News on WWE DVDs in December, Exclusive Shots of ‘ATTITUDE ERA – Unreleased’ Blu-Ray Matches

July 25, 2016 by Daniel Bee

WWE Attitude Era: Unreleased DVD & Blu-ray - Bret Hart Sharpshooter on Stone Cold

“Attitude Era Vol. 3 – Unreleased” is now officially the next incoming WWE DVD and Blu-ray set — it lands in both the United States and the United Kingdom in 2 weeks!

So, Attitude Era fans, let’s get back on board the hype train (and tempt everybody else to lock in a pre-order) as above and below we have some new and exclusive screengrabs of just some of the “never-before-seen” Attitude Era matches and moments unreleased until now.

Are you ready? Then give me a “hell yeah!” Relive one of the greatest periods in sports-entertainment history with WWE Attitude Era Unreleased Volume 3.

This release contains even more attitude and features over 7 hours of exclusive never- before-seen matches and moments featuring: Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Undertaker, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Bret “Hit Man” Hart, Mick Foley, and all your favorite Attitude Era Superstars!

WWE Attitude Era: Unreleased DVD & Blu-ray - The Undertaker & Bret Hart
WWE Attitude Era: Unreleased DVD & Blu-ray - The Undertaker & Shawn Michaels Shaking Hands
WWE Attitude Era: Unreleased DVD & Blu-ray - Stone Cold Steve Austin with Pink Armbands

Pictured are a few of the earliest “unseen” matches featured – the likes of Stone Cold vs. Bret Hart from Germany in 1996, The Undertaker and Bret teaming up in Kuwait the same year, a non-televised WWE Championship match between Shawn Michaels and Goldust, Triple H battling Austin at a 1998 MSG house show, and the ring set up when WWF invaded Wall Street in late 2000.

Of course, the video quality varies, but we can confirm that WWE have presented the matches on the compilation with multiple camera angles wherever possible. However, there is no commentary track added so you experience the bouts almost like fans in attendance to the shows.

Don’t forget, the pre-order price of the Blu-ray is down to $18.76 right now here on

WWE Attitude Era: Unreleased DVD & Blu-ray - Triple H vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
WWE Attitude Era: Unreleased DVD & Blu-ray - Shawn Michaels Setting up Sweet Chin Music to Goldust
WWE Attitude Era: Unreleased DVD & Blu-ray - WWF Ring Set Up in Wall Street, New York

Get your hands on WWE’s new “Attitude Era Vol. 3” DVD & Blu-ray…

UK/Europe: August 8th. Pre-order the Attitude Unreleased DVD here on

USA: August 9th. Pre-order the Attitude Unreleased DVD here on

Australia: September 28th. Pre-orders for Attitude Unreleased now live at

Kayfabe Commentaries‘ next DVD offering has been pushed forward to… TONIGHT!

The new series, titled “NEXT EVOLUTION”, is hosted by Ring of Honor co-founder Gabe Sapolsky and features sit-down interviews and bonus matches. The first installment will present former EVOLVE and DGUSA star (and soon-to-be-returning NXT talent) Johnny Gargano.

NEXT EVOLUTION – the young stars on the cusp of heading to their next stop in wrestling sit down with their longtime booker, Gabe Sapolsky, and relive their time together. You get all the matches, the booking decisions, and the behind the scenes stories. It’s a little Guest Booker, a little Timeline, and a little touch of what’s next!

Kayfabe Commentaries - 'NEXT EVOLUTION' DVD, Gabe Sapolsky & Johnny Gargano

This year’s WWE DVD Release Dates have now reached as far as December 2016!

Survivor Series 2016 was just confirmed for a DVD release to the United States on December 20th as you can see here on and our release page. “The True Story of Royal Rumble” is also coming in the same month as of last word so expect that to be slotted in soon.

So far we have the UK release date of Royal Rumble Story locked in as December 5th.

A behind the scenes look at the event that sets the stage for WWE’s biggest stage at WrestleMania. Hear from the winners and losers, and the creator of the most intense match in WWE.

WWE Royal Rumble - Arena Shot

Last night’s Battleground 2016 PPV will see a DVD release to the United States on August 23rd, to the United Kingdom on September 19th, and finally to Australia on September 28th.

Expect to see confirmation of any Home Video extras in the coming days.

UK FANS: If you pre-order the DVD (or UK exclusive Blu-ray) from before midnight TONIGHT, entering code “BG16”, you’ll receive 10% off and shipping will be FREE!

WWE Battleground 2016 Logo - John Cena & Flag

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  1. power of the punch says:

    I’d really enjoy including the Corporate Rumble from Raw in 1998 & the Smackdown Rumble from 2004. If they have a video of one, one of the house show ones from the 80s (prior to 1988) would be a big treat too.
    Really hoping for a 2 hour doc out of this one. Time spent discussing how winners were determined, changed booking plans, classic undercard matches, the response & rating for the first Rumble, Patterson’s favorites, why certain Rumbles went bad, the 2014-2015 fan backlashes, the surprise returns, the classic Rumble match moments, how any Rumble matvh is such a good snapshot of the roster from the previous year, and debating “Mr. Rumble” could all be discussed. It’d be kind of cool if Patterson was the first & last talking head in the documentary.
    So many possibilities. I’m stoked for this one.

