Exclusive: New ‘Music of WWE’ DVD To Be Released – Jim Johnston Involved

December 6, 2013 by Daniel Bee

WWE Jim Johnston Guitar - Signed by Stone Cold Steve Austin

Remember these? In October WWE sent out a “Fan Council” survey which proposed several new DVD ideas, all slated to be single-disc budget titles priced around $9.99 each.

WWE DVD 2014 Survey

We can confirm now that one of them will definitely be released next year – “Music of WWE“. This may be the beginning of a series similar to the Superstar Collection whereby several of the above mentioned DVDs are released over the course of the year.

Below is the official synopsis.

Music has been integral in WWE history, especially anthems for all the greatest WWE Superstars. Since Sgt. Slaughter first made his entrance to the Marine Corp hymn in the early 80’s music themes have become synonymous with the Superstars themselves. Just hearing the first few notes brings the crowd to their feet. They are the songs that let the WWE Universe know that business is about to pick up. Now, get behind the music and learn the inside story behind the timeless anthems of WWE and the superstars.

We’re hearing that 25 tracks make up the DVD, with a behind the scenes look at the role entrances themes play on each Superstar’s identity. There will also be involvement with WWE music composer Jim Johnston, who is interviewed to give a back story on tracks.

Jim Johnston WWE Music Composer

With this new reveal, here’s what March 2014 looks like for WWE DVD/Blu-ray releases:

Best of WCW PPV Matches (DVD/BR) – March 11th

Music of WWE (DVD) – March 18th

Elimination Chamber 2014 (DVD) – March 25th

The new “RAW 20th Anniversary” DVD box set has now sold out on the WWEShop website and the product page made invisible in the DVD section, as you can see here. It’s still in stock with Amazon with the price often switching from $59.96 to the current price of $69.99.

Check out the following eBay listings to get it from $57.00 shipped!

WWE: Raw 20th Anniversary Collection – 20 Greatest Episodes Uncut and…
WWE: Raw 20th Anniversary Collection – 20 Greatest Episodes Uncut and…
WWE: Raw 20th Anniversary Collection – 20 Greatest Episodes Uncut and…
WWE: Raw 20th Anniversary Collection – 20 Greatest Episodes Uncut and…

WWE Raw 20th Anniversary DVD Box Set

The new Jimmy Hart: Keep on Rockin’ DVD, a “musical” shoot interview, is out now and available to order from JimmyHartFilm.com. Below is a look at its artwork in the flesh.

Jimmy Hart Keep on Rockin DVD Shoot

UK FANS: “TNA One Night Only: Knockouts Knockdown” has been released on DVD. It’s in stock now over at TNADVD.co.uk for the price of £10.99 delivered.

TNA Wrestling Knocksouts Knockdown DVD

Join TNA Wrestling for one special event, spotlighting the most athletic and beautiful women in professional wrestling. he winner of each individual match will advance on to one final match of the evening! A gauntlet match where the last two women standing will battle to see who is truly “The Queen of the Knockouts”.

New WWE DVDs on Amazon.co.uk

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  1. Anan says:

    Can’t wait. Been wanting to hear Johnston talk about WWE music for decades. Finally getting my wish. Iconic themes like Stone Cold, Taker, Edge, Rock are an absolute must because when the glass shatters, the bell tolls, “You Think You Know Me”, and “If Ya Smell”, you know immediately who’s coming out.

    As for other sets, Brothers Of Destruction, Top 25 entrances, and Best of Shotgun all get my vote. Also, a Best Of Sunday Night HEAT would be a nice collection too.

  2. victory73 says:

    I would rather see them just put the “Piledriver ” album on DVD/BRD. At worst the videos would be nostalgic to see again.

  3. Brad Attitude says:

    Out of that list the only sets that interest me are the Best of Velocity & Shotgun Saturday Night!!!

