Petition: “Stand Up” for WWE DVDs! Sign to Help bring back Inserts

October 31, 2010 by Daniel Bee

Due to the overwelming reaction from fans of the 3-Disc DVD insert removal situation (evident by Wrestling’s Highest Flyers, Smackdown: Best of 2009-2010 & The John Cena Experience) we’ve decided to give you a chance to sign a petition to “register” your interest in having the inlays return.

Whilst this is not official and we can’t promise change, we will make sure to pass it on to WWE if it gets enough interest. If you are wondering what an “insert” is it’s the paper included inside detailing content and match listings for the given DVD or Blu-ray.

Use the comments section below this post to sign the petition with your feedback and please do so only ONCE per person, ideally using your real name.


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  1. Mark kirkham says:

    I’ve been collecting wwe
    Since they first come out and we need to save them and bring them back to buy

  2. William Estrella says:

    Bring back the inserts and make it possible to obtain the inserts for the dvds we have already purchased that should have them but don’t

  3. Huul Gallows says:

    SIGNED ! ! !

  4. Cody says:

    please bring the booklets back because if you do it would be more convienent for everyone who wants to see whats on the three disc dvds before they actually watch it and I think a lot of the fans want a insert that includes what is on the dvd so please bring back the insert and or booklets because it is just way more convienent for everyone if you do and we would be a lot happier so please bring them back!!!!

  5. eddie abad says:

    Please bring booklets back….its such a huge letdown, especially when there is a SPACE for the booklet….please bring them back!!

  6. Nick Perry says:

    Please bring back the inserts especially for DVDs like Edge Decade of Decadence where we didn’t know what we were going to start watching when we put the discs in PLEASE BRING THEM BACK

  7. Harry Faversham says:

    Stopping production of the inserts hurts the product you are selling not to mention the customers. Some of the older DVDs I know used to have inserts now come without them which is really annoying. Annoying the customer doesn’t seem a good strategy to me.

  8. Matt says:

    Please bring back inserts!!!!

  9. Michael McCormack says:

    Bring back the inserts please, or atleast post matches on the packaging.

  10. ben slater says:

    bring them back plz

  11. Gevian Dargan says:

    Bring back the inserts, man!

  12. David Ono says:

    Yeah, i find it highly annoying, especially when the packaging is set up to have one. You end up wondering if it’s a packaging mistake. also how can you know what is on each disc with out putting the disc in? as an alternative, do like on the DX New and Improved set where the contents were on the packaging.

  13. Inserts really need to come back

  14. Kirk says:

    bring back inserts! it gives the viewer a chance to know what’s on which dvd. they are very useful, and a million or billion dollar company even such as the wwe shouldn’t try and cut corners here. they definately take away from the product as far as dvd’s go. and i am a huge collector and i think this one little fact that there are no inserts, has slowed my purchasing down and i have yet to buy some of the newer releases. it just pisses me off!

  15. Matt Valentino says:

    Yes i was so annoyed when i baught my best of hell in a cell and it wasnt there, i thaught it somehow wasnt put in, but now ic that its something that the wwe people themselves have been doing

  16. Shaun says:

    I love buying WWE DVD’s and although not a collector i think it only makes sense for all the DVD’s to have a list if what is featured

  17. tand says:

    gemini come back to youtube

  18. Shaun Blackford says:

    Thanks to all that helped.

  19. DanielBryan_SnapOrTap says:

    Lmao poser gemni

  20. Gemni686 says:

    Bring back inserts, My John Cena DVD didn’t have an insert!

  21. tnawwejosh says:

    WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Carl says:

    Why no inserts on Bobby The Brain DVD? How the hell am i supposed to know what’s on the discs before i put them in my player! A great product ruined by WWE being absolute cheapskates. I have had to write the track listings down with a pen and paper and stick it in the box which makes your product look like a load of CRAP!!!

  23. Mark says:

    Please bring back inserts. WHen I need to know whats on the dvd, I use them!!! Please!

