REVEALED: More Matches & Trailer for WWE ‘NXT’s Greatest Matches Vol. 1’ DVD & Blu-Ray

November 12, 2015 by Daniel Bee

WWE NXT Greatest Matches Vol. 1 DVD - Logo

“NXT’s Greatest Matches Vol. 1” has been confirmed for release to fans in the UK and Europe on March 7th, 2016 – one day before the planned release to the United States.

The announcement was made today by, who also revealed the trailer!



The official Twitter account for WWE NXT continues to name matches planned for next year’s new DVD and Blu-ray compilation. Confirmed so far this week are the following:

DVD & Blu-ray
Big E vs. Seth Rollins (NXT Championship) – 1/9/2013
Sami Zayn vs. Adrian Neville (NXT Championship) – TakeOver: R Evolution
Kevin Owens vs. Finn Bálor (NXT Championship) – Beast in the East
Sasha Banks vs. Bayley (NXT Women’s Championship) – TakeOver: Brooklyn

Blu-ray Exclusives
Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte (NXT Women’s Championship) – 7/15/2015
Tyler Breeze vs. Apollo Crews – TakeOver: Respect

See what other matches and moments you can spot in the trailer…


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  1. Steven Jackson says:

    Looks like this is going to be an awesome set. I hope that they one of the Cesaro vs. Sami Zayn classics from either Arrival or their 2 out of 3 falls match from NXT.

    This is going to be an instant purchase for me and I am excited to see what else is added to the line-up 🙂

  2. Anan says:

    Sami Zayn vs. Adrian Neville (NXT Championship) – TakeOver: R Evolution
    Kevin Owens vs. Finn Bálor (NXT Championship) – Beast in the East
    Sasha Banks vs. Bayley (NXT Women’s Championship) – TakeOver: Brooklyn

    Nice! After seeing those three, I’m glad my mind was made up to add this to my collection. Now Balor/Owens from Brooklyn and Bayley/Banks from Respect is all I really need and my wishlist for this set is complete. But if they’re saving that for a Volume 2, that’s fine with me too as long as there is a Volume 2 which will depend on how Volume 1 sales are.

    I’d like to one day see WWE release an NXT documentary and add that ESPN special as an extra feature to the set. NXT is big enough and been around long enough to have WWE make a documentary on it. Right now, it seems fans care more about NXT then about anything else WWE does so if I were WWE, I’d capitalize on that by making that documentary now before the NXT steam runs out.

  3. RabidHeat says:

    What bothers me a bit is I get the impression that they will only include matches involving those that very recently came up through NXT and not those main rosters stars who crossed back over to put on a match there, which is a shame as I’d love to see Zayn/Cesaro and Charlotte/Natalya on there – they were such epic matches. But people don’t see Cesaro and Natalya as ‘NXT’.

    • Anan says:

      You never know. The full match listing hasn’t been revealed yet. Both of those or one of them could be added as part of the main match selection or bluray exclusive.

  4. Domivee says:

    I haven’t been this excited for a release in a long time! I hope Charlotte w/Flair vs. Natalia w/Bret is part of it! That match really opened my eyes as far as women’s wrestling and NXT go. Became a fan from that point on.

  5. Daniel says:

    Great matches so far, but it’s starting to look like this will be filled with Takeover matches which is good but their are good matches on NXT TV

  6. LP1 says:

    Owens vs Balor from “Beast In The East” and Sasha vs Bayley from “TakeOver: Brooklyn”. I’m sold. Easily the most anticipated blu-ray release for me right now. Now if we get the Iron Woman match that will be the icing on the cake.

  7. attitude.era.4life says:

    First time, I buy a bluray first and foremost because of women feud: Banks vs Bailey.. I assume they save the just as awesome Respect Iron man match for vol. 2.

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