EXCLUSIVE: Official Details on WWE’s 2017 NXT DVD (Possible Box Set), SUMMERSLAM Not On Blu-Ray?

July 25, 2017 by Daniel Bee

WWE NXT's Greatest Superstars - Finn Bálor, Shinsuke Nakamura, Bayley, Sami Zayn & Asuka

“NXT – From Secret to Sensation” will be one of two big WWE DVD and Blu-ray documentary titles that close out the company’s Home Video schedule this year.

So far there have been rumblings of the DVD either telling the story of the brand’s rise to prominence or showcasing the greatest NXT Superstars of all-time. We can confirm today it will do both by way of a countdown of the Top 25 Superstars that have stepped foot in NXT through its tenure.

We’re told the main feature of the release will feature brand new interviews with all the major stars (that includes current and former) that “helped make NXT into a unique and popular brand”, including the likes of Finn Bálor, Shinsuke Nakamura, Bayley, Sami Zayn and Asuka.

Expect to see several accompanying matches and moments included as extras — early word is that the DVD/Blu-ray will include “bonus content” that has never been seen on the WWE Network.

A new rumor we’ve heard this week is the possibility of the NXT DVD also being released as a box set, described as “Special Edition Gift Set”, which we speculate could include some exclusive NXT merchandise with the Home Video. Consider this unconfirmed while details are ironed out.

WWE Home Video 2017 - Logo

It appears that the release was originally pencilled in for December and has been moved forward.

The first confirmed release date for “NXT – From Secret to Sensation” is November 13th to fans in the UK and Europe. The UK’s Q4 schedule has now been finalized as below.

You may notice that SummerSlam 2017 is listed with a DVD version only. WrestlingDVDNetwork.com can unfortunately confirm that a Blu-ray will not be produced for SummerSlam this year, said to be a “WWE call” that will be followed in all regions including the USA, Canada, UK and Australia.

October 2, 2017

October 9, 2017

October 23, 2017

November 6, 2017

November 13, 2017

November 27, 2017

December 11, 2017


Today marks the release of a new WWE DVD in the United States; the next 2-disc “Double Feature” pack which combines the Extreme Rules 2017 and Money in the Bank 2017 PPVs.

Amazon.com has it for $17.90; WWEShop.com has it for $19.99.

For those wondering, there is an Amazon exclusive in Canada which is your next opportunity to get hold of a coin for the “WWE: Official Coin Collection 2017” offered with the WrestleMania 33 DVD.

Thanks to Matthew Tremble for this video look at today’s new release:

Get the new WWE “Double Feature: Extreme Rules & MITB 2017″ DVD…

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Australia: August 16th. Get the next “WWE Double Feature” DVD pack at Madman.com.au.

WWE 'Double Feature: Extreme Rules & Money in the Bank 2017' DVD - Available Now!


Your second new release of the day comes from Kayfabe Commentaries who have just put out a “Raging” new shoot interview DVD – “YouShoot: Manny Fernandez”.

Manny has plenty to ask about… from the territories he traveled to the dozens of bar fights he seems to enjoy. From his lessons learned as a veteran, to his issues with a fair share of fellow workers, Manny opens up on everything you wanted to know. He makes no apologies for those comments and Lord, there are a fair number of names getting the “You D**k!”

Ask anything you want… just clear the bar when he comes in and GET THAT INVADER MASK OFF YOUR FACE!!!

…and get ready for a shoot… a YOUSHOOT!

UK fans, WDN reader Max sends word of a new WWE DVD sale spotted running at HMV stores on a selection of 2014-2016 PPVs and a couple of the “Best of RAW & SmackDown” DVDs:

  • WWE DVDs for £5.99 each
  • 2 titles for only £10
  • 5 titles for only £20

WWE DVD Sale at HMV UK - 5 Titles for £20!

All of these WWF/WWE DVD rarities listed below are up for grabs in eBay auctions this week including the Chris Benoit DVD, two chances at WrestleMania 16, Judgment Day 2002, and more…

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WWE/WWF WrestleMania 16 DVD - Rare

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  1. Joe Young says:

    Why does McMahon hate Blu-Ray so much?!!

    • LP1 says:

      Not hate, just budget cuts. They’ve been cutting back on a lot of things lately to save money. They cancelled several shows on the Network, they haven’t used any pyro on their shows in months and they got rid of a bunch of the ring crew guys.

  2. Bubbs says:

    The thing about Summerslam on DVD only is since they are now making Big 4 PPVS 4+ hours, it’ll have to be 2 discs, which a) raises the cost of production (probably close to equal what 1 BD would be) and b) means you have to switch discs halfway like last years Survivor Series. Ugh, this company

  3. justin says:

    May as well just cancel all the blu-rays, you damn cheapskates.