  24. Danny says:

    For investment, I need them for resale IF I ever sell them,PPL don’t know if it was to be there or not.It is like buying any thing and NO instructions to put it together.

  25. Tony says:

    Bring the inserts back cuz i like to know what matches are on there before i watch it and thats the first thing i look at when i open my dvd and the artwork on them are hella cool

  26. Jonathan says:


  27. K C says:


  28. Angie says:

    Bring back the inserts! Inserts! Inserts! Inserts!

  29. Steve says:


  30. Nathan Leach says:

    Bring Back The Inserts

  31. Frank perez says:

    If you’re looking for a certain match/ promo on a DVD, how can you know which disc its on if you don’t have an insert?

    Its Like Having A Map Without The States/Countries Names!

  32. Sakari Kippola says:

    It`s stupid if you don`t know whats on the dvds. Inserts Back Now!!

  33. Paul Vlosich says:

    inserts should stay. they’re perfect for helping remind us of whats on the set, for chrissake

  34. justin says:

    stand up for inserts

  35. Mike buzzard says:

    As a lifelong WWE fan and avid DVD collector, please put the inserts back in the DVD’s It is really helpful as a reference point when watching the DVD.

  36. Simon says:

    Bring them back!

  37. Greg says:

    Bring back inserts! They are great for after you have watch the whole dvd and want to just go back and watch one match but aren’t sure which DVD its on. Its a simple piece of paper but it makes a big difference!

  38. TONY PROFFER says:


  39. Sean Faulkner says:

    Bring back the inserts, please, as they make it a lot easier to find what match/segment I want to watch. On the Top 50 Superstars of All Time DVD, for example, I have barely touched the second and third discs because I don’t feel like putting in the disc to see if the match I want is on there–I’d rather have the match listing on an insert.

  40. Andrew Morgan says:

    I buy every DVD you put out – put the damned inserts in them.

  41. Tron DeLapp says:

    Not only should we bring back WWE inserts but inserts in dvds in general. In direct terms of WWE, they have been shafting us on dvd inserts for a lot longer than these last few releases. I have a handwritten insert for EXTREME RULES because they conveniently forgot to put it in. DVDs, as a whole, cost very little to make but we still pay 10 to 20 times what they’re worth; the least we should expect is a piece of paper that tells you what’s on it.

  42. lukas m says:

    inserts now!

  43. Just Sayin' says:

    I guess paper was to expensive for a multi-million dollar company.

  44. Skyler says:


  45. midge120 says:

    Please more inserts for the dvd’s!!! were not asking much!

  46. John says:

    These DVDs need inserts. Too much on these dvds to not have one.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Please bring back the inserts or include a full match listing on the back of the box!

  48. Billy Neal says:

    Please bring the innserts. Its great to get a senak pick of the dvd contains before i put into my dvd player. Maybe there is a certain chapter i been wanting to see, or see again. How can i tell what on the dvd without having to put it in first…INSERTS ARE BETTER

  49. Ken Adams says:

    Bring Back Inserts

  50. Joseph Q. Black says:

    Very, very disappointed that WWE has stopped including the inserts for their dvds! I believe its a disservice to fans that they removed them, I look forward to looking through them when I purchase a new dvd, I believe they should be reinstated…I think alot of fans are disapoointed by this change and want them back! Thank you…

  51. Alex Steller says:

    Please bring back the DVD inserts. It’s great to have a fast look on whats on the DVD.

  52. Rob L says:


  53. eduardo says:

    Please bring them back, the dvd collectors like me need them the 3 disc- sets look stupid with out them.

  54. Please bring back the inserts espically on the blu-rays. I can’t tell what’s on what discs. I don’t know what matches are on the discs either. This is dumb.

  55. Anonymous says:

    Bring them back nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  56. Jonathan Attenborough says:

    WWE, please bring back the DVD inserts. I am a lifelong WWE video collector, it started out with VHS tapes, then DVD and now Blu Ray. It may seem like a good way to save money, by not printing DVD inserts, but for us collectors DVD inserts have always been part of the package.

    I hope this petition reaches the numbers needed to make our collective voice heard.

