EXCLUSIVE: New Details & Off-Air Footage for WWE ‘RAW 25’ DVD, Royal Rumble 2018 Cover Artwork!

February 2, 2018 by Daniel Bee

WWE - The Undertaker Returns at 'RAW 25' Anniversary Episode, Manhattan Center

We now have solid details on the presenation of WWE’s new “RAW 25th Anniversary” DVD release, a 3-disc set celebrating 25 years of Monday Night RAW that’s on the way for April.

“RAW 25” broadcast last month from two locations and featured legendary returns involving the likes of The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler, D-Generation X, Scott Hall, Trish Stratus and Chris Jericho. We can confirm, as first reported back in November, that the main portion of the DVD will indeed be the “RAW 25” episode shown in its entirety.

WrestlingDVDNetwork.com has exclusively learned that extras accompanying the show will include the “RAW 25” pre-show and possible off-air moments witnessed only by fans in attendance.

One of those “unseen” extras is speculated to be a “dark” segment involving The Miz, filmed at the Manhattan Center. For those unaware, Miz would travel to the Manhattan Center after he captured the Intercontinental Championship from Roman Reigns earlier in the evening at the Barclays Center.

In addition to all of the “RAW 25” content on the DVD, it will also include a countdown of the greatest moments in RAW history and everything combined takes us to a total runtime over 8 hours!

Pre-order the “RAW 25th Anniversary” DVD collection now on Amazon.com

We leave you with updated cover artwork for “RAW 25th Anniversary”. This is the first time the logo of Warner Bros. (the domestic Home Video distributor for WWE content) appears on WWE DVD/Blu-ray packaging and this looks to be a trend going forward with the 2018 releases.

WWE 'RAW 25th Anniversary' DVD - Box Artwork, With Warner Brothers Logo

Grab a copy of WWE’s new “RAW 25TH ANNIVERSARY” DVD set on…

UK/Europe: April 2nd. Pre-order your “RAW 25” DVD now over on Amazon.co.uk.

United States: April 3rd. Pre-order your “RAW 25” DVD right now here on Amazon.com.

Australia: TBA. Your pre-order opportunity will be arriving soon at Madman.com.au.

The new cover artwork reveals don’t stop there as WrestlingDVDNetwork.com has just received an exclusive shot of the Royal Rumble 2018 DVD box artwork and, courtesy of WWE Home Video UK earlier today, the same for the UK exclusive Blu-ray edition!

It features a take on the PPV poster released prior the event with Brock Lesnar, Kane, Braun Strowman and a line-up of many of the female Superstars that competed in the first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble Match. Added on top, front and center, is a live shot of the closing moments of this year’s Royal Rumble as Ronda Rousey made her official WWE debut.

Royal Rumble winners Shinsuke Nakamura and Asuka both appear on the spine of the packaging.

WWE Royal Rumble 2018 DVD - Official Cover Artwork

Royal Rumble 2018 will be produced as a 2-disc DVD set and has been scheduled for release on:

  • March 6th to the United States.
  • March 13th to Canada.
  • March 19th to UK/Europe (also available on Blu-ray; pre-order on Amazon.co.uk).
  • March 21st to Australia.

WWE Royal Rumble 2018 Blu-ray - Official Cover Artwork

New WWE DVDs on Amazon.co.uk

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  1. mark says:

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  2. Max Fitzgerald-Wilkes says:

    Disgusted – why is the women’s match at the front and not the men’s??

    • RabidHeat says:

      Because we’re not all chauvinist f**ks like you?

      “Disgusted”, lol, such an extreme reaction. Why? Purely because some credit is going to female athletes / entertainers?

  3. WWE FAN 26 19910604 says:

    Hey, I would really like to see an Ultimate WCW collection, by which I mean from 1985 till the end of November 2001. (yes I’m including the watered down version ) a 3 disc set with matches. Basically a dvd set for the collectors out there. Matches might include Starrcade 1998 Ric Flair.vs.Eric Bischoff,WCW championship rematch;Kurt Angle.vs.Booker T,WCW championship match Chris Jericho. Vs.The Rock,WCW Spring Stampede 1998;No Disqualification WCW Championship match;Sting.vs.Macho Man Randy Savage, WCW Tag Team championship match;The Outsiders.vs.Sting and The Giant ….among others. I mean I know my idea seems vague but it might be a cool set idea for WWE to consider.

    • RabidHeat says:

      But 3 discs would only be 9 hours of footage. Do you honestly think 9 hours would be enough to cover the period in NWA/WCW from 1985-2001 without everybody just complaining about what was left off?

