Matches on Best Buy Exclusive WCW Nitro Vol. 2 DVD, New WWE DVD Package

February 5, 2013 by Daniel Bee

Best of WCW Nitro Volume 2 DVD Best Buy Exclusive

We can now reveal the content planned for the Best Buy exclusive Best of WCW Monday Nitro Vol. 2 DVD (pre-order on

There will be two extra matches included on their version, which are listed below.

  WWE Best of WCW Nitro Volume 2 DVD Best Buy Exclusive
Rey Mysterio & Lord Steven Regal vs. Eddie Guerrero & Dean Malenko
3rd November, 1997

WCW United States Championship Match
Sting vs. Bret “Hit Man” Hart
5th October, 1998

In the United States these two extra matches will only be present on Best Buy’s store exclusive DVD. They will not be included on the Blu-ray edition. For the United Kingdom and Australia the Best of Nitro Vol. 2 DVD will include these extras as standard.

The Best of WCW Nitro Vol. 2 is released in just 7 days – click here to pre-order!

It hits Australia in March ( and Europe in April (

A new WWE DVD bundle has been added here to called “2012 DVD Collection”. It contains 12 PPV DVDs, Best PPV Matches 2012, and Best of Raw & Smackdown 2012 all together for the price of $99.99.

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  1. Shane C. Montgomery says:

    For anyone who is considering getting the Best Buy Blu Ray for the exclusives, you might want to think twice. I had to cancel my order today after two weeks because per an email I received today Best Buy is out of this Blu Ray and orders are on back order and will not be in until Mar. 7. This to me is very odd, why have exclusive deals when they cannot deliver the item? Waiting that long past the release date to get my item especially since it was pre-ordered and pre-paid for, is just absurd and how do they find themselves out of stock already? And why not send me an email earlier to notify me of this? Oh well, I actually saved a few bucks by canceling my order and driving down to my local FYE store (on sale for $24.99) and picking it up there, minus the two exclusive Best Buy matches mind you, but waiting another two to three weeks is just plain nuts. Best Buy dropped the ball on this one!

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Shane. Not sure if you aware but only the Best Buy exclusive DVD contains those two extras. The Blu-ray edition has the same content everywhere.

      To clarify, there are three versions available. The Blu-ray, the DVD, and the Best Buy exclusive DVD containing the extras.

      • Shane C. Montgomery says:

        Daniel, I did not know that, makes me feel a little better now and a little ignorant. Boy would I have been disappointed when that Blu Ray arrived in March. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Shane C. Montgomery says:

    Just ordered this, thanks for the heads up on the bonus content, I am always glad to find a good deal and the Best Buy price is great.

  3. Steven says:

    I really wish WWE would release which ppvs were available on bluray in a package deal like that. I would totally purchase it like that, Rumble, Mania, Summerslam, and Survivor Series on bluray and the rest on dvd, for price wise $120, I think they would sell more units.

    • LP1 says:

      WWE is still way behind the rest of the movie industry when it comes to supporting BR.

      • David says:

        WWE were even behind with DVDs. It wasn’t until 2002 when every single PPV was released on DVD, long after it became the dominant format. In 2001, No Way Out was cancelled for unknown reasons.

        They were still releasing VHS til about 2005…long after stores got rid of them.

        In the 80s, WWE were releasing on Beta, VHS. and Laser Disc. I know some the earlier events and superstar compilations were released on all three formats, like Wrestlemania 1 for the example.

  4. Turnbuckle says:

    Why do some people rant about getting older matches from the 90’s on blu-ray when the footage wasn’t even shot in HD? Really the extras on these blu-ray discs as far as matches from the 90’s to 2008 go are just upscaled dvd quality.

    • LP1 says:

      It’s true. Unlike movies which are shot on film, WWE shot all of their pre-HD stuff on tape which can’t be upgraded to HD. So the best you’ll get is DVD quality.

    • Eric Bischoff says:

      Blu-Rays hold more footage therefore more content for the consumer. With this being archival footage there is no excuse for WWE holding back, especially when you consider how long of a run Nitro had.

  5. indyfan says:

    I f***in hate Best Buy Exclusives. It should be included with the blu ray aswell.So they think i will buy two versions of a set??? i will find a way to get em for free.

  6. David says:

    I was searching these two matches and looks like both matches clock about 15 minutes combined. So for people getting the Blu-ray, just stick with that, don’t think its worth an extra $20 or so for only 15 minutes of extra footage.

