The Next 2014 WWE DVD Project Revealed – Best of WCW PPV Matches?

November 21, 2013 by Daniel Bee


It looks like WWE have a new World Championship Wrestling themed DVD in the works!

This page of is a listing titled WCW PPV Matches, which is slated to be an 8 hour DVD set and scheduled for release in March 2014.

It’s not a lot to go off but we’re safe to assume this will be a “Best of” compilation of match picks from WCW pay-per-view events. In recent years WWE Home Video’s focus as relates to WCW footage has been on Monday Nitro which has seen two DVD volumes to date.

A Blu-ray edition is not listed currently but we expect that to follow soon. We should have confirmation of the release, formats and official synopsis within the coming weeks.

WCW Wrestling PPV DVDs

News making the rounds this week regarding the newly released “History of WWE” DVD, citing the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, is that those at WWE involved with producing the documentary were pushing to interview Shane McMahon but were told it wasn’t going to be possible. As mentioned here previously, Linda and Stephanie McMahon were interviewed for the 2 hour piece but Vince and Shane McMahon were not.

On the release day, the DVD quickly went out of stock here on which likely indicates good early sales for WWE. The DVD version is still out of stock right now and will remain the case until Saturday. The Blu-ray version on Amazon has not sold out.

Below, courtesy of and WWE on YouTube, are 5 preview videos of the documentary. They cover different eras of the WWE and the company as we know it today.

The History of WWE DVD and Blu-ray is also out now in Australia via It follows to the UK and Europe on December 2nd over at

Richard Hagenn sends word of finding the “Rock vs. Cena – Once in a Lifetime” WWE DVD on sale for only $7.99 in-store at K-Mart. Here’s a pic of Richard’s find.

WWE Rock vs Cena Once in a Lifetime DVD

UK FANS: The John Cena and Randy Orton “Superstar Collection” DVDs are now available on this page of They are priced at ยฃ5.99 each. We’ve also had word that the Daniel Bryan and Sheamus DVDs in the series will also be released to UK/Europe soon.

WWE Superstar Collection DVDs John Cena & Randy Orton

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  1. kim hansen says:

    publish all wcw PPV on dvd to the world

  2. Colin V. says:

    Hope WWE doesn’t give us any Wargames matches, we have all of them on the Wargames set already.

  3. miz4life says:

    Great Idea, Here’s what I want:

    Sting vs Lex Luger:Superbrawl 2
    Giant vs Randy Savage Fall Brawl 96
    Team Piper vs. WCW. vs NWO Uncensored 1997
    Randy Savage vs DDP: Spring Stampede 1997
    Raven vs Saturn Fall Brawl 1998
    The Outsiders vs Konnan & Rey Mysterio Superbrawl IX

  4. Robin Persaud says:

    What I don’t understand is why WWE doesn’t release ALL THE PPVs on iTunes (does that cost them anything? They already own the tapes…and they can edit out music they don’t have licenses for).

    Post the big events – Starrcade, etc – to DVD and blu-ray.

    I would buy these.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’d buy them too. I wish they’d offer them on Amazon or as a made-to-order DVD or Blu-ray pressing like other companies do with TV shows such as the later seasons of Charles in Charge.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I just hope they don’t use this set to continue endless appearances of more needless Eddie Guerrero repeats or the more recent mania of releasing nwo and DDP matches. Please WWE, limit the usage of these three.

  6. Mike Poulin says:

    Here’s what i would like to see on this WCW set
    Rude vs Steamboa 30 Minute Ironman Match Beach Blast 1992
    Hollywood Blondes vs Arn Anderson and Paul Roma Beach Blast 1993
    Sting vs Vader Slamboree 1994
    Johnny B Badd vs Flyin Brian Fall Brawl 1995
    Rey Mysterio JR vs Psychosis Bash at the Beach 1996
    Dean Malenko vs Eddie Guerrero Uncensored 1997
    Diamond Dallas Page vs Raven Bowery Death Match Slamboree 1998
    Hak vs Bam Bam Bigelow vs Raven Uncensored 1999
    Billy Kidman vs Rey Mysterio Spring Stampede 1999

    • Anonymous says:

      Blonds versus Anderson and Roma is a good pick that’s easily overlooked. That said, I’d prefer the Windham/Flair match from Beach Blast and they could put the reformation of the Horsemen from Slamboree 1993 as well. That would be one of the very few non-match segments on the release.

