Exclusive: New Details, Release Date for WWE ‘Daniel Bryan: Just Say Yes!’ DVD

March 5, 2015 by Daniel Bee

WWE Daniel Bryan - Yes! No! Anger Management

“Daniel Bryan: Just Say Yes! Yes! Yes!” will be released on DVD and Blu-ray to the United States on June 2nd, to Australia on June 3rd, and to the UK and Europe on June 15th.

We can confirm that as of now WWE’s plan for the main feature of the DVD is still to extend the WWE Network “Journey to WrestleMania: Daniel Bryan” documentary with extra footage.

The Bryan DVD/Blu-ray has been described to us as not dissimilar to the recent “Destruction of The Shield” set, as just like for The Shield there’s slated to be an extended Network documentary, a collection of matches/moments and interview pieces too. Therefore, expect to see newly filmed interview segments with Daniel Bryan in the extras of this one.

As we mentioned this week, the Ring of Honor footage that WWE has licensed for the Home Video will in fact be the clips we’ve seen in the Network special, rather than the inclusion of a full ROH match on the DVD. However, one interesting match that we’ve heard is planned is a “dark match” from the year 2000 which looks to be some sort of WWE tryout involving Bryan.

The new Daniel Bryan WWE DVD/Blu-ray has gone up for pre-order here on Amazon.com. The first synopsis and temporary cover artwork for the release are shown again below.

Relive Daniel Bryan’s historic Journey to WrestleMania as he prepares for the biggest night of his career.

Now with an extended cut, follow the leader of the Yes Movement into New Orleans for the biggest show of the year, WrestleMania 30. Witness the rise of one of the most popular WWE Superstars of all time from his humble beginnings into WWE Champion. Also includes an all-new interview with Daniel Bryan discussing some of the most important matches of his career as well as some exclusive matches in their entirety.

WWE Daniel Bryan DVD - Temporary Cover Artwork

As reported, “Jerry Lawler: It’s Good to be The King” was expected for May and that’s still the case. Like Bryan’s DVD, it has also just gone up for pre-order here on Amazon.com.

The Lawler DVD and Blu-ray will release across the United States on May 19th.

We’ve added the new dates to our upcoming releases page (WWE DVD Release Dates).

WWE Jerry 'The King' Lawler - WrestleMania Entrance

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TNA DVD UK - Coupon Code

Here’s the trailer for the latest WWE DVD to hit stores – Royal Rumble 2015.

Get your hands on a copy of the new WWE Royal Rumble 2015 DVD or Blu-ray…

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  1. Mark Markson says:

    By the way, thanks for looking into the TNA code that wasn’t working. I ordered some DVDs today, and got 20% off.

  2. isrs4life says:

    Speaking of the rumble that mention on here well I bought it tonight while I was out
    it was 14.97 and 3 copies left at wal-mart and I got a good one.

  3. isrs4life says:

    Would the first disk of Daniel Bryan’s dvd have the same matches from his
    superstar collection from 2012 or done by scratch for the 1st time.

    Man I wish there would be a Cena dvd that isnt made by scratch just of his work
    from recent years like they did during the attitude era.

  4. Tommy B says:

    Dammit, I already made my TNA DVD order while the coupon wasn’t working.
    Bad timing…

  5. Why is face not on the cover? i don’t know why this bothers me but it does …

    • Daniel Bee says:

      If you mean the Bryan cover – “temporary cover artwork”.

      It’s gonna change, Breech. 🙂

  6. Mark Markson says:

    Would be cool if WWE started selling the Bryan Danielson match compilations ROH has released. They should definitely interest his fans.

    Of course, this will draw some attention too ROH, and make them some money. But so what? It’s not like ROH will ever be a threat to WWE.

  7. Vintage Simon says:

    Had a look around, and found a brief clip of Daniel Bryan vs. Jerry Lynn in a WWF dark match from 2001 on YouTube. Nothing from 2000, though, so will be interesting to see who the match was with.

    I’d also never realised that he wrestled John Cena on Velocity in February 2003. That would be a cool extra too.

  8. indyfan says:

    They are probably better off not putting a ROH match. It would literally blow away any of his matches in WWE. The closest they would get is the Punk vs Bryan match at Over the Limit