New Raw DVD Tomorrow, WWE Sourcing Bret Hart Match, Rare Stuff

December 11, 2012 by Daniel Bee

– John Lister sent word that WWE have been in touch with more than one British wrestler in an attempt to source a World of Sport era Bret Hart vs. Marty Jones match for next year’s Bret Hart: Dungeon Collection DVD. At this stage we can neither confirm nor deny the rumor.

Raw 100 – The Top 100 Moments in Raw History is released tomorrow to the United States. You can order your copy on DVD or Blu-ray by clicking here.

WWE Raw Top 100 Moments DVD

– The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has reported on an update to Martha Hart’s lawsuit against WWE for using Owen Hart footage on several DVD releases and marketing, noting that almost all counts were dismissed in federal court recently. Two claims are said to remain at present, one of which pertains to WWE using family photos of Owen on the Hart & Soul Anthology DVD in 2010. Martha claims to own said photos, whilst WWE state that they obtained all “necessary clearances” for using them in the DVD.

– We recently reported on a buy one, get one free WWE DVD sale going on at FYE stores in the United States. WWE confirmed the sale on their social media accounts this week, revealing that the promotion is slated to end on January 7th, 2013. Photo and more info.

Speaking of FYE, several WWEDVDNews readers sent word of a few rare WWE DVDs being found newly stocked in the stores. Several brand new copies of the 2-Disc Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior DVD and 4-Disc Walmart exclusive Raw 15th Anniversary set have been found priced at just $6.99 each. To speculate, it appears there has been a re-issue of these particular titles to FYE, so it may be worth checking your store.

– If you haven’t yet checked out the CM Punk: Best in the World DVD from earlier this year, you can watch the intro to the documentary below. Buy it on DVD or Blu-ray.

– Today, code “20FREE25” gets you 20% off any WWEShop order of $25+ with free shipping included, which makes for some great WWE DVD and Blu-ray deals at this link.

– Mike Bonavoglia sent word of two rare WWE DVDs he has just listed on eBay; the original print WrestleMania 17, and the “Collector’s Edition” Trish Stratus DVD.

(181042690202) Wrestlemania 17 DVD RARE!

(181042688749) Trish Stratus Collector’s Edition RARE!

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. Joshua says:

    Thanks for the tip on the Warrior & Raw 15th dvd sets. I went to my local FYE and they had both of them. I’m glad you shared because I never would have thought of looking for either of those at FYE.

  2. Anonymous says:

    my fye had 2, both 24.99, the sales rep said they were never onsale.

  3. J says:

    Seriously THANK YOU sooooo much for the info on the Warrior dvd! Made it to my local fye & quickly nabbed a copy of the collector’s edition of the Warrior dvd (been wanting it forever now but could only ever find high priced used copies, no thanks ebay sellers.) Was $25 for me too, but still way better than over $100 for a used copy. Noticed they only had two copies of Warrior & one of the Raw set. Thanx again wwedvdnews!

  4. Cody says:

    went to my local fye and found both ultimate warrior collection 2-disc and raw 15th anniversary. But only the raw was 6.99 the ultimate warrior collection 2-disc still rang up 24.99

  5. Who owns the rights to the World of Sport footage?

  6. Enourmous Penis Johnson says:

    WM17?? Shut up and take my…….oh wait. $50? No thanks.

