EXCLUSIVE: Official Trailer for WWE’s 2018 ‘Best of HARDY BOYZ’ DVD; Hosted at The Hardy Compound?

March 16, 2018 by Daniel Bee

Trailer Revealed for WWE 'Twist of Fate: Best of The Hardy Boyz' DVD

A. Twist. Of. Fate.

The Hardy Compound will not only be the site of Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt’s “Ultimate Deletion” match this Monday on RAW, it also looks to be the setting for WWE’s new Hardy Boyz DVD collection.

In the official trailer for the 2018 WWE Home Video release we get a sneak peek of the new interview segments with Matt and Jeff, revealed to have been filmed outdoors as the brothers discuss their careers sat around an open fire in what looks like the Hardy family compound.

This never-before-seen interview will be wrapped around nearly thirty matches featured on the DVD; capturing the greatest moments of the Hardy’s entire WWE careers which began more than twenty years ago and were set alight once more with their surprise return at last year’s WrestleMania.

Upgrade your old dilapidated DVD of the same name (“Twist of Fate: The Matt and Jeff Hardy Story”, 2008) with this brand new 3-disc set! The product listing has just been created here on Amazon.com and fans in the UK can already pre-order it for April release here on Amazon.co.uk.

The first trailer and updated box artwork (the first sighting of the US version showing the spine art) for “Twist of Fate: The Best of the Hardy Boyz” have both surfaced — check them out here in this WrestlingDVDNetwork.com exclusive reveal and have a “woken” weekend!


Team Xtreme was the hottest team of the early 2000s, before they parted ways and each achieved individual superstardom. Now, almost a decade since they left WWE, The Hardy Boyz are back and better than ever.

Relive the very best of The Hardy Boyz, from early days with Lita to their singles championship reigns, all the way up to their shocking return and championship victory at WrestleMania. This is the best of Matt and Jeff, The Hardy Boyz.

WWE 'Twist of Fate: Best of The Hardy Boyz' DVD - Official Box Art

Get your copy of WWE “Twist of Fate – Best of The Hardy Boyz” DVD…

UK/Europe: April 30th. Pre-order a copy of the Hardy Boyz DVD now on Amazon.co.uk.

USA: May 1st. Pre-order the new Hardy Boyz DVD very soon here on Amazon.com.

Australia: TBA. Look for your DVD pre-order announcement soon at Madman.com.au.

Heads up – the new, independently produced documentary on Ted DiBiase “The Price of Fame” has been scheduled for a DVD release to the United States next month on April 10th.

Amazon.com has it available to pre-order right now for just $13.99.

Along with the documentary, the physical copy will also include a set of bonus features that includes several unreleased interviews and promos, a sit-down discussion between Ted DiBiase and Jim Ross, a “making of” piece, and an interview with director Peter Ferriero.

Thanks to Derek of MVDSHOP.COM we’ve already got our hands on it! First look photos follow now:

Ted DiBiase 'The Price of Fame' DVD - Front Cover Artwork
Ted DiBiase 'The Price of Fame' DVD - Back Cover Artwork


The Price of Fame is the story of professional wrestling legend ‘The Million Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase. In the 1980’s sports entertainment was becoming what the world was watching on Saturdays. At the forefront of this was a character that knew that ‘Everybody Has a Price’. Behind the scenes the greatest wrestling match Ted DiBiase was having was with himself.

At home, DiBiase was a devoted family man; on the road his lifestyle defined ‘Sex, Drugs and Professional Wrestling.’ He had amassed great fame and fortune, as well as a fictitious sense of reality. The Price of Fame is told through the eyes of Ted’s son, former WWE Superstar, Ted DiBiase Jr. He walks back through pro wrestling’s past to discover his father’s journey of coming to faith.

Ted DiBiase 'The Price of Fame' DVD - Photos, Disc Artwork

New WWE DVDs on Amazon.co.uk

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  1. RabidHeat says:

    I’ve been trying that trailer video since last night and it’s still not working I’m afraid. I just get: “An error occurred. Please try again later”. I’ve searched YouTube aswell and nothing. Has it been taken down?

  2. Brandon Vendetta says:

    So why didn’t WWE put out a set on Ted DiBiasi? Is he not deserving enough in their eyes?

    • MachoFan says:

      A Dibiase DVD set would be great. Even better would be an unreleased DVD collection on some other guys who’ve had independently produced documentaries: The Funks and Harley Race. They really could and should put out a Hall of Fame series of 2 or 3 DVD sets on some of the bigger names without sets. Make each set at least 50% unreleased content and we all win.

    • whut says:

      afair aside from the biggest names (Hogan, Flair etc.) the sales of several sets focussing on talents from the 80’s have said to been underwhelming. so the WWE likely just estimates the numbers it would do to be too low.

      • Brandon Vendetta says:

        Without trying to start an argument my question is where do some of you people on this site get your info about WWE DVD sales? I have read countless times about some of you saying that such and such sets didn’t sell well so I really don’t know if there is somewhere to look for this info is there? Again not trying to say all of you people are wrong but if this is true where do I look to find this out for myself?

        • David says:

          In most cases WWE’s quarterly report mentions sales of various departments including Home Video. Usually they mention the amount units shipped to retail.

          • SAB says:

            But units shipped isn’t sales. If a store gets 2 copies of a DVD and 10 of another it’s obvious which one will be the biggest seller – but by default only!

  3. SCSA says:

    Good trailer, but it just doesn’t feel right with no Blu-Ray version together w/the feel of the Blu-Ray Extras & being able to toggle between the menus whilst watching the set.

  4. RabidHeat says:

    I don’t think the documentary will be for me as I’m not big on the whole “religious journey” narrative, not being religious myself. However, I really respect Ted DiBiase for getting this documentary made independently of WWE, since they’ve quite clearly shown they have no interest in telling his story. The cover art is great too; really professional. At least those really wanting a DiBiase documentary can now get one in some form. It’s just a shame that (presumably) there’ll be no WWE footage in it?

    • whut says:

      ideally someone will eventually take the time and the effort to create a bootleg version that does.

    • Punkertaker says:

      I got to view some of it today exclusively and there’s actually a decent amount of WWE footage included. Clips from WWE 24/7 etc. Worth a watch.

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