    Thank you.

  57. Jesse Lanning says:

    I want the inserts back as well. I feel cheated. I am a lifelong WWE fan and have all the dvds. I like reading the inserts as I’m watching the dvd. What gives with this? The inserts are just as important as the dvds. PLEASE BRING THE INSERTS BACK AND WHILE YOU’RE AT IT, MAKE THE INSERTS FOR THE DVDS OUT THERE THAT DON’T HAVE THEM. I’M TIRED OF MAKING MY OWN

  58. Joe Wedam says:

    Please, please, please bring back the DVD inserts!!!

  59. Tim Lima says:

    Please bring back the DVD inserts.

  60. paul dmon says:

    Please bring inserts back WWE. The DVDS are just not the same without them!

  61. steve-o says:

    please bring back the inserts I feel that fans of WWE deserve the best and i don’t feel we are getting it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Nicholas Nili says:

    please bring back…..i want to know what im watching!!!

  63. Jarrod says:

    Since when does WWE stop using inserts come on.WWE bring back the inserts

  64. Bulk Garrett says:

    Id pay another buck to know exactly what Im getting on the DVDs I buy, but I dont think I should have to

  65. agtdark2023 says:

    I have spent many hours setting there with a DVD playing while reading through numerous inserts from my DVD collection. I have over 300 WWE DVDs. That’s right 300! All WWE, none of that bunk ass TNA crap. They cant write a story thats worthy of my money for a DVD. I consider myself to be one of the biggest WWE fans in the world, and I back that up with my money. If my wife only knew how much cheese I have spent on these things, she’d whip my ass worse than Austin used to whip yours Vince. We want our damn inserts back.

  66. David says:

    wwe stop being greedy and bring back the inserts.

  67. Brian says:

    Are you kidding me? The inserts are essential. We shouldn’t have to look up online for the content information or watch it to find out. I got too many wrestling dvds to watch to put ones with no inserts at the front of the line.

  68. William Ring says:

    WWE, you should know more then anyone that wrestling fans care about the litte things just as much as the big things. I counted through my collection and my math shows that I have a litte over $300 worth of wrestling DVD’s. All of which say World Wrestling Entertainment on them.I believe that with that much money spent, I…no, WE diserve the inserts. I know it seems kind of funny, all these fans upset about a little peice of paper, but it is important to us. So please WWE, give us back our inserts.

  69. Chris Mickleson says:

    Bring Back The Inserts!!!

  70. Arran ashraf says:

    We need inserts please please please mr McMahon bring back blu ray/DVD inserts please

  71. Pat says:

    Why are they doing this! We need the inserts!

  72. Jarrod C. says:

    I love inserts…please bring them back.

  73. Michael W. says:

    This is ridiculous! WWE please put the inserts back in your dvds.

  74. frank says:

    Yes, you guys make enough enough profit as it is from dvd sales, just bring back the inserts for your loyal customers like myself, because it is the little things that matter to us…………….BRING BACK THE INSERTS!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Caleb says:

    Yes WWE put the inserts back in its lazy and if you want to keep your customers you keep them happy, and give them what they want (realistically speaking) and we want DVD inserts back. Bring ’em back WWE

  76. Anonymous says:

    I just bought the Hell in a Cell 2 pack at Walmart with Hell in a Cell 3 disk set and Hell in a Cell 09. The 3 disk set didn’t have an insert like the original release back in 08. This mad me upset. Please WWE put the inserts back in. Most the buyers of your dvds are collectors like myself and me get all crazy when we don’t know what matches are on what disk.. it sucks. thank you.

  77. Robert Carter says:

    Bring back the inserts please they are awesome

  78. Karl says:

    Inserts are awesome, why get rid of them? We need them back!

  79. Jacob says:

    bring them black. please

  80. Troy says:

    Please bring inserts back.

  81. MickEiA says:

    Bring back the inserts or inlay as Shaun would say

  82. tim says:

    We want inserts

  83. jono says:

    Bring Back INSERTS!

