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August 20, 2012 by Mark D

WWE Raw 1000

After being announced right here just a few days ago, we now have more details on the upcoming Raw 100 Moments DVD/BR set.

The 3-Disc DVD and 2-Disc Blu-ray will feature a countdown of the top 100 moments in WWE Raw history. And that’s not all; the set will include the complete 3 hour 1000th episode with exclusive never-before-seen backstage footage of Superstars and Legends who appeared on the show.

Since its debut on Jan 11, 1993, Monday Night Raw has delivered thrills, suspense, action, controversy and excitement for WWE fans to enjoy every week. On the heels of celebrating the monumental 1000th episode, WWE counts down the top 100 moments in Raw history. From the early years, through to the Attitude Era, and to today, relive all the top moments that have kept fans glued to the TV for nearly 20 years. From the destructive DX, to Stone Cold’s hell-raising antics, epic title celebrations, shocking twists and poignant memories of all your favourite Superstars are collected here. Plus own the complete 3 hour Raw 1000th episode that celebrated history and launched a new era in WWE, with exclusive never-before-seen backstage footage of Superstars and Legends who appeared in the show.

This set will mark the second time WWE has released a top 100 moments DVD. The Best of SmackDown! 10th Anniversary featured a countdown of the top 100 moments in SmackDown history, hosted by Michael Cole and Matt Striker.

[Information shared via Australia.]

Earlier today announced a fantastic “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” sale on a number of DVD which are being discontinued – so this could be your last chance to pick up some of these great titles and many are priced from just £4.99! Some of the titles included as part of the sale are: The Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior, Ric Flair & The Four Horsemen, The Most Powerful Families in Wrestling History, SummerSlam 2002, The Best of SmackDown 2009/10 and more, view full details over here.

Also don’t forget The Top 50 Finishing Moves in WWE History will be released tomorrow on DVD & Blu-ray. You can order a copy of the BestBuy Exclusive DVD featuring the “honourable mentions” not included in the countdown right here for just $16.99.

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  1. Ryan says:

    i have a great collection of wwe dvds up on ebay for $175 including the rare unforgiven in your house dvd.

  2. Nate says:

    i know this sounds stupid, is this release going to be worldwide ??

  3. Steven says:

    This has some potential to it with the top 100 moments of Raw, I will get it after I get nWo and the Attitude Era, can’t wait for those two, I know sound I sound like a broken record but I grew up during the dominance of the nWo and Attitude Era, they sure were the glory days of wrestling,now it’s Cm Punk trying to get Colt Cabana on the map like who is he? He was a nobody in WWE. At least I heard a rumor of turning Cena heel like Hogan did. That might happen.

  4. Steven says:

    I’ve got a feeling that this will be good.

  5. Dang says:

    I’m confused,I really like the countdown idea,but I hate the show X_X,if I take,I have to take both but I just like the Countdown Stuff

  6. Mr Z says:

    How about a Top 100 Thunder moments DVD? Moment #1: Terry Funk getting kicked by a horse while fighting Chris Candito. As a bonus, just like we’re going to get the full Raw 1000 episode, the Thunder DVD should include the full episode when Nash did commentary. Here’s a peek at that episode:

  7. Mongoose Wizard says:

    You know personally I grew up in the TV-14 era and yes I really enjoyed it, But persoanlly the ratings never really bother me. Here I am at 22 bout to be 23 and I love wrestling from all eras from the golden age to new generation to the attitude and now to the PG era it’s all very entertaining to me now I can’t say one was better than the last because to me everyone of them has there moments to shine. And hell alot of people criticize wrestlers because they don’t like them! That’s personally what wrestings about! You’re not supposed to like everybody! And yea I don’t like John Cena but that’s the glory of it! Just like if you love Cena but hate CM Punk it’s the same thing! Just to make me and you get in each others face and dispute whos better! Yea in my opinion WWE knows what there doing and got everthing under control to keep your suspense going!

  8. john peterson says:

    I’m looking forward to this set.Raw has produced many memorable moments,so I’m looking forward to this release

  9. nightmare says:

    I think this release is a waste of money the 1000 episode of Raw I thought was quit boring .VInce has a whole library full of videos why can’t release something that new like The Best of WCW Thunder or The Best of WCW PPVs those would sell much better than this release .,

    The whole WWE product is just so bad that words can’t describe how bad the show is .I don’t watch it anymore because of this and there are alot of people who feel the same way I do this PG has got to come to an end and now we know that Cena and Punk are going to be feuding until the end of 2012 WHY .

    • Dave says:

      Yet, another typical hater. You don’t watch or support WWE but yet think they should cater to people like you?!?

      Smarks like you are the ones ruining the enjoyment of WWE.

      Again PG has nothing to do with the product…do you know you what PG actually stands for? watch RAW from 98 from the dearly believed Attitude Era, shows were rated PG for some time. Hell, if you were even alive during the 80s, they were even rated G when they partnered with MTV at one point.