  7. Alan says:

    LP1, Owen only did the ceiling drop one time previous to the ill-fated “Over the Edge” stunt, on the “Sunday Night Heat” that aired before “Survivor Series” 1998 at the Kiel Center in St. Louis, and the rigging was done by stunt experts…I believe his name was Randy Beckman, who was an assistant to stunt expert Joe Branham, & Owen never had to unleash. Owen was never told of the stunt until hours before it happened, & was scared. At “Over the Edge”, the clown they hired was a guy named Bobby Talbert, who used a quick release mechanism that was being used outside of its purpose, which was to quickly release the spinnaker of a sailboat, not quickly release a human. The vest they used was also only designed for stunts where people are to be dragged, not lowered from the rafters of an 78-foot high arena. The original plans also called for Max Mini to dress up as a miniature Blue Blazer, but those plans were scrapped. Owen only practiced the stunt once that day. The other two dry runs were done by lowering a 250 pound sandbag and later lowering Talbert’s assistant Matt Allman. Also wanted to point out to the sickos on the ‘net that claimed they had video of Owen’s actual fall actually posted a video of an old CZW or ECW match. When he fell, they were running a vignette on The Blue Blazer. From what I’ve read, on the Spanish language feed, you could actually hear Owen hit the mat. That was not present on the English language feed. The entire PPV is on YouTube if you want to see it. It’s hard to watch. How JR and King held it together while everyone else was backstage able to grieve I’ll never know. Also, the stunt wasn’t originally even planned, but according to Vince Russo, who has repeated this story numerous times, he received a call on May 21st, two days before OTE, saying that “Sting’s People” wanted to do a stunt with one of the wrestlers to show the WWF what they could do, & all of the events unfolded from there. Of course, Talbert turned out to merely be an assistant with Sting’s stunt a couple of times, & Sting’s stunt coordinator Ellis Edwards said Talbert had no control over the stunt. I’ve done a ton of research on this case, so feel free to ask me anything & I’ll get back to you. I know all of it off of the top of my head.

    • LP1 says:

      That’s all very interesting information regarding the the people that were behind working the harness. As for the PPV, I watched it live as it happened. I had people over the house and it was just a surreal night. I’ll absolutely never forget it. Watching Raw back in September when Lawler had the heart attack brought back some very bad memories of the night Owen died.

      When it comes to footage of Owen falling, all the idiots on Youtube who put up the video of Vic Grimes falling during a Scaffold Match and claiming it was Owen should be neutered. However, I do believe that WWE does indeed have the footage. Something you have to keep in mind is that even though on TV Owen fell during a video package, the hard camera in the arena(the main camera that gets all the wide shots of the ring) is always on, even during commercials. While it may have been dark in the arena, it is very possible that the hard camera picked up the fall. Obviously if that footage exists it would never get out because WWE owns it. If something like that happened today, with everyone having cell phone cameras, the videos would be everywhere.

      I absolutely remember Owen doing the drop from the ceiling during the Steve Blackman feud with Jeff Jarret involved also. I could’ve sworn it happened more than once. Either way, the whole situation sucked and was just a mess all around.

    • Bobby Talbert says:

      Alan , ill give you credit you did do more research on the case than most , yet still not enough, your facts given a couple are true but for the most part you have second hand knowledge. You obviously have no clue when you speak of some of the equipment. BTW (this means by the way, judging by your ignorance in your right up I figured I should point this out) this is Bobby Talbert , you know the clown you spoke of. If you know so much why didnt you ever state what the final outcome was of the case?? Let me help you with that one. The original engineer who designed the quick release is also who identified the fault in it. There were 2 previous stunt failures one in 95 and one in 97. Lewmar hid these and ignored the warnings a suggested changes from said engineer. Sighting retooling costs weren’t warranted with the present loses. You were close in stating Elis Edwards was who rigged sting. In Fact Elis Edwards motorsports is the company who was hired as the over all stunt company and Elis is the owner and a brilliant stunt coordinator but the responsible rigging parties were myself or Barry Brazzel one of the lead riggers for Cirque du Solel ( look it )SOOO moral of this story do your homework a little more prior to throwing names and trying to act like an expert,to a layman you might seem knowledgeable the the ones of us who really know.. Well lets just say not so much.. If you actually did your research you would know Randy Beckman , Joe Branam and my self work together all the time. And for an FYI the Amspec jerk vest he was wearing is used for all types of flying gags, jeeze that’s all over the Internet, also the quick release is used on the end of the “human” rated lanyard for ship rigger so they can get free in the event of being trapped BY the sailing vessels spinnaker.. So if any of you have questions feel free to ask a guy who read a little bit and doesn’t seem to understand (Alan) or one if the people who actually lived the whole event.. Take care Alan..

