Nitro Vol. 2 Problems, Big Sale, WWE DVD Trailers, Top 25 Rivalries Listed

February 15, 2013 by Daniel Bee

Here’s a pic of the Best Buy exclusive Best of WCW Nitro Vol. 2 DVD released this week. It contains the two extra matches we recently reported on, and is available for the special price of $17.99 this week only.

Best Buy Exclusive WWE Best of WCW Nitro Volume 2 DVD

A number of WWEDVDNews readers let us know that they’ve had a difficult time getting hold of the Blu-ray edition of Nitro Vol. 2 – it’s currently backordered on Best Buy’s website and apparently will not be available there until sometime in March.

Amazon, however, have the Blu-ray in stock now and priced at $22.99 on this page.

For those wondering, Best of Nitro Vol. 2 hits Australia March 6th at, and follows on to Europe April 29th at

Below are trailers for recent WWE DVDs and the upcoming Royal Rumble 2013 release.

Best PPV Matches 2012 DVD/Blu-ray
[flv: 610 348]

TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2012 DVD
[flv: 610 348]

Royal Rumble 2013 DVD/Blu-ray
[flv: 610 348]


FremantleMedia commented via Twitter on the possibility of the UK version of the new Mick Foley “For All Mankind” DVD also having a free Mr. Socko puppet included. They say it is currently only confirmed for initial orders in the US, but inferred this may change. There are four pre-order listings for the new Mick Foley DVD and Blu-ray on the US site, so perhaps two of these will have the puppet attached. There are no further details yet.

Fans in the UK and Europe, if you pre-order the Survivor Series 2012 DVD or Blu-ray from (available March) you will be automatically entered into a competition to win cover sleeves signed by Ryback. They have 40 to give away – 20 for the DVD, 20 for the BD. The Attitude Era DVD is the next available title to the UK officially released next Monday.

WWE Survivor Series 2012 DVD Blu-ray

Bret Hart: The Dungeon Collection is now available to pre-order on

Speaking of WWEShop, we hear they are running a new promotion for this Presidents’ Day weekend which will get you free shipping on all orders of $60+ with code “CHAMBER“, and include DVDs on sale for as low as $5.99!

The following WWE DVDs are on sale there for $5.99 right now:
– Andre the Giant
– Best of Raw 15th Anniversary
– Best of Raw 2009
– Best of Raw 2010
– ECW Blood Sport
– Greatest Stars of the 90s
– Hell in a Cell Anthology
– Knucklehead
– Legends of Wrestling Collection
– No Way Out 2009
– Starrcade Essential Collection
– Superstar Collection (Cena, HBK, Sheamus, Ryder, Bryan, Mysterio)
– The Rise and Fall of ECW

Click here to grab them at WWEShop – look out for more!

The Top 25 Rivalries in WWE History and WrestleMania 29 are now available to pre-order on Amazon over here, and both are to be produced on DVD and Blu-ray formats.

Reports are surfacing online that WWE are looking to acquire the World of Sport wrestling tape library which is owned by ITV in the UK. A couple of months ago there was a rumor that WWE were attempting to source a World of Sport era match for the upcoming Bret Hart Dungeon Collection DVD, so perhaps the two are connected.

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New WWE DVDs on

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  1. Eric Bischoff says:

    On the Best of Nitro DVD there is a picture of Booker T and it says “August 19 1999 Lubbock TX”. I looked it up and its from Thunder. Why is this? Why show a picture from WCW Thunder of all things? If there was no picture from the matches Booker had on Nitro why not just put a different picture from Nitro? At first I thought it was a last minute decision to take a match out then I saw it from was from Thunder Why Thunder?

  2. Kub says:

    Anyone else notice the big long silence during the DDP/Jarrett match on Disc 1? Had to be editing out some commentary. Anyone have any idea what this was?

  3. Mongoose Wizard says:

    Man I’m glad my gf picked up Nitro vol.2 for me on Blu Ray for me on Valentines Day best present ever!

  4. SledgeHammer1999 says:

    Wal-Mart had 1 copy of the Blu-Ray when I went there today… I am still planning to get the Best Exclusive DVD too I guess… WWE is making me mad with this double exclusives crap! Seriously?!

  5. warresg says:

    Top 25 Rivalries Listed
    so where is the list???

  6. NoNoYesYes!! says:

    Just watched the Best buy Exclusive extras that include the bret vs sting and Regal/Mysterio vs Eddie/Malenko and they are really not worth it, the tag match last for 6 mins, 2 mins for entrance and 4 mins for the actual match, the bret vs sting match last for 8 mins 2 mins for extras and 5 mins for the actual match that goes backstage,
    The Total running time for the extras are 15:58,

    Just get the Blu-ray Edition, 1hr 45mins of better extras and better picture quality even though its all SD footage.

    Im trying to save the trouble for people buying the best buy dvd version.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Also, not sure if you guys have noticed it yet, but the artwork for the dungeon collection’s out. I saw it at a couple sites already.

    • NoNoYesYes!! says:

      WWE DVD NEWS announced the cover art for the new bret dvd first lol, wherever you saw it on whatever website they are not giving wwe dvd news the credit,
      So i think they noticed, great website should check it out more often and the number 1 place to come for the all you wwe news on dvds,
      Your Welcome!!

