Exclusive: The Next Possible WWE DVD & Blu-Ray Planned for 2016, Owen Hart Changing?

October 13, 2015 by Daniel Bee

WWE Sting: Into The Light Blu-ray - Released

Have you got your hands on the “Sting: Into The Light” WWE DVD yet?

It’s officially available from TODAY to fans across the United States! According to the Amazon.com product listings right now, the DVD is the “#1 New Release” in their Sports category (with low stock remaining), and the Blu-ray edition their “#1 Best Seller” overall in the category.

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WDN reader Nick Pavao sends word of finding a hidden Easter Egg in the content:

There is a Easter Egg on Disc 1 of “Sting: Into The Light”.

On the chapter “Signed”, click right twice and you see a short clip of Sting finding a cowboy hat in his house that he says belongs to HBK. He then opens a door and yells apparently at Shawn.

WWE Sting: Into The Light DVD - Released

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We’ve received word this week that the “Owen: Hart of Gold” DVD and Blu-ray artwork may be changing before its release. At this time it is not yet known what the extent of the update will be – whether a complete cover revamp or slight tweaking to imagery – but stay tuned.

In the meantime, keep an eye on the Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk product listings to spot any changes in the artwork, or check back in again with us soon for an update!

It also worth noting that the artwork has already quietly changed once. The latest drafts feature a brighter gold in the lettering and logos shown on the cover, as illustrated below.

WWE Owen: Hart of Gold DVD & Blu-ray - Artwork Change

MORE 2016 PLANS REVEALED: The news on potential DVD and Blu-ray projects that WWE has in the works for 2016 continues to flood in, as WrestlingDVDNetwork.com can now exclusively add “Best of the United States Championship” to the list!

This one is strictly tentative for now and has the potential of being swapped with another DVD nearer the release. We will be reporting what the alternative is before the end of this week!

The lineage of the U.S. Championship dates all the way back to NWA in the ’70s, through WCW and into the present day after its WWE debut over a decade ago. John Cena, the current title holder, has the record for most reigns with WWE’s incarnation of the title. Should the DVD go ahead, we can see it will be a match compilation spread over 3 discs on DVD and 2 discs on Blu-ray.

John Cena Holding WWE United States Championship

NEW UK RELEASE: The new WWE DVD release to UK fans this week is SummerSlam 2015!

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WWE SummerSlam 2015 DVD & Blu-ray

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Lot of Original ECW DVDs

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  1. Horseman#5 says:

    I am hoping they can find one of those late-70s Flair-Steamboat US Title matches!

  2. Anan says:

    So we’ve had a compilation set on the WWE Championship, WHC and I.C. Title so far. Updates to those one day would be nice. It’s great WWE’s continuing that with the U.S. Title compilation. Hopefully one day the Light Heavyweight/Crusierweight Title (matches from both WWE/WWF and WCW), Tag Team Championship, Women’s Championship, European Championship and Hardcore Championship will get their own sets too, followed by all the titles in NXT to get their own sets too.

    Getting back to the U.S. Title, the first ever U.S. Title match, if WWE owns it will probably be on the set. This past Monday’s show stealing match from RAW for the U.S. Title, Cena vs Ziggler should be there as well as the Cena/Owens series, Cena vs Neville, Cena vs Sami Zayn. I know that’s a lot of Cena matches. But those were some of the best matches in recent memory. Some U.S. Title matches from WCW including Sting and others would be great. Sting vs Rick Rude, Sting vs Stunning Steve Austin are just two of many that come to mind.

  3. Mark Markson says:

    An US title set could be interesting. I hope for a lot of old unreleased matches, but I guess we will see a lot of repeats. Like Piper vs Valentine from Starrcade 1983. Unless that one is seen as too violent for the current PG era.

    Other title sets I’d like to see, is the WWE Tag Team Titles and the Cruiserweight title. I especially miss the cruiserweight title now. I found most of these matches very entertaining. Plus, a title set will maybe give us a chance to see some rare gems from WCW.

