New WWE DVD Spotted, Full TLC Artwork, Region Free Blu-ray Update

January 13, 2012 by Daniel Bee

– Here is the full artwork for the TLC 2011 which features CM Punk on the cover. It’s the next WWE DVD set for release, in stores January 17th. Get yours or click here to pre-order in the UK.


WWEShop has the TLC 2011 DVD up for pre-order in an exclusive package, including T-Shirt.

Head over to WWEShop by clicking here, and remember all this month you can get $5 off any order of $30 or more by using our exclusive promo code DVDWWE5.

– In an update to WWE PPV Blu-ray’s from the UK possibly being region free, a few site readers have informed us that Night of Champions 2011 is also working on their US (Region A) BD players. There is no official word on this, and there likely won’t be, but so far it looks like this and SummerSlam are compatible.

– Site readers Corey and Jeffrey have spotted a new “WWE Double Feature” DVD at Walmart, which includes Survivor Series 2009 and 2010 in one release. Below are pics.

– Seth sent word that he’s noticed TLC, Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, Extreme Rules and Capitol Punishment 2011 DVD’s in the $5 range of various retail sites on the web. This is fairly unusual for titles as recent as these.

Tommy alerted us of the WWE DVD promotion at, with titles starting at $5.19. For the most part it’s the same stock as the current Best Buy sale but there are different ones too.

You can get the original WWF WrestleMania 18 DVD new for just $9.99 here, and Unforgiven 2001 for $9.49 here. For both, orders are being fulfilled by Amazon themselves.

– Many readers are getting in touch about playback problems they are having with Disc 2 of WWE Best Pay-Per-View Matches 2011 on Blu-ray, in the US. Mark on our team has also encountered the problem, where the first plays without issue but the second won’t at all. There is not a lot we can suggest except returning them to the retailer. If enough copies are defective then perhaps retailers will then alert WWE or relevant distributors.

– One of the limited edition WrestleMania Anthology leather box sets was recently sold for $350. Check it out: WrestleMania Anthology Signed by Vince McMahon. Do you own it?

– recently put up an article about a teacher using WWE DVD’s in the classroom as an educational resource. I might try that!

– We made in April 2010 and since this time you’ve left over 10,000 reader comments on the website. A big thank you!

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  1. Geolink says:

    Got my SS ’11 Blu-ray! It works! Holy &#*! Survivor Series 2011 here I come!

  2. Ryan says:

    Got summerslam ’11 in from Amazon uk yesterday, played fine on my Sony blu ray player. I’ve already ordered Night of Champions and Hell in a cell. I’ll update as soon as I get both and test them out. I hope everyone continues to update the region free discs as they become available.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It is a great deal, which is probably one of the reasons why WWE blu-rays don’t sell as well here as opposed to the UK, they’re kinda expensive.

  4. Dave says:

    @ Anonymous

    Mine came out to $40.82 CDN (including shipping), i think it’s a great price for 2 Blu-rays seeing as in Canada one ppv blu-ray could cost about $25+ tax and the DVD versions are $20+ tax.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey Dave, I live in Canada also, how much did it cost?

  6. MadMike says:

    Hey I just wanted to say thanks for posting the Best Buy sale…I was able to grab the Mick Foley Hardcore Edition for 5.99…I had the original 2 disc but I always wanted the Hardcore Edition’s third disc with the feature commentary from Mick Foley giving his perspective on the matches featured…

  7. Geolink says:

    Gonna definitely get Survivor Series 2011 Blu-ray.

  8. Geolink says:

    Great news, Dave! I have yet to receive my SummerSlam 2011 from Amazon yet. Delayed a day probably because of MLK day, but that’s okay, I can wait another day. Hopefully my WrestleMania 24, 26, & 27 Blu-ray’s show up alongside tomorrow too! ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. Dave says:

    Received Summerslam 2011 and Night of Champions 2011 from Amazon uk; pretty fast shipping considering i live in Canada and ordered it last Tuesday, shipped the next day, and arrived today.

