News & Notes on WWE WrestleMania 28 DVD – Discontinued in the UK?

May 9, 2012 by Daniel Bee

There was overwhelming demand for WrestleMania 28 on Amazon shortly after the release, with a notification of delayed shipping times of up to three weeks displayed. The issue has since been resolved. Both the DVD ($16.99) and the Blu-ray ($19.99) are in stock at

Best Buy have WM28 available for the same prices online, and their free shipping makes it the best deal we’ve seen (go there). Also, their “Upgrade and Save” promo gets you the Blu-ray for $14.99, when you turn in any commercial DVD for $5 Blu-ray coupon in store.

Thanks to WWEDVDNews reader Jed Raybould for these notes on the WM28 DVD.

– The run times for each disc of the DVD edition are as follows. Disc 1- 2:51:30, Disc 2- 1:29:36, and Disc 3- 2:56:01. That totals 7:17:07.

– For some odd reason it looks like the WrestleMania 28 presentation is the LIVE feed recording. Where the WWEHD logo used to be is the Twitter reference.

– As we know the Metallica track, along with the Flo Rida and Machine Gun Kelly performances, are left intact. The song “We Are Young” is present on the video package for the Rock/Cena main event. The Madonna song is still in too.

– Watching through the Hall of Fame on the DVD, I can’t believe they are blurring out the New Generation logo as well. Doesn’t WWE still have the rights to show the “Block” and New Generation Logos?

In an update to the situation going on with the UK release of WrestleMania 28, Thomas Goodearl has sent word that the DVD is now listed as “discontinued” on the HMV/Fopp Records system accessible by employees. The Clash of the Champions and ECW sets were not listed there since details had not yet been shared with retailers.

We can now announce the winner of our WM28 giveaway on WWEDVDNews Forums…

Congratulations goes to “Rob L”. You get a free copy of WrestleMania 28 on your preferred format (DVD or Blu-ray) direct to your doorstep. Be sure to check your email!

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  1. chris herrera says:

    i need to know the name of the song used in the video package for the fourhorse hall of fame

  2. RabidHeat says:

    I swear, people read one statement rom a company and just add all sorts of their own rambling thoughts to it.

    Legend_Killer, where does it state anywhere that Silver Vision won’t be producing those titles in the future? Nowhere, which means they may very well do. They just aren’t right now. No need to be so pessimistic. No more WWE BluRay’s and DVDs for Europe? Where the hell are you getting that from? And why bother asking the question, because you know that nobody on here knows the answer yet, lol.

    • Legend_Killer says:

      It is just because Silver Vision has not been informing the clients properly that we are deducing all kinds of theories from the little things we know. Indeed, I don’t know whether those theories are correct or not. The fact that they have decided to proceed to refunds of all pre-orders makes me think they may never produce them (up to this day, clients could choose whether they wanted a refund or not. I don’t think they would make that decision if they knew they would release the titles in question). I would like to be optimistic, but could you give me one sign that would justify that? I mean: massive sales, refunds, no mention of future titles on their website, avoiding questions of customers?

  3. Legend_Killer says:

    So, Silver Vision will definitely not produce Wrestlemania 28 and two other titles. Production issues would be the cause of it. Just like many other customers, I am hugely disappointed by this. It just feels like a slap in the face. We are rewarded for our patience by being given some weird excuse. Really, I cannot understand this decision. Does this mean no more blu rays or dvds for Europe? If that’s WWE’s decision, they ‘d better change their name to AWE (American Wrestling instead of World Wrestling) and blur all references to WWE.

  4. Giovanni says:

    I know this will upset some people, but i live in the U.S., and i would “LOVE” to get my hands on some WWE Tagged Classics (UK of course), but guess what, it’s not as easy as going to my local Best Buy. But, i can always check ebay of ioffer and pay more cash. So you know what……DEAL WITH IT. I’m sure there’s some way you all can obtain a copy of WWE WrestleMania XXVIII.

    • lee says:

      yes but giovanni its not that simple – you can get the tagged classics which are region 0 dvds as all uk dvds are. but american dvds are region 1 so i cant play them on my ps3, so its no good. again the uk get shafted. im so annoyed at silvervision and wwe its beyond belief. but i wont cave, wont be buying region 1 titles i will hope someone else released the dvds and blurays here. im too busy buying bluray steelbooks to buy wwe dvds anyway so in a way it will be nice not to worry about keeping a collection up.

  5. Rob L says:

    Awesome news! Thanks a lot Dan and everyone else at wwedvdnews for hooking me up. Very much appreciated. I love this site and will continue to show my support daily.

  6. RabidHeat says:

    Does anybody else think Silver Vision might actually be closing down or something? I’m only saying, because I have never seen a sale QUITE so big on the site before now! Almost EVERYTHING is on sale! Things that don’t even need to be like the most recent Austin and Orton sets. Just seems like the actions of a company that need to get rid of stuff to me! Just a thought.

  7. VinceM says:

    I watched wrestlemania live and where is used to say WWEHD it said #WRESTLEMANIA

  8. Anonymous says:

    I got my Mania DVD, from Amazon, yesterday with no problem.

  9. scsa says:

    WM28 was so boring, I fell asleep after all the matches n missed Rock Vs Cena. Even Taker/HHH came in the first hour and they didn’t even go on top of the cell which made it rather boring!

