Day #4 of ‘Daniel Bryan Week’ Reveals, WrestleMania WWE DVD Sale Starting?

March 19, 2015 by Daniel Bee

WWE - Daniel Bryan Week Logo

Are you excited for WWE’s Daniel Bryan DVD? Yes? Yes? YES!

Daniel Bryan Week continues to exclusively reveal “Daniel Bryan: Just Say Yes! Yes! Yes!” DVD and Blu-ray content every day – we hope that you’re enjoying it so far.

DAY #4 brings you matches from Bryan’s journey to WrestleMania last year and the movement that ultimately led the YES-man to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship! is scheduled to release “Daniel Bryan: Just Say YES!” to fans in the UK and Europe this June! Look for a pre-order announcement in the coming weeks.


DAY 4 – “YES! Movement”

Steel Cage Tag Team Match
The Usos vs. Bray Wyatt & Daniel Bryan
RAW • January 13, 2014

No Disqualification Match
Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton
RAW • March 17, 2014

Triple Threat Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Randy Orton vs. Batista vs. Daniel Bryan
WrestleMania XXX • April 6, 2014

Previous reveals: DAY #1     DAY #2     DAY #3

WWE WrestleMania 30 - Daniel Bryan Winning World Heavyweight Championship

“Daniel Bryan: Just Say Yes! Yes! Yes” will be released on DVD and Blu-ray to the United States on June 2nd, to Australia on June 3rd, and to the UK and Europe on June 15th.

Click here to pre-order your copy of the DVD/Blu-ray with

BIG SALE: A new WWE DVD sale is starting at Walmart for WrestleMania season!

Various 3-disc WWE DVD sets are on sale for just $9.96 each, even quite recently released ones. Older titles, 1-disc versions and PPVs can be found on sale for just $5.00 each.

Thanks to WDN readers Jason Robbins, Randy Edn, Mike and Austin for sending word.

Walmart - WrestleMania WWE DVD Sale

For now, a few examples of WWE DVDs in the sale are “The Best of Sting” and “Goldberg: The Ultimate Collection” for only $9.96 each, and “The Best of In Your House” for only $5.00!

We’ll have further details on the Walmart sale and more pics later this week.

Walmart - WrestleMania WWE DVD Sale

The “WWE 2014 Ultimate Pay-Per-View Collection” DVD box set released this month.

The Australian only title was originally listed to buy at but has since been removed from the site because the box set is now a JB Hi-Fi store exclusive.

Australia’s official WWE DVD distributor noted that “Signature Sounds: The Music of WWE” has also been included in the package for free, due to an error producing the box too large!

WWE 2014 Pay-Per-View DVD Box Set - Australia

This auction expires later this week (bid to only $10.49 right now).

The collection of 16 WWE/TNA Wrestling DVDs on offer in the auction includes a few rare, out-of-print WWF DVD titles like Invasion and Survivor Series 2001. Worth a look!

Collection of Rare WWF/WWE DVDs - Invasion

$10.49Lot of 16 WWE/WWF/TNA Wrestling DVDs


New WWE DVDs on

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  1. Timothy Thorpe says:

    I assume that his match vs. Triple H at 30 won’t make it then?

  2. motorhead says:

    It should be noted that the Sting DVD available in this sale is the 2nd generation, corrected cover art, for those looking for the 1st run that featured nWo Sting on the back by mistake.

  3. RabidHeat says:

    Has anybody ever tried an Australian WWE DVD in a Region 2 UK player? I know they say they are Region 4 only, but I have had other movie DVDs that said this on the packaging but the disc was encoded for Region 2 also and did work.

  4. RabidHeat says:

    Hoping to get a question answered that no-one can seem to ever confirm re: Australian WWE DVDs – has anybody ever tried them in a UK Region 2 player to see if they work?

    I ask because many Australian DVDs say they are only encoded for Region 4, but because they are a PAL region many of them still often play in Region 2 players also (I have certain Australian copies of movies that did play on Region 2). I was curious as I have been tempted to order Australian WWE exclusives in the past, but am worried about them not working after all.

  5. Shane A. says:

    Thanks Daniel Bee, for answering my questions. 🙂

  6. Jeff Copeland says:

    :O YAY! my question gets answered now hopefully my walmart gets started early on the sale and not LATE AS ALLWAYS <.<!!

  7. Shane A. says:

    Is attitude era vol. 2 on sale?

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Looks like it yeah – $9.96.

      • motorhead says:

        Picked up the Attitude Era Vol. 2 for TEN BUCKS. Made my day, for sure. My local Walmart had one display, the one forty miles north had a MASSIVE display, so if you live in a small town or have a smaller Walmart the display may not be as spread out or as in-depth as other, larger Walmart’s, or at least that’s my experience here in the great state of EUPHORIA!!! … Actually, it’s Pennsylvania…

  8. Shane A. says:

    How many matches will the bluray have in total

  9. Simon says:

    I would like to see a sale like this here in Canada, we never get ”sale” over here!

  10. RK Morton says:

    I wonder if this sale is why the WWE DVD selection at my local Wal-Marts has been so poor lately.

    • Jeff Copeland says:

      walmarts in general are poor when it comes to wrestling dvds now. u are lucky to get 1 or 2 new dvds there rest is just scraps if even that. best place is fye to find wrestling dvds store wise best buy used to be good 10 years ago not anymore

      • motorhead says:

        Noticed the same thing. The issue, I believe, is that physical DVDs and CDs are just not hot items, especially wrestling DVDs in some markets. By trimming their selection they can actually drive UP sales, as counter intuitive as that sounds.

        • Jeff Copeland says:

          only time like wrestling dvds sell is like wrestlemaina or special dvds that strike the eye so far this year would be ultimate warrior or ecw. thats really it every so often u see a sale at a walmart like the yearly wm sale they have done i think since 2011 . but yea wrestling dvds in general are just not selling maybe us wise cause of network now but still dvds are on a downward same with blurays cause now u can just download whatever onto a hardrive and there u go

  11. Mike says:

    I thought the Bryan turn would have been better if they’d let it simmer a while longer first. It was a little rushed.

  12. RabidHeat says:

    I’ll be happy to have that Steel Cage Match on a DVD purely for the moment when Bryan turns on Bray – if any moment proves that Bryan is the modern day equivalent of Stone Cold at his peak, it was that. Shame it’s been ignored in the long-term.

    I just know somebody is going to complain about the ‘Mania triple threat being on here because it’s a “repeat”, and not see that it must be on here because it’s the biggest moment of his career, lol.

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