    • indyfan says:

      Thanks for checking that out. They still shouldn’t do it. They are trying to get hardcore fans to spend double the money.

  7. TV-14 says:

    Chris Benoit Killed his own Legacy.

  8. Tom says:

    is there any difference in content between the dvd and blu ray?

    • David says:

      Blu-ray has its own set of exclusives – about 1hr 45 minutes extra and the DVD from BB has its own set of exclusives, those two matches are NOT on the Blu-ray.

      So to get the complete package, you would have to buy the Blu-ray and BB exclusive DVD.

  9. wrestlingfan says:

    They need to load more for me to buy this beside the blu ray version

  10. Ryan says:

    great set with super rare trish stratus collectors edition dvd and wrestlemania anthology

  11. wrestlingfan says:

    They should have more Chris Benoit matches

    • KarlKayfabian says:

      What part of he murdered his wife and child do you not comprehend?

      • LP1 says:

        @KarlKayfabian, don’t waste your time. He’s just trolling.

      • wrestlingfan says:

        Regardless, he was a great wrestler and a huge part of nitro. I can still appreciate the wrestler. We still see Dino Bravo even though he was involved with the mob and was killed by it. I can still appreciate Geno Hernandez from WCCW even though he was a druggie who died of an overdose. I can still watch Mr Perfect even though he was a cocaine user…

        • Mark D says:

          How you can say Chris Benoit is the same as Gino Hernandez, Curt Hennig and Dino Bravo? They didn’t MURDER their wives and 7 YEAR OLD children!

          • LP1 says:

            There’s no use arguing. You can’t cure ignorance.

          • wrestlingfan says:

            How do you think they get drugs in the country by killing people and breaking the law… same thing. why is not dino bravo banned!!!

            • Mark D says:

              Really you don’t understand? DINO BRAVO DIDN’T KILL HIS WIFE AND SMALL CHILD, Benoit did. I really cannot say it any clearer than that.

              • Harry Faversham says:

                Haven’t seen Dino on too many compilations either actually. So if he was banned I don’t think anyone would notice. But I agree it’s not the same. Dino was murdered, not a murderer. The drugs issue is too much of a grey area in wrestling to single anyone out for that I think. Favourite Dino Bravo stuff for me was when he was in Earthquake’s corner at Summerslam 1990. I was six years old and Dino and Earthquake were the top bad guys at the time. Shame they aren’t remembered too much today. I don’t think wwe can remember Benoit even if they wanted to and I’ve made the point many times here that I don’t feel its morally right to highlight Benoit. People often bring up his inclusion on the Nitro DVD, but dont realise the part where Arn Anderson praises the members of the Horsemen in the ring was removed.

            • JasonGoldsmith says:

              I agree–Dino Bravo was hooked up to the mafia and there’s no telling what he may have done.

          • JasonGoldsmith says:

            Jimmy Snuka was accused of murder–do you watch him?
            Scott Hall murdered someone by his own admission–do you watch his matches?
            I still watch Benoit matches to this day and I always will–too bad you holier than thou guys cannot separate what he done from what he did in ring.

            • Mark D says:

              I certainly don’t think I would class myself as “holier than thou” and I believe the circumstances surrounding Benoit and Hall were very different.
              Scott Hall was involved in a fight with a man (who potentially could of killed him) and Benoit killed his 7 year old child – I would doubt very seriously that Daniel a threat to Benoit’s life.

              • JasonGoldsmith says:

                So murder is not murder then?

                • Harry Faversham says:

                  Would have to know all the FACTS first, but I think Hall was more likely to be manslaughter in which case no, it wouldnt be murder. My understanding is that it was an accident when he was trying to defend a woman. I’ve been to law school in England, but I don’t know about American laws. There are all kinds of crazy laws about guns etc and when I hear things on the news like “The answer to bad guys with guns is….good guys with guns”, I have to question whether or not we are on the same page at all. I’m not trying to say anything personal or offensive here, its just a very touchy subject.

                  But, for the record its not holier than thou to frown upon a double murder suicide. Its just common decency and I’m glad to see Mark speaking up for his own moral principles even if it might upset one or two of his readers. More than happy to switch subjects now. Starrcade 83 anyone….

                  • JasonGoldsmith says:

                    We should at least ban Snuka then explore the Dino Bravo and Scott Hall cases as well.
                    And good guys with guns do stop bad guys with guns–proven every time.

