Official Trailer for WWE Brock Lesnar: Here Comes the Pain 2012 DVD

September 26, 2012 by Mark D

Brock Lesnar 2012 WWE DVD Blu-ray

The official trailer for WWE Brock Lesnar: Here Comes the Pain – Collectors Edition has today been revealed by

Wanna see more? Click here to order the Brock Lesnar WWE DVD/BD for October 30th.

Fans in UK/Europe can pre-order a copy also for October through If you’re in Australia you can do the same over at!

Brock Lesnar 2012 WWE DVD Blu-ray

The night after WrestleMania XXVIII, Brock Lesnar made a shocking return to the ring and levelled John Cena with an F-5, sending a message that after eight years, the pain is back! In 2002 and 2003, The Next Big Thing brought it to the biggest and baddest competition in WWE, becoming the youngest WWE Champion of all time and a household name virtually overnight. His awe-inspiring physique, amateur championship pedigree and affinity for punishing opponents made him an unstoppable force in the ring. Now, after years of dominating the MMA scene, Brock is back and looking to steamroll the biggest Superstars of today. This re-release of the 2003 DVD, Here Comes the Pain, includes the original documentary that chronicles Brock’s meteoric rise to fame, as well as six hours of additional matches not included on the original DVD! Plus, hear Brock’s controversial comments upon his return to sport entertainment! Fans can experience classic matches against Hulk Hogan, Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton and many more!

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  1. jasongoldsmith says:

    Updating the older 1 disc sets is a great idea.
    As far as the blurring I still dont understand being all tore up about it–does it affect the content of the matches or promos?
    other than the silence after they say WW- then no.
    and if people wont watch stuff thats edited by being blurred do you also not watch dvds that have had the entrance music edited due to copyrights and royalties?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Not worth buying!!!!

  3. Jeremy says:

    On a recent episode of wwe vintage collection they did NOT blur the f in a match between edge and christian from unforgiven 2001 so lets keep our hopes up.


    Oh no Pause at 0:22 and the WWF Scratch logo is blurred from the entrance way from distance and the turnbuckle s, Why i thought WWE were allowed to use the f’in Scratch logo now, i hate the idea of the scratch being blurred, im used to watch old content how it originally aired, i have no ppv that has the wwf scratch logo blurred, im might be panicking over nothing in the fact that the wwf scratch logo will be uncensored in the full release and this just a trailer where they have to blur it they didnt do that for raw 1000 recap wwf attitude moments that were on youtube, if the scratch logo is blurred then were f***ed for the attitude era dvd, and every other release in 2013 that will have the wwf attitude era content!!

    • Mark D says:

      It’s possible that that particular clip came from the documentary, which I believe will be exactly as it appeared back in 2003, don’t give up hope on the blurring just yet!

      • Dave says:

        Yea, the Documentary will likely be unaltered since its a re-release of the 2003 DVD.

        The only match that has the WWF logo on the set is vs. Jeff Hardy from Backlash 2002, so that could be unedited. Also his debut in 2002 is on, so that could also be unblurred.

        We won’t really know for sure til the nWo and Attitude era DVDs are released.

        WWE still have the scratch logo edited on Classics on demand…the recent RAW from Oct 98 has blurs all over.

        • WWEATTITUDEERA says:

          So that means they still going to have the blurs in the documentary like in the original back in 03 when technically they can show the wwf logo, wont they remove the blurs since it will just be a easier job, if its blurred then allow it, i’ll still watch the dvd but i wont buy, i aint paying them any money if the dvd is blurred im sorry but why shall i give them money when they cant keep a promise and show the logo unblurred, fair enough they had to do it before cause they had to legally but since they won all the rights now and if they still decide to blur the logo etc then wwe can do 1, wait and see when they release the dvd and any1 confirms it!!

          • Vincenzzzzzo says:

            I’m just curious…. When did WWE ever “promise” the logos would be unaltered? Did WWE ever make an official statement about it?

  5. Brad Attitude says:

    This will be my dvd/bluray of the year … i’m just disappointed the documentary is only half finished. i would’ve liked to hear brock’s comments on after he left wwe for football, japan wrestling,lawsuit with wwe, ufc, diverticulitis disease and coming back to wwe after 8 years. seeing the old documentary is nice, but you can’t help but think there was more to his life after he left the company.

  6. F*** says:

    where’s the chris benoit Collectors Edition dvd ? or Eddie’s Collectors Edition

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m guessing this is a joke comment due to the Benoit thing, but Eddie actually had a Collector’s Edition. Came with both of his DVDs, No Way Out 2004, and Raw is Eddie all in one tin. It’s rather neat.

  7. Shane C. Montgomery says:

    Does anyone know where I can find a complete list of the releases so far for 2012, going all the way back to the beginning of the year?

  8. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    Looking forward to picking this up. I hope this is the start of WWE maybe re-releasing old DVD’s with updated and additional content. Would be nice if they re-released the Monday Night War on Blu-ray and made it a 3 disc set 🙂 There are so many DVD sets I would want to see released like this under the Collectors Edition title.

    • mommy says:

      agree, most of those early sets were only 1 disc and they need to be updated

      this is great for fans who don’t have the early lesnar release

      • SRB says:

        Updating old sets is actually a decent idea. Those 1 disc sets were hard to take serious. And this Lesnar set is great for anyone who works for a telephone company or who is eleven pounds overweight. But, no one else.

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