      To get it through your head, the actual television rating has NOTHING to do with the product. WWE won’t be able to get away with stuff from that period in todays WWE.

      Maybe smarks like you should find your enjoyment elsewhere and just live in the past reliving matches and moments on youtube.

    • Vincenzzzzzo says:

      I am so sick to my stomach with people talking about WWE being PG already. Enough is enough. I’m so tired of people thinking pro wrestling can’t be good unless the wrestlers are calling each other “pricks” or “asses” in the middle of the ring.

      In my opinion, that kind of mentality shows those people aren’t really professional wrestling fans. They look for the “shock” value and care nothing of what happens in the ring.

      Nightmare, you do know that before 1998 WWE was also PG programming, right? You do know while the Mega Maniacs were battling the Mega Bucks, WWE was PG, right? You do know that Mr Perfect and Bret Hart put on not only a clinic at SummerSlam 1991, but also at the very first King of the Ring in 1993, and that was also PG, right? These legends and many others put on classic matches and entertained millions of people, and they NEVER needed a TV-14 rating to do so.

      WWE has been around for 60+ years. ALL but 5 years were PG rated. My greatest memories weren’t from the Attitude Era. I don’t need to hear “damn” “crap” or see a middle finger to enjoy pro wrestling. If you were a fan of pro wrestling, the TV rating would mean jack. And I sure as hell don’t come to a WWE DVD enthusiast website, and pass and cry on every release that comes out.

      • Harry Faversham says:

        Well said Vin Man. I can see why people might be looking for something more than the current product delivers, but I think that will always be the case because wrestling is a fantasy world. I think when people say Bret Hart, for example, had a problem with the attitude era they are really missing the point of what he was trying to say.You shouldn’t have shock value replacing good storytelling. My favourite moments aren’t from that era either.

        I am no expert on it and I don’t want to sound like I think I am, but my opinion is that some things that really added value to the shows have been discarded (such as the importance of championships etc). But every time is different right, so I think people will look back on parts of this time fondly. There is a good and bad in every era. I remember really enjoying some parts of Thunder and thinking other parts SUCKED, and the same goes for now and throughout history. I really think the attitude era is viewed with rose tinted glasses by a lot of people who got into wrestling at that time and that makes total sense. But you can’t tell me it was all good. Meat, Beaver Cleavage, Mae Young, loads of it was bloody terrible actually. That black wedding shit, the McMahon Helmsley faction, all of it, just a massive clusterf***. I don’t have a problem with PG. I would rather watch that than the Kiss My Ass Club. But each to their own.

        By the way Summerslam 88 with the Mega Powers vs. Mega Bucks was rated 15 when it first came out in the UK Vin Man, just because Elizabeth took her skirt off I think. All the others were exempt from classification on VHS I think. But when they were put on tagged classics they were 15’s mostly. Same footage, but a clear example that times change! And it really isnt the rating that matters, but the quality of the show, which is clearly subjective. A matter of opinion.

    • AJ says:

      Nightmare comments on every DVD article on the idea sucks or how the product sucks. How do you get any enjoyment out of wrestling? And your argument to passing on a DVD about the top 100 moments of greatest pro wrestling show is for a Best of Thunder? Did you watch Thunder?

      • Vincenzzzzzo says:

        Harry, you brought up a great point, among many others, about the fans who grew up in the Attitude Era. I cannot fault them for being born in the mid 90’s and becoming fans during the Attitude Era, I just can’t stand the dangerous comparisons they make to todays product. Thats where my beef is…

        AJ, I think Nightmare is really trying to say that he’s hoping for a 3-disc blu-ray on 3 Count from WCW, lol.

        • Harry Faversham says:

          I have been studying subliminal language and from what Nightmare says about WCW Thunder DVDs ‘SELLING’, Vince making use of his ‘LIBRARY’ and problems with the WWE ‘PRODUCT’, I can deduce that Nightmare is really saying that he wants to SELL LIBRARY PRODUCTS.

          • Vincenzzzzzo says:


            • JFR_WWfE79 says:

              To All:
              Were the pre-recorded WWF PPV Pre-shows, WWF Livewire and WWF Superstars (both the syndicated and recap shows) TV-PG?

              • Dave says:

                All those recap shows were PG and edited out. When they use to recap RAW, the blood was edited by making the screen black and white, they used still shots when weapons were used, blurred out Austin’s middle fingers and bleeped swear words

                SD was always PG and did the same thing when they recapped RAW.

