EXCLUSIVE: First Photos & Intro Video for WWE ‘FIGHT OWENS FIGHT: The Kevin Owens Story’ DVD

June 26, 2017 by Daniel Bee

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Look out for the WrestleMania DVD and Blu-ray release coming May 12th in the United States and June 8th in the United Kingdom.

WWE 'Kevin Owens: Fight Owens Fight' DVD & Blu-ray - First Photos!

On the Fourth of July the “Face of America” will arrive on WWE Home Video!

The new “Fight Owens Fight – The Kevin Owens Story” DVD, featuring a documentary and extras, is scheduled to hit stores in both the United States and the United Kingdom next week.

And for the first time since WrestleMania we’ll also be treated to a Blu-ray edition too.

In the latest WrestlingDVDNetwork.com exclusive, today we reveal a knock-out sneak peek at the anticipated release in the form of the very first set of photos of the finished DVD/Blu-ray products and an extended preview of the 1 hour documentary main feature:



SEE IT ALL: Watch the full documentary on the KO DVD here on Amazon.com or the Blu-ray here



WWE 'Kevin Owens: Fight Owens Fight' Blu-ray - Photos, Front Cover

“Fight Owens Fight – The Kevin Owens Story” will present over 8 hours of content on Blu-ray: the documentary portion (packed with ROH footage), several more stories by way of “deleted scenes”, a collection of Owens’ best matches and moments to date, and more goodies.

We recently gave a list of former ROH stars that show up as interviewees in the biography and we now can now confirm a few more personalities joining them. These include: Terry Steen (father), Neil Felzenstein (Beef Wellington), Triple H, William Regal, and John Cena.

A “First Look” at the documentary will be added to the WWE Network this Thursday.

This week we’re hands-on the UK versions of the Kevin Owens DVD and Blu-ray, pictured above and below, which will be officially released before anywhere else on July 3rd — 1 week today!

WWE 'Kevin Owens: Fight Owens Fight' Blu-ray - Photos, Back Cover

“Fight Owens Fight: The Kevin Owens Story”

For the first time ever, WWE Home Video takes you through the journey of Kevin Owens and his fight to get to the top of WWE.

Hear from “The Prizefighter” himself as he talks about his career on the independent scene, getting to NXT, and his road to becoming the WWE Universal Champion.


WWE 'Kevin Owens: Fight Owens Fight' DVD & Blu-ray - Inside Packaging

DVD Runtimes (approx.)

DISC 1: 1 hour.
DISC 2: 3 hours and 3 minutes.
DISC 3: 2 hours and 54 minutes.

An additional 1 hour and 20 minutes of exclusive content is set to feature on the Blu-ray.

Full Content Listing for WWE “Fight Owens Fight – Kevin Owens Story” DVD & Blu-ray…


WWE 'Kevin Owens: Fight Owens Fight' Blu-ray - Disc Artwork
WWE 'Kevin Owens: Fight Owens Fight' DVD - Disc Artwork

Grab a copy of WWE’s new “KEVIN OWENS – Fight Owens Fight” DVD…

UK/Europe: Next Monday! Get the Kevin Owens DVD (or Blu-ray) now via Amazon.co.uk.

USA: Next Tuesday! Get the “Fight Owens Fight” DVD (or Blu-ray) here on Amazon.com.

Australia: August 15th. Your opportunity to pre-order the KO DVD is live at Madman.com.au.

WWE 'Fight Owens Fight - Kevin Owens Story' DVD & Blu-ray, Pictured Together

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