    I own some semi-official DVD sets featuring the ECW World title, ECW World Television title and ECW Tag Team titles. Plus a set featuring Rob Van Dams TV title reign. So I’m not that interested in ECW title DVDs from WWE.

    • Staightedge47 says:

      What’s the quality like on those ECW dvds?

      • Mark Markson says:

        It’s kinda like VHS transfered to DVD. Not as good a quality as the DVDS released by WWE of course, but definitely watchable. The discs are DVD-R’s.

        There is some much more ECW available. I also have two 6 discs sets featuring Chris Candido. Those are nice to own, since WWE will never release a Chris Candido set.

        • David says:

          Have few of those RF Video sets – RVD TV Title History, Sandman vs. Raven, Dreamer vs. Raven, complete ECW on TNN and majority of the PPVs from 98 to 2000. Quality is pretty good, as Mark mentioned they are VHS quality. RF use just record these off television and sell on his site, because most of the 2000 ppvs had the 30 minute countdown. I think you can get much better quality from other traders if you really search around and would be much cheaper than RF.

          I got the complete Hardcore TV set 1993-2000 on Blu-ray from a trader last year and the quality is awesome for being VHS to DVD to Blu-ray and no edits. Prefer these to the Network versions, but the thing Network is they are master tapes from source so nothing really beats that quality.

        • Jeff Copeland says:

          most are vhs transvered to dvd, like the one i got from highspots aka heatwave 99 it was vhs rip onto a dvd so its ok but ehh

    • Timothy Thorpe says:

      Unfortunately, the reason the Piper/Valentine match won’t be on the set isn’t because of the violence, it’s because the title was not on the line in that match.

  4. j says:

    All for a set on The United States Title

  5. Successoroffate says:

    That’s my picture of my ugly hand holding the Sting DVD!
    I’ll give you something else, I got the DVD on Monday Morning!

  6. Shane C. Montgomery says:

    Speaking of Cena making the US belt mean something once again, which in my opinion he certainly did, I would love to see the same thing happen to the IC belt, which was once considered the title of true wrestlers and the WWE belt was for the mega-heavy weight dinosaurs. Putting the IC belt on Owens is a great start and now when need to see him successfully defend the title with great matches that end in clean finishes (which Kevin Owens can do). This would go a long way in making the IC title mean something again, getting back to being the belt for the technicians. Only a handful of WWE stars could pull this off and Owens is right up there.

    • LP1 says:

      That was the plan at this year’s Mania. By putting the IC belt on Bryan and the US belt on Cena you take 2 main eventers and they bring credibility to both of thise belts. Unfortunately Sheamus gave Bryan a legit concussion during the European tour and Bryan had to forfeit the belt. Now as to why they went with Ryback as the next IC Champion, I have no idea. Hopefully they give Owens a good run with the IC belt.

      • Jeff Copeland says:

        i bet if daniel did not get injured we could of seen challenge thing with bryan as well same that cena did so, its sad ic title has taken such a fall in last 10 years.

        i think last credible ic champion was i would go back 04 05 shelton benjamin or Randy Orton,after that ehh i guess Jeff Hardy or Cody Rhodes

        • LP1 says:

          The prestige of the IC title fell much longer than 10 years ago. And I know a lot of people won’t want to hear this, but it’s a fact, the prestige of the IC title was killed during the Attitude Era. Why? Because the belt changed every other week, sometimes every other day, like it was no big deal. Look at these numbers: 11 IC title changes in 1999, 11 IC title changes in 2000, 12 IC title changes in 2001. That is insane. Not to mention putting the belt on Chyna did a hell of a lot of damage. And then don’t forget when they decided to discontinue the IC belt altogether in 2002. And when they brought it back in 2003 it was no longer the number 2 belt in the company. From 2006-2010 the IC title was the number 4 belt at best(behind the WWE, World and ECW belts).

