RUMBLE WEEK: New WWE Royal Rumble ‘Anthology’ DVD Box Set Gets Cover Art, Latest Match Reveals!

September 21, 2016 by Daniel Bee

WWE 'The True Story of Royal Rumble' DVD & Blu-ray Content - RUMBLE WEEK Logo

We’re back exclusively revealing content for “The True Story of Royal Rumble”.

Like the revered Royal Rumble match itself, the reward of this special week will be the ultimate prize — here, the FULL content listing for WWE’s December DVD and Blu-ray release!

The main documentary portion will be joined by around 20 extras, and as our daily reveals have already confirmed, the compilation will feature select Rumble matches in their entirety.

So, let’s go again and name yet another 30-man Royal Rumble match that’s set to shown in full. Make that 2 if you count non-PPV Rumbles. Here are your latest match picks…



— Tazz vs. Kurt Angle
Royal Rumble • January 23, 2000

Royal Rumble Match
Royal Rumble • January 28, 2007

RAW Royal Rumble
RAW • January 31, 2011

WWE Championship Match
CM Punk vs. The Rock
Royal Rumble • January 27, 2013

Check back with every day for more Rumble reveals!

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WWE 'The True Story of Royal Rumble' DVD & Blu-ray Content - RUMBLE WEEK Logo

Get your copy of WWE’s “True Story of ROYAL RUMBLE” DVD/Blu-ray…

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Sneaking into today’s RUMBLE WEEK entry is a brand new WWE DVD cover reveal!

“Royal Rumble: The Ultimate Collection” is coming in two “Anthology-like” volumes updated for 2016 — a 14 disc DVD set and a 15 disc DVD set — featuring every Royal Rumble PPV to date.

We have the artwork planned for both sets which plays off the original Anthology design.

WWE 'Royal Rumble: The Ultimate Collection' DVD Box Set - Vol. 1 Cover Artwork

“Royal Rumble: The Ultimate Collection” looks to be a WWE DVD exclusive offered only by in Australia, barring any last minute schedule changes elsewhere.

The box sets will release on November 16th, 2016 with a retail price of $99.95 (AUD) each.

Let’s get ready to Rumble! The WWE Royal Rumble Ultimate Collection brings together the entirety of the storied history of one of WWE’s most exciting and long-running Pay-Per-View events.

The WWE Royal Rumble Ultimate Collection Volume 1 collects the first fourteen Royal Rumble Pay-Per-Views (1988-2001).

Volume 2 collects the latest fifteen Royal Rumble Pay-Per-Views (2002-2016).

WWE 'Royal Rumble: The Ultimate Collection' DVD Box Set - Vol. 2 Cover Artwork

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  1. Joe Young says:

    I wonder how more / less butchered these Royal Rumble editions will be?

  2. FranckUK2011 says:

    Did all the events gonna be Edited and WWF logo blurred?

  3. Bucka says:

    Somebody please tell me there releasing the new anthology box sets in the US. We need an update on the rumble set as well as the survivor series and summer slam box sets

  4. Anan says:

    Tazz vs Kurt Angle….Tazz’s WWF debut, Angle’s 1st loss, all at MSG. That’s what this is remembered for. I remember being happy for Tazz. But as his career slowly went down from here (Jr says this is due to his health), made me wish he got signed earlier.

    2007 RR….Taker vs HBK was the highlight of this, a replay of their 1997-1998 matches and foreshadowing of what was to come to years later in 2009/3 years after in 2010 at WM25 and WM26, respectively.

    RAW Royal Rumble….another rare one 🙂

    Rock vs Punk….considering the talents, the match was what anyone who followed their careers would expect. What I didn’t like is how little Rock showed up during his Title run much like Lesnar did during his last run with the World Title.

    • Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

      I always hated the strap being put on Rocky.. but more so, the way it happend: Been run over on the mic by Mr(s). FruityPebbles with Ladyparts over the span of a year.. Below mediocre “Once in a Lifetime” match.. Storm in at RAW 1000 and declare himself the no. 1 contender for the WWE championship…at the RR 6 months away..

      I take Brock anyday over the Once Great One in this: “I have to promote my Twitter account and Fast and Furious 55 movie and stay relevant and only put over the Fruity Peeble dude for lots of Dollars Twice in a Lifetime”-era.

