Breaking: New Details on WWE ‘Undertaker: The Streak 21-1’ DVD Coffin Box Set

August 5, 2015 by Daniel Bee

WWE Undertaker - The Streak Logo

As reported earlier here at, this year WWE plans to follow up on the 2012 released Undertaker DVD with an all-new box set commemorating his WrestleMania winning streak now that it has been broken, with: “Undertaker: The Streak 21-1”.

A limited edition version will be available in a coffin shaped box set, as pictured below. That will contain the new 5 disc DVD release and an exclusive Topps trading card of Undertaker.

Early indications are that this will be a worldwide offering, scheduled for release to the United Kingdom and the United States this November, following on to Australia this December.

The UK release date has been confirmed so far, which will be November 23rd. Fans in the UK can already pre-order the special box set for £56.76 with free shipping, here on

WWE Undertaker The Streak 21-1 DVD - Coffin Box Set

Celebrate The Undertaker’s two decade WrestleMania dominance with this individually numbered Limited Edition Commemorative Coffin Boxset!

Limited to 2101 copies, relive every single match of Undertaker’s incredible WrestleMania streak from The Phenom’s WrestleMania VII debut vs. Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka to the shocking moment Brock Lesnar defeated him at WrestleMania 30 and all the illustrious opponents in between.

Every chilling encounter is presented here from bell-to-bell blur-free and unedited for the first time!

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  1. THOMAS says:

    Looking forward to see the official artwork for WWE BattleGround 2015 dvd

    • LP1 says:

      The artwork has already been revealed on this site. It’s the same as the event poster, but it has Taker’s cross embossed over them. Do a search.

  2. THOMAS says:

    Very tempting to buy the 5 dvd set of The Undertaker {Limited Edition Coffin Boxset}

  3. Jordan B says:

    Coffin set up on right now at $60. Only 666 copies available according to amazon description and it also says it’s a 4 disc which I guess is a error.

  4. Mark Markson says:

    Nice packaging, but I have all the matches on DVD or blu-ray. If they had done a boxset featuring rare and unreleased Undertaker matches, I’d be more interested in that.

  5. attitude.era.4life says:

    “Red is Dead, stay True Blue..”

    and to clear up in advance: noooo, it is NOT a pregnant test, I’m talking bout, but the laser, okay.. 😉

  6. LP1 says:

    Absolutely pointless to release this since it’s not on blu-ray. They can pretty-it-up all they want with whatever special packaging they decide to put it in, but it’s still not worth it.

  7. RabidHeat says:

    I wish I could make myself get this, but little revisionist history things bug me like the ‘Rollin’ entrance them being overdubbed and no Boss Man hanging, lol.

  8. James says:

    21-1 copies available lol

  9. Big Cal says:

    I WANT that… but at the same time I don’t :P. Would be all over it if it was a Bluray set…

  10. R&REXPRESS#1 says:

    Do we know if this will also be released as just a basic dvd set? I want this set but not with the fancy box & everything, can only imagine how much THAT will cost.

    • attitude.era.4life says:

      from what I understand, it will also get a regular packed release.. guess, that will soon be up for pre-ordering too soon..

  11. attitude.era.4life says:

    love that they limit it to that particular number.. though I’m not really interesting in this release, it is great to see, that WWE still care for their physical medias collectors in this Network era. 🙂

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