New Details on 2015 Chris Jericho WWE DVD/Blu-Ray, ‘History of ECW’ Released

January 8, 2015 by Daniel Bee

WWE Chris Jericho Entrance at WrestleMania

Here’s the latest on plans for Chris Jericho‘s WWE DVD and Blu-ray in 2015!

“The Road Is Jericho: Epic Stories & Rare Matches from Y2J” is still, as of now, the planned title for the new Home Video release, which is looking to be a 7 hour feature on DVD, and with extra features nearly 8 and a half hours on Blu-ray format.

It will be a compilation of at least 20 matches running chronologically, beginning with ECW in 1996. In between each featured bout will be a new interview with Chris Jericho himself.

We’re hearing that some of the matches chosen have never been released on WWE DVDs before now and there’s the possibly that one or two of them will be “dark matches”.

A few matches from Jericho’s last run with WWE will be on there – one of which we can confirm will be the Chris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt Steel Cage Match from RAW.

WWE Chris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt - Steel Cage Match

You can pre-order a copy of the DVD/Blu-ray now by clicking here. It will release to fans in the United States on March 10th, UK/Europe on March 16th, and Australia on April 1st.

Officially released today is “Timeline: The History of ECW – 1999” DVD. It’s available to buy now at as a standard DVD, a “Signature Edition Pack” (signed by RVD and including a bonus ECW DVD), and also streaming instantly On Demand.

Below is a synopsis for the new DVD and the trailer to watch.

As ECW rounds the corner of the decade that made them, cracks in the facade deepen and the company’s challenges mount. But that’s largely invisible to the bloodthirsty fans that begin packing venues in cities new to ECW.

— The TNN Deal — Taz and the FTW title
— The New York Clique — The Parking Lot Crew
— Acclaim Buys In — Raven Returns
— Sandman Returns — Bouncing Checks

An exclusive Hell in a Cell 2014 Blu-ray edition will release to fans in the UK and Europe later this month on January 19th, with over 1 hour and 15 minutes of Blu-ray extras. have given a first look at it with these photos shown below.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2014 Blu-ray - Photos

WWE Hell in a Cell 2014 Blu-ray - Photos

These three WWF/E DVDs pictured are being auctioned off today here on With a current bid of $35.05, here’s a chance to grab both the tricky-to-find Royal Rumble 2000 and WrestleMania X-Seven DVDs together in one lot for a decent price.

Rare WWF DVDs - WrestleMania 17

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  1. Jaffe Joffer says:

    If Jericho and Benoit’s tag team title win isn’t on the set then I’m not gonna bother purchasing it.

    • Mister Pink says:

      I’m afraid I have some bad news: it won’t be on there.

      (I won’t claim that the WWE will never ever release a compilation that includes a Benoit singles/tag team match. but it will at least take a lot more years until that happens)

  2. Fosterma says:

    i will not be buying any wwe DVDs until they show my favorite wrestler who Vince made a lot of money off wit a dvd collection andre the giant.

  3. TedFox says:

    Ended up getting the signature edition of the RVD DVD. Will probably come to regret spending that much.

    • David says:

      Same here. I like to get the signature editions of the big stars. I only have Bret Hart and RVD…i missed on signature editions on Piper, Nash, and Billy Graham which i regret. The Bruno Sammartino signature edition looks tempting too but costs $100 and then there is a Hall of Fame edition going for over $1000.

  4. Mark Markson says:

    Glad the match against Wyatt is included! I’ve considered buying the UK exclusive Best of Raw & Smackdown DVD set. But I did some research, and most of the matches are included as blu-ray exclusives on various PPV blu-rays from 2014. And some is included on The Destruction of The Shield DVD and blu-ray!

  5. Andy Ace R says:

    One forgotten match that I hope is on here is the Triple Threat Match From RAW on Christmas Eve in 2001 for the Undisputed Championship:The Rock vs Chris Jericho vs
    Kurt Angle. A true forgotten classic!!! As well as Chris Jericho vs Triple H from Fully Loaded 2000 in a Last Man Standing Match.. An instant classic as well!!!

