NEXT UP FOR 2017: WWE ‘Unseen Matches’ DVD Collection Hosted by Sean Mooney – First Details!

April 24, 2017 by Daniel Bee

WWE Home Video 2017 - Logo

On Friday left you with this little teaser on the next major Home Video release WWE has in store for 2017, with an announcement on the way:

“most (if not all) of the content on the ‘unknown’ WWE DVD is NOT on the WWE Network.”

Just hours later you may have spotted the buzz on social media of a certain former WWE announcer from the early ’90s back with the company to film a project called “Unseen Matches”.

That former announcer is none other than Sean Mooney (last seen on WWE television on the 1000th episode of RAW and The Edge & Christian Show last year) who will be tagging with current on-screen personality Charly Caruso to host of a collection of entirely “never-before-seen” material — and yes, it’s confirmed to be a DVD!

We can exclusively reveal that the news does in fact mean WWE has officially green-lighted the “Unreleased Matches 1986-1995” DVD concept that was under consideration since April 2016, and follows the success of a title you’ll be familiar with: “Attitude Era Vol. 3 – Unreleased”.

As the name and first synopsis (below) suggest, the 3-disc DVD set is expected to unearth hidden gems between the years of 1986 and 1995, specifically from the WWE library. And we’ve just had word today that it’s due to hit stores this summer; currently penciled in for an August release to the United States and an early September release to the United Kingdom.


“WWE Unreleased & Unseen 1986-1995”

WWE unlocks the vault and brings you never-before-seen matches from 1986-1995. Check out these unreleased hidden gems featuring some of the greatest Superstars in WWE history.

Sean Mooney & Charly Caruso Hosting 2017 WWE 'Unseen Matches' DVD

The wait is over to get your hands on the next WWE DVD offering – “BEST OF 2000s” has officially released today in the UK and will release tomorrow in the U.S!

Get a taster of the content included on the mammoth 4-DISC DVD set in the clips below:

WWE Women’s Championship Match
Trish Stratus vs. Lita
RAW • December 6, 2004

WWE Championship Match
Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy
No Mercy • October 5, 2008

Get your hands on the new, 4-DISC WWE “BEST OF THE 2000’s” DVD…

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Last week we revealed plans in place for WWE to release two separate store exclusives for WrestleMania 33 when the DVD lands in the UK this June.

One of these will see the 3-disc DVD set released with alternate artwork in-store at Sainsbury’s. Today we’re able to confirm that this artwork will be completely different to the standard cover and below we have an exclusive first look before it’s unveiled anywhere else!

Which of the two WrestleMania 33 cover designs do you prefer?

WWE WrestleMania 33 DVD - Sainsbury's Exclusive Cover Artwork

Speaking of covers, here’s a brand new shot of the box art you’ll see on “Fight Owens Fight – The Kevin Owens Story” when it hits stores across the U.S. on July 4th.

This anticipated release will include a documentary, “deleted scenes”, bonuses from the WWE Network, and a compilation of KO’s best matches and moments to date. The Blu-ray edition will include 4 exclusive matches not found in the DVD’s content.

Receive an alert when pre-orders are ready by signing up here on

WWE 'Kevin Owens: Fight Owens Fight' Blu-ray - Cover Artwork

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WWE First 'Double Feature' DVD - Elimination Chamber & Fastlane 2017

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  1. Joe Young says:

    Hopefully, we can finally see the long lost Randy Savage Vs. The Undertaker match!

  2. Patrick Dailey says:

    Any Brain Busters-Rockers matches (I’d love to see the one from Hamilton, Ontario in January ’89) AND the first ever Hogan-Flair match from Dayton, Ohio in Oct. ’91.

  3. Jamie says:

    o love the classic unseen matches mentioned. agree with macho taker 91 and what about jake vs sid 91. macho vs razor another, also sid face vs taker heel 91 casket match?

    • Andy Ace R says:

      Absolutely would wanna see the matches u mentioned. I know absolutely these matches took place at TV tapings throughout the years and that cameras were rolling. Wanna see what they pick

  4. Andy Ace R says:

    I’m excited for this unreleased DVD set. This has the potential to be a really great set. I hope we see matches such as Savage vs Taker, Warrior vs Flair, Steamboat vs Savage Cage Match, Taker vs Nailz. 123 Kid & Marty Janney vs Quebecers MSG, Bret & Owen vs Money Inc., Piper vs Flair Tuesday in Texas Dark Match, Hogan vs Jake Roberts from Providence , Savage vs Jake Cage Match. Just to name a few. Keeping my fingers crossed that cameras were in fact rolling !! Can’t wait !

