More on WWE’s Paul Heyman & Ultimate Warrior DVDs, Network vs. Collecting

January 14, 2014 by Daniel Bee

Paul Heyman’s website has confirmed his WWE DVD in the works. The hype video below from yesterday reveals plans for an August 2014 release.

Heyman’s Twitter account has also been re-tweeting fan responses to the news of the DVD.

Mike Johnson of reports that filming of some interview pieces and other footage for the DVD has already begun at WWE, such as recently in Philadelphia. The set will likely end up on Blu-ray format too and include a documentary portion.

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As you’ve no doubt heard, past WWE DVD releases, such as the documentaries shown in the image below, are slated to be included on the WWE Network launching next month.

DVD Documentaries Streaming on WWE Network

Since the announcement, fans can be heard debating over whether or not the WWE Network negates physical WWE DVDs and Blu-rays going forward.

In these videos YouTube personalities Stevie Breech, Shaun Blackford, “Gemni888” and “Chudderman” present their thoughts on the impact it will have on DVD collecting.

Do you think the Network launch will stop you buying physical WWE DVDs and Blu-rays?

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In time for the Ultimate Warrior’s Hall of Fame induction on WrestleMania weekend, his new WWE DVD and Blu-ray will be released on Tuesday, April 1st, 2014.

Ultimate Warrior: The Ultimate Collection” is to be the name of the DVD according to new details we received this week. As reported, the format will be a match compilation.

No word yet if Warrior himself is directly involved but with the new Hall of Fame deal we speculate that could well happen. Early promotional material for the DVD stated his involvement in terms of new interview footage was “pending”.

WWE Ultimate Warrior Entrance

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FANS IN UK/EUROPE: The “Best PPV Matches 2013” DVD is now available from on DVD and also exclusively on the Blu-ray format.

WWE Best PPV Matches 2013 DVD & Blu-ray UK

Ready for February pre-order is Live in the UK: November 2013. The 2-disc DVD contains RAW, Smackdown, Superstars and Main Event from the last UK tour.

The extra feature on the DVD is Triple H vs. Undertaker from Insurrextion 2002.

WWE Live in the UK November 2013 DVD

WWE RAW - The Shield fighting Wyatt Family

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Incidentally, WrestleMania 17 and Triple H: That Damn Good raise interesting questions as relates to the WWE Network. We know WrestleMania 17 will definitely be on the Network but will it, for example, be unedited with Limp Bizkit’s “My Way” theme intact?

We know the Home Video catalog will be available on-demand too, but will that include WWF-released titles from 2002 and prior? Will the catalog also include DVDs originally released as “store exclusive” bonuses like That Damn Good was?

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  1. Marty says:

    Don’t give up collecting anytime soon, guys. I had a hunch news like this would happen. From Dave Meltzer:

    “For people who think you can have access to the entire library, that is not close to the case. Only about 1.5% of the library will be accessible, and very little of it will be old territorial footage. And while they will add new content weekly, they will also remove content.”

    Feels more like a glorified WWE Classics On Demand.

    • Mark Markson says:

      I can definitely see them waiting to make certain footage available. They have only done one Mid-South DVD. Why not release more volumes, and then make Mid-South footage available on the Network later on? The same with ECW. Release some more volumes of ECW Unreleased, and wait to put ECW footage on the Network.

      I could also see them not putting all WCW PPV matches on the Network immediately. WWE are working on a best of WCW PPV matches DVD.

  2. Kenny says:

    I also wonder if they will also be able to release the Coliseum Video releases as well… That would be BAD-ASS!!

  3. Markacky78 says:

    The only way I can see it being a big problem for the future of DVD and Blu-Ray is if the network offers you to download the PPV or show etc that you want to watch. I don’t believe however that they have mentioned this as of yet and so far is just a steaming service.

  4. Mark Markson says:

    I might be interested in the WWE Network, once it launches in Europe.