      • LP1 says:

        Making fun of Rock the way you did is ridiculous. Those 2 Manias against Cena were the 2 most successful wrestling events of all time. All time. Think about that for a second. Pro wrestling goes back to the 1800s and they broke the record not once, but twice. As for trying to stay relevant, that’s laughable. Rock doesn’t need WWE to stay relevant. He’s the highest paid actor in Hollywood right now. WWE are the ones that need him. Vince should get down on his knees and thank God every time Rock shows up. Wrestling fans live in a bubble and don’t always see the forest from the trees. There’s a bigger picture. When Rock shows up, more mainstream eyeballs are on WWE and that’s bigtime money the event draws and that’s more money that trickles down to every other wrestler on the same show as him. It’s a business before anything else.

        • Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

          Rock being the highest paid actor just tells what low standard Hollywood has become.

          Biggest events and alledgly most profitable business does not always equals best entertainment…Wrestlemanias the past 5-7 years are for me the best examples for that.

  5. SCSA says:

    1 question please regarding the first Royal Rumble content reveal list which includes the 2001 Rumble in it’s entirety…
    Is this first content all based on being the ‘Blu-Ray Extra Features’ content seeing as though they are going in year order for the next 2-3 content reveal lists (given yesterday & the day before)?

  6. Patrick Mcnamara says:

    It is absolutely sad how people are not over Benoit. His oldest son David can’t even wrestle. It’s pathetic. You really don’t know what happened that night. He could’ve been under duress when he made that call to Chavo trying to tell him he was in danger. We assume he killed his family, but murders go unsolved every day. Even more murders are filed of to the easiest conclusion, do any of you understand that if someone was enough of a psychopath that he could’ve held Benoit and his entire family at gun point. Or maybe there was 2 men. If you wear plastic wrap on your shoes you will not leave any prints. Same thing goes for if you wear gloves. If it was at night and the windows were closed and those men were there already then it could’ve been made to look like a double murder suicide. You can’t even rely on forensics if a criminal is smart enough. People say he did it,but I independently study criminal psychology. I tend to look at the what ifs. And if you heard stories about how caring and loving Chris Benoit was then what “happened ” doesn’t add up. Two psychopaths can commit a horrible act of Triple murder and then go on and not get caught and never kill again. I t is possible and it happens more than we realize. Of course I do not expect anyone to come to this conclusion because it requires you to think. Which is too much to expect out of anyone in today’s society.

    • Straightedge47 says:

      He killed them, it’s pretty definitive. There are still fibres left even if gloves are used. The murders took place over three days, which can be proven with science so why would these hypothetical two men wait that long between each murder? Staying there for three days would obviously leave some kind of evidence. The stories about how caring and loving Benoit was were exaggerated on his tribute show as for the first three quarters of the show they were unaware of the circumstances surrounding the murders/suicide and people tend to romanticize the dead, especially just after the death. If you read people’s descriptions of what he was really like you’d see that he really wasn’t that good of a person at all. Like in Chris Jericho’s book, Jericho was quite close to Benoit but even he says that when he heard that Benoit’s family were dead that he instantly “Knew Benoit had killed them” before this information had been released. Just from his general personality that Chris Jericho knew. He also talks more about Benoit and admits that although they were friends he was generally a pretty crappy person.

      • Brad Attitude says:

        Oh shut up, you’re a hater and just looking for any excuse to hate on a guy who was well respected in all of pro wrestling. Quit spewing jibberish!

    • Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

      No one should never “get over” such a horrible act, excecuted by the private person Chris Benoit.. NOT the wrestler and performer Chris Benoit!

  7. Tommy D says:

    I really wish there was a complete recording that is not sh***y Fan Cam footage of the 1994 MSG Rumble that Owen Hart wins. I know I’ll never see it, but I can dream.

  8. D.P. says:

    It amazes me just by reading the comments how after almost a decade now, people still don’t & never will get it. Outside of an anthology set (which this isn’t) WWE will never put out a match where Benoit is the focus. They still don’t acknowledge his name every single year they do that “By The Numbers” video when they mention who started out #1 & won it besides HBK. The 2004 Rumble won’t be on here nor will any of the other matches he had at the Rumble & they will mute the commentary (see Elimination Chamber) or edit around him (see M.I.T.B. Ladder Match) if he’s featured in any of the other ones. Get the network so you can see your Benoit matches & move on already, the rest of the world has.

    • David says:

      Yeah, its quite obvious WWE will not include Benoit matches that isn’t an Anthology DVD release but seems like people here just don’t get it and still think they would include them just because he is on the Network. For one, on the Network there are milestones you can jump to and Benoit’s name is mentioned no where, his matches and commentary are in tact but he is not advertised anywhere. This is no different.

      Its almost 10 years but still doesn’t change the fact he is a murderer and that alone washes out all his wrestling accomplishments, which don’t mean anything anyone. No one except for the hardcore geeks will remember Benoit for his matches but the fact he killed a child and woman. If Benoit was actually a man and owned up to to what he did when alive he would have been thrown in jail and the inmates would have “taken care” of him as he would be labeled a child killer and would be dead in there.

