Official Trailer: ‘The History of WWE: 50 Years of Sports Entertainment’ DVD

October 31, 2013 by Daniel Bee

The History of WWE - 50 Years Sports Entertainment DVD & Blu-ray

We can now reveal the official trailer for “The History of WWE: 50 Years of Sports Entertainment” which is November’s incoming DVD and Blu-ray release.

The trailer confirms three personalities so far who were interviewed for the documentary main feature of the set – The Undertaker, The Rock and Jerry Lawler.

The collection contains the 2 hour documentary on the history of the company and is complimented with a selection of moments and more than 10 matches.

You can pre-order your “History of WWE” DVD or Blu-ray for November 19th by clicking here. It follows on to the UK and Europe in December via

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Two new video trailers for the release, named “Opportunity Knocks” and “Immortality Awaits”, have been uploaded to WWE’s YouTube channel and you can watch those below.


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8 Comments left on this article...

  1. Zombie835 says:

    I feel like 2 hours is nowhere near enough time to do this justice. This could have easily been a 3 plus hour documentary

  2. Simon says:

    No doubt Lawler will be bleating on about the Rock/Hogan match for the millionth time. I think that’s the only match he can actually remember, the disinterested bastard.

  3. Shawn Phelan says:

    King hack needs to get a new joke cuz this YouTube thing stopped being funny a long time ago. Change your material or stop commenting.on.every story with your hack bit about YouTube.

  4. Jake E says:

    How come in the 50th trailer the wwf logo was blurred, I thought they do not do that anymore-is it because they are to lazy to change it.

  5. King_2096 says:

    AHHHH! Youtube! Must…not…watch…

  6. Sake Joe says:

    I can’t wait for the History of WWE Blu Ray to come out. I do wish the documentary had been 3 hours instead of 2 but oh well. Also have alot of the matches on here but the Punk/Cena makes up for that.

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