      The possibilities are really endless and because of that let’s hope they follow the ECW Unreleased format especially considering there’s so much more great footage to pull from when it comes to WCW.

      A WCW Unreleased could be exactly what’s necessary to erase the memory of the poor selling Hart unreleased set. Thankfully the “Unreleased” tag wasn’t blemished by that particular set. It was real smart of WWE to name that set something else.

  7. Newt says:

    WCW PPV themed DVD. Very Nice

    Next- please release a WWE “Unreleased” DVD set featuring matches from Sat. Night, Thunder, World Wide. People would buy it. Trust me. They have the library, why not use it?

  8. Spritz1999 says:

    So looking forward to the WCW PPVs set… hope they get it right! Definitely looking forward to Vols. 2 & 3! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Anonymous says:

    In a perfect world, this would be light in NWO (hopefully they aren’t seen until late in the second DVD). They’ve already recently had their own release and they’re all over the last Nitro set. There’s so much great untapped footage without the NWO that this should be a much more balanced set.

    I think this is the perfect place to put some of the NWO’s key losses. I’d think the only NWO-based matches that should be locks would be:
    Spring Stampede 1997- DDP vs. Macho Man
    Slamboree 1997- Syxx-pac/Hall/Nash vs. Flair/Greene/Piper
    Souled Out 1999- Goldberg vs. Hall (Ladder)
    Uncensored 1999- Flair vs. Hogan (Cage)

  10. Jack says:

    Not because it’s a great match (or even a match at all) I would like to see the Hogan vs. Sting incident from Halloween Havoc 99 and have an explanation of what went down at that event. If someone here can let me know about it here, I’d appreciate that too.

    I’m looking forward to this release since I started watching WCW in 1998 and didn’t see many PPVs from them. It’ll be nice to see some of their hidden gems and classic bouts. One of my favorites was SuperBrawl 99 and Road Wild 99. I have them on old vhs tapes recorded off of Pay Per View and it would be nice to see some bouts from them again.

    • David says:

      Halloween Havoc 99 was the first PPV under Vince Russo and Ed Ferrera booking. It was a work but setup in a way to get Hogan off television so he could start fresh when he returned, unfortunately it was all forgotten when he came back and never mentioned it on tv again.

      Russo did the same with Ric Flair. At HH 99 they had a storyline where the Filthy Animals hijacked an ambulance with Flair inside and were going to take him to a Las Vegas desert to bury him – literally.

      They were just ways to write off Hogan and Flair…but again WCW was practically dead in 2000 so nothing really came out of that.

  11. BigNed says:

    I hope the 2000 Uncesored WCW championship match of Slapnuts Jeff Jarrett vs Sid is included on this set. Also nWo matches.

  12. Colin V. says:

    I think Booker T/Martel was from Souled Out ’98, although I could be wrong. Anyway, I’m really jacked up for this release! Glad it’s coming out in march (the very same day of my birthday!) I’m not expecting the match listing to blow to me away, I’m expecting some odd choices along with good ones. Can’t wait until March. They’d better have a Blu’ray with decent extras too!

  13. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    If this sells well, which it should because all WCW sets do, we could have volumes 2, 3 and so on. I’d love to have Booker T vs Rick Martel from SuperBrawl 1998 (I think) finally on Blu-ray. Great WCW PPV match.

    • David says:

      Yeah, also Saturn vs. Booker T following that match was also really good.

      Hope they also include Bret Hart vs. Ric Flair from Souled Out 98, which i don’t think has been on any DVD/Blu-ray release.

      Too bad they won’t have any Benoit matches because he had classics with DDP, Raven and also the three way at Uncensored 98 and of course with Booker T and Dean Malenko.

      • Vincenzzzzzo says:

        I forgot about that Saturn / Booker T match actually. You’re right. Benoit did have some great ones on PPV. Shame.

