New on WWE Network – NITRO Top 10, Eric Bischoff Top 10, Table For 3, More Hardcore TV!

September 24, 2015 by Jon Potter

WWE Network Additions

As “Nitro Week” continues on the WWE Network, we get a Top 10 special on the show itself, a look back at Eric Bischoff’s most controversial moments (told by the man himself), a Divalicious “Table For 3”, and finally that’s all topped off with our weekly dose of NXT.

Meanwhile, ECW Hardcore TV continues to roll into the archive! Let’s take a closer look…


WCW Monday Nitro – Top 10!

WWE Network - WCW Monday Nitro Top 10!

DDP hosts this very special countdown, as we take a trip down memory lane and relive the Top 10 moments in the history of WCW Monday Nitro!

The title and synopsis really say it all. This was obviously recorded at the same time as the latest WCW Nitro Vol. 3 DVD, and though it obviously can’t compare to that, it’s still a solid introductory piece for younger viewers. Yes, Hogan is mentioned and featured numerous times.


Table For 3 – Diva Legends

WWE Network - Divas Table for 3

Former Women’s Champions and Diva Legends Alundra Blayze, Ivory and Molly Holly gather for the first time ever for a very special dinner!

This was a solid, if content-light episode of the conversational series. The true highlight is finally getting to hear Blayze’s side of the infamous belt-trashing incident.


Eric Bischoff’s Top 10 Most Controversial Moments

WWE Network - Eric Bischoff Top 10 Controversial Moments

Eric Bischoff counts down the Top Ten Most Controversial moments of his career.

Despite getting two top 10 specials in as many days, this sets itself apart from the previous Nitro special by getting more insight on each moment from the man himself. This looks to be another case of extra footage being recorded during a DVD shoot (Monday Night War Vol. 2).


WWE NXT #298

WWE NXT Diva - Asuka

Witness the arrival of International Superstar Asuka as she signs her contract to join NXT!

The following matches and segments took place on this show:
– Eva Marie vs. Carmella
– Bull Dempsey vs. Tyler Breeze
– Asuka’s Contract Signing
NXT Tag Team Championship: Blake & Murphy vs. The Vaudevillains(c)


More ECW Hardcore TV!

ECW Hardcore TV - Taz vs. Rob Van Dam

The flood of ECW Hardcore TV continues with the following episodes now added:

With the ones mentioned last time, that comes to 16 new episodes within 72 hours!

Those of you who regularly visit our WWE Network Updates page will know that a handful more were also added last week. This still only brings our total to 20 episodes. If this is the promised 50 hours of added ECW content, we should still have about 30 more to come.

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