun Saturday Night • October 17, 1998

The Triple Threat

Shane Douglas & Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Rob Van Dam & Sabu
CyberSlam • February 21, 1998


Legacy vs. Triple H, Batista & Shane McMahon
Backlash • April 27, 2009

Dungeon of Doom

War Games Match
The Hulkamaniacs (Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Lex Luger & Sting) vs. The Dungeon of Doom (Kamala the Ugandan Giant, The Zodiac, The Shark & Meng)
Fall Brawl • September 17 1995

Straight Edge Society

3-on-1 Handicap Match
CM Punk, Luke Gallows & Joey Mercury vs. The Big Show
SummerSlam • August 15, 2010

The Four Horsemen

Ric Flair, Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard vs. Barry Windham, Lex Luger & Sting
NWA Main Event • April 3, 1988



WWE Wrestling's Greatest Factions DVD Match ListingList of WWE Factions Blu-ray extras here.


WWE Wrestling's Greatest Factions DVD Match Listing

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  1. The Angry Asian says:

    I rather watch TNA Victory Road 2011 than this sh*t.

  2. Peter says:

    Eww. Don’t buy this dvd/blue ray.

  3. Eileen says:

    With no Ministry of Darkness, Raven’s Flock or The Alliance I definitely won’t be buying.

  4. SCSA says:

    Im really looking forward to this Blu-Ray set to see the Corporate Rumble for #30 Spot in Royal Rumble Match w/ D-X vs. The Corporation as well as The Corporate Gauntlet Match w/ Austin!

    Though with Shawn Muchaels on the front of the cover, I dont understand y he hasnt been listed in any matches!

  5. Simon says:

    Wasn’t that suppose to be like a top 10 of the greatest factions of all time? They are good matches on there but some s*xx really bad..

  6. Anan says:

    Whatever they have here is or sooner or later will be easily accessible on The Network. At $60 every 6 months for unlimited 24/7 content, DVD sales will significantly go down as time goes on.

  7. Carlos says:

    Why is the blue world order on there?!?!? THEY WERE TERRIBLE!!!!!

  8. Mike Poulin says:

    I would have love to have seen the Shield on the DVD but in any event.

  9. Mike Poulin says:

    You know with the Owen Hart matches being released on this set I would love to see an Owen Hart DVD just a match compilation not a documentary because we know how the story unfortunately ends.

  10. RabidHeat says:

    I do think it’s ridiculous to not have any Shield or Wyatts on here to bring the set full circle to what ‘s going on today. Both factions have already soldified themselves and are destined to be remembered as a big deal, so it’s not like it would have been risky to include them.

  11. SlayJ says:

    Being that I’m a sucker for a lot of 80’s factions, I’m bummed there’s not a bit more usage of the Florida, Georgia, AWA, and Mid-South libraries here. Groups like Kevin Sullivan’s Dark Army in Florida to The Rat Pack in Mid-South to The Legion Of Doom in Georgia would’ve been great to include, even if they only utilized interview segments as Blu-Ray extras. Not having Raven’s Flock is ridiculous. And The Varsity Club was another great faction that didn’t make the cut. (Hell, the Dungeon of Doom was by far Sullivan’s worst stable ever). I don’t mind a little comedy thrown in, such as The Oddities or B.W.O., but there definitely are a ton of worthy groups that were passed over here. Somewhat of a letdown, but probably still worth a look.

  12. SRB says:

    Lots of stuff missing from this piece. I’m really saddened, especially with their huge push, that there is nothing from the SHIELD. I’m hoping the exclusives can save this. And the War Games repeats are very unnecessary and take up far too much room.

  13. Domenic Ricci says:

    The Corporation Royal Rumble Match and The Stone Cold vs. Corporation Gauntlet matches are worth the price alone!

  14. Matt says:

    Why are they putting war game matches on this when they just released a War Games Blu ray last summer? WWE has FN idiots picking out matches!! Why cant they pay attention to the match selection on newer Blu rays/ dvds and put other matches on it instead!! SMH

  15. Jakki Steal says:

    I knew this DVD would suck as soon as I first heard about it.
    This is pretty much exactly as awful as I thought it would be, no real surprises here at all.

  16. Steven Jackson says:

    I was expecting big things for this DVD set, but I am sorry to say that this set has disappointed me. There are a few hidden gems on this set, but nothing that makes me want to go out and buy it. I will probably pass on this one, but it is a shame as WWE had a great idea here.

