Exclusive: New Preview of Money in the Bank Anthology DVD – Really? Really?

October 26, 2013 by Daniel Bee

WWE Money in the Bank Logo

The WWE Money in the Bank Anthology releases next week on DVD & Blu-ray! You can get yours right here in the US, and it follows on to Europe and Australia early next month.

Today we have an exclusive video clip for you, as The Miz reacts with “Really? Really? Really?” to Dolph Ziggler winning the World Championship MITB Ladder Match in 2012.

WWE Money in the Bank Anthology DVD Briefcase Covers

Which side will you be on this Tuesday – red or blue? Comment below!

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WWE WrestleMania 13 DVD in Walmart $5 Bin

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  1. InsideTheCodeX says:

    Really Miz? Why is Edge not presenting this!

  2. RabidHeat says:

    Lol, all the way through that I kept thinking to myself “Rock was never in MITB, was he?” then I realised Miz was talking about himself, lol. Lame.

  3. chronic says:

    one of the few i’m gonna be buying & ofc blue wouldn’t waste my time with the red dvd rubbish what’s the point.

  4. Brad Attitude says:

    Does the Miz really have to put himself over and promote a crap B movie that nobody will add to their dvd shelf?!?

  5. Jake E says:

    The Miz is going to wreck the whole thing (if he keeps saying really? really? in it) thats my opinion.

  6. Jake E says:

    If I buy it, I will buy the blu-ray version (might not buy though because every match and cash in is on youtube).w

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