New WWE Network Show ‘Table For 3’ Debuting Tonight – Roddy Piper Involved

August 6, 2015 by Steve Coulson

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In big WWE Network news, the service is all set to debut a new series tonight immediately following SmackDown at 10PM EST. The show is called “Table For 3” and during their second quarter earnings release they described the show as:

…a new series that gives viewers a seat at the table with our Superstars and Divas…

As big as a new show hitting the Network is, the major news is who this episode features. Paul Orndorff and Mean Gene Okerlund are showcased, along with “Rowdy” Roddy Piper.

WWE - Roddy Piper & Gene Okerlund at WrestleMania

In what could be the last new footage WWE has with the recently passed legend, Piper will sit down with the other two Hall of Famers to discuss some of their favorite ribs and moments. Our new WWE Network Schedule page describes the show as:

WrestleMania icons Roddy Piper, Gene Okerlund and Paul Orndorff discuss their favorite pranks and stories from their Hall of Fame careers

Of course, we will have coverage on the new show right here at along with updates on any future Roddy Piper content as soon as we learn more about it. Once again, the show is scheduled for 10PM EST immediately following SmackDown before airing again at 1AM EST. The show is listed as lasting for half an hour.

In addition to all of this, WWE will be airing Roddy Piper moments and matches throughout the day as part of their “Throwback Thursday” Roddy Piper Marathon.

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