More WWE Network Content to DVD & Blu-Ray, ECW Unreleased Not In January

November 22, 2014 by Daniel Bee

Joey Styles & bWo Hosting ECW Unreleased Volume 3 DVD

ECW Unreleased Volume 3 has been pushed back from January to April 2015.

Brian Heffron (The Blue Meanie) has promised to reveal several of the matches on his Twitter account soon. He is hosting along with Stevie Richards and Joey Styles.

One of those planned matches is Shane Douglas vs. Chris Jericho for the ECW World Television Championship from July 1996. Brian also reached out to us on Twitter to let us know that his next match reveal will be during the Survivor Series pay-per-view tomorrow.

Filming of the new DVD and Blu-ray’s host segments with Joey Styles and the bWo members has now finished. You can see a few photos from the shoot below.

Joey Styles & bWo Hosting ECW Unreleased Volume 3 DVD

Joey Styles & bWo Hosting ECW Unreleased Volume 3 DVD

Joey Styles & bWo Hosting ECW Unreleased Volume 3 DVD has learned this week that WWE has plans in place to release more Network content on Home Video early next year. This will be in addition to the “Destruction of the Shield” DVD and Blu-ray already confirmed for release in 2015.

As mentioned, the new WWE DVD on The Shield is slated to expand on the WWE Network feature, with an extended version of the documentary and a selection of matches. The company could continue in that same vein expanding on the Network content for DVD releases or they could put out the shows as-is. Vote in the poll with what you’d like to see.


Which WWE Network show/series/feature would you most like to see released on DVD & Blu-ray in 2015?

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Speaking of the WWE Network, airing after RAW this Monday is a new mini-documentary titled “Before They Were Superstars – The Usos: 10 Hours to Houston”.

WWE Network - Before They Were Superstars: The Usos

WWE Network - Before They Were Superstars: The Usos

Below is a trailer for Jim Cornette’s “Back to the Territories” DVD series!

The DVD releases this coming Tuesday via (also streaming On Demand) and covers Mid-South Wrestling with special guest “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan.

Heads up to the collectors – 18 WWF DVDs are going cheap on eBay this weekend, including multiple copies of the sought after WrestleMania X-Seven DVD!

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  1. Todd Cash says:

    I also agree with Andy 100%…WWE seems to lacking in the what the fans really want…

  2. Todd Cash says:

    Pushed back till April…lovely smh…WWE needs to get on the ball…is it just me or do they seem to be holding back on releases especially involving WCW…Vince has owned the footage since 2001…yet we only get one to two WCW themed releases a year…# unacceptable…

  3. Andy Ace R says:

    WWE needs to be more creative when it comes to releasing DVDS .. There are so many potential sets they can release but it appears that they’re sitting on their brains.. Here’s what 3 disc DVD titles I’d like to see released in the near future:
    1. Razor’s Edge : The Story Of Scott Hall
    (Scott Hall has been thru so much in his life. His story definitely needs to be told!)

    2. Everybody Has A Price: The
    Ted DiBiase Story. (This is a 3 disc set that is long overdue and should’ve been released at least 5 years ago!!)

    3. The Best Of Saturday Nights Main
    Event- Volume 2 (So surprised that they never followed up the first set that was highly successful when released back in there’s so many more matches to pull out from the SNME vault!!)

    4. The King Of Harts : The Owen Hart Story ( This would be a great set if released and would sell like crazy )

    5. Samoan Royalty: The Greatest Samoan Athletes In WWE History ( From The Wild Samoans, To The Headshrinkers , To The Rock and so many more in between and beyond, this DVD will highlight every Samoan wrestler who’ve been in the spotlight at one time or another)

    6. Rob Van Dam : The Whole Dam Show
    (Back in 2005 I think they released a 2 disc set with a documentary. This wud be a good solid 3 disc set following up that release with a lot of matches that weren’t seen on the 1st release!!)

    7. The Best Of Raw (Seasons 3 & 4)
    (Years ago they released the 1st 2 seasons of Raw and then stopped! It would be nice to revisit the years of 95 & 96 with this 4 disc dvd release as there were some pretty memorable matches and moments from that era!!)

    8. Absolutely Perfect: Curt Henning Classics ( This 3 disc set would be a followup of the 2 disc released years ago ..and will feature many things left outta the 1st set such as his 2 respective IC Title well as his grueling nf matches against Headshrinker Samu and Bret Hart from King Of The Ring!! Will indeed sell!!)

    9. The Olympic Champion: Kurt Angle
    (This will only happen if Angle returns to the WWE. A 3 disc with a documentary and matches will sell!!)

    10. The Man Of 1,000 Holds: The Story Of Dean Malenko- ( This story would be absolutely amazing as too many ppl might not know too much about Malenko.. Will definitely be a fresh project for all involved)

    There you have it!! That’s what I wanna see released on DVD in 2015 not too recent material but classic timeless matches and moments along with informative documentaries!! Wake up WWE!! This is what we want!!

    • Kenny says:

      I agree that they’ve really hit a lull with their DVD releases overall. I like some of the ideas for sets you put out, and some others I don’t think would be worth it.

      1) I’d love to have a look back at Hall’s career. He was a big name in the WWF and was part of a big reason for the turnaround of WCW and pro wrestling. Is he a big enough name to make a full DVD set viable? That’s the big question.

      2) A Ted DiBiase story would be AWESOME; especially now that they have the Mid South tapes. I worry that DiBiase is too old of a name to be worth a DVD at this point. I would definitely pick it up, but I’m in a smaller group of fans who has been around long enough to have seen him featured on TV.

      3) I have a good idea why they never followed up the SNME set. My guess is that they put all the good stuff on the original, and there really isn’t much left that would warrant a complete second set.