    I think I will still be buying blu-rays and DVDs. I like collecting.

    Netflix is available, but I still buy movies on DVD and blu-ray. I have about 1300 movies on DVD and 300 on blu-ray. And I still watch movies from my collection several times a week. I think the same will happen with wrestling DVDs and blu-rays.

    Maybe I’m a bit old school, but I also still buy music on either CD or vinyl. It sounds so much better than mp3s, which I’m not really a big fan of.

  5. Kenny says:

    Everything I’ve heard about the Network says that they will NOT be paying for music rights, and all of the music edits that we have seen in home video releases will be the way we should expect to see things on the Network. and have both said the same thing. I have no reason to believe it would be any different.

  6. Alex says:

    I’ll probably still buy em but only when theyre cheap I’m not ginna spend $20-$30 on a single dvd anymore

  7. Eric says:

    For me, personally, the announcement has made me start buying them again. I slacked off over the last half of last year. After the announcement, and watching the weekly programs again (which I also had stopped doing), the product is actually pretty good right now. That, combined with the network, has me the most interested in WWE that I’ve been in several years. I’ve gone back and filled in my gaps and have everything preordered that is available to do so.

  8. GEOLINK says:

    I think people will still buy the DVDs regardless for the extras. Especially for documentaries since they always seem to be packed with a lot of deleted documentary scenes and bonus matches.

  9. Tony Kegger says:

    Some DVDs I might still get if they are more “Unedited” than the WWE Network. But I will skip DVDs like “The Best PPV Matches of the Year” sets. And the Network should have a big impact on DVD sales for the Shawn Michaels WrestleMania and WCW PPV Matches DVDs. Those are two DVDs that I will definitely skip if I get the Network.

  10. John A says:

    The Network won’t really effect me from collecting, though it will effect my decision to buy everything that is released in a calendar year. A great example of a set I purchased this year literally for a handful of matches was Best of MSG, but w/ the Network making so much of that available I probably won’t buy any more sets just because they have 4-5 matches I need. I’ll still continue to buy docs, PPVs and collection w/ largely unreleased or unavailable matches, also I’d continue to buy anthologies like Survivor Series or another RAW Boxset. Aside from preferring holding & owning a physical copy, you don’t own any of the content so it’s harder to access it to watch at anytime. The Network is fantastic though & I’ll continue to buy DVDs/Blu-Ray but I’ll definitely be more stingy on content & quality of the release.

  11. Thomas Goodearl says:

    Is this the end of collecting? I don’t think it will be for the following reasons:

    1: Even with online services like Lovefilm (UK’s Amazon Player) & Netflix people are still purchasing DVD & Blu-Ray box sets of their favourite films & TV shows so why not wrestling too?

    2: There still isn’t a nationwide service of decent broadband or fibireobticks so DVD & Blu-Ray will still be the better option for an enjoyable experience.

    3: People still enjoy owning a physical product.

    4: With Music license being an issue, past events will have altered entrance themes but the original DVD & Blu-Ray release may still have the original that the streaming service may not have!

    5: What if WWE suddenly went out of business? Just like that, the WWE network would go along with the archive, so DVD’s & Blu-Rays will give owners their own archive & they can still watch past events.

    6: Technical faults are bound to happen or hacking making DVD’s & Blu-Rays still the better viewing option.

    Yes I will join the network when it arrives in the UK, but I won’t stop purchasing my Blu-Rays.

  12. LP1 says:

    Something that hasn’t been discussed much about the WWE Network is that all the programming will air in 720p HD. WWE records all of their shows in 1080i HD. So if you want the best picture quality possible you will still have to buy blu-rays. Not sure why they’re only going with 720p HD on the Network, but that’s what they’re doing. Any future WWE DVD’s at this point are pretty much going to become obsolete. There’s no need for them anymore. Blu-rays on the other hand still serve a legit purpose. WWE needs to stop making DVD’s and just focus on Blu-rays.

