Revealed: New WWE DVD Covers; Money in the Bank & Elimination Chamber 2015

June 20, 2015 by Mark D

WWE Money in the Bank 2015 PPV Logo

Today we have a look at the planned DVD cover artwork just finalized for last weekend’s sixth annual MITB PPV – Money in the Bank 2015.

As you can see it’s adorned by none other than the “Lunatic Fringe”, Dean Ambrose.

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WWE Money in the Bank 2015 DVD Cover Artwork


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Money in the Bank featured a double ladder match main event with the Money in the Bank Ladder Match and the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins, taking on Dean Ambrose. Not forgetting of course that those main events were joined by the anticipated rematch between NXT Champion, Kevin Owens, and the United States Champion, John Cena.

The DVD extras are still to be confirmed, but shouldn’t be too far away. The DVD version will be released in the United States as well as Australia (where it will be released as a twin pack with Elimination Chamber), while UK/Europe will also have a Blu-ray edition available.

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Elimination Chamber 2015‘s cover artwork has also just come through, as shown below.

The event originally aired as a WWE Network special and for a while a physical release looked unlikely, but it will be making it to DVD as a UK exclusive from next month!

WWE Elimination Chamber 2015 DVD Cover Artwork


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The UK exclusive DVD will include the following extras when released on July 27th:

Zack Ryder vs. Stardust
(Elimination Chamber Kickoff Show Match)

Ryback Wants More
(Home Video Exclusive)

Nikki Bella is a Champion
(Home Video Exclusive)

As mentioned, fans in Australia will be getting Elimination Chamber 2015 as a bonus disc included in the Money in the Bank 2015 DVD this August, but as it stands right now, the event will not see a Home Video release in North America. We’ll let you know if that changes.

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  1. THOMAS says:

    @Bill, maybe they didn’t have much room to slot Mark Henry on the front of Elimination Chamber 2015 dvd at all

  2. Bill says:

    So why isn’t Mark Henry on the cover of the EC DVD?

  3. THOMAS says:

    @MikeJohnson, Elimination Chamber 2015 dvd is exclusive to the UK fans & available on the WWE Network

  4. MIKEJOHNSON says:


  5. THOMAS says:

    I know I am a funny guy, the UK fans will be getting Elimination Chamber 2015 event on dvd as an exclusive event dude due to the cancellation of Live In The UK dvd series

  6. THOMAS says:

    @LP1, don’t argue me, I know, I read it on the internet, so don’t argue with me at all.

  7. THOMAS says:

    @LP1 yes WWE Elimination Chamber 2015 event definately was an exclusive event to the WWE Network

  8. THOMAS says:

    @LP1, yes WWE Elimination Chamber 2015 event was exclusive event to the WWE Network

  9. LP1 says:

    Elimination Chamber wasn’t a WWE Network exclusive. It did air on traditional PPV channels in most countries around the world. Only in a few countries, like the US, was it only available on the Network.

  10. Robert emons says:

    So north America is or isn’t getting a twin pack with elimination chamber and money in the bank?

  11. THOMAS says:

    Fantastic artwork for both WWE Elimination Chamber 2015 & WWE Money In The Bank 2015 events on dvd, as one of the events is a exclusive event to the WWE Network which will be released as an exclusive dvd for the UK fans, also for the first time ever the Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose makes it to the PPV Poster to the official artwork for WWE Money In The Bank 2015 event on dvd & I hope that the UK fans will have the exact same PPV Poster as the official artwork for the dvd in the UK

  12. Richard says:

    The DVD market is drying up as it is, making a Network exclusive show like Elimination Chamber available to the general public as a dvd defeats the purpose of making it exclusive. The goal of the company is to push the Network and having exclusive shows does that. No need to have this on dvd

  13. Robin Persaud says:

    Am I the only one wondering why they don’t release Elimination Chamber 2015 in North America on digital platforms, such as iTunes Store, Play Store or Windows Store? They are leaving money on the table…again.

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