      • mike says:

        Hey murderer why don’t you shut your mouth, you and Vincent kennedy McMahon are responsible for that man’s death, I hope your proud of yourself


  8. Mark D says:

    I recall on WWE Classics Online they had an Owen Hart World of Sport match (can’t remember who it was against). However that could have been from the Stampede Wrestling library, as there were links between Stampede and the UK promoters back in the 70s/80s in regard to exchanging talent.

    Here is one of Bret Hart’s World of Sport matches: (not verses Marty Jones tho)

  9. warresg says:

    who is marty jones? is he good?

    • Anonymous says:

      If you like your world of sport style wrestling, then you will like Marty Jones. fantastic wrestler and my first ever exposure to a WOS match was Marty vs Dynamite Kid and it was awesome.

      • Harry Faversham says:

        Marty Jones had a very good match with Owen Hart on World of Sport. I think they had a similar style, but I might have to go back and watch.

  10. Steven says:

    Whats on the 4th disc of the walmart exclusive raw 15th anniversary set?

  11. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    I wish Martha Hart would come to her senses already, and let her late husbands career be celebrated like he would have wanted. Owen Hart loved pro wrestling, and Martha likes to pretend his career never existed – and that’s completely selfish of her to do. Owen would have wanted his work to be seen on DVD’s. He would have wanted to be profiled with a Hall of Fame induction. I know she was/is upset over the entire situation, which she should be, and I get all that. But she’s doing more damage to his legacy than she thinks she is. I hope she loses every lawsuit she has. Let Owen Harts career live on!

    I definitely can’t wait to pick up the RAW 100 Blu-ray tomorrow. The set just seems like it’s jam packed with good stuff, and of course, the Legends of Wrestling exclusive. I think I might actually take a ride to the FYE store near me. I’d like to get my hands on that Ultimate Warrior 2-disc edition. I never even knew it existed until a few months ago, actually.

    • Dave says:

      Martha did lose her husband in a stunt that could have been prevented…so i don’t really blame her for hating WWE.

      Was watching the Life and Death of Owen DVD and they said all day Owen was nervous, afraid of heights and didn’t want to go through with the stunt, which makes his death even more heartbreaking. He refused a lot of creatives suggestions about his characters direction like having an affair with Debra so he had no choice but to go through with it.

      But i think its been long enough and people really want to remember Owen for the great wrestler he truly was and releasing a comprehensive DVD, HoF, action figures and video games.

      When Bret was on RAW the day after WM26, he had an Owen shirt and the whole crowd started chanting “OWEN, OWEN”.

      • LP1 says:

        A lot of people seem to forget that Owen was doing the lowering-from-the-ceiling entrance for over 6 months before he died. He did that entrance many many times going all the way back to early November of ’98 when he started doing the Blue Blazer gimmick in his feud with Steve Blackman. So it wasn’t like he was nervous on the day of Over The Edge ’99 because he never did the stunt before. He did it plenty of times including during a test-run of the entrance during the afternoon of the PPV. What happened was just a complete and unfortunate freak accident. I hate all these conspiracy theorists out there that think Vince purposly sabotaged the cable rig. Think about how ridiculous that sounds.

    • indyfan says:

      You are talking about wrestling legacy and shes talking about the father of her kids. What the f*** do you think is more important. It bothers the hell out of me when fans think their lives are more important than a widow of a wrestler they loved. There so many great Owen matches already released, it would be chalked full of repeats anyway. Actually you can probably make your own Owen dvd.

      And you are actually being selfish as well. She owns his estate and WWE made the deal with her to settle a lawsuit. So deal with it.