  2. SCSA says:

    I’d also like to see the match for the Tag-Team championship from the Royal Rumble of 1994 where it was The Quebecers defending their titles against The Hart Foundation (Bret & Owen Hart). This was one to be able to watch again as it tore the brothers up due to Bret I remember being so selfish, that he wouldn’t tag his brother in & ended up with an injury for the night as well winning The Royal Rumble match that night along w/his Co winner – Lex Luger!

    I was actually hoping to see this match on the Owen Hart set 🙁

  3. Matthew Miller says:

    What’s the news on raw and smackdown own ppvs will they still release the ppvs on dvd besides the big 4.

  4. Cherie Smith says:

    Hey very interested in The True Story of Royal Rumble I have suggestions for Rumble matches that should be included and the reasons why:

    1988 – first ever Rumble match
    1989 – first 30-man Rumble
    1992 – first Rumble match to decide the Championship
    1994 & 2000 – only Rumble matches with co-winners
    1998 – three faces of Foley
    2011 – first 40-man Rumble match
    2016 – first time the Champion had to defend his title in the Rumble match
    If anyone has suggestions or comments I respect and enjoy hearing other people’s opinions

    • Justin says:

      Only 1994 had co-winners. Rock won 2000. If you’re talking about the Batista/Cena incident in 2005, hence Batista won.

      • Cherie Smith says:

        Thanks for some reason I thought Rock and Big Show hit the floor at the same time but I think Rock was able to slide back in as Big Show went out shows how long it’s been since I’ve watched that match lol thanks again for the clarification

        • Justin says:

          If i remember right, it was turned into Big Show going around saying that Rocks feet hit the floor first & that Big Show should have won it, not Rock.

  5. SCSA says:

    I’d like to see the full 1992 Royal Rumble match which was for the vacant WWF Championship belt! A great match!

    • Bangdingow says:

      That match has been released in full multiple times. I’d imagine it’ll see release on this DVD too.

    • Nicolas Hébert says:

      The best Royal Rumble in my opinion!!!

      On which DVD is that match full? On the Royal Rumble Anthology… I don’t remember that 1 hours and 15 minutes Royal Rumble match release in full on other DVD or Blu-Ray.

  6. Brad Attitude says:

    I wanna see Scott Steiner vs Triple H on the True Story of the Royal Rumble DVD as it’s the first time suplex city was introduced

  7. RabidHeat says:

    I’m not going to say the Attitude set isn’t worth owning; I just don’t think it will be worth owning for anywhere near the RRP. This is a typical “wait a coupla years and buy it for a few quid on Amazon” purchase for me. The rare footage would be nice to have, but I don’t think it will have much re-watch value.

  8. josh says:

    I’m looking forward to the true story of royal rumble, I don’t know whether I’m that interested in the attitude era vol. 3, I don’t know whether that’s going to be any good. It looks like it may not be any good. I’m still looking forward to see what’s going to be released in 2017. I want to see the history of tag team titles, both wwe and nwa/wcw, rick rude documentary, women’s revolution or women’s documentary(I hope they have documentation on sable and Elizabeth), Goldberg documentary with new interviews with Goldberg, 30 years of survivor series, 30th anniversary of wrestlemania 3. There’s probably more that I want to see, but those are the ones that I remember the most.

  9. Nicolas Hébert says:

    Can’t wait for The True Story of the Royal Rumble!!! A Christmas gift for me!!!

    • SCSA says:

      Me too!!! I’ve been waiting for a Royal Rumble set for years! I would just love to see a few full Rumble matches like those from; 92, 93, 94, 95, 96 & 2001!
      I know that’s like 6hrs! Lol

      • Nicolas Hébert says:

        Buy the Royal Rumble Anthology!!! You have all the Royal Rumble PPV in it entierety from 1988 to 2007! 😉

        • SCSA says:

          Maybe, but not on Blu-Ray! Plus everywhere you look now (Amazon/ebay, etc) the Anthology costs a bomb! Like 1 2disc set – £55.99!

    • Brad Attitude says:

      Hopefully they mention chris benoit as the 2004 royal rumble winner otherwise it won’t be the “true story” of the royal rumble.

  10. Timothy Thorpe says:

    I’m interested in what the content of the Royal Rumble story is. There’s bound to be some Rumble matches but they last a long time. I’m wondering if it’s going to be a 4 dvd 3 blu ray set as well to fit all the potential matches.

  11. Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

    Can’t wait for the History of my Absolute favorite event of the PPV calendar (at least up untill year 2014)

    Here’s to hope that the Bluray exclusive will be – in its entirety and uncut and unedited – the 2008 event. To celebrate the first PPV being filmed in HD.. and it is the only RR event, that has not been released on Blue (’09 = UK exclusive).