nWo: The Revolution WWE DVD Runtime & Documentary Length

September 22, 2012 by Mark D

nWo The Revolution WWE DVD

Just yesterday we reported the runtime of the Blu-ray extras for November’s nWo: The Revolution, and today we can also reveal (via the BBFC) the length of the DVD set, including the main documentary feature.

The total runtime for the 3 disc DVD set is 6 hours, 50 minutes, of which the main documentary feature comprises 1 hour, 3 minutes!

The Blu-ray set will have a total runtime of 8 hours, 38 minutes.

Below is a detailed breakdown of the set:

(01:03:02)      Main Feature
(00:02:53)      Hall’s Nitro Debut (Nitro)
(00:04:14)      Nash’s Nitro Debut (Nitro)
(00:08:38)      Piper confronts Bischoff (Nitro)
(00:12:32)      Hogan confronts Piper (Nitro)
(00:09:28)      nWo’s WWE Debut (No Way Out)
(01:40:47)      Disc 1 Runtime

(00:29:44)      Outsiders vs. Savage, Sting & Luger (Bash at the Beach)
(00:25:58)      Giant vs. Hogan (Hog Wild)
(00:21:31)      Outsiders vs. Harlem Heat (Halloween Havoc)
(00:05:49)      Syxx vs. The Bounty Hunter (Saturday Night)
(00:19:39)      Outsiders vs. Steiners (Souled Out)
(00:18:34)      Hogan vs. Piper (SuperBrawl VII)
(00:27:48)      Hogan & Rodman vs. Luger & Giant (Bash at the Beach)
(02:29:03)      Disc 2 Runtime

(00:24:18)      DDP vs. Savage (Halloween Havoc)
(00:12:51)      Sting vs. Hogan (Nitro)
(00:20:20)      Hogan vs. Savage (Nitro)
(00:10:58)      Sting vs. Giant (Great American Bash)
(00:23:29)      Hogan & Bischoff vs. Jay Leno & DDP (Road Wild)
(00:25:17)      Wargames (Fall Brawl)
(00:18:49)      Goldberg vs. Nash (Starrcade)
(00:10:40)      Goldberg vs. Hart (Nitro)
(00:13:30)      Hogan, Nash & Hall vs. Rock & Austin (Raw)
(02:40:12)      Disc 3 Runtime

(06:50:02)      Total Runtime

Looking at “The Revolution” vs. “Back in Black”, the new release is 3 hours, 54 minutes longer than its 2002 counterpart. However the new documentary is actually 20 minutes, 50 seconds shorter than the previous “Back in Black” release!

nWo: The Revolution is released on DVD and Blu-ray in the US on November 6 [order yours] and also in November for fans in the UK and Europe (when pre-ordering at Silvervision.co.uk). Australians grab it over at WWEDVD.com.au.

Below are some photographs of this week’s Blu-ray release of WWE SummerSlam 2012, with thanks to WWEDVDNews reader, George.

Courtesy of WrestlingSuperstore.com, here are some cover shots of the highly anticipated CM Punk: Best in the World Blu-ray. Order your copy for October by clicking here.

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  1. nightmare says:

    I just wanted to know, since I pre order the blu ray, will the hostile takeover promo be on this disc?? In order for this to be complete this needs to be on here…hoping, fingers crossed…

  2. Jamie says:

    Blu Rays are worthless and Overrated

  3. Anonymous says:

    Plain black sidebars would be much better and less distracting.

  4. Lemo says:

    I have a blue ray player but i prefer to buy dvd’s to enjoy full screen format better than silly side bars on blue rays

    • Dave says:

      If you like to watch stretched or zoomed 4:3 footage in 16:9 then thats your call…to me it looks like absolute crap…the side bars are the way 4:3 footage is to be viewed on a widescreen tv, you’re getting the complete unaltered picture.

      The sidebar complaints are beyond stupid now, back in 2005/2006 when HD was taking off then it was understandable…its 2012, get use to it. Might as well pull out your CRT television and watch your DVDs on that…or better yet, instead of playing 360 or PS3, pull out your Atari. While you’re at it get your Betamax and Laser Disc players out.

      Also its “Blu-ray” not “Blue ray”.