  10. Anonymous says:

    What the hell is going on with Wrestlemania 28 dvd?We need it here in europe!

  11. Dave says:

    People from the UK really need to have patience on the situation. UK gets lot of stuff the US don’t get like Tagged Classics and other exclusives.

    So you guys might not get WM28 and other further releases, but there are other ways of acquiring them. Guys like us in North America have to find other ways to get DVDs/Blu-rays that we don’t get here.

    Have patience or just get it from elsewhere. Not a big deal.

  12. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    I ordered WM28 last night and didn’t get a notice of delayed shipment. It did say it would take about 7 days to get to me though. I also ordered WM26 3 disc blu-ray for just $7.99. Good deal.

    I’m glad the music was left in tact on WM28.

  13. The Wiz says:

    That certainly doesn’t sound good for us fans in Europe.Saying that I think people are being far too hard on Silvervision,it’s hardly their fault.I can’t imagine they decided to pull,what I would imagine would be,their biggest seller as some sort of two fingers up to their loyal customers.It’s clearly an issue beyond their control.I,m sure they’ll update us as soon as they have any information.But in the meantime it looks as if us fans in Europe may have to consider importing.

  14. Mikey the Model says:

    silvervision seriously have to let us all know what’s happening, i don’t wanna order American or Aussie crap!! i know what i like and it’s silver silver silvervision!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. #SilvervisionISaDisgraceHa. says:

    Silvervision Can Piss off, Leaving us all in the Dark with no Update about the Wrestlemania 28, WCW Clash and ECW Unreleased DVDs/Blu-rays, to be frank they have handled the situation quite poorly and they shouldn’t even deserve customers buying off their website, they have a tagged classic sale but that doesn’t even make up for it, they be losing out ton of money by not selling Wrestlemania 28 on DVD/Blu-ray which is mad and What is WWE problem if its a license thing just renew cause they have been associated with Silvervison for over 22 Years, WWE are just Mad they should be lucky we buy their dvds as if we didnt they wouldnt even make half the profit on their DVD’s like they do yearly.
    To be fair the whole Situation Stinks No Update from Silvervision (I know they know something and they dont want to share) and No Update from WWE about this aswell,
    I have the Original Recording in HD Quality,
    Unless its available on Blu-ray i will not buy from any other website,
    Australian Blu-rays are a JOKE they charge way too much for postage and their blu-rays are a rip off for e.g the Rumble 2012 Blu-ray Costs here around £11.99 and Australia are charging something like £30 you got be kidding me right not to mention custom import charges (please tell me if im wrong).
    This is the most absurd Situation Ever and Im Sure lot of UK/Europe Fans feel this way, at the end of the day we got rights/I have rights to express our/Mine opinion, so please dont start talking trash to me and stop sucking up to Silvervision just cause of their sale and getting cheap DVDs, They left you in the dark and your feeding into their hands they must be laughing at you with all the comments on facebook, their website is a disgrace and joke now its sorry sight for once a Company who was Regarded as the best when it Came to WWE DVD’s.
    No matter what happens people will always remember this looking back in the future, for 1 i hope Silvervision do go out of Business and another distributor comes and does a respectable job of selling WWE DVD’s.

  16. WWEDVDNEWSGUY#1 says:

    Make sure to follow WWEDVDNews on Twitter by clicking here. Continue chating about all WWE DVD News right now on WWEDVDNews Forums!

  17. Simon says:

    Also, does anybody know of a good website that ships WWE Blu Rays from Australia to the UK? Thanks!

  18. Simon says:

    “For some odd reason it looks like the WrestleMania 28 presentation is the LIVE feed recording. Where the WWEHD logo used to be is the Twitter reference.”

    This is the case on the Elimination Chamber 2012 Blu Ray too. Instead of saying WWE HD, it says #Chamber. And #Raw and #Smackdown for the extras. I can understand why they insert the hashtags during the live broadcast, but there seems little point to keep it that way on the DVDs and such like. I ran a search for #Chamber, wondering if there’d be a stream of people talking about the DVD, and nothing.

    • JFR_WWfE79 says:

      Do you think WWE could have 2 or 3 recordings going at the same time? One with the hashtag, another with the WWEHD logo and a third without any graphics at all.

  19. Joe Craven says:

    So where will the best place for uk people to order the bluray from?

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Australia because it’s the same Region B format, but may be worth hanging on a little while to see for sure what Silver Vision are doing.

  20. SRB says:

    – The run times for each disc of the DVD edition are as follows. Disc 1- 2:51:30, Disc 2- 1:29:36, and Disc 3- 2:56:01. That totals 7:17:07…

    Getting better WWE..

    • Mark D says:

      So WWE still can fit almost 3 hours onto a disc – they’re just choosing not to! They could have thrown some extra stuff on that second disc to bulk it up a bit. 🙁

      • Daniel Bee says:

        True that. An extra hour and more could fit on Disc 2

        • SRB says:

          Agreed guys. If we were ever confused about WWE’s time capabilities just look at these run times. almost 3 hours on 1 disc and pretty much half of that on another? Agree with you Mark, of course they can, they just choose not to.

  21. Daniel says:

    WM 28 is not sell by Silver Vision ? really , I am agry

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Not for definite. If Silver Vision’s plans to produce it have ceased for now (could be temporary?) then the plans of the retailers should too. Doesn’t sound good though.

  22. BULL SHIT! says:

    This is total BS! I

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