  5. Anthony says:

    If this doesn’t have commentary I won’t mind that at all.

  6. LP1 says:

    Wow. This thread is funny. A lot of people just don’t grasp the concept of “unreleased and unseen”. To me that means matches that have never been released or shown anywhere (TV-VHS-DVD-BR-Network). In other words, matches that were only seen by the fans in attendance that night. Like the Attitude Era volume 3 set. Expecting any matches from former Coliseum Videos and old televised shows from MSG, the Philly Spectrum, Boston Garden, etc. would not fit into the unreleased and unseen concept.

    As for commentary. I hope there’s commentary only if the original commentary is in tact. If for some reason Monsoon, Heenan, Vince, and anyone else did commentary for these dark matches then that would be great. However, if there was no original commentary then I hope they leave as is with no new commentary added. Hearing Michael Cole or Graves, Phillips, Saxton, JBL or any other current commentator calling matches from 25-30 years ago would sound completely out of place. There’s nothing wrong with having no commentary. I’m guessing the people who need commentary are people who don’t go to a lot of shows. When you go to the arena to see a live show there’s no commentary and it’s just as good or even better. Hearing just the slams on the mat, the grunts from the wrestlers and the reactions from the crowd is an incredible experience. I don’t need today’s commentators ruining old matches like they ruin today’s matches with their constant use of obnoxious buzz words like “WWE Universe” instead of fans or “Superstars” instead of wrestlers, “Sports Entertainment” instead of wrestling, championship “title” instead of championship “belt”. No thank you. Leave the matches alone as they are. No need for artificially added commentary.

    • brandon vendetta says:

      It must be so great to be you LP1.obviously you can afford to go to a lot of live shows. Thats great for you sir.however the average fan cannot afford to go to every live show that comes to their town or city,especially when the cheapest seats are 100 dollars each and in the nosebleed section. So us not so financially stable fans prefer commentary on the DVD sets since we cant go to every live show. If you can deal with or without commentary good for you but you need to be realistic and realize not everybody can go to every live show and most people like having commentary.if every set had no commentary then nobody would buy them. You mite but everybody else would be pissed and they wouldn’t sell for s**t.and that’s the truth

      • LP1 says:

        Well that was completely unnecessary. Lots of anger for no reason.

        • brandon vendetta says:

          Sorry but I just dont understand how all you people can say that you don’t need commentary. I understand that today’s commentators suck but to say that “people who need commentary are people who don’t go to a lot of shows” is a ridiculous statement.90 percent of the people on here agree that commentary is a must have.sorry but your comment agrivates me, one really doesn’t have to do with the other.I’m pissed that WWE is probably going to ruin yet another set just like they did with attitude era vol,3. Didn’t mean to take it out on you but I’m sick of this s**t.and its not people who don’t go to live shows its primarily every DVD and blue ray collector out there that agrees that without commentary the product is not as has nothing to do with not going to many live shows.nothing at all.

          • LP1 says:

            90%? Did you do a study? Was there a poll that I missed?

            • LP1 says:

              Also I don’t think Attitude Era Vol. 3 was ruined at all. I thought it was great. You were watching dark matches in their original element. The way they were meant to be seen by the live audience. They weren’t meant to be seen by a TV audience. Adding new commentary just for the sake of having commentary isn’t always the right answer. If this were the old days, back when WWE actually put some effort into their DVD releases, the best solution would be to include the matches they are with no commentary and then also include an alternate commentary track with new commentary. This way everyone gets what they want and fans choose with or without commentary. Unfortunately WWE doesn’t care that much to go through that trouble. Which is a shame.

              • brandon vendetta says:

                No I didn’t do a study but its true.and you are one of very few people who thought attitude vol 3 was great. That set could have been the best set released in years had there been a commentary track. And no WWE doesn’t care enough to go through the trouble and yes it is a shame, but me not going to house shows has nothing at all to do with the need for commentary.its part of the business, its entertainment as Vince loves to say and having commentary makes it more “entertaining” .bottom line if there was no commentary on raw or smackdown or on the pay per views or any of the DVD and blue ray sets their ratings would really be in the the average fan its a necessity. Imagine how dull the product would be without any commentary at all ever. It would suck, nobody would watch, nobody would be buying DVDs or bluerays either . If it doesn’t matter to you one way or another that’s great but to most fans it matters alot.