      4) I loved Owen. He was a great wrestler, and his feud with Bret was off the charts. However, I honestly can’t say that I believe an Owen Hart DVD would sell much. He wasn’t a big name. God knows you would have plenty of matches worth putting on there, though.

      5) A Samoan family DVD would be a GREAT idea! So much material to pull from, you could finally try to explain who’s related to who and how, who’s not related, etc. Some great footage from all different eras of wrestling, and one of the biggest names in wrestling to hype the set with (Rock, ironically)

      6) Rob Van Dam: I’m either way on this one. I don’t see any problem with another RVD DVD. I wouldn’t expect much of it, though.

      7) Best of Raw Seasons 3 and 4 was actually going to be done a few years ago, but was pulled. I was disappointed when that set got cut.

      8) Curt Hennig. I think they got all of the highlights of Hennig on the DVD they did on him.

      9) The only reason I would love to see Kurt Angle back in the WWF would be so we could finally get a green light on a big DVD on this guy. He is one of the only guys left without a DVD set who has any kind of name value.

      10) Dean Malenko? Really? Name value is a big requirement for DVD releases. The lesser known your name is, the less likely a DVD would be to sell to the masses. Dean Malenko had great matches, but was never anybody really important anywhere. He never got out of mid-cards in WCW or the WWF, nor was he a big name in Japan. The biggest case you could make for him would be in ECW, which is hardly much of anything. I’m a fan of the guy. I enjoyed his matches, but I can’t honestly say that he deserves a full DVD set dedicated to him. If a set on him came out, it would be a set that I’d want to pick up, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to get it. I think Owen is more deserving, and I can’t justify him either.

    • Anan says:


      Best of SNME and RAW…all of this is on The Network so no need to do best of compilation sets. The first Best of RAW set didn’t sell enough so Vol.2 was never released and all SNME episodes are already on The Network as I said so I doubt WWE will have a set on that show anytime soon. I rather they release a set for Superstars or Wrestling Challenge as neither are on The Network yet.

      I’ve a big fan of documentaries. We’ve seen Wrestlemania covered in the True Story of Wrestlemania. I’ve been waiting since then for the True Story of the Royal Rumble, Summerslam, Survivor Series.

      The Ted Dibiase set was something WWE was reportedly working on a few years or so back. I’d love a Dibiase doc set.

      Owen Hart should get a doc set and a HOF Induction. But this is not WWE’s fault. His widow’s been causing issues with lawsuits and such to prevent Owen Hart from getting what he and his fans deserve. On the other hand. docs on The Bulldog, Dynamite Kid, Bruno Sammartino, would sell. A Kurt Angle set will work if he’s involved in it which he will be if he ever returns to WWE.

      With WM30 having an Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal/trophy, having a doc set on him released around that time would have been perfect. WWE’s working on a set for Jerry Lawler as WWE camera crew have been following him around lately.

      RVD, Sabu, Dreamer, Dudley Boyz all deserve doc set of their own. Warrior’s Network exclusive doc should be getting The Shield expanded treatment and f The Shield set does well, hopefully that will happen. Of course docs on Kane, Sting and Taker have been long anticipated and still are. I believe those will see the light of day soon.

  4. chris says:

    Regarding the Douglas/Jericho match, does anyone know if the match is pro-shot or a fan cam? I looked on RF Video’s website, and didn’t find a fan cam version of that event listed (as far as I know, the match took place in Allentown, PA on July 12, 1996).

    • motorhead says:

      The match from 7/12/96 was a 30 min. draw. Anyone know what the finish of this match is? If it’s a draw than the 12th would be it. The next night was the CLASSIC 4-way Dance for the title that is still, imho, one of the best matches in ECW history.

      HOWEVER, there was also a match between the two in Warwick, PA (ECW’s debut in Warwick) on 7/27,96 that saw Douglas defeat Jericho to retain. So it could be this one also.

      As far as I can tell or find these are the only matches these two had in the month of July in 1996. Hope this helps.

  5. Mason says:

    Give me the Daniel Bryan and warrior network docs and give me all of the nxt special events please.

  6. Anthony says:

    This is my DVD/Blu ray wishlist
    – Trish Stratus with Doc been 12/13 years since last dvd
    -lita see above
    – Daniel Bryan
    – Booker t
    – Christian
    – Smackdown 15 years set
    – ruthless aggression set
    – a real 2 or 3 hour doc on the attitude era with new interviews
    – DDP
    – Scott Hall
    – layla ( yeah i know wishful thinking )

  7. Bad Booking says:

    Monday Night War without a doubt for yours truly. Despite the cliches and overlapping story, I love the narrative the series provides about the Wars while delivering the anecdotes from multiple points of view. Flesh it out with bonus features and the possibilities are endless for die-hards!

    • motorhead says:

      I also love the MNW show, but the blatant revisionist history is mind-numbing after awhile. It’s sometimes like watching the pro wrestling version of FOX News for God’s sake. But yes, I’d buy it if it contained great extras that haven’t already been released. That would be the key.

  8. Kris Martin says:

    NXT specials on DVD? I would buy those!

  9. Mr Hesse says:

    Been hoping for a blu ray release of Warrior: The Ultimate Legend since it aired. Really hope the do this.

    • Anan says:

      If The Shield set does well, I think WWE will expand the docs WWE did on Bryan and Warrior for their own respective blu rays. I do think it’ll be some time for Warrior though since they just released a set on him this past year. Yes it was a compilation set, but it included new comments from the man himself. Daniel Bryan (besides that Superstar Collection) and Bruno Sammartino have had no sets done on them and are just as deserving as anyone else to have a doc set dedicated to them.

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