New WWE DVD for $10, Austin/Rock Rivalry, Tips on Building a Collection

December 27, 2011 by Daniel Bee

– As of today WWE Best Pay-Per-View Matches 2011 is available across the United States on DVD and Blu-ray (get yours). It follows to the UK in March, available to pre-order now over here.

– Ron sent word that Amazon has a listing up for WWE Elimination Chamber 2012 on DVD at just $10.49, which seems an unusually low price. Not sure if this is a misprint or intentional but it may be worth getting your pre-order in to see if they honor the price.

– In the video below Shaun Blackford gives his tips on building a WWE DVD collection.

– Jim Ross recently replied to a fan on Twitter, saying he has not heard plans of an Austin/Rock DVD upcoming. We know for a fact WWE had this rivalry DVD planned this year, visible for a number on months on their schedule. It was however cancelled and replaced with Shawn/Bret in a rather last minute change.

During the months it was planned we spoke with a WWE Home Entertainment employee regarding it, who was quoted to say “I think anyone over 20 years old hopes it happens”. In our opinion it is unlikely to be the next volume in the WWE Greatest Rivalries series because of a Stone Cold DVD just being released, and since a Rock one is on the way.

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. HHHfan1999 says:

    WWE DVD’s I Got:
    Rey 619
    Raw 10th Anniversary
    Royal Rumble 2004
    Unforgiven 2005
    Survivor Series 2005
    ndertaker 15-0
    Rey Mysterio: Biggest Little Man
    John Cena: My Life
    Best of RAW 15th Anniversary
    Triple H: King of Kings – There is Only One
    The Life and Times of Mr. Pefect
    Best of WCW Monday Nitro
    Greatest Superstars of the 21st Century
    Ladder Match 2: Crash and Burn
    Stonce Cold Steve Austin: The Bottom Line on the Most Popular…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh that’s nothing.

    Undertaker This is my Yard. Hardy Boyz leap of faith. Austin 3;16. Funnest Mloments. SCSA What. NWO. HHH The game. Hulk Still Rules. HHH That Damn Good. Rey 619. Rock Just Bring it. Confidential. Before they Were Superstars 2. Raw 10th anniversary. From The Vault HBK. Brock Lesnar HCTP. Trsih Stratus. Bloodbath. Ultimate Ric Flair collection. Undertaker buries them alive. Mick Foley hit and misses. Stone Cold Truth. Monday Night War. John Cena Word :ife.2004 HOF. Chris Benoit Hard Knocks. HBK Boyhood Dream. CDSL Eddie Gu8errero. Rise/Fall ECW. RVD. Stars of the 80s. LOD. Ultimate Warrior. Jake Roberts. Bret Hart BTI, TBTW, TBTTEWB. Billy Graham. Bloodsport ECW. Dusty Rhodes. Great managers. McMahon. WWE title. Brian Pillman. Hulk Hogan anthology. Roddy Piper. AWA. Extreme Rules ECW. New DX. WM III. Four Horsemen. Great families. Ladder match. Undertaker 15-0. Rey BLM. John Cena My Life. HAT HBK. WCCW. Raw 15th. Legacy of SCSA. HHH KOKs. Greatest stars of WM. Matt and Jeff story. Rock MEMISE. Definitive Ric Flair collection. Mr. Perfect. HIAC. Legacy of Eddie Guerrero. IC title. Kane. Edge. Starrcade. LOW Piper/Funk, Hogan/Backlund, Andre/Sheik, King/JYD, Flair/Slaughter, Heatseekers. SNME. Great stars of 90s. Randy Savage. Allied Powers. Rise/Fall WCW. Smackdown 10th. Batista. Hiogan unreleased. Jeff Hardy. WHC. Raw 2009. JoMo. HBK My Journey. Hart and Soul. 2009-10 PPV matches. Undertaker Deadliest matches. Steamboat. EC anthology. Raw 93/94. BTC Y2J. High Flyers. Smackdown 2009-10. JC Expierence. Top 50 wrestlers. Bobby Heenan. Raw 2010. Big Show. WM story. DX ONS. WCW Nitro. Great Cage matches. Great Stars 21st century. Rey Masked Man. OMG. Orton. Ladder 2. Bret/Shawn. Stone Cold Bottom Line.. KOTR. 2011 PPV matches. Royal Rumble Anthology 1988-2011. SummerSlam Anthology 1988=2011. Surivior Series Anthology 1987-96. WM Anthology 1-27.

    Can anyone beat that.

  3. jasongoldsmith says:

    @ED–if youre interested in them the WWF put out a few beta tapes as well
    i also found a full list of vhs somewhere on the net by typing in WWF coliseum video but i cant recall the website and there was a full list of WCW vhs as well.