                • LP1 says:

                  You’re getting way off the point here. Nobody is saying to do away with commentary forever. We’re talking about a special DVD release with a unique concept. A concept that they’ve only done one or two other times. That’s one or two DVD releases out of hundreds and hundreds of DVD releases that have come out over the years. It won’t kill them to do releases like this every once in a while.

                  Also my point about going to live shows is that there is no commentary heard in the arena when you are there live and that doesn’t hurt the show or any fan in the building’s enjoyment of the show. Not even a little bit. I can give you a perfect example of a time that commentary actually made a match worse. WrestleMania 31, Sting vs Triple H. In the stadium that match was awesome. The crowd was so into it. Every bit. Then you go home and watch it on TV and all the commentators were focusing on was how this was all about WCW vs WWE and how “We have to win this war”. The idea of a WCW vs WWE battle wasn’t brought up at all during the build-up to that match. They just decided to go with that story on the day of the show and it completely detracted from the match. But anyway, yeah the best option for everyone involved is to include an alternate commentary track.

                  • IHeart2000s says:

                    I agree with everything LP1 said in this entire conversation

                    • John says:

                      Everything had original commentary on Hogan’s “unreleased” set from years back.

                    • LP1 says:

                      Because a lot of those matches came from shows that aired on TV before. Either on Prime Time Wrestling or local stations like MSG Network, Prism and NESN.

                    • John says:

                      I think that’s the hope here… local station stuff, MSG, PRISM, Maple Leaf Wrestling etc….

    • SCSA says:

      Lol! Well I guess you have a point. Like LP1, when you said;

      A lot of people just don’t grasp the concept of “unreleased and unseen”, which to you means matches that have never been released or shown anywhere. In other words – matches only seen by the fans in attendance).

      Though when I and I’m sure a number of other people had first heard about this set, I too had thought that this was a set of matches that were just ‘unreleased’ on VHS/DVD/Blu-Ray. I didn’t really think too much about ‘unseen’ (I just put it to the side thinking that these were more matches for us to watch – the ones that fans have waited for for a long time!

  7. Mark says:

    While it’s a nice idea let’s see the matches first. In the early 90s tapes had some unseen gems but most matches ended in dq or count out. Hell if someone brought an object in the ring was an atomic dq. I do hope it’s mostly msg matches since they’ve had alot if dream matches ppl don’t know about.

  8. RabidHeat says:

    I’ve got a feeling the Sainsburys version will only have this new artwork on the outer slipcase and the standard cover will still be visible underneath on the fold-out packaging (like the store-exclusive version of WrestleMania 31), so I’ll probably just get the Sainsburys version to have both.

    • Thomas Hanna says:

      Why would you be willing to get both versions of WrestleMania 33 DVD Sets

    • Thomas Hanna says:

      Why do you have a feeling that the Sainsburys version will only have the new artworkfor the outer slipcase and the standard sleeve artwork will still be visible underneath on the fold-out packaging

  9. Thomas Hanna says:

    I would like you to use the name of the standard sleeve artwork of using the name of the standard cover which is for the exclusive Sainsburys artwork for WWE WrestleMania 33 DVD set

  10. Christopher Guy says:

    I would also like to see another Greatest Rivalries set like the HBK/Bret one with Stone Cold/Rock, or Stone Cold/Vince or Cena/Orton

    • whutwhut says:

      but isn’t pretty much anything regarding these already released?

      (and unlike Hart and Michaels, I feel all the people have given lengthy interviews about these feuds as well)

      • SCSA says:

        I agree to seeing an Austin Vs Rock or Rock Vs Triple H Greatest Rivlaries set! Watching the interview & long list of matches would be great for both these fueds!

    • Brad Attitude says:

      I’d rather see Triple H vs The Rock. Their rivalry was very similar to Shawn vs Bret except one was jealous of the other and hated them for ages but they had chemistry in the ring and in their matches!

