MORE WWE DVDS FOR 2022 – Q2 Release Line-Up, Elim. Chamber Cover, WM38, Attitude Anniversary?

February 21, 2022 by Mark D

More WWE DVDs for 2022 - WrestleMania 38 & Elimination Chamber

Today’s exclusive brings with it new WWE DVD release dates for 2022 and addresses some questions that have gone unanswered.

But first, the cover artwork for this past Saturday’s Elimination Chamber 2022 PLE, on DVD!

WWE Elimination Chamber 2022 DVD - Cover Artwork

This design featuring Brock Lesnar — essentially the same as the promotional poster artwork but with the Elimination Chamber logo moved up top — is confirmed to be final for the DVD cover.

Please note: WWE created this artwork in advance of the event, expecting the runtime of the show in Saudi Arabia might warrant a 2-disc set, however since it actually ran for less than 3 hours we can likely expect the DVD release to wind up as a single-disc offering instead. If so, the reference to 2 discs on the artwork here will be removed.

Fans in the UK can pre-order Elimination Chamber 2022 here on or

WWE Home Video 2022 - Logo

We’ve received the WWE DVD release schedule for Q2 2022 in the UK. This confirms that the release date for Elimination Chamber is not until mid-June, and it comes after WrestleMania 38 which we can reveal is scheduled for DVD and Blu-ray release to the UK in late May.

Before both of those, in April, UK fans will be treated to a re-release Anniversary Edition of “1997: Dawn of the Attitude”. This will turn the original 3-disc DVD set into an expanded 4-disc by adding the 1 hour and 26 minutes of Blu-ray exclusives from the original Blu-ray offering onto a new bonus disc of the DVD.

Fremantle plan to sell this title for a value price, expected to be half that of the 3-disc set (£20), so around the £10 mark, and it’s slated to be available at major supermarkets as well as online.


WWE: 1997 – Dawn of the Attitude (25th Anniversary Edition)

– UK release date: April 4th, 2022
– Format: DVD (4 discs)

WWE: WrestleMania 38

– UK release date: May 30th, 2022
– Formats: DVD (3 discs) & Blu-ray (2 discs)

WWE: Elimination Chamber 2022

– UK release date: June 13th, 2022
– Format: DVD (1 disc)

These are all UK updates, of course, but we have learned that the delayed release of Elimination Chamber to the UK (June 13th, when usually it would be expected much sooner) is because Elimination Chamber will be released to the US market on June 14th.

Yes, that nugget of information suggests, as we speak, WWE DVDs are still alive for 2022 in the US! 🙌

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  1. Eric sanders says:

    I want Wrestlemania 38 dvd to be release on may 18 in the us at walmart and target and best buy like a three discs set like cost $14.96 or $19.96 because im a wwe fan by 2024 Wrestlemania must return to seattle is Wrestlemania 40 in march

  2. Thejmp187 says:

    Any chance wwe can make more best of nitro, best of ppv, and a best of thunder dvd? Please tell them somehow

    • DDT says:

      Ha ha. Ive requested more NXT on DVD via this site countless times and even when NXT was a big tv programme in the USA that did not happen. I dont think sadly there is much chance of historical realeases now. I would prefer more old eighties NWA stuff if there was I think there been enough of that NITRO stuff. But I know if its what you want it will never be enough.

      • Thejmp187 says:

        Yea I think they should create a custom dvd option on wwe shop. And pay a fee. And get a certain times worth it’d be innovate and awesome.

  3. LP1 says:

    “Elimination Chamber 2022 PLE”. As long as these shows are still airing on traditional pay-per-view channels, on cable and satellite systems, they’re still technically PPVs. After 37 years of calling them PPVs, nobody outside of WWE is gonna start calling them PLEs. Just like nobody in the real world calls pro wrestling “Sports Entertainment”.

  4. Andemoine winrow says:

    Forget my last comment. The U.S.release is June 14th. The United Kingdom release is the 13th.

  5. Andemoine Winrow says:

    In the united kingdom, they”re releasing ”THE ELIMINATION CHAMBER” d.v.d on my birthday. And releasing it earlier that month. Why are they waiting til then to release it? I thought it was coming out in APRIL.

  6. whut says:

    “Dawn of the Attitude” as a 4dvd set sounds like a great deal for everyone who didn’t get the bluray. especially since only the disc1 roundtable is in hd. but the bulk of the footage is sd anyway (so there’s hardly the need for a bluray).

  7. Andemoine Winrow says:

    I was expecting it to be released in early April. Something’s off.

  8. BAS says:

    I know it may be a long shot since we haven’t had the Hall of Fame on the WrestleMania release in 5 years now, but I hope this year’s release at least includes Undertaker’s speech.

  9. BAS says:

    For the sake of the Blu-ray edition of Dawn of the Attitude being canceled in the US, it would be nice if we could’ve gotten this 4 disc release here as well. Hell, it doesn’t even have to be 4 discs, put those extras on disc 1 since disc 1 was barely an hour anyway.

  10. RCS1988 says:

    Undertaker deserves an Unreleased matches DVD set.

  11. Timothy J Thorpe says:

    I’m wondering why EC is late anywhere in the world?

    • thebabyfacedheel says:

      Maybe you’re wondering that because you didn’t read the entire article.

      • RabidHeat says:

        Don’t be a smart alec. He’s right. The article explains why the UK release is delayed, but not the US release.

        • LP1 says:

          But it really doesn’t explain why it’s being released in June. All it says is the UK release is June because the US release is in June. That doesn’t explain anything. What does the UK release date have to do with the US release date? There have been plenty of times when the UK and US release dates are far apart. Why is now any different? And why should it be delayed at all?

          • RabidHeat says:

            Maybe they’re doing a mountain of editing to make it into a watchable pay-per-view.

            • David says:

              Nothing WWE can do to salvage the garbage event. From what I read and looking at highlights it looks like it was probably the worst PPV in a long long long time. WWE have managed to ruin the Rumble and Chamber matches back to back…quite the accomplishment for WWE with another boring road to Wrestlemania.