      • Barry says:

        Benoit is in the 2007 Royal Rumble Match. Guess you forgot about that.

        Nobody will remember Benoit for his matches except the hardcore geeks?

        Well, if you’re gonna go that route, the same could be said for Scott Hall, Jimmy Snuka or even Verne Gagne. How can Benoit admit what he did when his brain was completely scrambled from years of untreated concussions and not given the time off he needed? That’s because the WWE didn’t care about the health and safety of their performers at the time and continued to force them to push their bodies to the limit and not give them the amount of time off they need to heal up. WWE knew they screwed up on that part and are just as responsible to the lead up of Benoit’s demise. That is why they’re more strict now with their drug testing and introduced the concussion and impact testings.

        • David says:

          Yes..Benoit was in 2007 Rumble, but so were 29 other guys and Benoit wasn’t the focus in that match at all lasting about 15 minutes or so. Don’t expect Benoit vs. Jericho, Benoit vs. Angle and the 2004 Rumble or any other Benoit heavy match on WWE DVD release.

          Benoit chose to do headbutts and unprotected chair shots for years and his brain turned into mush because of his choices…but of course internet wrestling fans need to defend the murderer just because he does great german suplexes and submission holds.

          Scott Hall was acquitted from murder charges labeled as self defense. People can say Snuka committed murder but he hasn’t been charged, there is no proof and its over 30 years ago. Verne Gagne was not criminally charged. Big difference between these three and Benoit.

          • Barry says:

            Benoit’s brain turned into mush therefore it’s not his fault at all that he did what he did in his final days. He did all the risky things performers do in pro-wrestling to satisfy the fans and keep them entertained. Even YOU, yes YOU. It’s pretty funny how ignorant and in denial people can be given that the facts are out there to prove that what he did was beyond his control. It’s fan like you that continue to suck up to the WWE and agree with them even though the company is partially responsible for not giving him the treatment he needed that today’s superstars have otherwise they would’ve prevented this incident from happening but they didn’t.

            Hall, Snuka and Gagne still murdered people and yet you’re defending them. The Jimmy Snuka case has been re-opened and it doesn’t look good for him. Hmmm, you just contradicted yourself dude.

        • Patrick Mcnamara says:

          Thank you another valid point, in consideration and alternative to my theory of what could’ve happened to Benoit and his family.

        • Straightedge47 says:

          He wasn’t the featured star though, there’s a difference between him being in the match and a match like the 2004 Rumble where he is the main focus.
          WWE wasn’t at fault, Benoit was know to be quite a shi**y person before he died so it wasn’t as out of nowhere as people like to think. But if it was damage from all his head injuries that’s not on WWE either. Concussions weren’t as understood back then and also they never forced Benoit to take all the head damage that he did, he would do his flying head-butt every night and take unprotected chair shots to the back of his head. That’s on him.

          • Barry says:

            featured star or not, it’s chris benoit, the guy wwe doesn’t like to mention or show on their dvds.

          • Barry says:

            dunno where u get your information from but Benoit prior to his death was one of the most respected and best technical wrestlers in the world and you’re just in denial. benoit’s death was a huge loss to wwe and they knew they screwed up on their part by not giving him the required time off an athlete needs which is why they changed their programming to a more family friendly program, increased their drug testing and concussion tests.

          • Brad Attitude says:

            you’re an idiot. he was the one the most respected and technically gifted wrestlers on the planet.

      • Straightedge47 says:

        It’s not impossible for them to add him in the future. I know it’s not exactly the same but in the new “100 greatest matches” book WWE have just release there is a one on one singles match where Benoit is the main focus(Jericho vs. Benoit from Royal Rumble) when they could have easily chosen another match if they wanted.

  9. John Peterson says:

    Hopefully the 92 Rumble makes the cut.Along with matches like Triple H Vs Cactus Jack,and Cena Vs Umaga

    • Conan says:

      Dude, the 1992 royal rumble has already been released in it’s full. It’s on the Bobby Heenan and Ultimate Ric Flair Collection dvds.

  10. Cherie Smith says:

    Kinda surprised about Angle/Tazz and the 2011 Raw Rumble but pretty much called Punk/Rock and the 07 Rumble match lol

  11. Tyler says:

    So the Ultimate Royal Runble Anyhology collection is only releasing in Australia? Or will there be a US rerelease as well?