      • Daniel Bee says:

        Actually while we did reveal the cover, he means photos of the DVD. Mike Johnson of PWInsider got hold of a copy and took some pics. We’ve now posted these up with credit where it’s due. 🙂

      • Anonymous says:

        Like Daniel said, it was the interior artwork. I was actually pretty surprised because I’ve been coming here for a quite a while, and haven’t seen this place get scooped like that very often if at all.

        • Daniel Bee says:

          I’d like to think it shows the impact this site has had, that other people who are privileged enough to get sent the WWE DVDs early now think to do the ‘exclusive first look’ posts also. 🙂

          May be biased but it definitely seems like reporting WWE DVD news has become a bigger part of all the wrestling news sites since we put the attention on it.

  8. ACEMON says:

    idk what the hell’s going on. There were plenty of Blu-ray copies of Nitro Vol.2 @ Best Buy in Chitown South Side. Good thing I got mine. Funny thing: I got the Vol.2 copy On Tuesday and already there out but for CM Punk: Best In The World, they were all gone at every store on that Tuesday and 4 days later finally found the Blu-ray and bought it? That’s a bitch!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    There were about 6-8 copies of the Blu-Ray at mine. Not entirely sure what’s going on with their distribution there.

  10. Joey says:

    I’m getting my nitro vol.2 DVD this weekend yeah Buddy!

  11. wrestlingfan says:

    got my nitro set just fine…

  12. indyfan says:

    Best Buys are closing here in Quebec. Same with Future Shop and HMV. They never have the blu rays anyway, I give Best buy 2 years max and they will out of business.

    • LP1 says:

      Not sure why you feel that way, but Best Buy is a billion dollar franchise. Highly doubtful they’ll be going anywhere for a while.

      • indyfan says:

        actually they just closed down 7 in Quebec like 2 weeks ago.

        Also they just can’t compete with online anymore.

        Just google Best buy going out of business and check out some articles. They aren’t doing well at all. Most chains aren’t though.

        I only buy blu rays and dvds online now since Best Buy doesn’t even get blu rays for WWE shows here.

        • indyfan says:

          *WWE blu ray sets. I don’t buy WWE shows.

          • Marty says:

            WWE Blu-rays are almost next to impossible to find in stores in Canada in general, not just at Best Buy. HMV are the best possibility, but even that ain’t great, and the prices aren’t great either. I think the last Blu-ray at a Best Buy store was last year’s Royal Rumble.

            So the distribution issues in the U.S. is pretty par for the course in Canada.

            • David says:

              I live in Toronto and its hard finding WWE Blu-rays. Around my area Best Buy and Future Shop hardly carry any and HMV hasn’t had any since Undertaker Streak. Wal-Mart use to carry them but stopped after John Cena Experience.

              I just get mine from, prices are not bad, and i always get them the day of or day after release. I have certificates from using Swagbucks, so don’t really have to pay much.

    • jgreeds says:

      I’ve heard that Best Buy is on the potential-to-be-future-endeavored list. Their sales are slipping and more people are just buying things online. Best Buy has been closing a lot of their stores recently.

    • LP1 says:

      I did read those articles about Best Buy… BEFORE the holidays. As of today Best Buy is up 12% in sales year-over-year, part in thanks to a much better holiday season than last year. The argument that Best Buy can’t compete with online holds no water because Best Buy has been price-matching sites like Amazon for a while now and it’s much quicker to pick something up in the store without having to pay shipping and wait a week. It’s also much more convenient when it comes to returning items and making exchanges. Check the post-dates of those doomsday articles, all of them are prior to Christmas of 2012. All the recent posts talk about their increase in business.

      • LP1 says:

        And I know there’s a few people(most of them on this site) that only use Best Buy to buy wrestling dvds/blu-rays. You have to remember that the dvd/br business is only a fraction of what Best Buy sells. The majority of Best Buy’s income comes from the sales of computers, TVs, cell phones, house appliances, etc. Just because “fill in the blank” wrestling dvd isn’t being stocked by Best Buy means nothing in the big picture of their finances.

        • indyfan says:

          So Christmas gives a a little boom period. That doesn’t equal out of the water, They have been going downhill for years. Pcs are cheaper online and you get better quality pc components from online or real PC stores. Even with price matching, you are still getting worst components. All my big PC and Mac friends say never buy computers from Best Buy.

          Also why are they closing down Best Buys across Canada in 2013?

  13. Steve says:

    I ordered it on and then picked it up in Deleware on Tuesday. The store pickup option wasn’t available until Tuesday morning.

  14. james wilson says:

    yeah i picked it up at my best buy just fine

  15. Steven says:

    I’m having a time at Wal-Mart trying to get my copy of Best of Nitro 2 Blu-ray, they usually have new releases of WWE included but they had Skyfall and other new movies on Tuesday but not Nitro 2.

  16. jgreeds says:

    I just picked up the blu-ray at my local Best Buy last night. It was the last copy left and they didn’t have a whole lot of wrestling dvds/blurays to choose from. Which was surprising, as they usually have a whole rack stocked. They seem to be slipping lately.

    • TheRaven361 says:

      best buy stoped really stocking alot of wrestling same with walmart and i am curious if walmart will do a wwe sale like they did last 2 years where u get 2 dvds for 10 bucks and some for 5 is there any news if wwe and walmart doing that

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