  4. whut says:

    personally I’m not a big fan of “spoilers” on the cover/artwork.

    (either because there is always the possibility of people “going in blind” and not having seen it before or also people rewatching it after some time – I can’t be the only one that doesn’t immediatly remember every result of every ppv main event, right?)

    • Mark Markson says:

      I agree. I like watching old PPVs from my DVD collection, and usually I can’t remember the outcome of all the matches, so I don’t like these spoiler covers. I’d like if WWE just used the posters for their covers. And didn’t show photos of the winners of title matches at the back of the cover.

  5. Robert emons says:

    Kinda wish they would put the list of matches and pictures of who’s facing each other on the back of the DVDs again

  6. Jon says:

    Any word on Walmart Wrestlemania sale this year

  7. Kevin Ngoun says:

    Raw 25 sucks major ass. Not gonna buy it.

    • The Midnight Jobber says:

      It did suck. Seeing DX reunited made me embarrassed for them… Out of shape, 60 year old bald guys in bandanas, pretending to be 25… All this show did was prove they have a dead end current product and therefore need to rely on the stars of yesterday… And Billy Gunn.

  8. SCSA says:

    A Good Royal Rumble Blu-Ray cover. Too bad we’re not likely to see a RAW 25 Blu-Ray cover advertised just like the Rumble is given 2 covers above!
    Yet it hasn’t been announced as an upcoming Blu-Ray, only a DVD.

  9. RabidHeat says:

    Would’ve preferred the men’s Rumble match to be represented at the top and the women’s below, rather than that lame Triple Threat match. Still a good cover.

    • David says:

      Haven’t you heard?! its all about “HERstory” and shoving this whole women’s revolution down people’s throat. At this point all this pandering WWE does with their women “making history” is getting pathetic at this point.

      People seem to forget TNA (at that time being second in North America) were killing it with the women’s division in while WWE were too concerned (Stephanie still in charge of creative BTW) in bra and panties matches and hiring glamour models from magazines that can’t wrestle putting on bathroom break matches. Now all of the sudden the messiah and goddess of WWE Stephanie McMahon acts like she created women’s wrestling thanking herself and making everything about her. Like honestly, what was the point of her on commentary?! just there stroking her ego thinking everything should evolve around her.

      • SRB says:

        Very true, David. Look at the womens matches in TNA with Gail Kim, then watch Kelly Kelly fall all over the place in WWE. No comparison. Im glad women are in WWE now who can actually wrestle, but to have their Rumble match close the show was a joke. The show was big enough where we didnt Rouseys debut, especially because she did nothing and had to be told on camera to point to the WM sign. If WWE are only now seeing what could be in womens wrestling, thats their own fault. WSU, Shimmer, and Shine have been producing great womens matches for years.

  10. Tim says:

    I’m gonna pass

  11. YES YES YES says:

    Kind of curious why people buy the PPV dvds when its on the network?

    • RabidHeat says:

      Because not everybody has or wants the network when they have lives and children and they don’t want an added direct debit of 9.99 going out to Vince every month when they have enough outgoings already. Or they just like to collect DVDs. This should all really be obvious.

      • Brandon Vendetta says:

        Well maybe he just has more money than you and can afford the network so therefore maybe that’s your problem and not his? Sound familiar Rabid Heat?

      • YES YES YES says:

        Not really obvious to me. A dvd or blu ray can cost over $15 for one event, there’s like a PPV every month. I get buying superstars DVDs as collections because I do that, i mean the ones that I like. But if people are buying for example almost every PPV dvd that adds up more than you just getting the subscription. Also the excuse of oh i’m too busy, we all are. That’s why the network you don’t have to watch it live if you don’t want too so i don’t understand that either. I think you can do trial months too, so that’s why i’m asking.

    • Robert emons says:

      I have the network and still collect every DVD

  12. David says:

    Sucks there is no Blu-ray for Royal Rumble. I believe its the first time since 2010 (2009 if in UK) that Royal Rumble won’t be on Blu-ray. Actually really enjoyed the rumble this year, so I will probably just import from Amazon UK.

    • whut says:

      unfortunately, unlike with most modern dvd players, bluray players are usually region locked.

      (so you either have to specifically look for a “codefree” one or use some workaround)

  13. Thomas says:

    Cool artwork for the WWE Royal Rumble 2018 DVD

  14. Dee Stroyer says:

    I hope Razor Ramon’s entrance is shown in its entirety

  15. Robert emons says:

    Has Warner Bros been producing these DVDs or are they just now putting there logo on the DVDs?

  16. Jose says:

    Wait so there will not be a blu-ray release of the royal rumble in the US?

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