  4. Brad Attitude says:

    WWE DVDs I’ve Got:
    RAW, The Beginning: The Best of Seasons 1 and 2.
    Greatest Rivalries: Shawn vs. Bret
    Rey Mysterio: Life of a Masked Man
    Viva La Raza: The Legacy of Eddie Guerrero
    Macho Madness: The Randy Savage Ultimate Collection
    Ricky Steamboat: Life Story of the Dragon
    Bret Hart: Best There Is, Best There Was & Best There Ever Will Be
    Nature Boy Ric Flair: Definitive Collection
    Best of Saturday Night’s Main Event
    The Ladder Match (the 1st one)
    Hart and Soul: The Hart Family Anthology
    Randy Orton: Evolution of a Predator
    Edge: A Decade of Decadence
    Brian Pillman: Loose Cannon
    Chris Benoit: Hard Knocks Story
    Brock Lesnar: Here Comes the Pain
    The Rock: Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment
    Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior
    Royal Rumble 2003 & 2004
    No Mercy 2007
    Best of Smackdown vs. RAW
    Best of WCW Monday Nitro
    Best of WWE Confidential
    WWE’s Highest Flyers
    DVDs I Used to Own:
    Life & Times of Mr Perfect
    Tombstone: History of the Undertaker
    Royal Rumble 2005, 2006 & 2007
    Survivor Series 2003
    Judgment Day 2003
    One Night Stand 2008
    Breaking the Code: Behind the Walls of Chris Jericho

  5. Ed says:

    hey shaun i was wondering if i could get an american list for WWF WWE videos… do you know what website i can visit that lists all videos from the very begining of wwf/wwe for VHS, DVD, BD, UMD, Steelbook, Tin sets anthologys ect thanks

  6. craig says:

    thanks Anthony. so ladder match 2 will have the new matches in 16×9 with no blank space or border then?

  7. oldschool says:

    @jgold44 I will not pay that kind of money for any dvd, 200.00 is a rip off/unless you are the one selling it and good for you if you can make some dough off it. what also would be a suggestion, I do not know if this is practical but I would put the must have dvd’s in bold or put a star by them. If I am new I am not going to have time to read all your really good dvd reviews. If you could highlight/star/bold type the must haves that would really help also. Some of the dvd’s that wwe release are really for only the hardcore dvd collectors(example the music vol.1 dvd) and not something all will enjoy. It would be great to have a quick list dvd ranking system from must have to the only for the hardcore collector…just sayin….

  8. jasongoldsmith says:

    @RKO4–watch out or the smart ones who use this site will blast you too for being a dummy–lol
    no offense to you–i just feel like im a know nothing newbie to wrestling when i read some of this genius.

  9. jasongoldsmith says:

    wwe could well put out those ppvs just as they did the royal rumble,wrestlemania,summerslam and survivor series anthologies–by blurring the wwf logos out–would be nice to have them officially released but does not matter to me because i have every WWF/E and WCW ppv on either dvd or dvd-r.
    @oldschool–thats the best way ive found–i bought what i could since i didnt start buying the dvds until 2004 and if you wait long enough on ebay you can find the rarities cheap.
    i believe ive got $150 to $160 in the whole set of attitude collection dvds and bought the best of 3live kru for $60 and only have $130 in the whole set of original 6 TNA dvds.
    the raw homecoming and best of WWF 2001 keep eluding me from having every WWE release.
    i can get the best of 2001 but $200 is not justifiable to me.

  10. oldschool says:

    Have got to say I disagree with the approach in the video. I did not go after and buy the out of print dads right away. I took my time and found the right deals online and at used dvd stores. I think the most I paid was 35.00 USD for a collector dvd and that was the ultimate warrior 2 disc set. My advice would be to take the list and wait it out until you find your price point you are willing to spend. I just paid ten dollars for a brand new kofi kingston dvd. I paid thirty five dollars total for wwf best of 2001 and raw homecoming on dvd. I paid fifteen dollars for the roady piper 4 dvd set. I paid ten dollars for Undertaker the Phenom. I recommend waiting for a deal and then pulling the trigger. Some of the older wwf dvds are not worth a lot of money. Best of Survivor Series 1987-1997 is not a great one, neither is the Best of Wrestlemania. I would only buy if you can get them cheap

  11. RKO4 says:

    What’s the deal with USA not getting the tagged Attitude Era classics? I would like to see the Screwjob match and a couple others from the Attiude Era.

  12. Lemo says:

    @ Anthony Nagle , if you don’t mind can you please explain to me more regarding 4:3 , because all the latest wwe blue rays i bought have side bars on the pre 2008 which is very annoying 🙁 i hope WWE has an option to view them without side bars just like the old dvds

  13. craig, that’s how the DVD’s have been since June of 2010. You will not have to worry about proper aspect ratios at all 🙂 . And they list them as full screen because there is no letterbox on a 4×3 setting in the player. 16×9 will play 16×9 as intended.