  84. michael pemberton says:

    We want the inserts back

  85. Bring back the inserts, or at least print the match listings on the inside of the packaging!

  86. Doug Houston says:

    Its very important!!! Bring’um back!!!!!!

  87. Paul Pee-Wee Kerry says:

    inserts we need them back nuff said

  88. Neil Macey says:

    Please bring the inserts back. They are very helpful when I want to go back and watch a particular match. Loading 3 or more discs just to find a single match or two is a huge waste of time.

  89. Shazad says:

    First a lack of extra features, and now the removal of inserts? Where is the added value in buying these items?

  90. Jon Willy says:

    We need the inserts back…. makes me not want to look at the dvd not knowing what matches are on it

  91. Daniel says:

    Bring them back! Bring them back! Bring them back!

  92. Michael says:

    Bring back the DVD inserts

  93. Jarrett says:

    Bring back the DVD Inserts WWE!

  94. Amber Mashburn says:

    Today I bought the John Cena Experience, and the first thing I did was open it up to get the paper out of it. I was confused that there wasn’t one. I thought it was a misprint. My other John Cena DVD’s and others have the paper. It’s nice to know the table of contents for the DVD. Please put back the paper in the DVD’s. Thank You

  95. Ethan says:

    Bring back DVD Inserts WWE!

  96. Kyle Willard says:

    we need inserts wwe! we want to know whats on the dvd! please bring back the inserts!

  97. Simon Hanson says:

    Bring back the inserts!!!

  98. bob says:

    wwe dvds with no inserts are no wwe dvds!!!

  99. Steven Silva says:

    I feel that it is a MUST that all dvds have a proper insert. So please start producing them since it isn’t like the wwe isn’t sticking in other papers. At least make this paper something the fans actually want to see!

  100. Tony says:

    please bring back the inserts.

  101. Jake says:

    Vince doesnt make enough money each year to put DVD inserts in his budget. Its suuuuuure would be nice though :/

  102. Cody says:

    Bring Back the inserts it helps us know what is on the dvd little things like an insert make the dvd better.

  103. Mark says:

    Bring back the inserts

  104. Matthew says:

    Bring back the inserts

  105. Sean says:

    Please bring back inserts.

  106. John says:

    I’d love for the inserts to be included again. Just makes it easier to navigate through the discs to find what I want to see.

  107. Joe A. says:

    I sign the petition: I miss inserts not only in the new 3-discs, but in the PPV DVD’s too.

  108. tnawwejosh says:

    Bring em back dabble dabble eeee

  109. luke carey says:

    bring back inserts

  110. MatthewGormley says:

    Bring back inserts!

  111. Kitty R says:

    Please bring back the inserts.

  112. Jacob says:

    Yeah, with 3 discs and what not… all the matches, inserts are pretty much needed. C’mon WWE.

  113. Trey Moore says:

    Considering how many random matches from random years are on these discs, inserts are essential! Please continue to include them!!

  114. Jamie Earhart says:

    Charge an extra buck for the DVD and bring back the insert! Inserts needed!! Keep your paying customers happy!!!

  115. Luke O'Shea says:

    Please bring the inserts back they are all part of the WWE DVD experience

  116. brett says:

    we want inserts!inserts are needed to know whats in the dvd and its pointless to take them away

  117. Anonymous says:

    Please WWE Bring Back The Inserts In Your DVD Sets Thank You

  118. Jim Young says:

    I was wondering what happened to the insert on the Greatest High Flyers dvd set. I returned 3 opened dvd sets to Best Buy due to this. I thought it was a Chicagoland area problem, now I see it isn’t. I have yet to re-buy this set due to this problem. This is really idiotic.

  119. Thats just wrong! I mean love the little inserts,I have Kane’s dvd and love reading it while watching to see what match is next. Save the inserts!!

  120. Daniel Doddington says:

    if they dont put inserts back in im no longer gonna buy. Listen to your audience wwe!