      • LP1 says:

        I don’t think Vincenzzzzzo is being selfish at all. He’s bringing up a very valid point actually. The lawsuit Martha has against WWE is three-fold. 1)She claims WWE needs her permission to release any of Owen’s matches on DVD. They don’t. So she’s wrong there. 2)She claims WWE didn’t get her permission to use pictures of Owen in the Hart Family DVD. That I can’t comment on one way or the other because I don’t know where WWE got the pictures from. And 3)She claims WWE owes her residual money from any DVD’s that featured Owen. Can’t argue with her there. She absolutely has the right to that. 100%.

        What people, like Vincenzzzzzo and many others, have a problem with is how Martha is trying to erase Owen’s wrestling career. She has claimed many times that she doesn’t want her children to know about their father’s wrestling career. That’s fine. That’s her decision how she raises her kids. However, Owen was very proud of his career. He came from one of the most famous wrestling families of all time. Wrestling was in his blood. He was born to be a wrestler. The only thing Owen has left to remember him by other than his children is his wrestling legacy. I’m not gonna say that Martha doesn’t have the right to be upset at Vince and WWE and wrestling in general for the unfortunate accident that took the life of her husband and the father of her children. She absolutely has every right to feel that way. Anyone who says shedoesn’t is just ignorant. And Idon’t believe that’s what Vincenzzzzzo was saying either. He just wishes that perhaps someday she can see that Owen was beloved the world over by not just her and her children, but by millions and millions of fans worldwide. A lot of people think he is being very shortsighted in some regard when it comes to closing the door on her husband’s wrestling heritage and legacy. She’s consciously or subconciously shutting out his fans on what could be great memories by either a Hall Of Fame induction or a documentary on his life or other things because of her decision to block out his wrestling legacy. A lot of fans would love for her to give her blessing for WWE to move forward with a Hall Of Fame induction and a career retrospective documentary that would not only make millions of fans worldwide happy, but would also give her children even more residuals from any revenue that those projects would receive.

        Again, this is reallya touchy subject and I can absolutely see both sides of the case, Martha’s and the fans.

        • Vincenzzzzzo says:

          LP1, thanks for understanding what I meant. Indyfan clearly hasn’t a clue. In fact, the only thing “chalked full of repeats” Indyfan, is your commentary. I love how you come to a WWE DVD enthusiast board and bash the WWE fans and products. Isn’t there a ROHDVDNews or something….?

          • Dave says:

            LOL! so true Vincenzzzzzo….Clearly Indyfan hasn’t seen ROH DVDs, the compilations are “chalked full of repeats” from shows already released on DVD.

            Indyfan is just upset that WWE don’t live up to DVDs compared to the “fantasy concept” in his head.

          • Johnny W. says:

            You know something, as controversial as the whole Martha Hart lawsuit is, it really makes me give credit and respect to Vickie Guerrero. I mean look what she did after she lost her husband to the wrestling industry – though it was more Eddie’s own demons than anything – she became a part of it! And a huge part at that! It makes me wish Martha would just do the same and embrace the company. Hell, if Bret can, so can she! A tragedy is a tragedy. Vickie was well compensated from support through WWE after Eddie died, and I know Martha was as well. So instead of being bitter and living in the past and resenting the company every day of your life, try taking a lesson from Vickie Guerrero and just let it go – Owen is in a better place along with Eddie – and even make some financial gain in the process. Let us enjoy his legacy as well. He is remembered in many different ways, personal and professional!

  12. mason says:

    i found the ultimate warrior dvd yesterday at fye and yes it was the fye edition but they wanted 25 bucks not 7 bucks but i still bought cause you dont see it much

    • Dave says:

      Nice! surprised they’re reprinting it…i recall it was basically sold out within the first few days of release and a tough find.

      We didn’t get it in Canada so i found a brand new sealed copy on ebay few years ago and within the last second of bidding won it at $25. Was seeing copies go for as much as $150 brand new.

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