Photos of ‘The History of WWE’ DVD, MITB Mistake, Battleground Blackout

November 7, 2013 by Daniel Bee

We’re less than two weeks away from The History of WWE: 50 Years of Sports Entertainment DVD and Blu-ray!

WWE History of WWE - 50 Years of Sports Entertainment DVD

These new pre-release photos come to us courtesy of the official Australian distributor, and WDN reader Derek Stubinski.

WWE History of WWE - 50 Years of Sports Entertainment DVD

You can pre-order “The History of WWE” DVD or Blu-ray here on from $24.98. Australia gets it one day later, then it follows on to UK/Europe on December 2nd.

WWE History of WWE - 50 Years of Sports Entertainment DVD

The latest WWE DVD released earlier this week was the Battleground 2013 pay-per-view which you can get for only $9.96 by clicking here. It includes five extra features.

If you’re wondering whether or not WWE included the blackout that happened during the PPV, have a read of this useful report below submitted by WDN reader LP1.

WWE Battleground 2013 DVD

The way they handled the blackout was they showed the full Bryan-Orton hype video in its entirety (on PPV the blackout occurred right in the middle of that video) and as soon as it finished it went right to Randy Orton making his entrance. Very neatly cut. They don’t show Justin Roberts standing in the ring when the feed came back on, nor the commentators at ringside apologizing for the blackout and talking about the main event. Also any commentary mentioning the blackout during the main event was dubbed out

UK FANS: WWE Night of Champions 2013 will be released this coming Monday!

That will mark the first time there’s been a Blu-ray edition of the PPV event, since it was only on DVD elsewhere. It’s being dispatched now when ordering here at

WWE Night of Champions 2013 DVD & Blu-Ray

TNA One Night Only Tournament of Champions DVD

TNA Wrestling fans in the UK and Europe can now pre-order “One Night Only: Tournament of Champions” on DVD for February at

“The Cowboy” James Storm, Mr. Anderson, “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy, “The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle, Bully Ray, “The IT Factor” Bobby Roode and “The Icon” Sting.

For one incredible night join the best World Heavyweight Champions in TNA Wrestling history in a tournament to prove that they are the ultimate champion. TNA Wrestling presents One Night Only: Tournament of Champions.

Jamyn Blanton sent a pic of a MITB Anthology DVD advertisement found in the latest edition of WWE Magazine. J. Acosta spotted a printing mistake on the insert of the Blu-ray edition of the MITB set which states Dolph Ziggler’s cash-in on Alberto Del Rio happened in 2012.

WWE Straight to the Top - Money in the Bank Anthology DVD & Blu-ray

A reminder that WDN readers Chad and Dan Mader are auctioning off their copies of the hard to find Judgment Day 2002 DVD in Region 1 format. This one opened/used but in perfect condition, and this one still brand new and factory sealed!

Rare WWE Judgment Day 2002 DVD

This eBay auction for a WrestleMania Complete Anthology DVD box set finishes up later today – and it’s currently bid up to just $26.00!

WWE WrestleMania Complete Anthology DVD Box Set

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. Jason says:

    When should we expect a full pre-release photos of the History of WWE?

  2. Mr Disc says:

    I managed to get the last copy of KOTR 2002 from Silvervision for £13.99 after i purchased the dvd it went out of stock and removed from their site.

  3. Peter J says:

    as bad as TNA is, at least they aren’t doing spoiler covers for their dvds like wwe is.

  4. AD Degreez says:

    Judgment day 02 is a decent ppv hhh vs y2j hell in a cell, Austin vs nwo, RVD vs eddie. It is easy to find but not cheap. Vengeance 02 and kor 02 are harder and also are not cheap. Australia is hard to find gems but it does happen I found royal rumble 2000 at a pawn shop in perfect condition $5!!! Just two days ago I picked up no way out 02 for $40. U just have to be lucky…

  5. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    I got my eyes on a nice region free 3D Blu-ray player. Plan on getting it very soon. No more DVD’s for me.

  6. James says:

    Love that pic of HHH

  7. Cody Schields says:

    I caught that MITB error and joked with my wife that apparently Ziggler cashed in before he even won the briefcase.

    • @DEVILSHOLIC says:

      I also caught that too and i was like So wait…. Ziggler didn’t cash in front of me in izod center??? so it was a dream all along?!?!?! *sad face* then today finds out Date error lmfao

  8. Kenny says:

    Help me out here. My memory is foggy…
    What in the world happened on the 2002 Judgment Day PPV that would make people be willing to pay over $100 for this DVD?!?! Great for the sellers…but it seems rather excessive to me.

    • King Shabazz says:

      I had the same question awhile back. Turns out this was the first DVD release to use the “WWE” logo after the whole “WWF” logo trademark fiasco. In addition to this, this DVD was only available at for a limited time. I was fortunate- I picked up my “like new ” copy on for $10.60 (I think they made a mistake and probably wanted to charge $106.00). Not the greatest PPV, but great to see Hogan with the belt.

    • Daniel Bee says:

      No special story about the PPV itself but the US version of the DVD was only sold for a short time on the Shopzone site then no longer offered, making it quite tricky to find now and fetching big money. Same for Vengeance 02. I don’t know why it was only given a short release (maybe someone can fill us in on that) because in the UK and I think in Australia too those two PPVs were sold forever more. No issues with WWF references in those as far as I remember.

      • David says:

        I believe Judgment Day 2002 and maybe Vengeance 2002 (not sure about KOTR though) had references to “WWF”. JR mentions it few times during the ppv, referees still had the WWF logo on their shirts, and title belts had WWF. This was way before they started to blur all references to WWF out, so i assume they just made it OOP and only exclusive to their website.

        UK didn’t have that issue since they were the third party and allowed to keep the WWF logo on the footage.

        • Daniel Bee says:

          The UK had ‘WWE’ DVDs which contained WWF references go out of print, like HHH The Game and Hulk Still Rules for two examples. What was the difference?

          • David says:

            If that was the case, then not sure then. Never knew HHH The Game and Hulk Still Rules went OOP in the UK after the name change.

            • Harry Faversham says:

              Silver Vision pretty much had their entire back catalogue wiped out. As an innocent third party to the contract between the World Wrestling Federation and the Wildlife Fund they were permitted to RE-issue WWF titles. But its not the case that they could continue any differently to the US other than that. It seems to me that WWE thought they only needed to change the outward packaging at first but then of course those titles had go out of print too (Rock: Just Bring It was another one). That’s obviously how Silver Vision was permitted to operate but the WWE wasn’t even allowed to use ‘WWF’ retrospectively. As far as why Judgment Day 2002 wasn’t sold as much in America, I have no idea. But I’m certainly glad the blurring has stopped. Possibly a 10 year injunction against using the intials was the court remedy award to the wildlife fund?? But I’ve heard others say they reached a recent agreement and made some sort of payment. I don’t know that either.

              • David says:

                Yeah, reports were WWE made an undisclosed payment to the wildlife fund last year – just before RAW 1000 so they would not have to blur out the footage anymore. But they still cannot use the logo for promotional purposes and “new products”.

                WWE 2k14 for example has the WWF logo blurred out on the video packages for 30 Years of Wrestlemania mode, block and scratch because video games fall under “new products”.

                I read in 2002 the judge gave Vince two options; either continuing using the logo but have to pay the wildlife fund royalties or change the name and logo.

    • justin says:

      It’s because it’s out of print and the sellers think it’s valuable even though it’s not. Oh, and the mentality that wrestling was better back then.

  9. Kenny says:

    Sounds like they worked it out well. Although I have to say, that it would’ve made a VERY unique DVD if they had let it go as it aired live.

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