  14. craig says:

    are all the new wwe dvds and blu-rays in widescreen now? i heard rumors that they were going to make them widescreen for matches filmed in hd and have a nice border for older matches. is this true as i was hoping to get the WWE Best Pay-Per-View Matches 2011 but i want them in widescreen like they were broadcast.

    plus what really causes confusion is amazon still list them as full screen even for blu ray

  15. craig says:

    are all the new wwe dvds and blu-rays in widescreen now? i heard rumors that they were going to make them widescreen for matches filmed in hd and have a nice border for newer matches. is this true as i was hoping to get the WWE Best Pay-Per-View Matches 2011 but i want them in widescreen like they were broadcast

  16. JFR_WWfE79 says:

    Thank you very much for the tip on how to build a WWF/E Video Collection. I spent almost 6 years getting the original SP mode VHS releases for ANOES and Friday The 13th franchises. Just comparing WWF/E and those 2 horror franchises.

  17. Harry Faversham says:

    Happy new year.

  18. SRB says:

    Pretty much the only way for people to grab the Attitude Era PPV sets is through Tagged Classics. Like I said below I have a region free player as well as a large amount of the Tagged Classics sets. Releasing them in the states probably will not happen, but at least Americans or other people not living in the UK can still purchase them just as I did. My point below came from the fact that certain countrires can go to a local store and buy them off the shelf. I ordered 4 new Tagged Classics about a month ago.. I don’t live in the UK, but at least I can watch the classics another way

  19. u felt the need to do so. so i felt the need to reply. thanks again and happy new year

  20. Harry Faversham says:

    Firstly, the tagged classics was in reply to someone else. Not to you. Wasn’t after a reaction. And I can’t think why you’d would think anyone would be jealous of you. And yes, you are within your rights. But I’ve never seen a more patronising teach the idiots how to suck eggs attitude. I only wrote one little sentence about you at the end there and you obviously couldn’t handle it. Grow up Blackford!

  21. SafGuy* says:

    Thanks Shaun for that vid used some of your tips i picked up dvds that i fort i wudnt pick up for a good price, ur videos are always very detailed and i like your wrestling knowledge and u got amazing collection there must be well over 500 dvds there and u must av spent 1000s i myself have 70 wwe dvds/blu rays i am aiming to reach the 100 mark and from there i am going to collect every single dvd .
    Keep up the great work shaun 🙂

  22. Dave says:


    This has been explained many times and Harry Faversham hit the nail right on the head.

    If you want Tagged Classics so bad, do what i did, buy a region free DVD player (bought a Panasonic for $40) and go on or ebay and buy them from there. Not point whining and complaining because will not release tagged classics in North America without butchering it to death.

  23. Wow harry, I have to say on the whole people are very thankful with these “tips”. If you are not, then do what I said at the start and close the video down. I think I’m well within my right to make a video on this matter. People ask me all the time all kinds of questions on collecting, I thought I’d take time out to help people this is all. Btw if you were telling me the breaking news on why silver vision can release these via tagged classics id say thanks for this info I had no idea 😉 if I insulted you before you probably deserved it, we here at wwedvdnews appreciate all feedback but to come on here and say I’ve wasted my time is just your dogmatic view and in my experience only your opinion thanks again, as I finish this essay I sense this was your successful attempt of getting a reaction from someone you probably are very jealous of.

  24. DX1 says:

    I think I have a good collection of WWE dvd’s, I have everything from Macho Man to Shawn Michaels to Ladder Match 2 to Greatest Superstar’s of the 90’s to King of the Ring to Chris Jericho. I have 14 DVD’s from WWE. Next one on my list is the Greatest Cage Matches or Rock’s new one hate the title of it.

  25. Harry Faversham says:

    Because there is an injunction against them using the initials WWF (A legal remedy for breach of the contract with the World Wildlife Fund. SilverVision as a UK distibution company was an innocent 3rd party that would suffer a loss from this so they are permitted to use the initials and re-issue the DVDs. I don’t know why I took the time to explain that since you insulted me last time I said I was working in law. I’m also wondering if there will be a 14 min follow up video to this on how to take DVDs out of their cases. Buying DVDs is not rocket science Blackford, even if they are rare.

  26. jasongoldsmith says:

    i agree–i can not figure why WWE would not release the tagged classics in the USA–it seems like leaving money on the table to me.

  27. Jeff says:

    A good tip for building a collection? Move to the UK lol

  28. SRB says:

    People are probably tired of USA fans complaining that they don’t get tagged classics. But, I think it’s easy for UK/Australia fans to get all of the attitude era PPV events and thus have a comprehensive collection right from the start. The UK seems to get many more relases than the USA. Each time DB or Shaun have shown their own sets over and over again I see thigns I never knew existed and that’s because of where I live. I just ordered several tagged classics from Amazon and had to buy a region free player. Talk about money spent.

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