  121. Johnny W. says:

    This is an outrage. Everytime I get a brand new WWE DVD, I take great pleasure in peeling back the plastic wrap, oggling the beautiful art work, and reading that precious little insert cover to cover. It’s like Christmas morning to me as a collector. And now that you are taking that away from me, buying a brand new WWE DVD just may never be the same again. Please bring them back! – John W

  122. Calvin Heikkila says:

    The dvd inserts need to return. It decreases the dvd experience, not knowing what is where on the dvd. If WWE is going to continue to leave the inserts out, then I feel like they should drop the price on some of these sets by a couple of dollars.

  123. Manuel A.R. says:

    Bring back the inserts! Don’t be cheap!

  124. Dan E says:

    I’m standing up for inserts. Bring them back.

  125. Tommy B says:

    Please bring back the inserts

  126. D-generation-X says:

    I join the petition!!! bring back the inserts!!!

  127. B. Jones says:

    WWE, bring back DVD inserts!

  128. Lovella says:

    Bring back the Inserts!!!

  129. Cory says:

    Please bring back the inserts!

  130. John Service says:

    Please bring back the dvd inserts!!!

  131. Kim Roman says:

    We need the inlays back. Please WWE! Thanks guys.

  132. Steve V says:

    Please bring back inserts.

  133. WayneH1007 says:

    Bring back the inserts,we need them!

  134. Paul Cavanagh says:

    Signed, pathetic cost cutting measure on WWE’s part – Again not one thought about the fans!

  135. olliek says:


  136. Scott says:

    WWE Is stupid for getting rid of the inserts… We need the inserts to see whats on the DVD… Well the 3 disc sets at least. BRING BACK THE INSERTS!

  137. rod m says:

    we need the inserts

  138. Diego says:

    Inserts ftw!

  139. DOUG W says:


  140. Jimmie White says:

    Please bring back the inserts because I always use them as reference as to what match is on what disc.

  141. Bryan says:

    We need inserts, so hell yeah WWE put them back in. What were they thinking by not including them in these recent releases? I mean wtf? How am I suppossed to know match listings on the DVD sets?

  142. djtaz316 says:

    plz bring back the inlay slips as they are awesome

  143. Matt says:

    Please bring back the inserts, they can’t be that expensive to make!

  144. Eduardo Alamilla says:

    We need inserts

  145. Stephen Pegg says:

    Inserts, while not necessarily having to be a paper slip, are essential. I might suggest that if the use of paper is economically impractical, why not write content listing on the box or underneath where the discs sit on the inlay? There’s some solutions to the content listing without having to do paper inserts.

    A listing of contents on the disc when it’s a large set is just a need, in order to pick out and watch select moments over the whole thing.

  146. Anonymous says:

    Yes put inserts in WWE dvd’s

  147. WWE We Need inserts!

  148. Kevin Ford says:

    As a collector of WWE DVDs, it is very frustrating to have these inserts removed. When buying a WWE, I expect optimum quality from a company like WWE. I couldn’t be more disappointed. Please bring back the DVD matchlisting inserts.

  149. Anonymous says:

    bring them back there helpful

  150. danny gowen says:

    Bring the inserts back, its nice to know what is on the dvds and ware its at. The dvds and blurays cost enough money so its nice to have them. Plus they are important to collectors like my self and others.

  151. Jessica Sollhart says:

    Signed. They are totally important, not everything what is on the DVDs wants to be watched and when you don’t watched them in a long time, you need something to refeer to. Bring them back, please.

  152. Nic Sparrow says:

    Please bring back the DVD inserts. The removal of the inserts is enough reason for me not to purchase all the DVD sets like I have done in the past. Plus it helps the newer fans get more familiar with the matches, etc.

  153. kyle ingledue says:

    those inserts are very important they help navigate us around the dvd to find those awesome wwe moments in wwe history which we love so much and that is why we bought the dvd

  154. Ed says:

    what was the reason for takin the inserts out in the first place… it is helpfull and do need them

  155. Chris says:

    I don’t think this is relevant for a WWE petition but my TNA DVD Jeff Jarrett: King of the Mountain ddidn’t have an insert and thats a FOUR disc set so yeah I agree that we need physical content listings!

