Exclusive: Two ‘Phantom’ 2004 RAW Episodes on WWE Network – Chris Benoit Uploads?

October 27, 2015 by Jon Potter

Chris Benoit on the WWE Network

Here at WDN, we have both our WWE Network Updates and WWE Network Schedule pages to keep you up to date as much as possible with Network goings-on. However, if WWE really wants to, they can upload content to the service very quietly and without fanfare. This is one of those situations and considering the subject matter, it is somewhat understandable.

A few days ago, two 2004 RAW episodes appeared as torrent files floating around on the Internet. As often happens on these occasions, the digging began and two “phantom” episodes from 2/9/04 and 2/16/04 respectively were located on the Network. Here are the details:

RAW – Episode 559 (02/09/2004)

WWE Network - Phantom RAW Episode with Chris Benoit

World Heavyweight Champion Triple H is confronted by an old friend. Stone Cold Steve Austin offers Goldberg a chance to get even.

Raw Episode 560 (02/16/04)

WWE Network - Phantom RAW Episode with Chris Benoit

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Eric Bischoff try to decide who will challenge Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania.

These hidden episodes are not publicly advertised. They weren’t picked up by our automated updates page. WWE is trying to keep these under the radar.

Of course, they could be connected to the recent uploads of Brock Lesnar’s career as they do advance his feud with Goldberg (although Brock doesn’t appear in-person). But then the question remains: why keep them tucked away? Could we be witnessing the preparation for an upload of Chris Benoit’s rise to World Championship glory (intentional or otherwise)? For now, this is all just interesting conjecture. We’ll only truly know once WWE makes the content fully public.

As always, stick with WrestlingDVDNetwork.com for further developments on this situation, in addition to all of the latest WWE Network and WWE DVD news.

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  1. HD says:

    I’ve been more invested in wrestling in the past few weeks since WWE started uploading Ruthless Aggression TV episodes than I’ve been all year. That’s pretty funny given that it’s all because of stuff I’ve already seen, much of which in recent memory.

    I don’t think they’re “phantom” because of Benoit. He’s in the main event in a bunch of the Brock related Smackdown episodes and they are uploaded and directly available in the replays section (although no mention of him is made in the description). They’ll probably put them up in the Raw replays soon. 3 more Raw shows and you’ll have Benoit’s entire journey to WM available! 🙂

  2. Jayke1981 says:

    I was watching No Mercy 2002 the other day on the Network as I wanted to see Brock and Taker’s FIRST Hell In A Cell match – and on PPVs WWE Network usually has markers for each match – well for the Tag Title match featuring Angle/Benoit vs Rey/Edge that wasn’t marked. I’m thinking there are so many Chris Benoit content on the site, you just can’t search for them specifically.

  3. James says:

    Found some more 2004 hidden episodes. Just searched 2004 on wwe app

  4. Paul Timmons says:


  5. Jon Potter says:

    Update: I’ve spoken to our tech guy, Tony and the updates page will now recognise the uncategorised episodes. You’ll still have to search for them when away from the site though.

  6. Craig says:

    I’d hardly say this is because of Benoit. They haven’t made a 2004 Raw section, when they make it, they’ll appear there. They’re putting these up because of Brock.

  7. attitude.era.4life says:

    Regarding Benoit, I myself have no problems watching Benoit the Wrestler / Charachter.. I think it should be up to each and everyone wheather he or she choose to watch the matches and segments with him, so not really understand the sneaky way how they upload these episodes.

    Again, for completion, it is very important that WWE upload everything, especially since there was more coherent storylines back then, that saw RAW episodes tied better together with each others and the ppv’s.

    • LP1 says:

      I don’t mind Benoit appearing in complete episodes either. My whole thing is I just wish they woukd continue uploading the shows in order. The made it up November ’99 for Raw and then they stopped and jumped around to 2002 and now 2004.

  8. mwoodz says:

    How about the remaing episodes of 1999 raw and 2002

  9. Eric says:

    Benson’s wrestling career will never, ever be celebrated or promoted again.

  10. Jeffrey says:

    How do we find these to watch the

    • Jon Potter says:

      Well, you can click on the links in the articles. To find them yourself, just search “Raw (episode #)” on the Network.

  11. Justin F says:

    Couldn’t help but notice the Heartbreak Joke sign in the background. Back in the days when you could make any sign you wanted to without it being taken away.

    • attitude.era.4life says:

      My favorite fan sign :

      “Suck my big fat Venis ”

      Dont remember which Attitude Era show but I love that period. . edgy and loose over the top atmosphere back then. .