Day #5 of ‘Daniel Bryan Week’ Reveals, New Footage in WWE’s Warrior Blu-Ray

March 20, 2015 by Daniel Bee

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If you haven’t tired yourself out with all that YES!-ing, let’s continue Daniel Bryan Week!

In addition to the documentary and matches, “Daniel Bryan: Just Say Yes! Yes! Yes!” will feature more than 1 hour and 15 minutes worth of interview segments with Bryan. These are newly filmed for the DVD/Blu-ray and show up between the featured content on the set.

DAY #5 exclusively reveals what those interview chapters will be… is scheduled to release “Daniel Bryan: Just Say YES!” to fans in the UK and Europe this June! Look for a pre-order announcement in the coming weeks.


DAY 5 – “Story Time”
  • Fired
  • NXT Troubles
  • Yes / No ?
  • Money in the Bank Winner
  • Giant YES!
  • School of Wrestling
  • King of the Indy’s
  • B-Plus Player
  • Extra List
  • Memphis Developmental
  • The YES Movement
  • Great Moment / Short Reign
  • Brie
  • The Wyatt Family’s Newest Member
  • Getting Signed
  • Just A Dude
  • Daniel talks to Miz
  • Stigma
  • What’s Next??
  • The Beard
  • He Gave Me A Lot
  • Borderline Insulting
  • Team Hell No
  • Victory, Injury, & Recovery
  • Book of Yes
  • Redemption Match
  • The Proposal
  • Charisma
  • Champion
  • Anarchist
  • Mentor

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WWE - Daniel Bryan In Ring With Microphone

“Daniel Bryan: Just Say Yes! Yes! Yes” will be released on DVD and Blu-ray to the United States on June 2nd, to Australia on June 3rd, and to the UK and Europe on June 15th.

Daniel Bryan Week has revealed 11 planned matches thus far and more than 30 interview segments, as shown above. If you’re sold on it already, pre-order your copy now!

Click here to pre-order your copy of the DVD/Blu-ray with

Before Bryan, the next WWE Home Video release will be “Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe”, and that will be in stores on DVD and Blu-ray in just over 3 week’s time!

The main feature of this one, like Daniel Bryan’s DVD, is also an extended WWE Network documentary – but here the original special has been expanded considerably to over 1 hour and 30 minutes in length. That’s achieved by the addition of new footage throughout “Warrior: The Ultimate Legend”, while even replacing a few parts of it with new material.

WWE Ultimate Warrior - Always Believe DVD & Blu-ray Menu

Some of the new material includes a backstage look at Warrior’s wife Dana and daughters Mattigan and Indiana returning to New Orleans with WWE as they reunite with the Superstars and Divas, while reflecting on Warrior’s tragic passing there less than a year ago.

The extended documentary also shows Mattigan Warrior, now aspiring to be a WWE Diva, being given a brief in-ring training session and “match” with Natalya!

The full in-ring moment can be found in a Blu-ray exclusive named “Mattie vs. Nattie”.

WWE Ultimate Warrior's Daughter Mattigan Backstage

WWE Ultimate Warrior's Daughter Mattigan In Ring with Natalya

WWE Ultimate Warrior's Daughters - Mattigan and Indiana

Pre-order your copy of WWE “Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe” DVD & Blu-ray now…


USA: Coming April 14th. Pre-order now here on

UK/Europe: Coming April 20th. Pre-order now from

Australia: Coming April 29th. Pre-order now via


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