  156. Mark says:

    Please bring back the inserts. They are helpful guides to the DVDs.

  157. Austin says:

    Please bring back the inserts, they are useful in DVD sets that have a lot of features

  158. Ryan Ofarrell says:

    they don’t cost much n they are great to have

  159. Erik Raether says:

    WWE, please bring back the inserts. Inserts are extremely important for two disc sets and three disc sets. I absolutely hate having to look up the complete content of the “Wrestling’s Highest Flyers” three disc set and the “Best Of SmackDown! 2009-2010” three disc set on the internet whenever I want to play any of the dvd’s from those two new three disc releases.

  160. Casey Gingras says:

    The inserts are very important please bring them back. I like too show friends the best matches of the sets in hope too get them into wwe as much as I can. Infact my niece is already big into wrestling. If she had too watch the worser matches she wouldn’t get into it as quick.

  161. Pete H. says:

    Bring them back please WWE. They are very handy and nice to have!

  162. Victor T says:

    *Signs* The DVDs aren’t cheap and with 3 discs it’s difficult to know which matches are on which.

  163. Dan S says:

    we pay enough and great for resource

  164. Stefano T. says:

    I also want it inserts in the DVD documentary, as well as complete box-sets are also useful to quickly find what you want to see

  165. Bobby G says:

    Signed. Bring back inserts!

  166. Mike says:

    Why make a dvd box with a slip when there is going to be no slip? pointless plus havign the sleeve anyone can go ooh i aint seen that in ages and go directly to it.

    Bring back the dv d insert now………………………..

  167. KING90 says:

    PLEASE PUT THE INSERTS BACK WWE!!!!!!!!!!! They are a really important part of the DVD’s especially the 3 disc sets!

  168. Ricky Schmidt says:

    Signed. I hate not having the insert for the SmackDown 09/10 DVD, I don’t remember anything on any of the discs outside of two matches on Discs 1 and 3.

  169. Cameron says:


  170. Steve says:

    Bring back inserts.

  171. Anonymous says:

    Signed! Bring back inserts…ya lazy bastards. 🙂

  172. Joe says:

    Bring back inserts for WWE DVD’S!!

  173. Anonymous says:

    bring back wwe inserts

  174. Tylor Gallaher says:

    Signed! Brign back the inserts!

  175. Cameron says:

    I use the inserts to preview some of the footage on the dvds,to remember what was on the dvd if i have’t watched the dvd in a while,and to see what match is next. It would be awasome if wwe would put in insert back in the dvds.

  176. David T says:

    I own pretty much every non-ppv wwe dvd in existence and they all have inserts. Put back the inserts Please.

  177. Signed! Please WWE, bring back the inserts! Your DVD sets look very unprofesioal without the inserts. Presentation is almost everything with things like this, and unless you put more care into it again, your sales are going to go down like the ratings and PPV burtates did. Get it sorted.

  178. Nick Money says:

    They need to keep people informed on what is on what disk and guide them properly

  179. Craig says:

    PPV’s and such I can see not having an insert, but on the documentary-style DVDs, it’s a nice thing to have so we can see the chapter listings, as well as the full list of extras.

  180. Mac says:

    They’re a must have.

  181. lehmon glover says:

    wwe as a fan of 11 years please bring back dvd inserts

  182. John Beil says:

    Please, sir, may I have an insert?

  183. Jeff Roberts says:

    It is really sad when a billion dollar company is so damn cheap with their money. All these little things they do to save money now like not doing inserts anymore will eventually kill the company!! It is just gonna get worse from here guys:(

  184. Jason Wolfson says:


  185. Kevin Poole says:

    I do not care abt not having them in the ppvs dvd but they should be in the doc’s (not ppv dvd)but they should put them in there come on wwe

  186. All WWE DVDs should have inserts!

  187. William Hart says:

    Bring back the insert. It completes the package and is far more practical for viewing disc contents than scrolling through menus on the discs themselves, which is too time consuming. The packaging also looks incomplete and foolish with a slot to hold an insert that was not included. The WWE artwork behind the clear disc trays in the sets has become bland and uncreative (no photos), and now the omission of the inserts is strike 2 as far a I’m concerned. In trying to save pennies, you’re going to end up losing dollars. Bring them back.
    William Hart (WWE fan and collector since 1987)

  188. Darule514 says:


  189. AboveAverageMuta says:

    YES YES and YES!!! No inserts is CRAZY! They raised the price of the 3 disc sets by $3 and then TOOK OUT THE INSERT??? BRING BACK THE INSERT!!!

