Official Trailer for WWE ‘RANDY ORTON – RKO Outta Nowhere’ DVD, Latest on Brand Split PPV Releases

August 19, 2016 by Daniel Bee

WWE Randy Orton: RKO Outta Nowhere DVD & Blu-ray - Logo

Watch out, watch out; don’t get hit with an RKO outta nowhere – watch this trailer instead! can now exclusively reveal the trailer for the new Randy Orton DVD, “Randy Orton – RKO Outta Nowhere”, slithering onto the 2016 schedule just last month.

WWE’s new Randy Orton DVD and Blu-ray will compile around 20 matches spanning “The Viper’s” entire career; from his debut in OVW all the way to present day WWE. Interspersed with those will be new interview comments from Orton himself, which you can take a peek at in the clip.

Now that the trailer and matches have been unveiled, expect to see the cover artwork very soon!

Release Dates for WWE’s new “RANDY ORTON – RKO Outta Nowhere” DVD & Blu-ray where you are…

UK/Europe: November 14th. Pre-order the RKO DVD or Blu-ray now here on

USA: November 15th. Pre-order the RKO DVD or Blu-ray now here on

Australia: TBA. Your chance to pre-order is coming soon via

Earlier this week we gave an update on the status of WWE PPV DVD releases now the “brand split” is set to increase the number of PPV events with RAW and SmackDown exclusive shows:

Status of “Brand Split” WWE PPV DVDs Revealed, New Brock Lesnar Blu-Ray No Longer Available?

Our report noted that Backlash, the first SmackDown-branded event, is unlikely to see a DVD release this year. It also suggested that RAW-branded events could be favored until a release strategy is decided upon for 2017 (double packs of 2 PPVs together being one possibility).

WWE Home Video UK have now confirmed that they will NOT be offering SmackDown’s first PPVs – Backlash and No Mercy – to fans in the UK. One could speculate that the US schedule will follow suit as the two tend to match one another, with the exception of Blu-ray versions.

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  1. Richard W says:

    Again, why not just bundle the RAW & Live Smackdown monthly PPVs at a set top price and release them the following month? It just makes the most sense to do.

  2. RabidHeat says:

    I do wonder how SmackDown is supposed to be elevated as a show (which I thought was the point of it going live and the brand split) if they are still going to take such steps to show a lack of faith in it. It’s like they’re saying “who the hell would want to buy a SmackDown PPV on DVD”?”

  3. Steve says:

    Unless they are all released on Blu Ray, who really cares. The DVD quality is garbage and needs to just go away.

  4. HulksterBrother says:

    Any news on the Lesnar DVD?

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