    • Straightedge47 says:

      I don’t understand how “PG has to come to an end” while in the paragrah earlier you suggested 2 alternative DVDs that are based on PG shows…

  10. Christoher S. says:

    Ok, just for a quick confirmation. Best Buy is only releasing a exclusive Dvd, correct? Because I just went to my local best buy and they had the sticker advertising the exclusive for the Dvd but not the Blu-ray, which had no sticker. And further more the blu-ray and dvd’s are identical in content or does the blu-ray carry a few matches extra, as most blu-rays tend to sometimes have?

    • JFR_WWfE79 says:

      The content on both DVDs and Blu are the same but with Blu you get exclusive content not available on the DVD. Hope that helps.

  11. Harry Faversham says:

    Well you would have to think that the moments from the 15th anniversary set were some of the top 100 moments wouldn’t you? So I think it will be somewhat of a rehash, just in a worse format, but without those annoying info pop ups. They ruined the whole set for me. And it looks like they may be allowed to say WWF now, so that might be a bonus for some people. The Smackdown countdown DVD absolutely sucked! In part that was due to Michael Cole and Matt Striker’s hosting, but despite some good match choices I found it hard to watch in between the matches.

  12. Brad, that match you keep calling for was already released on the Walmart exclusive Raw 15th Anniversary set with a bonus 4th disc of the 1st Raw in its entirety. That match really isn’t that good cause.. um.. well, you know…Konnan sucks.

    • Mark D says:

      I don’t believe Konnan was Max Moon by the 1st episode of Raw it was Paul Diamond.

    • Brad Attitude says:

      Thanx for that tip, but I dont live in America and Walmart does not exist where I’m from therefore its never been released on dvd here. I think it should’ve been on The Best of Seasons 1 and 2 of RAW dvd from a few years back.

      • Harry Faversham says:

        The first Raw is a 4th bonus disc with 15th Anniversary Raw set from SilverVision in the UK, if that helps.

  13. Brad Attitude says:

    I hope WWE finally releases the Intercontinental Championship match between Max Moon and Shawn Michaels from the first episode of RAW

  14. Daniel says:

    I hope it’s not the same crap like Austin Stuns Vince. Or Austin vs Tyson or My Socko debuts or the same shit in the 15th Anniversary Raw DVD

  15. neverAcquiesce says:

    Love it. I always like to own the shows I go to so it’ll be great to have this on Blu-ray. The top 100 moments is an awesome bonus, and (hopefully) having this unblurred/uncensored will be the icing on the cake. Now let’s hope for some bonus matches to boot.

  16. indyfan says:

    Seems crappy to me. So basically its a rehash of the Raw 15th year anniversary and then some and one full episode of RAW that was merely ok.

    hmm ok

  17. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    I really enjoyed the 10th Anniversary SmackDown! countdown set, and if this new RAW DVD is formated just like that one, this will be an amazing edition to the collection.

    • Tony Kegger says:

      Yeah that Smackdown countdown DVD was better than I thought it would so this should be a great DVD. Even if they show moments that have been shown 500 times, the commentary from the WWE employees should be interesting.

  18. Harry Faversham says:

    I’m not a big fan of countdown DVDs and I don’t think that format will do this set any favours. But a history of 1000 Raws obviously has potential to be great.

  19. JFR_WWfE79 says:

    I think this is how the DVD/blu will go:
    Disc 1- Full RAW 1000 episode with extras
    Disc 2- 100 to 51 or 1 to 50 (DVD)
    Disc 3- 50 to 1 or 51 to 100 (DVD)
    Disc 2- 100 to 1 or 1 to 100 (blu)

    Can’t wait until we see the WWF “scratch” logo shown in HD and unblurred/uncensored.


      I can wait aswell, also remember the blu-ray will have exclusive extras.
      Scratch logo shown full unblurred in hd 🙂

  20. SRB says:

    Great news! Counting down the top 100 Raw moments will be amazing. I loved the SD! one and enjoyed the matches intertwined with the countdown. That was an amazing set, cant wait for this release.

  21. Dave says:

    Sounds great! especially now with WWE allowed to use to scratch logo, upcoming releases are going to be awesome with the use of footage from 97-02.

    So many great RAW moments…mixed in with matches, segments, and the complete RAW 1000 will be a must have.

    One match i hope that makes it is CM Punk vs Bryan Danielson after Rumble this year.

  22. Scsa says:

    I hope they add RAW moment never added to the Top 100;

    Shawn Michaels: made Commissioner, screws X-Pac, joins Corporation, fired by vince with a super kick, returns with DX, screwed by DX, beaten by Corporation & returns with Austin after the Royal Rumble 1999!

    • Simon says:

      In principal, I agree – but isn’t that eight moments? At least one of them should be included though!

      • Scsa says:

        Well no, because it would all be a part of 3-5min approx scene titled something like ‘The New Commissioner’! I’m sure that they could fit all that in a quick build-up towards the firing of the new Corporate Commissioner by Vince for not allowing Shawn to let the Corporate team go out and help Shane in his match.

  23. Geolink says:

    Raw DVD sounds good.

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