  11. Christopher Guy says:

    Attitude volume 3 was one of the worst releases to date in my opinoon. It’s painful to watch when there is no commentary. I only buy blu rays aswell so won’t be picking this up.I want an Undertaker and AJ Styles documentaries.

    • whutwhut says:

      I think it’s too early for an AJ Styles documentary. I mean, until WWE acquires TNA footage, they will hardly cover it (we don’t know how the Kevin Owens documentary is gonna turn out. but it’s not unlikely they will cover his indie days to a certain extent). and his WWE run has been way too short.

    • Jeff Copeland says:

      i don’t think it was all that bad but lack of commentary does hurt it

    • SCSA says:

      I agree with all your say except the AJ Styles Doc!

      There should be a 3Disc Blu-Ray set on both retired superstars, The Undertaker & Shawn Michaels now, just like there was one for Stone Cold Steve Austin! That’s my favourite set to date including ‘Mr Wrestlemania’ & ‘Undertaker – The Streak’ – Blu-Rays.

  12. Cracker_Jack says:

    Were any of the Ric Flair vs. Ultimate Warrior matches taped? I’d love to see that Tom Magee-Bret Hart match from ’86. Also hoping to see Savage/Zeus vs. Hogan/Beefcake cage match, lots of SNME and all the tag title changes that’ve never been released.

    • whutwhut says:

      since every SNME show is on the Network, I doubt any of it will make it on this set.

      I agree about unreleased title changes though (I’d love for Perfect vs. Santana to be included). another one I would like (and afair isn’t on the Network) would be the Steiners/Money Inc. cage match from 1993.

  13. Cherie Smith says:

    This is a concept that I am very curious about I can think of 3 matches right off the bat that I would love to see on this set:

    Hogan/Beefcake vs Savage/Zeus
    Steel Cage 1989

    Savage vs Undertaker 1991

    Savage/Luger vs Yokozuna/Crush 1994

    Eager to see what they include

    • RCS1988 says:

      Hogan beefcake vs. Savage & Zeus was released on Supertape 1 and Luger Savage vs. Yoko Crush was on Paul Bearer’s Hits from the Crypt. I want to se stuff that was never released in any form. Stuff like Savage Taker, Warrior Nailz, etc.

      • SCSA says:

        You both have named some good matches, though what ‘Cherie Smith’ meant was probably that it would be great to see these chosen matches on this one set.

    • LP1 says:

      The Hogan/Beefcake vs Savage/Zeus cage match was also released on the No Holds Barred movie blu-ray.

  14. Guest says:

    I hope these matches have commentary.

    • SCSA says:

      I’m sure they will, commentary was a big part of the match back then just like it has been today. I’m hoping for English subtitles too (I’m just so used to the big talks since from the Attitude Era now, that I like to read most of the comments given by both wrestlers & commentators).

  15. SCSA says:

    I’m happy to hear about Sean Mooney’s comback as the main presenter on this set… I remember seeing him the most when I first stated watching the WWF back in the early 90’s! He was a great talker.

    Though it’s a shame it’s not on Blu-Ray, meaning a no for me & many others who I know aren’t happy that it’s on DVD only! Blu-Ray gives better quality, more content & is much easier to surf/choose your matches features whilst watching the set.

    However if the following matches are given & it’s only on DVD, then it’ll have to be a buy;

    Royal Rumble 1992 – Flair wins Rumble,
    Summerslam 92 – Rick Martel Vs HBK,
    SS 94-Undertaker Vs Undertaker,
    RR 94 – Quebecers Vs Bret & Owen
    Wrestlemania 8 – Bret Hart Vs Rowdy Piper – IC Title / Randy Savage Vs Ric Flair,
    WM 9 – Doink the Clown Vs Crush / Bret Vs Yokozuna – WWF Championship,
    WM 10 – Bret Vs Yokozuna – WWF Title,

    Including lots more un-released matches!

    • RabidHeat says:

      The quality of matches from 1986-1995 would really not be improved on Blu-Ray, since all the matches will have been shot on tape. Therefore, if ANY release was to forego the Blu-Ray version, it should be this one.

      • whutwhut says:

        exactly. footage shot in sd is only upscaled – something any good bluray/dvd player is also able to do nowadays.