                  • Mark D says:

                    Yes, lets move on. No matter anyone’s personal views WWE aren’t going to change their stance on the situation in the immediate future. Maybe given time they will start to reintroduce Benoit and maybe they won’t, but that’s their decision.

                    Starrcade 83 had some really cool memorable matches.

                    • Harry Faversham says:

                      Dog collar match is the top pick for me. Possibly both men’s best match? Although Wrestlemania VIII was great for Piper as well.

              • JasonGoldsmith says:

                I wonder were the circumstances different for Jimmy Snuka who murdered his girlfriend (allegedly)?
                Should he be banned from all future DVDs?

                • wrestlingfan says:

                  Exactly my point is the NFL shows OJ Simpson even with the crimes he committed. DO I like what Benoit did to his family, absolutely not in any way shape or form. But I as appreciate OJ Simpson’s running style I appreciate Chris Benoit wrestling.. not the person…

                  • JasonGoldsmith says:

                    Very well said–I don’t think of that stuff–just that I’m seeing a good match.
                    The whole point is if we ban him for killing then Hall and Snuka should be erased as well just in the name of equality for all.

  12. Harry Faversham says:

    Hold on, does this mean that these matches are only on the DVD version in the UK aswell??That would be a crying shame as far as I am concerned. The Bret Hart vs. Sting match is very cool and I hoped it was going to be on the Falls Count Anywhere set. I’d like to see it on the blu ray! I don’t think I’d like to have to choose between that and the nice collection of blu ray exclusive matches at all. It annoyed me when they did that with Clash of the Champions and I ended up skipping the Hogan vs. Flair DVD exclusive which quite frankly pissed me off. I’m loyal and all that but I’m not bloody buying it twice. Not rich enough. I might even do that Dusty Rhodes promo, “Thass hard times, Daddy!!”. Oh well.

    • zep81 says:

      Still not the Sting/Hart match i want lol (sure the best one on Nitro is from ’99)

      • Harry Faversham says:

        That one was good. Nitro, October 1999 for the WCW Championship. I liked the story going into that. The returning Hitman faced Sting in his first ever WCW World title shot (after 2 years!) and if he won he would face the number one contender Hulk Hogan at Halloween Havoc 99. So Bret would get the match he said he was returning to the ring for after losing Owen. I didn’t really like the finish, but I guess it was only a reverse of what happened when Bret defeated Sting a year earlier. But WCW really messed up the storyline from there. Hogan and Bret never had the classic good guy match they were building for and instead I think Hulk Hogan ‘laid down’ for Sting in the main event in what I can only describe as some weird shit, while Bret wrestled Luger. But any match with Bret Hart vs. Sting is great to me. It was a dream match that came true, even if it could have maybe been done better at times. I’m really happy that they put Mayhem 1999 on the Dungeon Collection. I liked that both men respected each other after their last match.

  13. captain planet says:

    lol, why would they include “Best PPV Matches 2012” in a bundle of DVDs that include every single one of those full 2012 PPVs as part of the package?

    • R&REXPRESS#1 says:

      LOL…think of it this way, it’s kinda like having every single album of your favorite band & then having their greatest hits as well….but I can see your point also.

  14. Steve says:

    What’s funny is if this was 1998 and I told most that on the Best of Nitro an “exclusive” would be a tag involving Eddie, Rey & lord Steven regal most would laugh. WWE just loves selling matches of guys who are still in good standing. But god forbid we ever get a Benoit match.

    • David says:

      Unless its an Anthology release and/or something significant (ie. last Nitro DVD including 4 Horsemen reformation), don’t expect WWE to ever include a Benoit match when they don’t have to.

      It sucks for those people expecting Benoit matches, but the guy is a murderer, plain and simple. Only smarks will remember him as a wrestler for throwing 50 german suplexes in a match, but in reality the only thing that will be remembered in most people’s eyes is Benoit the murderer.

      • Steve says:

        Yeah smarks that realize its a show and don’t blur the lines between the murderer and the “entertainer”. Gotta love the politically correct BS of America.

        • LP1 says:

          “Yeah smarks that realize its a show and don’t blur the lines between the murderer and the “entertainer”. Gotta love the politically correct BS of America.”