    • David says:

      I agree, DVDs only go to 480p but can be upconverted to 1080p but its still 480p. So DVDs will definitely be useless with WWE streaming in 720p for all their content.

    • Erik G. says:

      DVD’s aren’t “useless” for one reason — blu-rays are way too small! I was so disappointed when I got one for the first time. At least if they were the size of Playstation and Xbox games I’d be okay with it. Putting such a small thing on my shelf seems barely worth the time. Hopefully WWE will keep DVD’s for a while AND keep the DVD exclusives. I am only one person though of course.

      • LP1 says:

        What do you mean by “too small”? The discs themselves are the same exact size as a DVD or video game disc AND they can hold more data than a DVD. If you’re talking aboutthe Blu-ray cases being smaller than the DVD cases then that’s just silly. WWE should keep producing DVD’s just for the bigger cases? Come on now. Blu-rays cam hold all of the same DVD extras and more. Plus they’re in HD. If WWE wants to save money in the home video dept. then do away with DVD’s and just stick to Blu-rays. Anyone who still hasn’t upgraded to a blu-ray player is stuck behind the times. If you dont want to buy physical discs anymore then the Network is the way to go. If you still want to collect physical discs then Blu-ray is the way to go. Plus blu-ray serves the purpose of getting programs in 1080i whereas the Network will onlh be available in 720p, which is still better than DVD quality.

  13. Mark D says:

    Yes the ECW Years were covered on Rise & Fall, but Paul has had an amazing career outside of ECW too. From his days taking photos at the Garden, Continental, Memphis (remember the Lawler/Idol/Rich hair angle?), the AWA days, joining NWA and the classic feud with Cornette and The Midnights, commentating with JR, leaving WCW under a cloud, his relationship with WWF (and working in their production department after WCW), joining WWF in 2001, calling the greatest WM, the Invasion, booking the best days of SmackDown, OVW, One Night Stand, ECW revival, December to Dismember (and the fall out), Brock Lesnar and returning to WWE – that’s a whole lot of stuff that isn’t ECW.

    Also if they get certain names it could be an awesome production, folks like: Bill Apter, Jim Cornette, Missy Hyatt (who can discuss Eddie Gillbert), Bill Watts, and Todd Gordon.

    I for one can’t wait for August.

  14. Aaron Park says:

    Hope the tuxedo match between Paul E & Jim Cornette is on his dvd. Apart from matches, I hope Warrior’s dvd has a few promos there too, just for laughs!

    • Fox says:

      I think that tuxedo match was on the “Greatest Wrestling Managers” single disc release back in around 2006 as one of the extras.

  15. WWENetwork2014-02-24 says:

    I think this will be the end of DVD at least, Now iv seen this whole thing of digitally having WWE related stuff, i got so many ppvs and other WWE related stuff on my computer/hard drive i can just watch them like that now instead of popping in discs and having to go through ads etc, it just so much easier all in one place instead of having a huge collection of dvds, i will still collect Blu-ray cause im a big fan of WWE blu-ray and as long as they keep releasing stuff on Blu-ray i will buy them all, i pretty much have all WWE blu-rays bar 5-6 that i need to get, I can see this network being a huge sucess, still expect a few hickups along the way but DVD will still run its course to the fullest extent in 2014 but 2015 is going give a clear idea at what stage DVD distribution of WWE content is at, im suprised DVD is still around i thought it would be taken over by Blu-ray, well in my Case my Country the United Kingdom all the shops i go there is so many DVDs lying around hardly anybody buys them, everyone here in the UK buys blu-ray and they relatively cheap and asked one of the assistants in that particular shop what format sells best out of DVD and Blu-ray and he goes Blu-ray!!

  16. SRB says:

    “We’ve heard that two DVDs (The History of WWE and The Story of Edge) are glitched at the moment and not working with the code.”

    Wasn’t the Story of WM also not working as of yesterday? Was it fixed?