  17. Scott says:

    I think WWE needs to get away from these “match compilation” sets, especially with The Network online now. Instead they should focus on making these releases unique and have them be documentary/history pieces. I’d buy this if it we’re highlight packages of each of the top say 25 factions with interviews. Full matches do me no good anymore.

    • SRB says:

      Not sure if I agree. Wrestling has matches. That what wrestling is, a wrestling match where there is a winner and a loser and they come down to the ring and maybe they cut a promo. For you to hope WWE does away with full matches is a real laugh.

    • Tommy D says:

      But the Network only has PPVs….What about old Raw, Smackdown, Nitro, Saturday Night, Hardcore TV, Shotgun Saturday Night, Sunday Night Heat matches? The Network does not make collecting obsolete.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Seems like a decent way to release a bunch of unreleased matches. Like with the 50 Finishers DVD. Might pick it up depending on what the Blu-Ray extras are.

  19. Horseman #5 says:

    This just made it to the no buy list. The Horsemen are barely on it? They started the whole deal off! The flag match is a great one but I have the feeling it has been on other sets before.

  20. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    Match listing is pretty good. This will probably be structured much like the Legends of Mid South DVD with stories in between the matches.

  21. J. S. says:

    What? No Filthy Animals? No The Machines? 😉

  22. josh m says:

    After re-reading the match list this is bullshit.Blue world order? Really? That’s the best they can do with the Heenan family. This is a f**king joke.

  23. Vintage Simon says:

    What a mess.

  24. josh m says:

    This looks like shit

  25. mdax says:

    what? only 1 match for the Hart Foundation and its a repeat?? and yet waste so much space for right to censor, oddites…all these garbage factions.

  26. Erik G. says:

    I’m calling it now: nWo vs Steiners/Traylor from Starrcade 1997 is a blu-ray exclusive.

  27. John Peterson says:

    I hope they put The Shield Vs Ryback and Hell No From TLC 2012 as a Blu Ray Exclusive.

    • Jakki Steal says:

      I gotta give you props, that was really funny!
      That would be hilarious if they actually put that on as an “exclusive”!
      My cheeks hurt from laughing so much.

      • SD Jones says:

        Would make sense. They usually put mostly HD stuff for the bluray, so having a shield or wyatt match on blu wouldn’t be out of the ordinary at all.

  28. AD Degreez says:

    Another disappointment!!! Wcw ppv matches was ok but could have been great, now this could also have been great but is nowhere near. Really? 98 fall brawl again? it’s hard to know if I have watched that match more or booker vs Jarrett from bash at beach 00…. Missed a lot of good factions aswell…. PASS!!! Oh we’ll there is always 2015 for good releases…

    • Erik G. says:

      WWE is just thinking of matches with big names to put on there. I agree that Fall Brawl 98 again is incredibly frustrating.

  29. Brad Attitude says:

    @Erik: Oddities may have been fun in ur opinion but they weren’t the greatest team or faction which is what the title of this thread is. When I think of the greatest, I think of DX, Four Horsemen, Evolution, The Corpiration, nWo, etc. WWE dropped the ball here with the stale match listing. It had potential if they focused on the greats and not the greats and average factions.

    • Erik G. says:

      Fair enough. We’ll just have to see what’s on the blu-ray exclusives. I think now that I think about it I’d prefer to see more from the already listed factions and not matches from new factions. The question is what matches should be on there? Someone has already mentioned DX vs The Nation street fight, what else?

    • SD Jones says:

      Every faction you named is ON THE LIST. So what are you talking about?

  30. John Peterson says:

    WWE really has a hard on for the War Games 98 Match.Looked like Chicken Salad on Paper,But it turned out to be Chicken Shit.I’m excited for the Corporate Rumble and The Stone Cold Vs Corporation Gauntlet Match.

  31. John says:

    I am going to pick this up, I need all the Owen Hart matches I can get!

  32. Brad Attitude says:

    I’m passing on this. I thought it was the best wrestling factions, not random picks.

    I laughed when I saw The Oddities there!

  33. Roaster. says:

    No Spirit Squad? Just kidding. This set looks like shit though.

  34. Richard says:

    This is a big pass for me . Weak, weak match selection.

    With the Network, I’ll probably pass on most of these match comps. Rather have docs .

  35. Zombie835 says:

    The hulkamaniacs vs the dungeon of doom lol

  36. Shane says:

    Some of these factions are very odd choices, some are just teams basically, I was really hoping to see Raven’s Flock on here, they were much better than some of these choices. So is there no countdown or anything here, did fans vote on this at all?

    • Erik G. says:

      Oh yeah! I totally forgot about Raven’s Flock. I’d like to see the Ministry and Shield, also.