  12. SCSA says:

    I don’t really like much of the new content given for ‘The true story of royal rumble’ today…

    Tazz vs. Kurt Angle – looks boring

    2007 Rumble match – Undertaker win which I guess is important to include n since it has Chris Benoit in it, I rekon they should be able to have the Benoit 2004 rumble win on this set too!

    — RAW Royal Rumble
    RAW • January 31, 2011 – Which RAW Rumble was this? As the 2011 Royal Rumble PPV itself was on January 30 (one day before-what did they give the next day after)?

    CM Punk vs. The Rock – not so interesting

    • ECW08Rulez says:

      Yeah we’re all awaiting to see a murderer win the Rumble

      • Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

        Let me see if I can put this as straight forward as possible: The 2004 WWE Royal Rumble winner was at the time NOT a murderer.

        • ECW08Rulez says:

          But in 2016 he is so I don’t want to see him

          • Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

            Thank god for the remote control buttons SKIP and FAST FORWARD 🙂

            • ECW08Rulez says:

              Which I won’t ever have to use because I will never see him again! Thanks WWE Home Video!

              • Brad Attitude says:

                He’s in the 2007 Royal Rumble so you’re going to see him again 🙂

                • ECW08Rulez says:

                  I heard they edited him out of that match

                  • Brad Attitude says:

                    LOL you heard wrong then. He was in the match for a good 15 mins.

                    Nice try, kiddo. Have fun watching the rabid wolverine again.

                    • ECW08Rulez says:

                      No it’s been reported that his entry and time in the match has been edited out of this DVD

                    • Brad Attitude says:

                      Have fun watching him again, kiddo

                    • ECW08Rulez says:

                      Alright you’ll see. Have fun with the revisionist history we’re being privileged with!

                    • Brad Attitude says:

                      Have fun watching the full match, loser.

                    • ECW08Rulez says:

                      Meh Benoit was an overrated hack anyway. Curtain jerker at best

                    • Brad Attitude says:

                      The same could be said for Ric flair, shawn Michaels or undertaker. So what’s your point, hater?

                    • ECW08Rulez says:

                      Ric Flair: 16 time world champion and 2 time Hall of Famer
                      Shawn Michaels: Multiple time world champion and what many consider to be the greatest performer of all time and consistently had the best matches on every card
                      Undertaker: Multiple time world champion and what many consider to be the greatest character in wrestling history A match against him at WrestleMania is equally as important as a world title match

                      Yeah, keep thinking mr. toothless aggression could even sniff any of their jocks. LOSER

                    • Barry says:

                      Just got word in guys that the 2007 Royal Rumble will be un-edited so you can stop bickering now.

                      Oh, and Chris Benoit was an awesome wrestler in the ring. One of the finest technical wrestlers of the 21st century. No doubt!

                    • ECW08Rulez says:

                      There is doubt. He was terrible

                    • Brad Attitude says:

                      You shouldn’t watch wrestling then if you discrediting his skills. Shows how little you know!

                      Ric Flair was worse than Benoit. He had the same matches for 35 years.

                    • ECW08Rulez says:


                    • Brad Attitude says:

                      Your a biased idiot then

          • SCSA says:

            Okay, I’m starting to agree with you after re-reading the Benoit murder story. However it is still a Rumble match-up that I’ll never forget & if they can add the ‘2007 Rumble’ that includes ‘Benoit’, then why not be able to add his own Rumble win from 2004 where he enters as the No1 entrant & wins the match-up?!

  13. Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

    If WWE really have to keep continue to stroke The Rock’s ego, could they at least have put on his Rumble win instead of that Punk-buried champ-match.

    2007 Rumble is a nice pick.. I still hope for the entire 2008 event as a Blu-ray exclusive, but since that is close to 2 hours and 50 minutes, I guess I can kiss that goodbye seeing the list of content so far. Still.. can’t wait for complete reveal. 🙂

  14. Jammer says:

    I am taking a hunch that the Story of the Royal Rumble documentary won’t be too long. Especially if they want to fill 3 DVDs full of action, and a Rumble match itself can go around the 60 minute mark, give or take a bit. Plus the Blu Ray of it will definitely help add on at least 90 minutes of extras, so that right there could be another Rumble match.

  15. LP1 says:

    It would’ve been better if they just waited another 5-6 months this way the box set would be an even 30 Rumble events. 15 discs in volume 1 and 15 discs in volume 2.

  16. Brad Attitude says:

    I would’ve liked the Street Fight between Foley & Triple H over Tazz and Kurt Angle. I don’t think the match even went 5 mins.

    I had a feeling the 2007 royal rumble would be included as a full match. At least we’ll get to see a little bit of chris benoit though.

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