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually, the best way to watch non-HD footage is to set your player’s output to 4:3 and then watch it with the TV’s own black settings. This way you’re seeing everything in the proper dimensions without the often distracting sidebars.

        • Anonymous says:

          Agreed, this gets around the issue entirely.

          The one thing I am hoping for is that they put the WWE logo in the 16:9 viewable area and not in the 4:3 viewable area as they did (perhaps accidentally) on the previous Nitro set for the upcoming WCW releases. Actually, I wish they’d just do that on everything period.

    • Geolink says:

      There’s a ZOOM option in the Blu-ray’s menu…


    Agree or disagree DVDs are worthless buying now unless you buy it for the inside artwork,
    Blu-ray is the best in the world now, same for movies, dvds are useless, blu-ray movies are the way to go along with dvd and digital copy triple play Blu-rays, i wish wwe did for that ppvs that would be epic, if you really want the best version you just gotta pay a bit more to get the blu-ray im sure £5 or $5-$8 aint guna hurt in the long run,
    Picture and sound quality, Exclusive Content, 2 Discs, Uses Less Space and a nice and stury blu-ray case thats 6 things that dvd cant say and beat over blu-ray,
    TV’s are now going to have new feature called ultra motion picture which will deliver even better picture quality in HD,
    Im sorry but Standard def TV’s and DVDs are just dying out now, it might not be the case with everyone or their is no report indicating that but people who have a blu-ray player and HD TV’s deep down know that,
    You just gotta move on with Technology its like being in school you dont want to be the last in line, same here you dont want to be behind with technology that is today you gotta be at the front and up to date 🙂

    • Dave says:

      I agree…Blu-ray is the way to go…unless the WWE don’t release on Blu-ray, then have no choice but to settle for DVD.

      People here use to cry and moan about WWE not catering to DVD users Blu-ray having more content…well, tough shit.

      This isn’t the first time WWE trying to push another format…with VHS and DVD, WWE always had extras on the DVD, and i bet people with VHS were crying over that…Its not rocket science that WWE want to entice Blu-ray buyers with these exclusives.

      As for WWE not putting out PPVs on Blu-ray besides the big ones, the regular B shows like Over the Limit or No Way Out probably don’t even sell well on DVD…i imagine thats what happened with Extreme Rules 2011 and Over the Limit 2011 which stopped them from releasing Capitol Punishment – onwards. I read WWE planned to release all 2011 events on Blu-ray in North America.

      But i hope WWE does start to put out every PPV on Blu-ray….even if the non-big 4 events have to WWE Shop exclusive or something, would definitely get those one way or the other.

      • Anonymous says:

        Blu-Ray is the best. No doubt about it.

        Now if only WWE would even come close to using up the maximum amount of space on their Blu-Rays (and DVDs)!

        No more of these 100 minute discs!!!

      • Vincenzzzzzo says:

        Same here… the only DVD I will buy is if WWE doesn’t release the Blu-ray version of it. I’m also in the process of re-buying movies on Blu-ray that I still own on DVD. Some might call it “throwing my money away”, but it is what it is, I guess. It doesn’t matter to me how much space is taken up on a Blu-ray either. I couldn’t care any less than I already do about it.

        • Anonymous says:

          So maybe they should start releasing 30 minute Blu-Rays at the same price. You wouldn’t care, right? If we don’t make some noise about the length of the releases, as the original writer in the article appears to have done, then eventually that’s what we’ll have to look forward to. But, I guess if people don’t care, then why should WWE worry about declining sales. Clearly this audience will buy whatever they give us and not care. That’s thinking.

          • Vincenzzzzzo says:

            I’m not a millionaire by any means, but I also don’t count my pennies, either. I bought the 30th Anniversary of JAWS a few weeks ago on Blu-ray. Between the movie and the extras, it comes out to about… lets just say for arguments sake, 4 hours. I’m not gonna write a letter to Universal Studios moaning about giving me an extra 5 hours so I can justify the extra $10 I spent.

            It is what it is.

            • Anonymous says:

              So you got 4 hours on your Jaws disc, which means about 80% maximum capacity. The DVD above (listed at 100 minutes) only has about 60% of capacity per the standard set by the third DVD in the same set (160 minutes).