  4. David says:

    Crazy to think that the biggest pro wrestling companies in the US; WWE, TNA and ROH have yet to fully adapt to Blu-ray whereas the smaller indy promotions like PWG, Evolve and CZW have Blu-rays of all their events for the last few years. Evolve stopped producing DVDs for the last year or so and PWG use Highspots to publish and distribute so they aren’t just BD-R but professionally done.

    Even though most of these indy companies produce them in-house they still give that option to buyers rather than stopping completely.

    WWE should just make the non-big 4 WWEshop exclusives and cut out the middle man. They could just produce enough and once sold out they are OOP.

    The quality of HD on DVD truly does suck and definitely not the way its meant to be seen. Might as well stick to the Network.

    • Corey C. says:

      Stop, you’re making too much sense!

      Eyebrow raising info. The bigger companies may just have too many casual fans, who are less likely to spend coin than the smaller promotions which aim at a niche market of hardcore fans. Surely manufacturing on demand should be on the table. After all, people love options.

      That, or the larger companies are more money grubbing, relentlessly expanding their profit margins for short term gain cause the CEO must impress stockholders or get canned to the curb.

      Know where I can find the nearest chewable and preferably edible turnbuckle?

  5. Corey Chance says:

    As someone who does not have the network and is picky about home video this no Blu-ray news feels like a let down 🙁

    • andemoine winrow says:

      what i want to know is as far as the newest ‘summerslam’ that’ll commence on august 20th, why is the up-coming home video release not being recorded on blu-ray? and why is it going to be released october 9th? this is supposed to be out on the third or fourth week of september. and why r the rest of the pay-per-view events being shown a month earlier than usual? what is going on?

      • Corey C. says:

        Big 4 must not be selling on Blu-ray so instead of fixing the problem they are sweeping it under the rug and avoiding it.

        Last I checked Amazon, it says Summerslam 2017 is currently unavailable.

  6. Feel The Heat says:

    Good! I have the Network anyway so it doesn’t matter! As a matter of fact, we all have the Network so who cares about DVD / Blu-Ray!

    • Bubbs says:

      I don’t have the network, so you don’t speak for me.

      • Roy says:

        I don’t have the network and only buy the videos. I actually stopped buying the newest wwe releases after royal rumble 2017 and the ddp blu ray. After they cut the preshow matches from the wrestlemania blu ray I quit.

  7. LP1 says:

    I’m curious if WWE thinks by cancelling blu-rays that collector’s will instead buy the DVDs instead. Because in my case that’s not gonna happen. Just one less person’s money they’re getting.

  8. Tommy D says:

    Good news for NXT DVD. Can’t wait to see the match listing!

  9. Paul says:

    FFS WWE!!!!!!!!

    I get that the minor PPVs don’t get the Blu Ray treatment but now the Big 4 don’t either?! This is ludicrous

  10. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    WWE is actually killing my desire to even be a collector of their media. Cancelling out the blu-rays and cancelling out my interest smh

    • Corey Chance says:

      Reducing quality means price plays a heavier factor in my purchases now. Not to cry wolf but I hope this is not the start of a race to the bottom for WWE home video.

      • Roy says:

        WWE could care less about the home video market. Its all about the network now. It has greatly hurt my collecting so much that I haven’t bought a WWE video release in 3 or 4 months. And for a junkie that is usually a long time.

  11. Rocky999 says:

    Lol WWE who like to be innovative just keep going backwards with home video. This is the reason i have stopped buying anything and just stick with the network. I understand that dvd may still be a bigger seller but do they really have to cut a market completely off. Oh well never mind.

  12. Andrew Dellorfano says:

    Anything news on the USA dates for the NXT and Summerslam dvds? Also will we get any content for 30 years of survivor series soon?

    • Daniel Bee says:

      US dates for those could be a bit away (only just had the October ones). More deets on 30 Years of Survivor Series should be here imminently.

    • andemoine winrow says:

      4 some reason, the ‘summerslam’ d.v.d will be released on october 9th. why? this is supposed to be out in september. why r they changing these dates, deciding to only record certain events on 1 format and having these other events a month early? something’s up. WAY UP.

    • andemoine winrow says:

      4 some reason, ‘summerslam’ will be out october 9th. it’s supposed to be out on the third or fourth week of september.

  13. Mark Markson says:

    Was really hoping WWE would at least release the big four PPVs on blu-ray. Will be interesting to see if they also cancel the blu-rays for Survivor Series and Royal Rumble. I fear they might do that.

    • andemoine winrow says:

      don’t be surprised. they’ll do anything that doesn’t make sense and have no explanation 4 it.