Match Revealed for ECW Unreleased Vol. 3 DVD & Blu-Ray, New Cover Artwork

January 3, 2015 by Daniel Bee

Another match confirmed for the “ECW Unreleased Volume 3” DVD and Blu-ray, on the way for April 2015!

WWE - ECW Unreleased Volume 3 DVD Cover Artwork

Taz vs. Yoshihiro Tajiri from Hostile City Showdown 1999 is The Blue Meanie‘s latest reveal on Twitter. If accurate, it would mark the first time we’ve seen footage of this match.

Taz and Tajiri also had a few other matches in Extreme Championship Wrestling including one emanating from Queens, New York and another from Heatwave 1999 which included a controversial moment that almost resulted in ECW being thrown off pay-per-view!

WWE Royal Rumble 2015 - Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena

Jordan B. sends word that multiple retail sites have the Royal Rumble 2015 DVD listed as a 2-disc version.

It’s also coming on Blu-ray format, which is listed as the usual single-disc version on those US retail sites. Royal Rumble 2015 will be released on February 24th.

Get it on Amazon
Get it on Amazon

Below is the planned cover artwork for the “Timeline: The History of ECW – 1999” DVD. This “Signature Edition” version will be signed by RVD himself and limited to only 50 copies!

It’s coming this Wednesday night. Look out for it at

RVD The History of ECW 1999 - DVD Cover Artwork

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WWE Edge Ultimate Fan Edition DVD



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ECW Unreleased Volume 2 DVD - With Bonus T-Shirt

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  1. Matthew Padgeon says:

    Lol the royal rumble say the final chapter between john cena vs brock lesnar will happen but seth Rollins got add to tbe match is dumb because he mr mitb

  2. Kaffeeklatsch says:

    When’s the next Fantasy Concept?!? It’s been too long.

    • Mark D says:

      It has been a while… 😉

      • atttiude.era.4life says:

        If I may, I suggest fantasy concepts on:

        – “Falls count anywhere and other Out of control matchs vol. 2”

        – “a McMahon family profile”, since Uncle Vinnie turns 70 this year.

        – The Undertaker”, being, the Deadman turns 50 and come Survivor Series it will be the 25th anniversary of his WWF/E debut.

        And of course, having WWE profiles like Joey Styles last year getting WDN’s great work acknowledged, we very well could see real-concepts come true close to your fantasy concepts. (ECW Unreleased vol. 2, anyone!? 🙂 )

        At least, one can hope so.

  3. Michael Minor says:

    I can’t wait to see this awesome DVD

  4. AD Degreez says:

    Can’t wait for the full content for ecw vol 3!!! And hope the cover is cool and fits the other two designs.

  5. Mikael says:

    King of your sister’s underwear drawer.

  6. THOMAS says:

    is the photo of the 2015 WWE Royal Rumble event between Brock Lesnar & John Cena {the final chapter} going to be the official artwork for the event?

  7. King1114 says:

    I am a King

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