New BROCK LESNAR WWE DVD Documentary Gets Release Date, More ‘Steelbooks’ Revealed for 2016

March 28, 2016 by Daniel Bee

WWE - Brock Lesnar DVD & Blu-ray Documentary 2016

Last year an exclusive report here at revealed tentative plans for a WWE-produced DVD and Blu-ray on Brock Lesnar, slated to include an all-new documentary on “The Beast’s” life and career, along with a selection of extra matches and moments.

EXCLUSIVE: WWE Planning BROCK LESNAR Documentary DVD & Blu-ray…

Fast forward to now and the project is in the works with its first release dates confirmed!

The “Brockumentary” is on the way for October – it’s currently scheduled for release to the United States on October 11th, following less than a week later to the United Kingdom on October 17th.

WWE - Brock Lesnar DVD & Blu-ray Documentary 2016

Speaking of Brock, his new Blu-ray is another WWE is releasing as a special edition Steelbook this year, joining the likes of the Dudley Boyz and WrestleMania 32.

We’ve also just received word that Scott Hall’s Blu-ray will get Steelbook packaging too!

The following WWE Steelbook Blu-rays are coming in 2016:

– Straight Outta Dudleyville: The Legacy of the Dudley Boyz
– WrestleMania 32
– Eric Bischoff: Sports Entertainment’s Most Controversial Figure
– Living on a Razor’s Edge: The Scott Hall Story
– Brock Lesnar

All of the above Steelbooks are confirmed for both the United Kingdom and the United States.

For now it appears UK fans will be able to order them from most stockists, whereas US fans will only find them online and in store at Best Buy as the immediate plan is to offer them as exclusives.

WWE WrestleMania 32 Steelbook Blu-ray Box Art

Heads up, the WWE Fastlane 2016 DVD releases tomorrow!

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It releases to Australia next week, and a UK exclusive Blu-ray will hit the UK on April 25th.

WWE Fastlane 2016 DVD - Released Tomorrow!

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  1. josh says:

    ok, why are they doing another lesnar documentary? I hate lesnar, I hate heyman. To me, it seems like a waste of dvd’s. I have a whole list of documentary subjects that I would like to see on dvd/bluray and the WWE is wasting dvd/bluray with crap like Scott Hall, Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman, the Kliq, nxt and other crap.
    I’m getting to the point where I don’t even want to go shopping for wrestling videos anymore if the company doesn’t even put anything worthwhile available, and I really hope that the WWE or someone(S) associated with the company is reading this. You guys need to come up with better material. I still want to see videos on Demolition, rick rude, arn Anderson, tag team titles(both wwe and nwa/wcw). I know I’m not going to ever see these available, wwe never listens to the audience/consumers, they only make videos available that the company wants to see or what they think the consumers want to see.

  2. Anan says:

    LOL hopefully Brockumentary isn’t the name for the doc.

    Be nice to go back to the 2hr format, but can see it being less like the recent ones have been. Because he’s meant a lot to his career, I expect Taker to be part of the doc, if not physically, then at least spoken of. Rock may have been Brock’s first WWE Title feud. But No Mercy 2002 and more importantly in terms of accomplishments, WM30 were big nights for Brock and his career and both involved Taker as his opponent. Yeah Taker ha a concussion and fans are still saying the match wasn’t as great and the win meant less because of that and if it weren’t for that concussion Taker would’ve won. I disagree. The decision for Lesnar to win was made before the match, thus before Taker’s concussion so even if he didn’t have a concussion, he’d still have lost. And the concussion doesn’t take the magnitude of the accomplishment away. Was the match great? No. How could have been when one of the participants had a concussion? Taker finished the match, something most would not have done.

  3. me says:

    So Attitude Era and Hardcore aren’t getting steelbooks? It looks like just the ones based on individuals or groups are getting them. That would be upsetting for me since I want one for Royal Rumble Story.

  4. Brad Attitude says:

    Most of Brock’s best matches were on his previous dvds and bluray set. Not sure how many other great matches he’s got left that’s unreleased. Probably will pass on it.

    The Dudley Boyz steelbook set looks tempting. I might pick it up 🙂

    • Anan says:

      I don’t know. I enjoyed Brock’s final (for now and I see it remaining that way) two matches with Taker. His 3-way with Reigns & Ambrose, series of matches against Seth Rollins (including the 3-way with Cena), his WM31 match with Roman Reigns (IMO, one of Reigns’ best matches from his post-Shied career), matches against HHH (minus WM29.)

      He’s had some great segments, better IMO than his first WWE run and that’s largely because of his mouthpiece, Paul Heyman. In an interview, Paul claimed Lesnar would be where he is without Paul to which I disagree with. Without the mouthpiece that is Paul Heyman, there would be no Brock Lesnar in pro wrestling.

      A nice extra would be the Stone Cold podcast episode with Paul Heyman (at least the Brock Lesnar portions) and the episode with Brock Lesnar.

      • Brad Attitude says:

        Brock’s matches with Undertaker last year were just toned down versions of the stuff they did in 2002 and 2003. It was hard to sit thru those PG matches they had when they should’ve just left it with the streak ending.

        His matches since coming back are mainly just german suplex and F5’s. And it gets boring pretty quick. The majority of his matches (as well as WWE matches) in general nowadays don’t have much importance or the ring psychology like his matches had during his first run with the company. You can see he has no effort in his matches now.

        As for Paul Heyman, Lesnar would’ve been a success in WWE with or without him. It seems talking is more important than the ring action these days too and I find that to be a joke.

  5. Robert emons says:

    Is that the official wrestlemania 32 DVD cover?

  6. Patrick R says:

    Any information as to whether or not the steelbooks will be available in Canada as well? If so would it also be a Best Buy exclusive?

  7. Jeff Copeland says:

    This could be good since his 2012 one was just a rehash of the 03 one but some matches taken out and replaced and the minny segments between the matches.

    A new bio on lesnar would be good he can talk about rest of 03 leaving in 04 his mma his health issues,the return in 2012 and feuds with cena hhh taker so why not.

  8. GEOLINK says:

    Steelbooks galore! I love it.

  9. Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

    October is going to be viscious. Just do not have a release on the mayor of Supplex City in October’s Susan G. Komen colour. And ffs,WWE..let’s keep the great story from Summerslam 2015 with the sign language towards the MSG crowd and Austin at XX.

  10. RCS1988 says:

    They should release steelbooks for the regular DVD’s as well.

    • Jeff Copeland says:

      they sorta kinda? did? from 07 to 09 it might of started at wm 23 or summerslam 07.

      but big ppvs rumble summerslam survivor series and wm they came in like tin cases and last one was wm 25 which was a steelbook version at fye i think.

      • Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

        SummerSlam 2010 had a steelbook release, I think it was at least a Silvervision edition, don’t know if it was released that way from other retailers.

  11. James says:

    Brock vs. Roman Hell in a Cell for the title…book it! They will want to do a high profile match around the release…

  12. Justin F says:

    Well, at least it’s not another Cena DVD.

  13. Chris says:

    More Brock is always a good thing.

    Wish the steel books weren’t store exclusive that makes it a real pain to get hold of when you don’t live in the US.

  14. Damon says:

    I am not sure if the new Brock set will be worth it since his old set was great but we will see