              Now, I don’t know what level the posters of this board are at, but, when I was a kid if I wrote a test and only had a grade of 60%, I’d be furious and my parents wouldn’t let me hear the end of it. If I had a grade of 80%, I’d be content to happy.

              As a consumer, or in anything I do in life, I take the same approach. When my DVDs are only 60% full, I’m not happy because it sends the message to me that either the company thinks I’m too stupid to notice or they don’t respect me and provide fair value for my hard-earned money. But, again, I don’t know what level the rest of the posters of this board are at, so I suppose I should take that into consideration.

  6. Jonathan M says:

    WWE next should to the best stables dvd. Taking about all groups that were famous from WWE and WCW. Of course i taking about the horsemen, NWO and DX. But also mean, like the Million $ cooperation Ted dibiase sr version and Vince Mcmahon cooperation from the attitude era. Plus, The hart Foundation, D.O.A, Los borciuas, The alliance during the invasion and Finally Evolution.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone noticed that recent WWE DVD’s have had at least an hour’s less content than DVD’s which were released a couple of years ago?

    The 8 hours 39 minutes of content on the blu-ray version would fit on a 3 disc DVD set as well.

  8. must say the summerslam has some sexy inner box art. watch silvervision not be arsed with its last ppv to do that

    • Geolink says:

      Just a small perk U.S. fans have!


    • Hamish says:

      The SummerSlam inside art is just a photo that WWE published during the PPV



      Summerslam 2010 blu-ray had some inner atwork of the staples center as did rest of the 2010 blu-rays and royal rumble 2011 blu-ray but silvervision stopped doing artwork inside of the blu-ray beginning with Elimination Chamber 2011 bar Wrestlemania 27 and then summerslam 2011 blu-ray had no artwork inside at all, i dont really mind as long as it we get on Blu-ray, the blu-ray and dvd version will memorable for the last ppv silvervision release that has the silvervsion logo on the cover and ad at the beginning of the video before the main menu screen!!

  9. nightmare says:

    Oh one more question does this release have all the stuff like the doc and matches that WWE: New World Order (nWo) – Back in Black (2002) had Please let me know thanks .

    I really don’t want to spend 25.00 for that dvd when the blu ray which I did pre order will have the same thing thanks .Order mine through Walmart

    I was just wondering is the Part where Kevn Nash Power bombs Eric Bishoff of the stage

    • Dave says:

      You really need to learned how to use google or at least read other listings around here. This has been said MANY times regarding the matches on this set and Back in Black.

      As for the doc, nobody can answer this since NOBODY here has seen the documentary for the new DVD.

  10. Anonymous says:

    PASS! Looks like a total rip-off!

    If they can put 2:40 on DVD #3, then why couldn’t they put that much on the other two DVDs? They could have put at least another hour on the first DVD alone.

    I’m sorry. I know a lot of the posters on this board only want to praise WWE, but this is very poorly done. If they were smarter about it, they would have put the BATB96 match on DVD # 1 and then put DDP vs. Savage on DVD #2 so that way you WWE fanboys who believe the company can do no wrong could continue on with your lies that you can’t put 2:40 on a DVD anymore because of the widescreen format. This release proves otherwise and only goes to show this NWO release was quickly slapped together without much thought and a terrible match listing to go with it.


    • Dave says:

      You’re a dumbass

      • Anonymous says:

        So basically you’re saying you appreciate WWE ripping you off by not properly filling out their DVDs then, right? You’re being shortchanged by more than an hour of footage. I wonder what that makes you that you can’t see this or actually like being ripped off?

        • Dave says:

          I’m getting the Blu-ray version, so 8hrs 38 minutes is a great length…the DVD versions are worthless.

          Maybe the people buying the DVD are getting ripped….but its more than enough for Blu-ray buyers.

          • Anonymous says:

            You obviously don’t like getting the most bang for your buck or simply have no understanding as to the actual capacity of a Blu-Ray disc. A Blu-Ray can hold considerably more than what WWE is putting on it. Face facts: you go along with anything and everything the company does. That’s fine if that’s how you want to be, but don’t knock others who justifiably slam WWE (based on statistical facts not just an opinion like you’re providing) when they shortchange their audience in such a blatant fashion.

