A Note on Video Quality of ‘WWE UNRELEASED’ DVD, Pack Shot for SURVIVOR SERIES, Blu-Rays On Sale

August 16, 2017 by Daniel Bee

WWE UNRELEASED 1986-1995 DVD - Full of Never Before Seen Matches!

We’re now less than 3 weeks away from “WWE UNRELEASED 1986-1995”; WWE will officially release this anticipated collection to both the USA and UK in early September.

Its colossal content will unearth 45 new matches from the vault, all never-before-seen until now!

Heads up, in the run up to the release Amazon has lowered the pre-order price of the 3-disc DVD set to just $17.89. Take advantage of this offer by clicking here to Amazon.com.

WrestlingDVDNetwork.com has learned this week that finished copies of the DVD are beginning to circulate – look out for them! While there will be no commentary track on the 45 featured matches, early impressions are that the video quality of them is for the most part excellent.

The visuals are said to be superior to that of the similar-themed “Attitude Era: Unreleased” Home Video put out this time last year as the majority of matches were professionally shot by WWE (even if the footage was never used) and only a small handful of the bouts have the “fan cam” treatment.

We also now have word on the runtimes of each disc, which are as follows:

DISC 1: 2 hours and 45 minutes
DISC 2: 2 hours and 46 minutes
DISC 3: 2 hours and 49 minutes

All in all that’s a total of more than 8 hours of footage which includes all of the matches, the exclusive never-aired Piper’s Pit, and the host segments with Sean Mooney and Charly Caruso.

WWE 'UNRELEASED 1986-1995' DVD -
 Cover Artwork

Grab your copy of the new “WWE UNRELEASED 1986-1995” DVD on…

UK/Europe: September 4th. Pre-order the Unreleased DVD right now here on Amazon.co.uk.

United States: September 5th. Pre-order the Unreleased DVD now here on Amazon.com.

Australia: October 25th. Your chance to pre-order the Unreleased DVD is at Madman.com.au.

Last week was all about “30 YEARS of SURVIVOR SERIES” when the cover artwork, full content listing and trailer emerged for the new WWE DVD countdown that’s on the way this October.

We’ve now received a closer look at the cover with this new pack shot:

WWE '30 Years of Survivor Series' DVD - Official Box Artwork

Get your copy of WWE’s new “30 YEARS OF SURVIVOR SERIES” DVD…

UK/Europe: October 23rd. Get the 30th Anniversary Survivor Series DVD on Amazon.co.uk.

USA: October 24th. Pre-order the 30th Anniversary Survivor Series DVD here on Amazon.com.

Australia: TBA. Look for your DVD pre-order announcement soon at Madman.com.au.

While a sizzling sale is underway on SummerSlam Blu-rays in the UK, fans in the USA aren’t being completely left out as for the next two days WWEShop.com will have a Blu-ray sale of its own.

Reduced to $15.00 each (down from $24.99) are the following titles:

Fight Owens Fight: The Kevin Owens Story Blu-ray

Diamond Dallas Page: Positively Living Blu-ray

Royal Rumble 2017 Blu-ray

WWE 'Kevin Owens: Fight Owens Fight' Blu-ray - Cover Artwork

The newest WWE “Double Feature” DVD twin-pack officially hit stores in the UK this week which combines Extreme Rules 2017 and Money in the Bank 2017; get it on Amazon.co.uk.

The next one due for release in all regions will be Great Balls of Fire and Battleground.

As you’ve heard, TLC is currently slated for an individual DVD release (not a “Double Feature”) due to PPV scheduling. With the news of Clash of Champions now taking place in December there is a possibility TLC could be paired up with the event, however that may be unlikely considering that the Home Video offering of TLC would have to be delayed a few months and not appear until 2018.

WWE 'Double Feature' DVDs Combine RAW & SmackDown Live PPVs

It’s true, it’s true – the new “Kurt Angle: The Essential Collection” DVD is back up (and right now the #1 new Sports release) on Amazon.com after the site didn’t have enough stock to fulfill orders.

Get a look at all the fancy artwork on the DVD’s packaging in Matthew Tremble’s video:

EBAY WATCH: Be sure to “Watch” out for these eBay auctions that are ending tomorrow – you could potentially grab a great deal on the WrestleMania 32 and 33 DVDs…

$2.00WrestleMania 32 DVD (Free Shipping)
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Also about to expire on eBay are these 3 big-time WWF DVD rarities…

$5.25WWF Undertaker: This Is My Yard DVD
$11.54WWF WrestleMania 18 DVD
$13.50WWF Judgment Day 2001 DVD

Rare WWF/WWE The Undertaker: This Is My Yard DVD

And WDN reader D. Fuller sends word that he’s auctioning loads of classic WWF DVDs, including:

– nWo: Back in Black
– Hardy Boyz: Leap of Faith
– Attitude Collection: Eve of Destruction
– Attitude Collection: Rock Bottom 1998
– Attitude Collection: Austin 3:16 Uncensored
…and many more!

New WWE DVDs on Amazon.co.uk

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  1. huh says:

    Why no blu ray for this?