      BTW, am I missing something here…fans voting? Has this happened in the past or something?

      • Erik G. says:

        So hopefully Alliance, Ministry, Ravens Flock, Team Canada, Team Angle, and Shield are on the exclusives.

      • Shane says:

        Raven and his Flock were awesome, them and other’s you mentioned would’ve been much better than some of the other “Factions” they selected here.

        I thought the Fans voted on some kind of countdown before. If not they should do that for some kind of DVD/Blu-Ray, let the fans have a voice for what they want.

    • Anonymous says:

      Raven matches seem to be pretty rare, so I wouldn’t expect to see him on the Blu-Ray.

  37. Erik G. says:

    So what does everyone want for the blu-ray exclusives? More factions that haven’t been mentioned yet or additional matches basted on the factions already named?

  38. KarlKayfabian says:

    I fully expect the LOW Roundtable to be a BR extra, as it should be.

  39. KarlKayfabian says:

    No Varsity Club? Booooooooo!

    That Freebird/Von Erich match should have been the Badstreet Match that WON MOTY for ’84. The DX/ Nation should be the streetfight from RAW. It really is not that hard, people. That flag match from ’97 is getting waaaaaay too much over exposure.

  40. Erik G. says:

    I like a lot of the choices including Oddities and Brood but I feel there are a bit too many re-releases. Still there is a lot of good stuff, including that Corporation gauntlet which is a great choice. I also like the flag match since I don’t have any of the sets that they are already on.

    • Erik G. says:

      I just realized that this is the first set ever with Adam Bomb on it as far as i know. Kinda uncomfortable to see Mabel so soon after he died. Lots of matches from 1998 which is good. I need to stop commenting.

  41. Erik G. says:

    I’m really upset about the nWo choice. The biggest faction of all time and we get a terrible choice. Hopefully theres more in the extras.

    • Erik G. says:

      Also only 4 WCW matches and one unreleased is a big disappointment also.

      I see that yet another match from The Rise and Fall of WCW has been rereleased. WWE is really distancing themselves from that set.

  42. Justin F says:

    I’m legitimately shocked no Alliance. The biggest stable in the last decade and no mention…

    • Erik G. says:

      Me too. I’d like to see them in the extras. That period isn’t covered very much. When you look at it for what it is not what it could have been then it was a good period.

  43. Marty says:

    I realize they’re newer, but no Shield?! Heck, I think this set is an opportunity to promote the Wyatts as well. Never heard the Oddities be named greatest anything. There are some hidden gems here, but this feels pretty disappointing.

  44. Steve says:

    I like the fact that there are some more rare matches from Raw and that are unreleased. Why they need to re-release War Games matches when they just had a set out on it is beyond me however. I would love to see the monkeys that pick the match listings on these things.

  45. Mike says:

    I hoping this set would include a documentary covering the greatest factions with the other 2 discs being the matches.

  46. David says:

    Would have preferred a countdown style similar to Greatest Rivalries which was nearly 3 hours.

    The Fall Brawl 98 match was terrible, don’t get why this match keeps getting added. This is the third time in the past year and a half where they included (nWo, War Games and now Factions).

  47. SCSA says:

    Yes! We finally get the 2 matches I’ve been desprate to watch & have on Blu-Ray as well as some matches from the Attitude Era!! –

    Corporate Gauntlet Match
    Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Corporation
    RAW • 1999

    Corporate Rumble for #30 Spot in Royal Rumble Match
    D-X vs. The Corporation
    Raw • 1999

    • Erik G. says:

      Yep, especially since that gauntlet match was in front of the biggest crowd in Raw history – 41,000.

  48. Jammer says:

    A lot of repeats as usual, but what can you expect by now with how many DVD and Blu Ray releases there has been over the years.

    Nice to see Shane Douglas and Bam Bam Bigelow vs. RVD and Sabu appear on this set. Just nice in general to see they included The Triple Threat on this DVD/BR set.

  49. Sake Joe says:

    Correction, the two War Games matches.

  50. Sake Joe says:

    Aside from the War Games match that was just on the War Games set released last year, this is a match list I can live with and will purchase.

  51. Big Cal says:

    Oh wow does that look BAD. Of all the choices they had for matches with certain factions, and they go with some downright “worst of all time” picks. As usual WWE confuse the word “greatest” (along with “best”) with “shit”.

  52. a fan says:

    this list is very disappointing – quite a few factions don’t belong, some matches just have one-off tag teams which are not really factions, and we had a war games set last year. still, there are three or four good matches on here, but this seems like a missed opportunity to me.

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