        (that’s a big difference to hd material being released on dvd. because that obviously results in the content losing quality)

      • David says:

        Actually, in some cases SD content can look better on Blu-ray due to better codecs and less compression compared to DVD. It can be a hit or miss though. I have noticed older WWF footage pre-HD on Blu-ray did slightly better than DVD.

        • SCSA says:

          Thankyou. I agree with you. Plus even if it hasn’t been a hit, it has still come to the same kind of quality of a DVD & has included many extras! Plus an easy way to view the content whilst already watching it.

      • SCSA says:

        A lot of people would agree with this, however matches are improved from earlier on years too. I have noticed this with lots of matches from the early 90’s that have been released on Blu-Ray w/way better quality.

        Also this set shouldn’t forego just cos you say the quality wouldn’t be improved on a Blu-Ray set! Blu-Ray’s give extra features including around 4 extra matches, superstar interviews interviews & other fun things to watch!

    • IHeart2000s says:

      Um all of those matches have been released. And seen a million times. Do you not get the concept?

    • LP1 says:

      SCSA, the theme of this set is “Unreleased and Unseen” matches. All of those matches have been both released and seen. Unless you’re just being sarcastic.

      • SCSA says:

        No, I’m not being sarcastic. I’m just saying that matches like these have hardly been released on a ‘single’ set.
        I forgot to mention that if they were to have at least 5 of these matches, then I would definitely buy this DVD set.

        Then again it would probably look amazing to see if not all then at least a few of these matches on a set entitled as the ‘Best of the 90’s’.

  16. Dave says:

    Macho Man vs Taker has to be on this!

  17. Christian Robinson says:

    I hope we undertaker vs Mankind. The one where mankind gets thrown off the cage. That one has never been released more than 10 times lol

    • Patrick J McNamara says:

      That match was in 1998. Did you see what the dvd was called UNRELEASED matches from 1986-1995

      • Justin says:

        Its a sarcastic statement. Someone else already used the ‘Im sure the WrestleMania 10 ladder match will somehow make this set” line.

  18. Jon says:

    Really looking forward to this one. I believe there was a hogan vs Andre tag match from 1990 from LA…I would love to see.

    • John says:

      All I could find from 1990 is Hulk Hogan & The Big Boss Man vs Andre The Giant & Haku from Milwaukee. Not sure if cameras were there. Better bets may be Bam Bam Bigelow & Hulk Hogan vs Andre The Giant & Ted DiBiase from Boston or Philly (both 2/6/88 – matinee/evening). Both events appear televised (NESN, PRISM)

  19. Vince says:

    Probably the best release of the last decade if done properly

    • John says:

      I agree… but the fact that it’s DVD only means if its off to an ominous start.

      • Straightedge47 says:

        How? there’s not exactly a lot of HD footage from 1989 you’d be missing out on…

        • John says:

          The Blu-Ray’s have extra content and much better packaging. The standard plastic snap cases are always preferred over plastic hubs glued on cardboard fold outs. It holds up better over time.

          • Patrick J McNamara says:

            If you take care of them it can equally hold up. Just saying.

          • RabidHeat says:

            Speak for yourself. I’ll take a deluxe fold-out card sleeve over an ugly blue plastic case with less artwork any day. And if you treat them with care over time instead of grabbing them with your chocolatey hands and scuffing them against your shelves, they will remain in pristine condition, as have all of mine. This release is a prime candidate to release on DVD only – no HD footage whatsoever.

          • whutwhut says:

            @ John: if it’s really important to you, you could get the European release.

            because I guess as a matter of cost-saving, the dvd releases here don’t come in digipaks but regular plastic cases.

            (which personally I think is the worse option)

  20. Bobby says:

    If I don’t get Ultimate Warrior vs Kamala I’m gonna be super pissed

  21. LP1 says:

    Probably won’t be included, but I would love to see the dark matches from Manias 6-10. The first 5 Manias didn’t have dark matches, but 6-10 did. The Mania 10 dark match, Bushwhackers vs Heavenly Bodies, was shown on PPV during the countdown show, but not the whole match, just the finish. It would be great to finally have these matches see the light of day.

    • RabidHeat says:

      Haha, I remember when I was a kid just wishing I could have seen that Bushwhackers / Bodies match so I could say I saw the full event. Not sure why I was so fussed now! Our wishes were simpler back then.