  17. Thanks! I look forward to hearing all sides but I think we will have to wait and see what happnds

  18. SRB says:

    While I really love the idea of a Paul Heyman set, I really think that most of what can be said about Paul as a businessman and as an entertainer was covered in the Rise and Fall of ECW set. We got to hear first hand accounts and stories of Heyman’s life. No doubt, the documentary will discuss his WCW tenure as well. However, I feel as if Heyman has the goal to revive what is left of ECW over and over again and I fear this documentary will be the same. While the Rise and Fall of ECW was one of the best produced sets to come from WWE, I worry the documentary will be similair and almost identical.

    • Vintage Simon says:

      Completely agree. I love Heyman, but The Rise & Fall of ECW was essentially a vehicle to cover his story from start to finish. Of course, he’s had a successfull WWE stint as commentator/manager in the years following ECW’s closure, but I’m not sure they particularly warrant a great deal of documenting. The bulk of this story is absolutely going to be about ECW, as it rightly should be. But as pointed out, his vision and his legacy were already told (compellingly) in the ECW set. Will still buy this though, as I’m a huge fan of his.

      • LP1 says:

        You guys do realize that Heyman’s story is much more than just ECW, right? He’s been working in the business since the 1970’s when he was a teenager. He started out as a photographer taking pictures for wrestling magazines at Madison Square Garden and is one of the few guys left in the business that actually got to work with Vince Sr. He also had a hell of a career as a manager in the 1980’s. Saying the his whole story was told in the ECW documentary isn’t even close to being accurate. Not to mention his early and private life outside of wrestling. I’m really looking forward to this and I think it will be surprisingly well received.

  19. Mr Z says:

    I don’t think ‘That Damn Good really needs to be included. I have that DVD and some of the matches aren’t even shown in full. It’s a straight forward collection of PPV matches. You’ll be able to go to each PPV and watch the matches in full. If they include older docs like ‘The Game’ from either 2001 or 2002 and the old Coliseum Home Videos I’ll be happy.

    I’m hoping they might set it up like the on demand service they used to have on There you could search by event or by wrestler. Being able to sort by wrestler would be very convenient.

    I can’t say for sure if I’ll stop buying DVDs and Blu-rays until I actually see how WWE Network works for myself. It might turn out like some people I know who read on e-readers. Even though they do most of their reading on a tablet they still buy the physical book of their favorite author or series. Maybe I’ll stop buying every PPV on DVD and instead just pick up ones that were exceptionally good.

  20. koberulz says:

    No way My Way will be present. It’ll presumably be an unblurred version of what was on the Anthology, which had the theme replaced with Adrenaline Rush.

    There’ll probably be Benoit-related commentary edits, too.

    I see no reason their willingness to pay licensing fees or air choking, Benoit commentary, “asshole” chants, etc would change.

    • WWEFan2014 says:

      The only thing that will be edited from the network will be music. It’s just not going to be profitable in the long run if they paid for music fees.

      Everything other than music will be uncensored/uncut/unedited as they have been advertising. The difference between editing a DVD and Network stuff is a DVD is a one time deal while WWE Network is subscription based if WWE uploaded tons of edited/censored shows/matches they will get tons of complaints and unsubscriptions. Also it would take tons of time and money to edit every Benoit match, Un-PG crowd chants or choking spots ever done in WWE, WCW, ECW ect which is why they do advisory messages, rate content TV-MA and have parent locks instead.

      • David says:

        That makes sense. The Network FAQ did say the content will be rated PG, TV-14 and even TV-MA with disclaimers before each show.

        One of the main reasons WWE settled with the Pandas was to use the scratch logo for the Network. I don’t think WWE would have settled otherwise if it wasn’t for the Network.

      • Ryan B. says:

        I really wish they would just pay for music rights. That was what had me excited about the network: no more dubs. I don’t know how the licensing works, but would they have to continue to pay for it? If so, then I would at least understand why they’d dub it.

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