Mick Foley Critiques His WWE DVD Release, More on Best of In Your House

April 20, 2013 by Daniel Bee

With the release of “For All Mankind” this week, Mick Foley has taken to social media to address the positive reactions from both fans and WWE Superstars alike, while reflecting on the work that went into producing the DVD. Foley left the following detailed and insightful note via his Twitter account in which he discusses such topics as his thought process with match selections, comparisons made to the CM Punk DVD, and WWE’s efforts in sourcing interviews.

Many thanks to everyone who has purchased, tweeted, plans to purchase, plans to tweet, etc. about my new DVD/Blu-Ray. It’s getting rave reviews from those who have seen it, including several the WWE Superstars, who are putting it up there with CM Punk’s DVD – which is strong praise indeed. I can’t thank directors/producers Kieran Brent and Mike Calabrese enough for putting so much passion and energy into this project, and am thankful to WWE for makling the decision a few years ago to put far more time, energy and resources into the making of these documentary features.

A few years ago, Home Video would round up whoever wasn’t busy at a particular TV taping, and the results were fairly predictable; well produced products, that just seemed to be missing that little something that makes a good product great. I mat be biased, but I think this is a great product. WWE procured interviews with the people who knew me first – Dominec DeNucci, Shane Douglas, even a few friends from middle school. They flew to Texas to interview Terrry Funk and Shawn Michaels. They got comments from Vader, which helped bring the whole German ear thing into much clearer light. And they have a who’s who of wrestlers who played roles in my career: Kevin Sullivan, Michael Hayes, Arn Anderson, Mike Rotunda, Jim Ross, William Regal, The Rock – as well as many of the top WWE Superstars of today: John Cena, Sheamus, CM Punk, The Miz and The Big Show.

Of course, there will always be debate as to what matches should be on the DVD/Blu-ray/ What we tried to stay away from was another “Greatest Hits” package; after all, I’ve already had one of those. So we tried to find a list that had something for everyone in it: some classics, some rare, unearthed gems, a couple novelties – like my 1990 WCW match with Keith Hart, which I included just to show I did have a couple of impressive offensive showings. I probably should have done my homework and noticed a couple of botched moves in my 1989 match with Brickhouse Brown, and, in retrospect, wished I had included a couple of my post-2004 comeback matches, even if they had appeared on numerous other WWE DVD’s. I tried to find some good Raw and Smackdown matches in the 8-10 minute range, knowing that not every fan has time for a 20 or 30 minute classic. All in all, I think the match selection is going to please most of the people, most of the time.

Personally, though, I think that the matches in this offering are far less important than the documentary on the DVD and the incredible list of extras on the Blu-ray. Bottom line: if you’re a fan of mine, you’oll be a fan of this. Watch it, enjoy it, maybe even tell a friend or two about it. Have a nice day!

Order “For All Mankind” for $16.99 on DVD, or $19.99 on Blu-ray.

With thanks to Cesar Albno, here’s a look at an ad for “The Best of In Your House” DVD and Blu-ray, found in the May 2013 edition of WWE Magazine.

WWE Best of In Your House DVD

WWE releases The Best of In Your House to the US on April 30th (WWEShop.com), to Australia on May 1st (WWEDVD.com.au), and to the United Kingdom on May 27th (WWEDVD.co.uk).

WrestleMania season has certainly passed over to eBay sales as of late. At least 10 copies of the original WWF WrestleMania X-Seven DVD have been auctioned off and sold for $89.99 up to $142.50 each during the past couple of weeks alone! See them all here.

WWF WrestleMania 17 DVD

More chances to get it:

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  1. John Anderson says:

    Great comments from Mick. Picked this up earlier in the week, have yet to watch the documentary but put on the Van Hammer match & just loved watching Mick bump his ass off for someone who was essentially a nobody gimmick guy, while at the same time relishing what he did for others obviously shortened his career. Hope to see a review of the full set up here soon.

  2. Newt says:

    Foley hit the nail on the head with his blu ray. I loved the documentary. I was fascinated with the bumps the guy took in wcw…I had no idea. You can really see his passion for the business.