          I will say this though, Cody Rhodes deserves a lot of credit for being the first guy to publicly admit to wanting to bring the IC belt back to glory. Bringing back the classic design 1980s-1990s belt in 2011 was a great decision that I hope never changes. The problem was in 2011 the IC belt was still the number 3 belt. Once they got rid of the other unnecessary World title in 2013, that was the first time in over a decade that the IC belt was back to being the number 2 belt again. But this year it seems to be taking a backseat to the US title, and that’s only because Cena is holding it. But I so feel it’s important in the long run to make the IC title important again. I mean heck, with the exception of the US title, they need to start making ALL the belts important again. And that includes the current World Champion who loses every single week.

    • Jeff Copeland says:

      if anyone can try to bring the ic title back to some what glory its kevin owens but he needs to WIN MATCHES on ppv. and be booked strong not WALK OWENS WALK which does work for his gimmick but if done to much its a overkill.

  7. RabidHeat says:

    What’s the betting this just ends up becoming a ‘John Cena’s US Open Challenges’ Anthology? Lol.

    • Jeff Copeland says:

      LOL would that be a bad thing ??? i mean cena’s us title matches on raw and ppv have been best thing all year ex for the endings cause LOL CENA WINS!!!! Do do doooooo do dooooooo

  8. David says:

    Hope they continue the book style packaging so it matches with WWE, World and IC Title sets.

    I don’t think the lack of Benoit will hinder this release as the title dates back to 1975, so depending on how much footage is there from late-70s and 80s NWA/WCW this could be a great release. Since returning to WWE in 2003, there have been some great matches and I am sure they can fill the WWE portion without the use of Benoit.

    I am sure they will pick out couple matches from Cena’s Open Challenges which i think have been the highlight of RAW, especially the 30 minute classic with Cesaro.

  9. Jeff Copeland says:

    they need to do more of these. last one was 2009 world title. i say if this sells well do european wcw tv title tags ecw title be cool to see..

    sucks we wont get finals from vengeance 03 which had guerrero vs benoit or even when mvp beat benoit 2 falls at judgment day 07 to win the us title
    :(!!! o god there gonna skip right to show vs eddie from no mercy 03 >.< !!!!

    i think the lack of benoit us title matches might leave the match selection kinda ehhh

  10. attitude.era.4life says:

    would’nt surprise me, if this US title compilation release will be produced: is the only reason for them to put that strap on Cena to make it somewhat relevant again..

    Will wait for the finale match list before I burst out in excitement, but potentially it could be as good a compilation as the WWE / IC / WHC sets.

    Spoiler alert: WM XX match will for sure be on there..yes, there was actually a WM XX! 😉

    • Jeff Copeland says:

      most think oh cena us title >.< !!!! but cena really had good matches this year and made that belt relevant again after YEARS of just being a crappy belt.

      last creadable champion was …. Chris Benoit or M.V.P after that the belt just sank so far

      • David says:

        I agree, the Cena Open Challenges have been the highlight of RAW for me, there have been great gems like vs. Stardust, Cesaro, Neville, Ambrose, Zayn and of course the feud Owens.

        Cena definitely has been on fire this year in terms of quality matches. Sad part is, most of the IWC will still find excuses and downplay Cena like its his opponents carrying him…all wrestlers say it takes two to have a great match and people don’t like to give credit when credit is due to Cena.

        • Jeff Copeland says:

          i am hope we get more wcw us title matches then wwe cause again besides cenas stuff and maybe some rare tv matches with mvp or matt hardy benjamin, miz kofi, or big show vs billy gunn!!! shows only title defence he had LOL

          wcw wise i wanna see title matches with sting flair vader i think was us champ, scott steiner booker t lance storm bret hart ddp WCW U.S Title > wwe us title 😀 but that’s what think

          cena wise hes been best thing on raw this year, which is weird and sad just thinking 10 years ago we were in the ERA OF THE SUPER CENA REIGN well the 1st one, and he was getting booed around this time vs kurt angle, weird how the times change

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