Photos: Mattel WWE Legends: The Rock & Stone Cold Exclusive DVD

September 21, 2010 by Throwbackchampion

There’s another Mattel, WWE & Toy’s R’ Us DVD Exclusive set recently released in the U.S. this time it’s the WWE Legends Intercontinental Title Belt set w/ Bonus Action Figures & DVD of The Rock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

WWE Mattel DVD Rock Stone Cold Figures

DVD Runtime: 20 Minutes
Hosted by Jack Korpela featuring highlights & never before scene interviews from the spectacular careers of both The Rock & Stone Cold Steve Austin during the WWE Attitude Era.

Bonus Match: The Rock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin from IYH: Degeneration X 1997

WWE Mattel DVD Rock Stone Cold Figures

TRU Exclusive Set Packaging: Intercontinental Championship Combo Pack

WWE Mattel DVD Rock Stone Cold Figures

WWE US R1 Exclusive DVD & Memorabilia Collector

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  1. Barry says:

    What’s on the DVD

  2. Danny Gowen says:

    man i finially got this set today!! im not a action figure collector but the rock is my fav and i couldnt pass this up. especially since it has a dvd just for the rock and stone cold! thanks again throwback for this post cause if i didnt see it here i would have never have known this was out!!

  3. Jeffrey Evans says:

    Hey throwbackchampion, just wondering do you actually watch the DVDs you have because I noticed that all your pics have the DVDs still in an unopened pack. Impressive collection keep it up!

  4. @danny 2 weeks ago. Forgot to inform here though

  5. Danny Gowen says:

    when did this come out? i called my local toys r us and they dont have it and they have not had it yet.

  6. SRB says:

    if i was young again id be all over that set. then id paint my self up like the warrior then ask my mom when dinner was going to be ready… then send her plane into a nose dive… hulk hogan…

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