          That’s what an ignorant person in denial would say. News flash: the entertainer IS the murderer! They are one in the same. The same guy that celebrated in the ring at the end of WrestleMania XX with his wife and son would go on to kill them just 3 years year later. Not “Just a show”. Real murders. Has nothing to do with political correctness and everything to do with decency and showing respect to 2 innocent people who lost their lives. It’s unbelievable that almost 6 years later people still need this explained to them. SMH

          • Steve says:

            If they made DVD sets and took into account what all of these wrestlers did in there real lives they wouldn’t be able to show half the content. I will never condone what he did whatsoever but it’s a show and at some point they need to move on. They have glorified Eddie for years and he had to be just as big a steroid abuser as Benoit. No he didn’t kill anyone by it other then himself by making his heart so big off the steroids that it gave out. They put Benoit in the WWE encyclopedia because he was a part of the companies history and that was the right thing to do. Last I checked the NFL didnt stop showing OJ highlights.

    • Tony Schivaone says:

      I have no problem with it. WWE is just thinking smartly in terms of business by featuring current names such as Mysterio and Regal. I only wish there was more of it. 2 matches isn’t much especially when it is obvious that there is more room on disc 1. I know WWE might be saving some big stuff for a potential volume 3, but just having a few more random matches(even if they are insubstantial) would really be a nice incentive for those of us who are buying both the DVD and blu-ray.

      • Tony Schivaone says:

        It is also frustrating when the amount of blu-ray exclusives have doubled in the last few months yet the amount of DVD exclusives have stayed the same. We used to get about 4 blu-ray exclusive matches now we get about 8. The amount of DVD exclusives have stayed the same.

    • KarlKayfabian says:

      What part of he murdered his wife and child do you not understand?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Wasn’t that US title match on Greatest Stars of the 90s?

    • Tony Schivaone says:

      That was the Halloween Havoc match.

    • David says:

      No, the Greatest Stars of 90s DVD has Sting/Hart from Halloween Havoc 98

      • SRB says:

        Nope. The match you’re thinking of is from Halloween Havoc 1998. Let’s see if we can get more people repeating this please. Thanks.

        • Harry Faversham says:

          Excuse me, Sir. Sorry to butt in, but I believe I may be able to solve this mystery. The match you are thinking of took place in Las Vegas during October 1998. It was part of an event called ‘Halloween Havoc 1998’. If you have any further queries don’t hesitate to ask. Kind regards.

    • jgreeds says:

      Wasn’t that at Halloween Havoc?

      • SRB says:

        nice job fellas. Not too sure how you say “friend” in UK for my UK buddies since I’m in the states. Is it blokes? Maybe Damien Sandow would know…

        • LP1 says:

          Actually you’re all wrong. It was Halloween Havoc ’98! Duh!

        • Harry Faversham says:

          Hey SRB comrade brother,

          Well I believe ‘friend’ is an English word for chums, mate. But if my American contemporaries want more colloquial language for companions buddy then I’m the geezer you are looking for, fella. Folks like that chap Sandhow and his cronies don’t know what they are talking about dogg.

          I think blokes in America and other allied powers like to say things like “Howdy partner”. But my colleagues and associates (cohorts / posse / crew) talk differently, homes. As my American pal Bobby Heenan used to say, “A friend in need….is a pest”. Obviously referring to some ham-n-egger. Another lesser known term for ‘friend’ is ‘Halloween Havoc 1998’.

          Hope this helps you and your compatriot peers, dude.

          Yours sincerely,

          Harry Faversham.

          Adios Amigo.

  16. neverAcquiesce says:

    Way to punish BR buyers.

    • LP1 says:

      Agreed. Between not releasing every PPV on BR in North America and only giving the DVD releases a Best Buy exclusive, it’s as if WWE purposely doesn’t want the BR format to succeed.

  17. a says:

    Just wondering if there’s any word that Best Buy Canada will get an exclusive as well?

    • David says:

      Doesn’t look like it because we didn’t get any BB exclusive content for Best of Clash, 50 Greatest Finishers, and Attitude Era.

      As for Sting vs. Bret Hart – don’t really remember that match…for people that seen it, was it good?

  18. Straightedge47 says:

    Why would you want the best PPV matches of 2012 in a bundle with every PPV from that year? :S

    • ALK says:

      Any excuse to further shove Rock Vs Cena right down everybody’s throats whether they want it or not… -_-;

      • LP1 says:

        “Any excuse to further shove Rock Vs Cena right down everybody’s throats whether they want it or not… -_-;”

        But they’re already getting Rock vs Cena in the 12 PPV dvd bundle. So including the Best PPV Matches dvd is just redundant.

  19. Markus says:

    Great Matches. Especially the US Title Match.

  20. Tony Schivaone says:


    Those are good choices. I was hoping for more but I’ll take ’em.