  190. Tony Johnson says:

    We Want Inserts !!!

  191. SkyBlueBorn says:


  192. Ricardo says:

    Please bring back the inserts ! I look at them all the time while watching my dvds as I love to see what match is next or which ones are on the dvd that I may have forgot.

  193. Jeffrey Evans says:


  194. Yorick Decoster says:

    It’s been said here before, but the inserts provide valuable information for checking what footage is on what DVD!! Especially for collectors it can get confusing if you’re trying to find a certain promo, vignette or match!! Plz WWE, don’t be cheap on your production!! I think we, the people who buy the product in the end, deserve an insert!!

  195. Ray A says:

    Inserts or no DVD buys. Your call, WWE.

  196. Platt says:

    Signed, without inserts 3 disc sets are a real pain to navigate.

  197. Rob Houlden says:

    we want inserts!!!

  198. zach says:

    signed!! we want inserts (clap clap clap!!)

  199. sad person because he has no inserts says:


  200. i am a lifetime buyer of wwe dvd’s and i got to say, what’s the point of taking away cover slips. i mean they add to the dvd that you pay good money for and it lets us know that they care about the fans by taking the time to do it. Now the dvd’s are less desirable to get since i have no idea where i want to go in it.the art of you guys dvd’s are incredible but it seems that wwe dosent care anymore. please wwe ive been buying wwe dvd’s for years, bring them back. its not that difficult.

  201. SRB says:

    Signed. If you are taking away inserts then you need to replace it with someone else. The fact is that there is still a sleeve there for the insert. So, the whole thing doesnt make sense. If you’re taking the insert away take the pocket away too and add an extra disc. Since I’m sure you wont do that let’s keep it 3 discs and put the inserts back in. Were they really costing that much money??? Think of the inserts as the same thing as a book when a person purchases a CD. People want to see the lyrics of an album and us fans want to see the matches in the set. Please put them back.

  202. Justin says:

    wwe please bring back inserts i dont even know what matches im about to watch and theres a sleeve for the insert so put one there it makes the dvd look better and the fans happyer and vince and all the wrestlers say the fans opinios is what matter

  203. The Rock says:

    Bring Back The Inserts you candy asses

  204. mike morris says:

    Signed, bring them back or at minimum print all the disc contents somewhere on the packaging, that’s fine with me as well.

  205. tommy says:

    bringing back inserts is very important because u feel the dvd is complete and its the guide to see the content!! plz bring them back wwe

  206. tommy says:

    bring it back its a joke they were taken out

  207. Daniel Hill says:

    Bring back inserts!

  208. jason says:


  209. jason goldsmith says:

    please please bring back the inserts–makes it much easier to navigate

  210. Under says:

    Signed too !

  211. Daniel Bee says:

    Signed. Not only does an insert make the DVD/Blu-ray set feel a complete package it’s also a must so you have something to refer back to. For the documentary/superstar related titles there will never be enough room on the back cover or inside art to detail all of the content. In that regard the PPV DVDs can remain without inserts but all others should have them present.

  212. d money says:

    i use those guides to c wt matches r on wt dvds plz bring them back they were a esential

  213. Josh says:


    what Shaun said

  214. Tony Shanks says:

    Please bring back the inserts.

  215. Shaun Blackford says:

    i own alot of wwe dvds and forget most footage on them i use the inlay as a guide for finding this footage, matches, extras, ect. If i dont have this inlay then i find myself having a less incentive to buy your dvds. So yes bring back inlays they are a very important part of the muti disc sets

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