      • LP1 says:

        If you can find the WrestleMania X countdown show online, they show you part of that match. I remember Todd Pettengill was doing his usual shtick of being in the audiene and getting everyone hyped for the PPV and the Bushwhackers-Heavenly Bodies match was going on in the background. They even focused on the closijng moments of the match, showing the Heavenly Bodies getting the pin.

  22. John says:

    Some things I’d like to see – pretty sure all these were filmed.

    Randy Savage v George Takano (WWF/SWS Japan, 1991)

    Ted Dibiase & Haku v the Great Kabuki & Takashi Ishikawa (WWF/SWS Japan, 1991)

    Hulk Hogan vs. Genichiro Tenryu (WWF/SWS Japan, 1991)

    Hogan v Hansen (WWF/AJPW/NJPW Wrestling Summit, 1990)

    DiBiase v Roberts (MSG, 1/15/90)

    Jim Duggan, Shawn Michaels, & Marty Jannetty v Mr. Fuji & the Powers of Pain (MSG, 2/19/90)

    Rick Martel & Tito Santana vs Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart (Houston, 12/11/87)

    Hulk Hogan & Roddy Piper vs Ric Flair & Sid Justice (MSG, 3/92)

    Jake Roberts vs Rick Rude (Philly, 8/88)

    Andre the Giant & the Junkyard Dog vs Jimmy Hart, Terry, & Dory Funk Jr. (Toronto, 3/86)

    Piper vs Rude (MSG, 9/89)

    Hulk Hogan & Ricky Steamboat vs Randy Savage & The Honky Tonk Man (Superstars dark match, 1/87)

    Hart Foundation vs Rougeau’s (MSG, 10/88)

  23. Robert emons says:

    Received my best of 2000s dvd in the mail today!

  24. Chudd says:

    I have high hopes for this set would love be to see some rare gems like Bret & Owen v Money Inc, savage v undertaker and Hogan v Jake from providence 1986. but for me, I desperately need to have a commentary track on here or it’s the sh**s

    • John says:

      Was that 12/30/86 Providence show taped? This ( doesn’t indicate it was a televised event, so maybe no cameras.

    • brandon vendetta says:

      I’m with chudd in this one.the set needs commentary. Attitude vol 3 would have been a lot better with a commentary track.if u don’t think commentary is important than watch your DVDs on mute from now on.I would rather have bad commentary as opposed to no commentary at all.they made that mistake with attitude era vol 3 lets hope it doesn’t happen with this release as well.

      • LP1 says:

        If you need commentary to enjoy matches then you must really hate going to shows live. I personally enjoy being in the arena hearing nothing but the action in the ring and the fans reaction. A lot of times commentary can make a good match worse.

  25. Jammer says:

    I am sure that somehow the HBK vs. Razor ladder match from Wrestlemania X will find its way on this DVD release too! haha

  26. RnRisKing says:

    Wow this DVD set will be great. I’m hoping they will put one out for WCW.

  27. Boobsy Heenun says:

    Hopefully we get the Undertaker vs. Randy Savage match from 1991 on this set!

  28. Vintage Simon says:

    I’m really hoping that it’s unreleased matches from TV shows, rather than house show footage (a la Attitude Era Vol. 3).

    • Indyfan says:

      Theres tons of great matches from televised houseshows back in the 80s. They aired on local networks in the area. Many of the matches are on Coliseum home video and Primetime Wrestling. They have commentary as well.

      Example..Hogan vs Slaughter -Desert Storm Match-MSG 1990 or Rockers vs Brain Busters from LA Sports Arena in 1989

      The best of Madison Square Garden had these types of matches as well ( Bret vs Ted Dibiase MSG 1991)

      • Vintage Simon says:

        I agree. MSG TV and suchlike, had the usual camera set-up and a commentary team. It’s the shaky one-cam at ringside and dead air matches that I’m not keen on.

  29. IHeart2000s says:

    This is going to be chock full of repeats. Pass!

    • RCS1988 says:

      Wrong. 1986-1995 Unreleased will be the greatest release of 2017.

    • whutwhut says:


      as far as we know this likely LITERALLY won’t be the case (just like the matches on the third “Attitude Era” were no repeats at all).

      of course depending on your taste there might be things to complain about regarding this release (e.g. I know that a lot of younger fans won’t care for some “random” matches from the eighties), but “repeats” is (likely) not one of them.