  14. If you’re not a fan of repeats on DVD sets, I’m sure you’ll just love the WCW one…I’m looking forward to it at least, it’ll be nice to have them all on the same DVD rather than spread out.

  15. Scott says:

    I just feel WWE releases “Best Of” just to say they release archives
    I have said it before anthology sets are still hot for DVD/Blu Ray and WWE is just lazy and has no clue what non-WWE fans have seeing they have made up as much as 50% of their fanbase

  16. John Peterson says:

    Hopefully this WCW PPV Set will finally have some of the Following Matches
    Vader Vs Cactus Jack Halloween Havoc 1993
    Goldberg Vs Scott Hall Souled Out 99
    I’d love to see a World War 3 Battle Royal Match on here.I always liked that Match
    The Triangle Battle Royal From Uncensored 97
    Savage Vs DDP from Spring Stampede 97

  17. AD Degreez says:

    Can’t wait 2014 will def be a big year!!! just need a sting match comp/doc, savage doc and nitro vol 3. ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. Sake Joe says:

    I can’t wait to see the line up of matches with this. Alot of potential in what could be.

  19. Peter J says:

    I wanna see 2 volumes of WCW PPV DVDs

  20. ECW4Life says:

    I hope raven vs ddp from slamboree 98 is on there

  21. Anonymous says:

    Finally a release I can get excited about.

    The only problem with this is that so, SO MUCH of the great NWA footage likely won’t be included in this as, technically speaking, the first company PPV was Starrcade 1987. Regardless, if they were to give us a set like the one below, I’d be thrilled:

    DVD #1
    1/24/88 Bunkhouse Stampede – Bunkhouse cage match
    2/20/89 Chi-Town Rumble- Luger vs. Windham in a US title match
    5/7/89 WrestleWar – Road Warriors vs. Williams/Rotunda for the NWA tag titles
    12/13/89 Starrcade – Flair vs. Luger tournament match
    10/27/90 Havoc- Doom vs. Flair/Anderson for the NWA tag titles
    2/24/91 WrestleWar- Freebirds vs. Doom for the NWA tag titles
    5/19/91 SuperBrawl- Fujinami vs. Flair for disputed world title
    7/14/91 Bash- Sting vs. Nikita Koloff in a Russian chain match
    2/29/92 SuperBrawl- Sting vs. Luger for the WCW world title
    7/18/93 Beach Blast- Windham vs. Flair for the NWA title
    10/24/93 Havoc- Vader vs. Cactus Jack in a Texas death match

    2/20/94 SuperBrawl- Vader vs. Flair in a Thunderdome match
    5/22/94 Slamboree- Cactus/Sullivan vs. Nasty Boys
    6/18/95 Bash- Flair vs. Savage
    11/26/95 WW3- Battle Royal
    12/27/95 Starrcade- Sting vs. Flair vs. Luger for a WCW title shot and Savage title match
    3/24/96 Uncensored- MegaPowers vs. Alliance cage match
    9/15/96 Fall Brawl- Giant vs. Savage
    10/27/96 Havoc- Anderson vs. Luger
    4/6/97 Spring Stampede- DDP vs. Savage
    5/18/97 Slamboree- Hall/Nash/Syxx vs. Flair/Piper/Greene

    8/9/97 Road Wild- Hogan vs. Luger
    10/26/97 Havoc- Hennig vs. Flair
    6/14/98 Bash- Jericho vs. Malenko in a WCW TV title match
    7/12/98 Bash at the Beach- Booker T vs. Hart
    11/22/98 WW3- Hall vs. Nash
    1/17/99 Souled Out- Goldberg vs. Hall in a taser match
    3/14/99 Uncensored- Flair vs. Hogan in a Cage match
    9/12/99 Fall Brawl- Hogan vs. Sting
    12/19/99 Starrcade- Jarrett vs. Dustin Rhodes in a Bunkhouse match
    10/29/00 Havoc- Sting vs. Jarrett
    3/18/01 Greed- Steiner vs. DDP

    Blu-Ray Exclusives
    10/29/95 Havoc- Anderson/Pillman vs. Sting/Flair
    9/14/97 Fall Brawl- Steiners vs. Harlem Heat
    2/21/99 SuperBrawl- Hogan vs. Flair
    5/9/99 Slamboree- Sting vs. Goldberg
    8/13/00 New Blood Rising – Nash vs. Steiner vs. Goldberg

