New WWE DVD Out Today, ‘Brothers of Destruction’ Updates, Giveaway Winner

August 19, 2014 by Daniel Bee

New information on the Undertaker and Kane “Brothers of Destruction – Greatest Matches” DVD reveals an approximate runtime of 1 hour and 32 minutes. As you may recall, this is planned to be a budget single-disc DVD with its content made up of 7 matches.

A new synopsis for the “Brothers of Destruction” DVD can be read below.

The saga of Undertaker and Kane has taken many sordid twists since the inferno that left their souls forever charred. The combustible combo has buried their deep-seeded rivalry on several occasions, always close enough to the surface to ignite at the touch of a spark. Still, their blood bond makes them an indomitable force in the ring. And every so often, old wounds close up long enough to unite WWE’s darkest duo under one common purpose – destruction.

In this DVD, see the Brothers of Destruction scorch their path of wreckage through WWE. Seven devastating matches against some of the greatest tag teams of the new millennium are presented in their entirety. Witness WWE’s most volatile Superstars, The Deadman and the Devil’s Favourite Demon, on the same page before they tear each other apart once again!

The UK and Europe will be getting an exclusive Blu-ray edition also. The extras on that version will be 4 additional matches which have a total runtime of approximately 1 hour and 24 minutes. That takes the full content of the Blu-ray up to almost 3 hours in length.

WWE Brothers of Destruction - Undertaker & Kane DVD & Blu-ray

Release Dates for the “Brothers of Destruction” DVD…

UK/Europe: September 1st (DVD and Blu-ray). Pre-order now via

Australia: September 3rd (DVD only). Pre-order now via

USA: October 7th (DVD only). Pre-order now here on

The WWE Battleground 2014 DVD is officially released today!

If buying online, you can get a copy for $12.99 here on, or alternatively $13.44 here on Getting hold of it in-store may be a cheaper option.

WWE Battleground 2014 DVD Cover

The 5 extras on today’s Battleground DVD are the following:

– Adam Rose vs. Fandango (Battleground Kickoff Match)

– Naomi vs. Cameron (Battleground Kickoff Match)

– The Usos Are Turnt Up! (Battleground Fallout)

– John Cena Reacts to Battleground (Battleground Fallout)

– The Miz Reflects on the Intercontinental Championship Battle Royal
(Home Video Exclusive)

The winner of our WWE DVD prize pack giveaway has e-mail address beginning “Evolution67..@..”. If that’s you, look out for an e-mail to arrange shipment of your prizes.

Stay tuned to for more great giveaways very soon!

WWE DVD Prize Pack - Paul Heyman

The latest WWE DVD documentary that’s now available to watch instantly on the WWE Network is this time one from 2006 – Born to Controversy: The Roddy Piper Story.

We’ve added that to our new “WWE DVDs on WWE Network” page.

Roddy Piper Documentary on WWE Network

For those still wanting to collect the Blockbuster exclusive WWE DVDs (with bonus discs), Frank Werner sends word of his eBay auctions linked to below, all starting at just $0.99.

$0.99Royal Rumble 2007 DVD (Blockbuster Exclusive)
$0.99No Way Out 2007 DVD (Blockbuster Exclusive)
$0.99Great American Bash 2007 DVD (Blockbuster Exclusive)
$0.99SummerSlam 2007 DVD (Blockbuster Exclusive)
$0.99Unforgiven 2007 DVD (Blockbuster Exclusive)

Blockbuster Exclusive WWE DVD Collection

These deals on a few out-of-print titles are coming up today and tomorrow…

$0.99WWF King of the Ring 2000 DVD
$0.99Hollywood Hogan Hulk Still Rules DVD
$3.25Chris Benoit Hard Knocks DVD

And these deals on two WrestleMania Anthology box sets also…

$10.49WrestleMania Anthology DVD Box Set (+Bonuses)
$31.00WrestleMania Anthology DVD Box Set (Free Shipping)

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. hey50 says:

    I’m not buying anymore WWE blu rays or dvds until you guys give me a 50% off code or Black Friday. Brothers of Destruction sound good but not the price they are asking. A budget release should be 5-10 bucks not 16.

    • Daniel Bee says:

      It’s $13 on Amazon US, priced similarly to PPVs. May come down.

      And yeah, WWEShop have been quiet with their DVD sales lately. Let’s hope one happens soon…

  2. simon says:

    The Brother of Destruction is a budget single disc.. At 16,99$ on amazon canada that aint really a big saving

  3. Jordan B says:

    I guess I will get it for $14.52 because of their preorder guarantee…

  4. Jordan B says:

    I ordered the macho man DVD from the US amazon but cancelled it and ordered it from amazon Canada and got it for like $22 instead of $83. Any news on this Daniel? On amazon Canada the regular list price is $127 so it must be the collectors edition right?

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