    I can also confirm both worked flawlessly on all three of my region A Blu-ray players (160GB PS3, Sony BDP-S580 and BDP-S380), all connected via HDMI and quality and sound are amazing. No PAL to NTSC framerate issues, since HDMI fixes all that.

    Very tempted to imported Hell in a Cell.

  10. Anonymous says:

    There are a few 2001 and 2002 dvds on ebay right now including Judgement Day 2002 and Vengeance 2002.

  11. bowers says:

    Read this thread earlier and got spooked so I checked my Blu copy of “Best PPV Matches 2011” and disc 2 played fine in the ps3

  12. Dave says:

    @ Tony Kegger

    I ordered the Best PPV matches from and my disc 2 plays fine on all my Blu-ray players. Never realized this was a widespread problem.

    I think someone should definitely contact WWE if there is an issue.

  13. Tony Kegger says:

    I just recently set you an email about the Blu-Ray problem. I had the same problem. Disc one worked great and disc two wouldn’t load. I sent it back yesterday. I definitely think someone needs to contact the WWE. Has anyone gotten a Best PPV Matches Blu-Ray that DOES work??

  14. Daniel Bee says:

    To Jeremey and others that may not know, Silver Vision ship only to Europe. Amazon UK is your best bet to do what you’re looking to do.

  15. Geolink says:

    My last comment was for Jeremy, my bad.

  16. Geolink says:

    @Cody Just like you order from any other U.S. site. Just add the DVD to the cart, confirm the order, put in your credit card/address information, then the site should recognize that your from the U.S. and it should convert the U.K. currency to U.S. and tell you how much it is.

  17. Jeremy says:

    Cody – how do u order from silvervison or atleast get them to ship in US

  18. JFR_WWfE79 says:

    My local Walmart had the Survivor Series double pack since August or September of 2011.

    @Luis That is where I am getting my SummerSlam 2011 BD from and I’ll try Night of Champions 2011 too.

  19. Nate says:

    You’re more likely to run into that SS double pack at Walmart than you are that big clearance sale we were all talking about last week.

  20. Luis says:

    Where is everyone buying the UK Blu-Rays and having shipped to the U.S.? I’m getting them from

  21. Anonymous says:

    That two pack of SurSer 09/10 has been at my Walmart since late October.

  22. nightmare says:

    Are The 2 pack of the WWE dvd’s dual sided or regular because I hate hate dual sided dvds thanks .

  23. Anonymous says:

    I got 2 pack before thanksgiving

  24. Cody Schields says:

    @Jordan B – I have both the Summerslam and Night of Champions blu rays through silvervision and they both play on my US PS3

  25. zach says:

    i actually got that double pack like 2 weeks ago ๐Ÿ˜›

  26. Dave says:

    @Jordan B

    Blu-rays will work on PS3…that was one of the main selling points when it launched.

  27. Jordan B says:

    Anybody know if the blu rays will work on PS3? They should if they work on region A Players.

  28. Geolink says:

    @Anonymous Oh, I definitely will update you guys. Maybe with pics too.

  29. Dave says:


    I also imported Summerslam 2011 and Night of Champions 2011, hopefully will arrive next week.

  30. Matthew says:

    In Australia we have a 2 pack of Survivor Series 2010 and Survivor Series 2011.

  31. Anonymous says:

    @ Geolink

    I have a feeling you have nothing to worry about, if they have been working on Cody’s Blu-Ray players, I think you’ll be good too. If you update that it’s working for you, then I’m definitely importing them.

  32. Geolink says:

    I’ll also give an update on the whole “Region B WWE Blu-ray’s working on Region A players”, I imported SummerSlam 2011 earlier this week and should get sometime next week.

  33. Isrs4life says:

    I honestly think deep down n side me older ppvs should only be 5
    dollars and shouldn’t be no more then 20 when they first come out.

  34. Rick says:

    Had same problem with disc two of blu ray version not playing in one of my blu ray players but would play in another. Weird.

  35. SRB says:

    $10 for the double feature? I’d for sure pick that up!

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