            • AJ says:

              So they should just add stuff to fill time. When a movie studio releases a movie, they don’t fill the blu-ray or DVD with extras until you can’t anymore. It’s a freaking 3 disc set and you’re begging for an extra hour. With a bunch of WCW content being released next year, you need to save nWo stuff with Nitro 2 and War Games. It’s not just being in love with everything WWE does, it’s just not bitching when you don’t get a certain match or two on a DVD.

              • Anonymous says:

                Did I mention any matches? NO. I’m “bitching” because they have tens of thousands of hours of footage and they’re ripping us off by not even coming close to using the amount of space they have on the disc.

                I realize “bitching” isn’t the most fun thing to read, but if we don’t “bitch,” where will it end? If we accept a 1:40 DVD without bitching about it, maybe the next release will only have 1:20 on each of the three DVDs. Is that okay, too?

                Wake up guys!

  11. BR says:

    I have Back in Black, no it’s not worth watching. I just rewatched it, bought it back when it came out. It gives the WWF backgrounds of Hogan, Hall & Nash, shows them coming together in WCW, show Hogan winning the WCW title, shows a couple of times the nWo attacked the WCW roster, then skips right to when they joined the WWE, up to the point where X-Pac joined them. It covers more of what they did in the WWE at that time than it did WCW. Hogan & Hall are the only two that talk on the DVD (strange that Nash doesn’t talk), there’s no talk of Wolfpac, the feuds with Sting, Goldberg, etc.. All but one match is going to be this new nWo set, so if you didn’t buy the Back in Black set, you didn’t miss much.

    • Anonymous says:

      Of course, that one match that is missing on this release was probably the best one from the last release. It was the nWo versus Sting, Flair, Anderson and Luger in War Games. That match appears on a far better release anyway, the Rise and Fall of WCW. If you’re smart, you might want to buy that WCW DVD instead.

  12. I’ve never actually seen Back in Black. Is it worth watching?

    • mommy says:

      don’t think so, unless your a hardcore collector

      its only 1 disc since it was a early dvd release, the doc is short and glosses over alot, the matches can be mostly seen on other sets including this one

      kind of like the lesnar dvd, not worth getting, just get this


    Daniel Bee When you get the dvd can you confirm asap if they still blur the attitude era scratch logo, i know they can legally allowed show it but knowing wwe they might still blur the logo so it dont confuse ppl, NWO Debut at No Way out 2002 and the 3 on 2 handicap match from Raw 2002 will use the scratch logo, if the logo is not blurred then 2013 releases will be phenomenal along with the attitude era dvd, if the logo is blurred than we just have to get used it again but the dvds will still be must buy!!
    The will be biggest news and must let us know!!

  14. indyfan says:

    Get the blu ray and you get an awesome roundtable discussion that kills both documentaries anyway


      That depends if they edit out the round-table that originally aired on wwe.com on the blu-ray, knowing WWE they will edit a few things here and there or any praises, if its exactly the round-table that aired on wwe.com then the blu-ray is a winner and hands down better than the dvd which already it is anyway due to the upscaled footage and exclusive content and only 2 discs but it will outshine it even more if the round-table discussion is spot on .

  15. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    nWo DVD still looks very solid in my opinion, regardless if the documentary is only an hour. People have to understand that none of the former members of the group are under WWE contract, i.e. Hogan, Bischoff, Hall, X-Pac, Luger, Sting, Nash, etc., so… those guys aren’t able to contribute to the release. If they were, there is no doubt in my mind that the documentary would have been 2hrs long.

    When WWE released “Ric Flair and the Four Horsemen”, ALL the members were able to contribute because they weren’t working for a rival company, therefore that documentary was long and detailed with interviews.

  16. Jesus Lopez says:

    May not be the “be all-end all” nWo release, but will make a solid companion piece for the nWo “Back In Black” 2002 release.

  17. Cody Schields says:

    Shorter documentary than the other DVD? Somehow I knew they would fudge this release up. Guess that’s what happens with Hall’s personal problems and not being on good terms with members of the group beside Nash and X-Pac

  18. Anonymous says:

    Love the chapter listings in the inner sleeve of the SS blu-ray

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