  22. Erik G. says:

    So excited for WCW PPV’s! Hopefully it will span many volumes. On that montage of WCW VHS’s I noticed there was nothing from the 1997-1999 boom period. That’s odd, since that’s my favorite period and the favorite period of a lot of people. I think the March 2014 date is pretty much guaranteed for something WCW related since there hasn’t been anything since October and the WCW stuff is selling well. There should be only one other “new” release for Q1 after HBK’s set based on the current scheduling (2 in Q1, 4 in all other quarters) and upping the WCW releases to one per quarter would make sense due to all of the interest in that topic.

  23. wwedrknt1 says:

    Great to see new idea’s for home video release’s but do you ever think we’ll get anymore anthology release’s. I’m a big fan of those!

  24. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    Nice! I was hoping for this release since it was mentioned on the survey not too long ago. This is a great release. Hope a Blu-ray is produced for this.

  25. Steiner says:

    Any word on Best of Nitro Vol. 3? Or Thunder?

    Why can’t WWE release best of Halloween Havoc,Great AMerican bash,etc instead of lumping them all together?

    • Erik G. says:

      I like lumping them all together. More variety. I think Nitro Volume 3 is pretty much guaranteed. All of the WCW stuff is selling well.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree. They really should release a Best of Bash, Best of Havoc, etc. Better yet, a best of World Championship Wrestling on Saturday Night at 6:05 covering 1985 through 2000.

  26. quoipourquoi says:

    Hopefully we’ll finally get Juvi/Kidman/Rey & Eddie/Kidman from Starrcade 1998.

  27. TheManInBlu says:

    Awesome!!! Let’s cross our fingers for a Blu-ray release ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. LP1 says:

    This sounds really good. They easily could get several volumes out of this. There’s 13 and a 1/2 years of PPV matches to choose from(Starrcade ’87 to Greed ’01).

  29. Horsemen#5 says:

    I’d definitely pick it up if there was a best of the Crockett years DVD set. Also, anyone know if there will be a volume 2 of the Mid-South wrestling? They left a lot of great stuff out.

    • Anonymous says:

      Best of Crockett really has to be released at some point considering they’ve done Best of ECW and Best of Mid South. There’s WAY MORE great Crockett footage that they have in the vaults covering a longer period (1981 through to the sale in 1988) with much bigger stars. Here’s hoping they finally wake up and do that.

  30. Travis says:


    In terms of the last few years (2012/2013), WWE also released the WCW-focused titles of The Best of WCW Clash of the Champions (in 2012) and most recently WCW War Games: WCW’s Most Notorious Matches (in June 2013).

    • Daniel Bee says:

      This is true. With the above I was just meaning to show emphasis on the ‘move’ from WCW TV (two volumes of Nitro) to PPV with this new release. That said, Nitro volumes could well continue later too. Thanks for the comment.

  31. indyfan says:

    Without matches like Benoit and Malenko vs Raven and Saturn or DDP vs Raven vs Benoit.. this set will never reach its potential. Hopefully WWE proves me wrong but i doubt it. I’m guessing tons of repeats.

    • Erik G. says:

      There is actually a lot of unreleased stuff they could do. I wonder if Benoit will be okay for the Uncensored 1997 main event or World War 3 or something like that?

  32. Markus says:

    The Best of WCW PPV-Matches must be good. There were so many good matches in the history, so I hope they will publish it.

    MORE WCW !

  33. King_2099 says:

    I am very happy to hear this. We need many more WCW-themes DVD releases

  34. Brian says:

    This seems like it has potential, I wish instead of throwing a bunch of random PPV matches they would divide it into Best of Halloween Havoc, Best of Bash at The Beach, Best of Starcade, Best of Slamboree, Best of Uncensored ect.

    • @IMDJLUIS says:

      That would be cool, but I would also prefer to see time period of matches, like, Best of PPV Matches 95-98, 99-01.

  35. @IMDJLUIS says:

    I’m glad they see the value in WCW’s content. This will surely be a great release.

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