    , I wish there was a vader match, but never the less its still a good collection. I wish we got more of his wcw matches.

    The blu ray extra features are awesome.

  3. LP1 says:

    Mania 17 and similar DVD’s are selling for a lot of money right now because back in the early 2000’s all I remember hearing from a lot of other fans at the time was how DVD was only for a niche market and wouldn’t catch on. Plus they didn’t wanna stray from their VHS collecting. “VHS 4-life”…

    It sounded an awful lot like the DVD worshippers today not wanting to jump on the Blu-ray bandwagon. Then 6-7 years from now they’ll be clueless as to why Mania 24 and others are selling for so much on blu-ray.

    Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

    • Newt says:


      Wrestlemania 17 DVD is so huge because its the original, unedited release. You got the scratch logo, you got the Benoit-Angle match, no one has edited theme songs. It’s the greatest WM – in the attitude era- in its pure form.

      Sorry, but Wrestlemania 24 on blu ray will never sell for more than sticker price.

      • David says:

        I think WM24 Blu-ray is OOP, give it time and it will sell for a lot more.

        • SRB says:


          The reason as to why it is so huge is because when I come on this site I like to let people know that I know stuff. My knowledge of wrestling increases the price. No Mercy 2008 will also see a huge spike in price since I know about wrestlers.

      • LP1 says:

        Check eBay or Amazon or any other site and try to find the North American release of Mania 24 on BR for face value. I haven’t seen it sell for face value in a long time. And we’re only 5 years removed from its release. Like I said, wait another 6 years or so and it’ll be even more expensive.

        • Simon says:

          If the rumoured WrestleMania Blu-Ray anthology is released in 2014, then the WM24 Blu-Ray title won’t be particularly sought after, I wouldn’t imagine.

          • Mark D says:

            It could be still sought after as it has Ric Flair’s HOF induction. Also I’ll bet if re-released Floyd Mayweather’s theme is edited (I’m sure WWE wishes they used that 50 Cent song now. Lol) plus they may need to edit off the Red Hot Chilli Peppers “Snow” as well.

        • Newt says:

          Even when WM 24 originally came out for blu ray, I think it cost upwards of $35 new. I could be wrong. But I vividly remember it being one of the first HD Blu Ray releases from the WWE, so it was pretty expensive.

          So if its selling for $45, then that’s really not much of a spread the seller would make.

          • LP1 says:

            Mania 24 was THE very first WWE blu-ray release. That alone makes it a collector’s item. Much like Mania 15 being the very first DVD release. I remember picking up thr Mania 24 BR the first week it came out at Best Buy for $24.99. I don’t remember any place selling it for $35.

            • Newt says:

              You’re prob right. I was late to the blu ray scene.

              I just remember seeing WM 24 on Amazon for $35 maybe a year later after the release- when it was still one of the only blu rays out for wwe.

      • secondhandwrestling says:

        i have sold 4 in the past 3 months at 45 a pop

  4. KarlKayfabian says:

    I guess I am in the minority, but I enjoyed the matches every bit as much as the documentary. Majority of the listing was unreleased stuff, but even most of the repeats had exclusive commentary.

  5. SRB says:

    I’m watching Mick’s DVD as I type this. Great stuff here.

  6. nightmare says:

    Why did this WM dvd cost so much I mean I don’t get that at all I have a few of these to be honest and never knew how much they worth .

    • Anonymous says:

      Out of print, unblurred, and so on and so forth.

    • David says:

      It’s been OOP for over 10 years and one of the most sought after WWF labeled DVDs. I highly doubt WWE will re-release it in its original form in North America so the only option for collectors is to track the original print.

  7. Pedro says:

    What’s up with Shane Douglas flipping off the camera in his interview. Lol

    • Kane's Mother says:

      Its part of his story. He says Mic told them F-you and gave them headlocks in ecw. he didnt wanan say FU so he gave the finger

  8. Anonymous says:

    That IYH magazine ad is awesome.

  9. Jeff Copeland says:

    i got this dvd doc is really really good the matches just seam half assed in my view but eh

  10. Sean says:

    Sorry I’m not paying $142 for a DVD.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Terrible match listing, but the documentary sounds promising.

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