    • David says:

      Yeah, I remember that triple threat from Christmas Eve RAW 2001…it was actually pretty good and the whole episode was fun with Flair and Vince having their own Christmas parties. I have the complete 2001 RAW season on Blu-ray and its fun popping in some random episodes from that year.

  6. King1111 says:

    Why the hell would they include that idiot Bray Wyatt on this set? The man flat-out sucks, just like The Shield and Cena

  7. Charles says:

    Too bad the Jericho DVD isn’t going to cover his Smoky Mountain Wrestling time, or have some of his SMW matches. Did his other one cover his time in SMW? I know one of the matches was his SMW debut, but I have that on the SMW “Before They Were Famous” DVD.

  8. attitude.era.4life says:

    Daniel: out of subject:

    yesterday, I wrote an email to you via the form in the Contact section, regarding a french version of TNA,s ppv dvd Turning Point 2009, with an extra disc containing Hulk Hogan’s debuting at the Impact zone, and wheather it is a rare version or if you know it? I posted the link to the french amazon site where I got it.

    I don’t know if you got the mail, maybe I did something wrong writing in the formula..? or maybe it was not such a rare unknown edition? lol

    anyway.. let me know.. 🙂

  9. attitude.era.4life says:

    Glad the cage match with Wyat is to be on there.. was the only good thing on the Best of RAW/Smackdown compilation that I was looking forward to have..and this one is even going to be on I can ditch that 2014 trash compilation..

    While it is not an unreleased match, I hope that the Chicago Streetfight against Punk from Extreme Rules 2012 makes it as a bluray extra, cos everybody deserves to have that in Full HD. Loved the promo Work especially on that from Jericho..really the best a§§hole in the World at what he did there, mr y2j.. 😉

    • RCS1988 says:

      What’s the difference if it’s on a regular DVD or Blu-ray? You just want it as a Blu-ray exclusive so those who don’t have Blu-ray can’t see it.

      • attitude.era.4life says:

        the Extreme Rules 2012 was an UK/European exclusive bluray version release..the match is the same, in my opinion though, having HD shot film released on SD media only, is one of the biggest mistakes the WWE has been doing the recent years.

        Many claim they can not see the difference..based on own experiences, I claim, the set-ups on those ppl’s hd televisions and bluray players are wrong..cos, I myself have been sceptical bout the effect of bluray.

        But, indeed there is difference to it, and I only wish that the choice for everyone is to have the standard definition version…or, for what it was meant to, the high definition, of all HD filmed events.

        Appearently, the argument for not releasing everything on bluray, is, that it does not sell that well..and, that bluray discs cost more to produce.

        The first argument I can accept, though, I never seen sales numbers for dvd and bluray..and, to compare those, it would mean, that wwe had to produce the same numbers of dvd and bluray and release them to retailers in the same numbers, to see, excactly, which media sells the best. I don’t know, if that’s how it is going down..

        The second argument, that bluray discs cost more to produce, is simply not true. When the CD had its debut, the vinyle record fanatics tried to convince the world, that producing a CD was much more expensive, which soon turned out to be not t

        • attitude.era.4life says:

          not true at all.

          Same with bluray..more data can be put on a bluray, and instead of a red laser, a blue laser is being used. Very strange arguments, imho..

      • Mister Pink says:

        Are you serious? The difference is in quality.

        That’s why I will not buy the “Best PPV Matches of 2014” set, despite buying the ones before: I think it makes no sense to buy a non-hd release of content that was filmed and broadcast in hd (and is available in it on other releases).

  10. SRB says:

    Jericho’s work has always been 5 star to say the least. I really don’t think you could compile a list of matches and have them not represent some of Y2J’s best work. Can’t wait for this set.