  2. cmw says:

    No bobby h,no monsoon, forget this DVD,goodbye!

  3. RCS1988 says:

    Any hidden extras on the Unreleased set?

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Nope, not that we can see. It is already stacked with 45 matches and host segments though.

      • RCS1988 says:

        Your probably right. I think they just do hidden extras here and there. One way of know if there are hidden extras on the discs is the way you move your arrows n your remote if they go fast, there are not hidden extras on the disc, if it doesn’t go fast, then there is a hidden extra on the disc. If there would be, it would probably be just an untelevised interview segment and not a very quick match.

  4. Indyfan says:

    Some of these matches are gonna be short like 2-4 min short

    • Brandon vendetta says:

      I bet most of these matches are around 10 minutes and they ain’t going to be anything special. I really hope I’m wrong this time but guess we all gotta wait till September 5th to find out. Commentary or not I still have high expectations for this set. Hopefully it will be worth the wait.

      • Indyfan says:

        No commentary doesn’t bother me. But I highly doubt tryout matches going over 4 min. I’m cool with 10 min. I’d imagine some of the old ones going longer.

        • Brandon vendetta says:

          No commentary bothers me alot but I’m not getting into that again. Just hope the quality of the matches makes up for it.

  5. whut2 says:

    has anyone of the “usual suspects” ever done a custom commentary for the third “Attitude” release?

    the upcoming set would also be a good choice for something like that (can someone throw some money at Ventura to do it? I’d also be okay with other guys from that timeframe, like Tony Schiavone).

  6. EJ Rae says:

    Keep erasing Hogan by not putting him anywhere on the the cover of a DVD about a ppv created to put Hogan and Andre back in the ring together (pat Patterson quoted on a legends round table).

    • LP1 says:

      How are they erasing Hogan when a few of his matches are on this DVD set?

      • whut2 says:

        they aren’t. I feel it’s people not getting that Hogan’s “remarks” are still a big deal for some people.

        and I feel for the time being a set like this is actually a good compromise: not “advertising” Hogan, but still having matches involving him.

        • Brandon vendetta says:

          Um it’s been a few years everybody needs to get over it already period. Enough is enough. He’s sorry now let’s move on. People have made bigger mistakes and been forgiven by Vince and the rest of WWE.

    • Cdub9416 says:

      I agree. Its ridiculous to leave Hogan off of so many of these covers. You cannot erase the most iconic wwe wrestler of all time. I find it ridiculous also that he is now left off wwe book covers and toys as well. I saw a little mini figure set the other day that had every major wwe star of the 80s-10s except Hogan…just absurd.

      • Brandon vendetta says:

        Agreed it’s beyond ridiculous already.

      • The Midnight Jobber says:

        I agree. Pretending like Hogan was never born is ridiculous seeing as they WILL bring him back at one point. Then they will make like they never ignored him and this Survivor Series release will still be as dull as women’s golf.

    • Metfan says:

      I never heard that , but that just makes it even more ridiculous that they didn’t include that match on the set , especially when it’s only release was the anthology set

  7. Tom says:

    No commentary, no purchase.

    • Bryan G says:

      And……….no one cares if you’re buying it or not.

      • lenny the loanshark says:

        badda boom!

      • Tom says:

        And yet, you cared enough to comment.
        It’s called, leaving feedback, so maybe WWE will understand why a release didn’t sell as well as they had hoped and not repeat the same mistake on future releases.
        I doubt I’m the only one passing on this release for the same reason.

        • Bryan G says:

          and I doubt if the WWE cares if Tom and other people like you buy it or not I guarantee you it will be one of the top 3 selling WWE DVDs this year commentary or not.

          • Tom says:

            It may very well be a top 3 selling DVD. But if they tracked it to be number 1 then they will be disappointed with number 3 ( depending on the sales numbers, of course) and I would think they’d like to know why. They do constant research of the same vein through surveys on their site as well as this one, so they surely care.

            Why are you so offended by this point of view? For some reason, you seem to have taken it personal that I won’t be buying this set.

    • Brian Mekdeci says:

      I’m actually the opposite. I enjoy matches without commentary more than commentary, for two reasons; 1) When I sit down to watch the matches, it’s more like the live experience, and 2) I can have matches on in the background while I work. Commentary is too distracting, but the random cheers, ring sounds, etc., of a “live” wrestling match is very cool to have going on in the background while I do something else. Commentary is far too distracting.

      Of course, I enjoy original commentary as well, especially by guys like Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura, but I’d rather have no commentary than commentary dubbed in after-the-fact by some current announcer.

      • Tom says:

        That’s an excellent point. I’m sure they have enough matches in their library that do feature original commentary. Or, they could have dubbed commentary in from Tony schivone, or others from that Era to make it seem complete. My opinion, anyway.

        • Metfan says:

          I remember they dubbed Jim Ross on the Mid-South DVD for the Jake Roberts vs Snowman match and had him do it like it was live but failed to realize he could be seen standing around while the wrestlers headed to the ring so it clearly wasn’t live commentary lol

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