  4. Erik G. says:

    Come on people. A little variety never hurt. Besides this is only one of the one disc DVDs and there is room for plenty more of those. I want to see Velocity and Shotgun too but you cant just have match comps. Personally I think Santino Comedy Hour sounds fun.

  5. Johnny says:

    I guess I outta go to Amazon and get Raw 20th & Hell In A Cell cuz I notice that but both are not available thanks WWE Shop I guess I’ll have to settle for Amazon or order 2 of them at the same point I’m not sure but I’m gonna get both of me anyways.

  6. Eric Bedard says:

    I hope at least it will come with a CD with unreleased themes on it (from the Classic and Attitude Eras). Fans are asking for a WWE Music Anthology #2 for years! With the approach of Wrestlemania XXX, there’s not a better time to do a special compilation album.

  7. Shawn Phelan says:

    And yes, velocity did have some great unknown matches, especially amongst cruiserweights. Still, it was only the d show.

  8. Shawn Phelan says:

    @Indy fan. Calm the f down, dude. What do u mean the surveys mean nothing? Obviously a lot of people picked the music video idea. Noteveryone has the same preferences as you, get real. I also don’t know why you think this means none of the other ones on there will be released. If you look at the surveys of the past, they always end up releasing multiple ones that were heavily picked. Im sure the wcw ppv set won’t be the only one released from the survey it was on. It’s not a winner take all situation.

  9. Shawn Phelan says:

    It appears amazon may also be having issues with the raw set being in stock because I’m still waiting on mine to ship.

  10. Scott says:

    I’m still waiting on my RAW anniv DVDs from WWE Shop. I placed the order on Monday and it says “Processing”. Has anyone received theirs from WWE Shop?

  11. ALK says:

    If you’re gonna do a Music DVD, I think the least they can do is offer a bonus CD with the tracks as well (Or a code to download them or iTunes or whatever…)

  12. Alan says:

    Vince, the Razor Ramon entrance theme is basically a rip-off for the most part of “Those Shoes” by The Eagles. Still a great entrance theme though! Speaking of Demolition, I also liked their original instrumental theme they used through most of 1987 until they switched over to the Rick Derringer track. I remember them coming out to it when I went to a WWF Superstars of Wrestling in March 1987 when, at the time, they were under the tutilidge of Lucious Johnny V.

  13. WWEFan2013 says:

    WWE would be insane to not do another 20 episodes boxset next year. Like a “Honorable Mention” set with. I would include

    March 17th 1997 (Bret snaps)
    Anything from 2000
    July 9th 2001 (ECW join Invasion)
    Draft 2002
    Draft 2004
    Post Survivor Series 2010 RAW
    July 25th 2011
    Post Payback 2013 RAW

    Some great RAW’s there.

  14. indyfan says:

    I guess these surveys mean nothing. I hope they make this dvd and no one buys it. How the f*ck did any fans actually think its a better choice than Best of Velocity(Which has so many Gems) or Best of Shotgun Saturday night. Yeah we d all rather music over matches.

    • some guy says:

      I honestly can’t tell if this is a serious post or a sarcastic one.

      • indyfan says:

        Its a serious one id much rather a best of Velocity release. There were some great gems on that show especially between London and Yang. Who the hell would rather a dvd on the music of WWE?

  15. Sake Joe says:

    All I got to say is Piledriver better be on it!! Lol, I do hope they have Demolitions theme on it.

  16. Marty says:

    Incredible that RAW 20 is sold out on WWE Shop. This gives me some hope for other box sets. Actually, they should consider box sets some more in this day and age of online shopping – most people would rather buy larger items online to justify the shipping cost.

    That said, in my region, it’s selling well in stores too. A few stores have sold out, and some of the others are almost out. Glad I got my copy as early as I could!

  17. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    Music of WWE sounds interesting. One of my all time favorite wrestler entrance themes is Razor Ramon. Sid had a good one, too. I wish WWE would release a “Best of WWE Superstars” DVD set.

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